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The Informant System -2

The Informant System

I am wondering about which potions in society if any are banned once someone is on the informant system?

I am really wondering this, some of them have parole officers, some have nothing overt except, the ability and capacity to be activated any time, they wish them to be. The question again is, which postions in society if any are banned from the informant system?

Eg.If you are an informant, are you banned from these positions, and if so should you be?
Lawyers, doctors, Kings, Presidents, Politicians, Law Makers, Nurses, Police Officers, Transit Workers, Ambulance Drivers, the whole society of positions, but the top one’s at first glace made sense, these ones made sense to me, because they are obvious out front, don’t get me wrong, having the maintenance man on the informant system wasn’t a good look either, eg. For Targeted Individuals who remember who they use to use or utilize, to enable people to be in our apartments when we were out, but let’s start with the more obvious positions.

Lawyers- We trust them to give us information and advise, eg. Let’s say you are suing a company, or you committed a crime, or didn’t commit a crime. Let’s say they give you the absolutely incorrect advise, or encourage or enable you to be in the incorrect situations, such as being on the informant system, then what? Can they be trusted, and should their specific positions of trust be beyond reproach, when you join the bar, should being on the informant system be ineligible?

Doctors- Should your family physician be eligible to be on the informant system, what if they switch your medical records, history, provide inaccurate information, and advise. Can you trust them, if they are on the informant system?

Kings/Queens -Should they be eligible to be on the informant system? They make the laws, rules, and regulations for some socities, and if on the informant system, then that is where the money will go in some cases, and that is who will truly be making the laws, should Kings, Queens, Future Kings, Queen’s potentials be on the informant system, is this the actual situation.

People who can be activated anytime, who are eligible to create, laws, rules, and regulations, that are contrary to the people in the situation, because their handlers can request this of them, at any time, and most feel compelled to be compliant. I think anyone in these situations, or arriving in these situations, should be checked fully. There should be something in the constitution of nations, that prevents this from happening? Should the eligible list be updated for those arriving into the throne positions, based on who is and who is not on the informant system, for Kings, and Queens around the globe? Considering the positions that they fulfill, if it’s not already a law, then should it not be?

Presidents, Politicians, Law Makers-Should they be eligible to be on the informant system? They make the laws, rules, and regulations for society.

Should they be eligible to be activated at any time? Handlers can pull these people up, and request they create unjust laws, or policies to suit an agenda, and they do. Should their be something in the constitution of nations, that prevents this from happening?

Nurses, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Transit Workers, Ambulance Drivers, They touch base with the public, sometimes we can not avoid contact with this sector of society, and other civil servants, if they are on the informant system, they can make stuff up, create false reports, provide unsuitable services, and just really get innocent people in trouble, with false Threat Assessment Team Files. They can even tell lies to send people to jail, these possitions are vital, and extreamly trust worthy, and they should be above reproach, if there are not already laws, preventing individuals in these positions, being on the informant system, being activated, and taking instructions, then there should be, because I don’t want armed public servants being in these situation, or individuals that have to provide care, or emergency rescue services, being in such a position.

I would like to see the laws changed:

1. You are on the informant system fine, you are no longer eligible to be in this situation of trust or authority, because it’s a conflict of interest, curtail or suspend the exposure the individual can have with the informant system while in these situations and positions of trust.

2. Specific positions may or may not be eligible to be held, because they are such a situation or conflict of trust. I am pretty sure, back in the day, positions of trust, and royal positions, could not be held while being on the informant system, and there was a reason for this, also if you pass a law while on the informant system, and the law becomes null and void after, because it was discovered that you were on the informant system, then it’s a conflict of interest. The law could potentially become null and void.

3. I do not want public servants of any kind who are taking on the side instructions from the informant system, I don’t want my apartment entered because they got these little behind the scence instructions, I don’t want my fire, or delivery service delayed, because they get these little on the side instructions, or they get instructions to enable a building to burn to the ground. I don’t need it, don’t want it, will not put up with it. The situation must change, and as such those on the informant system must be reviewed, for conflict, and eligibility, when in any and all such positions of trust and authority.

I would like to see a revamp of the system, and the situation, I would like to see it change.

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Believe It

Believe It

Ever wonder about these stories online, how some members of this prominent family are into this type of situation here, or into that type of situation there?

That some people are into ritual abuse of children and others, such as the Jimmy Seville Scandle, which is so big in the U.K.

Most people don’t want to believe that people in high places or prominent positions could be those types of people, and commit such actions, but I am inclinded to believe it to be the case.

I believe it, because after looking into these stories over the years, these people have generations where they do the same exact things to others, and they grow up to be the monsters in the stories, they don’t grow up to be the Kings, Queens, Princes, or Princesses, Presidents, Executive, that you can look up to, oh no, far from it, they grow up to be the monsters at the end of this book, at the end of this passage, at the end of this chapter.

The stories you hear about time and time again, in my review, in my point of reference end up being all too true, the people that you would never suspect, prominent in some cases, high profile in others, they never make sense, but in my years over time, not only in my research, and investigation into gangstalking, but in other cases, I fully believe some of the situations out there.

These people pass on these siutations, these disfunctionalities to others, they destroy the innocent, and in doing so create monsters, they wait for the innocents in the situations to become the monsters, for the disease, the disfunctionality to pass on, that destructive need to destroy others, and then they pass it on.

They destroy those who would expose them, eg. D notices, in the U.K. the situations have already been investigated, the truth is already out there, but D notices are on the vast majority of those files, that should be investigated, blocked, stopped, and ceased, by those in high places who should be doing better, but don’t because they are not much better themselves.

In being monsters, they keep friends with kin and kind, they hang out for the most part with those likened upto themselves, that is why there are so many leagues of these monsters. Leagues of unextraodianry pedophiles who are doing nothing suitable, yet they flourish, they live, while too many of the good ones cease to exist.

Exposure and awareness was in part the key to exposing the threat assessment teams and how they are used to destroy innocent lives, and enable what we in the gang stalking community have come to call gangstalking, but will exposure and awareness be enough to stop, to discontinue the next generation of monsters from being formed? I am convinced that when we are born we are relatively innocent are we not, we are not monsters, most are innocent,
but in time, when exposed to the incorrect situations, even the most innocent can be monsters. I highly and deeply believe in passing, and enacting laws to protect the children, and others in such situations who need protecting. I believe in enacting measures to stop the current monsters who refuse to heal, or to be brought to heal. I want to see such situations and changes implemented someday.

In the mean time, there be monsters, they are in high places, when these child starts, these child rappers, these child musicians, screen, guild actors, sports players, all rise up and tell you that in the background children are being molested, and usually by people in high places, then maybe, mayhaps it is time that we start to listen, and maybe start to do something about it. Maybe it’s time we start to wake up, and be clear, that this is happening, this does go on, as horrid, frientening, and scary as it can be to think about such things.

Previous to my investigations, I would have prefered to believe such things did not exist in such high numbers, or such high places, but they do, and the league of monsters, they be many. Exposing such people when they are in their elements, their spotlights is almost impossible, because no one wants to believe their shiny, bright ephogent people are such, or could be such, but at times they are, and this needs to be addressed, fully.

Someday if I have the means and mechanisums, I hope to create a real threat assessment team file, ones that won’t be manipulated, stopped, blocked or bullied, I hope someday to create the siutations, fulfill the requests that will put these monsters in their rightful places, but till then, what we can do as the viewing audience is to stop mooning over some of these people, these individuals, see them for what they are, and remove them from their situations, remove them from their outcomes, before they remove innocent children from theirs, or the innocent in advance.

In the mean time, check into those “D” notices, it’s quite interesting to see which files do contain them, and which files do not, and why those files contain them. Will the

Tony Blair, D notices, Princes, Popes, Politicians, “Pop pickers”, MI5, AND PAEDOPHILIA!

To those out there doing the actual investigations, I am cognizant as to what is it like, exposing a truth, a hard truth to swallow, not as it exposing the gangstalking stuff was a breeze, but for all that you do go through, I am right there with you. Until this is exposed, there is at lease awareness, if there be monsters, and “D” notices, then there be us.

The future is worth saving

Is there a more beautiful expression of what is good in our country. . . 

. . .than the innocent voices of our children?

Tony Blair, D notices, Princes, Popes, Politicians, “Pop pickers”, MI5, AND PAEDOPHILIA!

I hope we see less of such headlines in future.

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Who to trust

Who to trust


Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. ~Psalms 20:7

As a Targeted Individual I often wonder where can help be found? Who can really look at or assist with the plight of Targeted Individuals?

God – A lot of Targets believe in God or express a belief and many pray constantly that an answer will be found. I think it’s well to have faith in God. I feel very sorry for those in our situation that do not. Some others have started to lose their faith. I hope that you will use this situation to have your faith enriched or strengthened, do not lose your faith, do not let this situation rob you of that.

Kings -Some will put their faith in Kings and Princes. In the olden days you might have appealed to the King who in some societies held the highest seat in the land and had real powers, true kingdoms on earth, where the word or a nod was enough to save and deliver from the jaws of death. Though principalities and kingdoms do hold some sway on earth, many of our countries are no longer governed this way, and those that are, might not hold the same degree of power that they once did in other times. Even if they did, the plight of targets might not be the cause of the day to champion, so again would it truly make a difference? Maybe if you moved to a small Island where the word of the ruling monarch was still the law of the land, but otherwise many monarchies are bureaucracies in today’s society, and governed by the laws of the land, and the will of the people.

Presidents -Do you turn to presidents? Yeah. As they are jet setting around the world, writing their next books, they do not care about the plight of the Targeted Individual. I am sorry, but I have heard from enough targets who have written to this administration here, that administration there. The sad reality is that many of these in power at some point, past present or future, probably wrote or helped to strengthen the laws that are today being used to carry out and conduct the tortures that we are experiencing.

I know many are under the false impression that someone listen or care, but I am doubtful. I think there have been enough letters written, enough cries and appeals for help, that the incense of the requests could have made their way to the highest levels and it will do no good. Sure they could someday be shamed into taking action, that is what is nice about the power of the people, it’s what worked in other countries for exposing abuses and I think it is what is more likely to work, than actually catching the sympathies or humanities of these individuals.

Yes someday in the future we are likely to get some lame apology from some politician, maybe even a future president and they will claim how much they did not know what was going on, what have you, but the reality will be that it’s a lie. Enough targets have written to enough administrations that there is awareness, but just not the desire to care, unfortunately if it’s not happening to them or their families, there is very little reason to care or put a stop to any of this.

Also presidents are people, and they only have so much power, stopping a system of corruption also requires the will of the people, many can not or might feel that they can not act alone, but reality is that our cause is likely not to be as important as the next international trip around the world.

Politicians -They are the same, the odd politician might pretend to be interested in the plight of targeted individuals, but like presidents, many of these people are probably happen and use the very programs designed to destroy our lives, thinking that it will protect them. I am sure you might find the odd politician that truly listens and does learn to care, or take on our cause, but a single politician in and of themselves might not be enough to stop what is happening, and if they did, they could well risk becoming a target.

Media -Do we trust our media to break the story and save us? The media in many cases are aware, and have unsympathetically chosen to not report the story. The odd time the truth does break through and the story does get reported, for those who have had a conscience and who have reported the story in a decent capacity in any manner we are greatful, but unless we can elevate awareness across the board, most of the media will continue to ignore the story. Unless this topic can become so everyday and discussed on the forums, and blogs, and local street corners, then the media in many cases will feel unsympathetically embolden to ignore our plights much like they do other causes that are not the popular cause of the moment.

Fellow Citizens -Many really are naive, they believe the government and these programs are there for the good of the people. Most just do not want to believe that this could be happening, the ones that do know that this is happening, in some cases believe that these programs are for their own good. Many others just like the politicians are going to be too callous to care unless it is happening to them or their families. The reality is, the sad reality is if it’s not happening to them, most can not comprehend or begin to comprehend the devastating impact that such a situation can have on their fellow citizens, and even if they could comprehend many would not care, cause it would distract them from getting the latest IPad, Blue Ray, X-Box, distracting gizmo. Many others are just so surverly struggling, they are trying to make ends meet, they are so destitute that they have to think about themselves and their families, that they just don’t have the capacity to care for others. Many others are stupid enough to think that if you are on these lists, you deserve what is happening to you, and they do not realize that we could be innocent and undeserving of this fate.

Our Selves -We have to look to ourselves to survive the best that we can, to help each other when we can. Sometimes I want to share what is happening to me, or what a horrible time I am having, but then I realize that only another target could truly understand what I am going through, could understand the impact of the situation that I am in. I also know that sometimes other targets can not help the way that they would like to help. I read the blog of one target, he is a writer within the Targeted Individual community, after a long struggle to keep a roof over his head, he has finally become without a permanent resident. He had a plan in place of staying in public locations in the city he is in, but it’s the saddest thing to be without a home in the heart of winter. I feel his pain, but other than praying for him, there is little that my own situation allows. There are many targets like that. Others that right in desperately asking what to do to stop assults, sexual and otherwise. Others who get so close to the breaking point they do know what to do. Other targets who get so scared and desperate for their lives and survival that they flee from city to city, country to country with no end in sight, many trying desperately to raise the awareness or attention of someone who might be willing to lend us a hand, to help our situations.

It is the most painful circumstance. I have others who write in who have children, it’s horrific to go through this situation as an adult, much less to imagine the situation and circumstances that children must face, and the fear a parent has to go through in order to try to protect and take care of their children, it’s a horrible, heartbreaking ordeal, and many of Targets face it alone, and by themselves. Except for the odd time they can maybe connect with another target, we are primarily on our own, but that does not have to be a bad thing.

Over the last several years we have raised some awareness, as predicted there have become more high profile targets. There cases are drawing more attention to our cause. The topic is being more openly discussed in many cases. People know to direct people with stories of community stalking and mobbing to the websites, but we still in many cases desperately need help. People can pretend to be naive, oh shucks I didn’t really know how bad things were, but the reality is unless you have been sleeping in a cave in Afghanistan, you probably have some idea of how bad the plight of Targeted Individuals are and the chances are you have just been inspired not to care.

This Indigo Ribbon month there is finally a chance for some relief in sight. With the awareness of the Threat Assessment Team programs if we start to direct some of our efforts towards these programs, and exposing how they work, we might be able to expose some of what is happening. How these programs are connecting with local programs to systemically destroy the lives of targets. We are the best hope and chance that we stand to make a difference. We have a come a long way in many cases. The road seems rocky, and it has not been an easy path, and I am not claiming that the path ahead will be any better, but if we can hang in their a bit longer, some solid ground may be in sight.

Support each other the best you can, stay strong, support the efforts that are truly trying to make a difference, don’t give up your faith or your hope. These are the best weapons and chance that we have for fighting agaist this evil time that is upon us.

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The Set Up’s

In researching Gang Stalking I have had to focus on how Informants are used. What I am finding is that Informants are an integral part of society, they are used at every level, and are an ingrained feature of some societies and have been for some time. The other aspect of the Informant system that I am coming across is one that many would describe as conspirital. This involves the use of Informants to set up average individuals themselves to become Informants.

These set up’s can happen for drugs, illegal materials, sexual assault accusations, pedophilia accusations, getting friends to steal from stores, stolen goods, embarrassing or compromising situations, illegal or immoral situations that are covered up, there are so many different ways the Informant is used for these set up’s. The unsuspecting target or pawn might never suspect that cousin Ed, that old friend, neighbour, co-worker is calling out of the blue not to get reacquainted, but to try to help set you up.

the unethical recruitment of drug informants
Submitted by bobbie (not verified) on September 19, 2008 – 4:34am.

[quote]My son was targeted by local law enforcement simply because they valued him as a potential drug informant.

They were interested in him because he did construction work for someone who had a permit to grow marijuana plants.

He had no drug violations. The detectives targeted his specific vulnerabilities, and played on his sympathy with an older informant who said he was going through a bad divorce, and needed marijuana for his anxiety.

The 4 detectives witnessed and videotaped the sale, but did not arrest him. They waited until he reported for a scheduled jail time for a DUI, and rearrested him without publicity, and without family support.

They told him he was “screwed”, and would he work for them? When he didn’t want to consent without talking with his girlfriend, they went after her at work and threatened to prosecute her. He pleaded guilty and got 2 years prison, leaving his 8 yr old son without a dad. Please take a stand against this unethical activity.[/quote]
These systemic setup’s have been going on for many years unchecked. The above example should be helpful in comprehending how these set up’s are being conducted. If you think there is no such thing as a conspiracy in society you would be wrong.

The local law enforcement wanted this woman’s son as an informant. I am not sure if they asked him first, but most likely they just created a scenario where a set up could happen.

They were not really interested in her son, the true target was his employer, look at the steps they went through to get to this person.

1. They profiled her son, to figure out what his vulnerability would be.

2. They hired an Informant who had access to her son. It’s hard to say if they set up the Informant first or not.

3. They used the Informant to entrap her son, assuming that he would become a snitch.

4. Had they been successful, it would have been a matter of time before this woman’s son would have been asked to either set up his employer, or do something to make him look guilty and set him up in that manner.
That’s the way it’s working, and has been for some time now. This happens in society a lot. It’s systemic. If you don’t think this way, operate this way, you might not know it when you see it, or experience it.

The above scenario is what we call a conspiracy, and that one was initiated by local law enforcement. In my readings and research this is not a one time thing, these setup’s are happening all the time, and at every level and sector of society. Some on the record, many off the record, but the end result is the same, these people are owned by the system and can be used later on as needed.
Here is a made up scenario of a set up. A local politician is the target. There is no access to this person directly. He has a secretary, who after profiling her, she turns up clean, and there is no way to her directly, but Ms. secretary has a son, who’s not that bright. He get’s set up, the mother get’s involved and has a choice of helping her son stay out of jail, or turning Informant. She agrees, thus giving TPTB access to the politician and and opportunity to gain access to this person, or introduce others into his realm, so that he in turn can be set up. Provided all goes as planned, this politician will then be a part of the system. There might not be any official records of this, but each will be owned by the state. That’s a set up.
In a scenario like the one above, this person can then be used, if a policy needs to be voted on a specific way, etc.

In society there are similar scenarios working happening all the time, many less complex that are just person to person, drugs being the most common.
Many in society are not immune to drugs, or getting arrested for drugs, as we saw recently with the arrest of Sarah Palin’s in-law.
Alaska state police have arrested the mother of Bristol Palin’s boyfriend on drug charges. Palin is the daughter of Gov. Sarah Palin.

Sherry L. Johnston was arrested Thursday after officers served a search warrant on a Wasilla home. The 42-year-old Johnston has been charged with six felony drug counts.
In this review of the book Snitch Culture, Jim Redden focuses on the use of Informants, and how pervasive the practise has become. The book was written almost a decade ago, but has become even more relevant then ever, in today’s modern society.
[quote]As American enters the New Millennium, this country is in the grip of a government-created surveillance system which permeates every aspect of our lives. The economy is booming and things couldn¹t be better for the vast majority of citizens. Serious crime is at a 30-year low, with murder and other violent felonies dropping in every region of the nation. Minorities are earning more than ever before, and the schools have never been safer. And yet, despite this good news, large segments of the population live in fear – a fear created and exploited by opportunistic politicians and power-hungry law enforcement officials to justify the most sophisticated police state ever created.

And at the heart of this nightmare is the snitch, the government’s weapon of choice against criminals and law-abiding citizens alike. [/quote]
This is the true evil of this system. Many people in society assume that if you follow the law, if you are law abiding, then this does not apply to you, after reading through many stories I see that this is not the case. You can be affected and are more likely at some point to be affected by this system if you are not aware of how it’s working.

Such tips can trigger a broad range of responses by federal, state and local authorities, from home visits by child care and mental health specialists to deadly raids by heavily-armed SWAT units. Governments have spent billions of dollars in recent years militarizing local police departments across the country, and creating special federal units with overwhelming firepower. They are all ready and waiting for an informant to send them on their next mission. The result of all this snitching has been boiled down to a simple bumpersticker that can be seen on cars and trucks in all 50 state: “I love my country, but fear my government.”

The Snitch Culture did not come about by accident. It was deliberately created by Democrats and Republicans alike, working with federal, state and local law enforcement officials to build a nationwide intelligence-gathering network which is impossible to escape. This surveillance system did not spring to life overnight. It was assembled in pieces over the past century in reaction to one manufactured threat to the American way of life after another, each requiring new laws, new law enforcement agencies, and new informants to enforce. Our political and law enforcement leaders repeatedly seize on bizarre but isolated incidents to create the image of a country under attack from all sides. The threats have ranged over the years from anarchists to marijuana to Communists to heroin to Muslims to methamphetamine to white supremacists, but in each case the government¹s response has been the same – a new domestic war. The War on Crime. The War on Drugs. The War on Terrorism. The War on Youth Violence.[/quote]
Many in society myself included believe that wars on drugs, gangs were for the betterment of society, but in reality there seems to have been a different and separate agenda working. Something far more sinister that many are not willing to believe or accept. 
[quote]The result is a society driven by manufactured mass paranoia, where personal betrayal is seen as a virtue instead of the lowest form of human behavior. And as the 21st Century begins to unfold, this perverse version of reality is being exported around the world. Seamless global surveillance is the ultimate goal. All it takes is a tip from a snitch to make you a target.[/quote]
Before my research into Gang Stalking, I really believed that if you called in a tip to the police it would be quickly and properly investigated and the person if innocent would be cleared, but as we have seen with the war on terror, this is not the case, many innocent people are having their lives ruined. Most people never see the end result of what is set in motion after a tip is made. Many others are all too aware of the events that will be set in motion and are all too happy to partake in the ruin of an innocent persons life.
What can be done to correct what is happening? Exposure and awareness are key, but also societies mentality has changed. Many in society glorify snitching, many people think that it’s ok to set someone up, too many are unaware, or unwilling to believe how prevalent the Informant system is.

These are some of the key changes that would be required to correct a system that has become corrupt in too many societies.

Laws that require all Informants no matter who they are to be registered as such, at every level in society.

Record all Informant deals. It’s the only way to get a true record of who is an Informant and how wide spread the Informant Infection has become in society.

Do I expect the above changes to be implemented? Not really, but these are the scenarios that would help stop much of the corruption that we see, and are experiencing at many levels of society today.

The only real way then that an individual can affect change is to just say no. When they get into a situation where they are asked to snitch for unjust reasons, or for unethical set up’s, the best way to change what is happening in society is to just say no.

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The final pieces of the puzzle 2.

So if Cointelpro or a branch of it is happening again today. Why are there no checks or balances? What happened to the Church commission?

That’s an interesting question and i just came across an interesting answer.

Unwelcome Truths

See people like dirty laundry to get aired and exposed, just not too much of it. When the Church committee showed their findings the public were somewhat receptive of it, but by the time it was the Pike committees turn, the mood had changed and they didn’t want all the dirty laundry being exposed anymore.

[quote]Daniel Schorr thought he was upholding the First Amendment by publishing the Pike committee’s final report; in return, he was fired by his boss, investigated by the government, and scorned by his colleagues. And Schorr was only the most visible victim of a larger phenomenon: the backlash against all of the congressional and journalistic investigators. After the triumphs and high expectations of the year before, the investigations had collapsed in embarrassment, frustration, and despair.

Why were the media so reluctant to defend Schorr? Many observers at the time blamed Schorr’s gift for making enemies as well as the pressures of competitive journalism. As with Seymour Hersh, it was easy for rivals who had missed the story to denigrate their more successful colleague’s accomplishments.

But the number and scale of the attacks on Schorr indicate that something more was happening than simple revenge on an unpopular colleague. In leaking the report, Schorr had defied not only Congress and the president but also the public mood. As David Ignatius said in a perceptive piece in the Washington Monthly, Schorr had “misjudged the public temper. This was not the Pentagon Papers and he was not Daniel Ellsberg, and this was not even the same country, anymore, that had needed the press to batter its corrupted institutions, force a lying President out of office, strip the cover of national security from the CIA.” A December 1975 Harris poll had shown that slightly more respondents disapproved of the investigators than approved of them-and this poll was taken before Welch’s death and the leak. Much of the public was tired of the Daniel Schorrs and Seymour Hershes and Otis Pikes who seemed to be threatening the security of the nation and its secret agents. Anthony Lewis reported that congressmen were hearing from their constituents that they did not want to know about any more American crimes or embarrassments. Watergate was over; the “necessary demolition,” as Ignatius said, had been accomplished. “But Dan Schorr-ever the reporter-was still battering away.”

Schorr partly understood this at the time. In his first major speech after his suspension, he used the metaphor of a pendulum to explain how the public mood in the United States had alternately shifted from valuing liberty to prizing security. “I got hit by a swinging pendulum,” he said.[/quote]

Apparently shedding some dirty laundry is ok, but not too much. If you start to shed too much the public’s mood can easily shift and turn on the person bringing the message. It’s a slippery slope reporting the truth to the audience. The truth has an appropriate time, when people are open and welcome to it, and then there are other times when they just don’t want to know, because it would remove the veil the facade that exists in their society, to reveal too much truth, might damage the very core and foundations of which they base their beliefs and existence.

To lift the veil fully would expose, very troubling, dirty embarrassing secrets, it would destroy the image that society works so hard to keep, democratic, liberal, fair, just, it would change everything. It’s not just the people in power that protect the system, it’s also the people that are enslaved by it, as weird as that sounds. Think of it as a kind of systemic Stockholm syndrome. Siding with those that are holding you hostage.

[quote]And how effective was that reform? Critics have questioned whether the permanent committee has exercised adequate oversight. In many ways, Congress has continued its reluctance to challenge the secret agencies. Despite its post-Watergate reputation for skepticism, the press has also hesitated to question and expose the secret government.

Why, given the early high expectations for great reform, did the investigations achieve so little? Why did these extensive, far-reaching inquiries result only in restoring the CIA’s credibility? The answer can be found in the attitudes toward the secret government held by the press, the Congress, and the public. Despite the rising distrust of governmental secrecy after Vietnam and Watergate, many journalists, congressmen, and other Americans were not sure how much they wanted to know about the nation’s dirty secrets.[/quote]

The spouse is cheating, or harming the kids and you only want to know so much. Again cause the full truth would ruin that illusion and then you would be left with truth, the full truth, and most people can’t handle the truth. So after these communities finished, the secret government legalized the dirty that they had been doing. Then they limited the powers of the oversight committees. Thus why we have been back where we started from almost right from the start.

[quote]Ultimately, however, Congress abandoned these legislative blueprints because of opposition from the intelligence community and a lack of enthusiasm from the Carter administration. Advocates for stricter accountability did achieve one reform in 1978 with the passage of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which required the FBI and NSA to obtain court orders for wiretaps in the United States.

When Ronald Reagan came into office in 1981, he swiftly loosened the regulations hindering the CIA and the FBI. He allowed CIA domestic spying in certain cases, permitted physical surveillance of Americans abroad, and authorized some covert actions in the United States. Most important, he appointed his campaign manager and former OSS agent William Casey to be director of central intelligence. Casey was determined to free the CIA from the fetters imposed after Watergate-and he was willing to evade and subvert the law to do so.[/quote]
See the truth get’s exposed, the public express their outrage, and then forces move in to make sure it’s harder the next time around to let the truth surface. We saw strains of this with the exposure of priest that like to have sex with children. There are lot’s of things like this that happen, and this is the how and the why of it.

[quote]When Seymour Hersh exposed the CIA’s domestic spying, when Michael Harrington demanded that the House investigate the charges, when Otis Pike confronted Henry Kissinger, when Frank Church issued his assassination report, and when Daniel Schorr arranged to publish the Pike report, they never expected that the end result of their efforts would be to legitimize the secret government. After Vietnam and Watergate, many reformers had hoped to attain a new democratic accountability for the secret agencies. They had wanted to restructure the intelligence community, enact restrictive laws, write new charters, even abolish covert action. In the end, though, many were happy to settle for a new congressional committee.[/quote]

Did you read the above carefully? The outcome of these committees that were there to expose corruption was in the end to unwittingly legitimize the secret government.

So why is our faithful media not still standing guard and exposing what is happening?

Many journalists were indeed willing to question the open operations of the government, seeking out stories on corruption, incompetence, or personal immorality. These reporters tried to emulate Woodward and Bernstein, or at least pop culture’s mythic image of Woodward and Bernstein. But only a very few reporters dared to challenge the secret government. Those who did so won no prizes for their efforts. Seymour Hersh’s domestic spying stories were underplayed by all but his own newspaper. A whispering campaign in Washington questioned the veracity of his stories and prevented him from winning a Pulitzer Prize. Daniel Schorr was also attacked by his colleagues, first for his mistake on the spy-in-the-White-House story, then for his role in the publication of the Pike report.

Even the New York Times, the most aggressive news organization throughout the year of investigations, proved receptive to government pleas for secrecy. The Times refused to publicize President Ford’s unintentional disclosure of assassination plots. It joined many other papers in suppressing the Glomar
Explorer story and led the editorial attacks on the Pike committee and on Schorr. The real question, as Tom Wicker wrote in 1978, is not “whether the press has lacked aggressiveness in challenging the national-security mystique, but why?” Why, indeed, did most journalists decide to defer to the administration instead of pursuing sensational stories?

In part, this deference was a defensive reaction. Intellectuals and columnists like Max Kampelman, Irving Kristol, and Joseph Kraft would continue to condemn the “imperial media” for years to come. Many journalists were intimidated by these attacks.
Intimidation, fear of exposing national secret, yes like assassination plots. Fear of being pushed to the outskirts the same way the other journalists were.
… the investigations never truly aroused the public the way Church a hoped. This apathetic response might have been a product of what sociologists call the “issue-attention cycle.” According to Anthony Downs, American public attention does not remain focused on any one issue for long, “even if it involves a continuing problem of crucial importance to society.” Typically, Downs says, a new problem will vault into the center of public attention, stay there a short time, then quickly fade from public view as people realize how difficult, threatening, or costly the solutions would be-or simply after they get bored with hearing about the problem. During the investigations, congressmen frequently commented that their constituents did not seem interested in intelligence abuses after the initial flurry of revelations. “This is not the Watergate investigation,” one member of Congress told the New York Times as early as May 1975. “Nobody ever talks to me about it on home trips, and I hear very little about it here.”

Some commentators argued that Americans could not sustain their outrage because they had become jaded by scandal. The public had already learned about the My Lai massacre, the secret bombing of Cambodia, the secret war in Laos, and the Watergate scandals. As a result, Americans had experienced “a kind of deadening of moral nerve-ends, a near-inability to be surprised, let alone disturbed,” by new revelations, the Washington Post editorialized. The “years of revelation and shock,” as columnist Meg Greenfield put it, had produced an “anesthetizing effect” on many Americans.[/quote]

The above scenario explains it best. We saw the same willingness to know that there was a problem, but lack of willingness to fully investigate the corruption that was happening on the Toronto Police Force. A few years several officers in Toronto were arrested for a variety of charges, extorting money from local stores, selling drugs, requesting sex from prostitutes etc. The police were arrested, but then a report came out that said this was just the tip of the iceberg and that if the problem was ever fully investigated it would embarrass those from the top down to the bottom. To really look into the situation and fix it, truly fix it might not only be costly, but it literally in some cases might involve a full turn over of those in power, and if your career depends on many of those in positions of power, you are not going to be the one to go there.
Americans also may have doubted that they or their representatives had the power to change the secret agencies. A December 1975 poll showed that only 30 percent believed that the investigations would produce real reforms, while 41 percent were more skeptical. Moreover, with public confidence in all governmental institutions at a historic low, most Americans did not trust the Congress to devise solutions.

Finally, many Americans resisted believing the news that their government had committed crimes. During the years of the liberal consensus, there had been no dialogue in American political culture about CIA or FBI activities. Most Americans’ knowledge of these agencies came from popular culture, which portrayed U.S. agents as heroes. Once Vietnam and Watergate had shattered the liberal consensus, suddenly the American people learned about the murder plots, drug testing, and harassment of dissidents that had been carried out in their name. They had been taught a “child’s history” of the world, as Richard Helms’s biographer Thomas Powers has explained, and they did not want to learn about the real history written by Helms and his colleagues. “To discover oneself the victim of so many illusions, all at once, is disorienting,” Powers has noted.

It is painful for any nation to learn about its government’s dirty tricks, but it is perhaps most painful for Americans, who hold their government to a high moral standard. As Michael Schudson has commented, “That is not to say that other peoples expect their governments to be immoral but there may be an unusual American spirit that the government is expressive of and representative of its people and that we cannot think well of ourselves if we cannot think well of our leaders.” America is, after all, supposed to be the “city on a hill,” admired and emulated by the rest of the world. Subverting foreign governments and plotting to assassinate foreign leaders does not fit well with this image.
The other reason this continues, many people just can not handle the truth. They like the fairytale that they were brought up on. I was the same way, and without personally being targeted by this situation, I would not have believed it myself. Many of us in society grow up believing these illusions, these fairy tales about how just, fair and democratic our countries are, and it takes a lot to have those beliefs shattered. They are not just beliefs about a country, they are part of the images that we hold in regards to ourselves, to shatter those images with truth, is something that many people are simply not ready for.
The country has never resolved this contradiction between its ideals and its acceptance of Cold War secrecy and subversion. Most policymakers decided to maintain American illusions by keeping the public ignorant of secret operations. They concluded-perhaps correctly-that many Americans wanted to be kept in ignorance.

Ignorance is bliss for many people. That is also in part what keeps this system in place. The less they know, the happier they are, not truly happy, but that false sense of happy that they have consistently been feed, but they have been feed it for so long, they no longer know the difference.

Richard Helms contends that this attitude reveals that “we’re basically a rather hypocritical nation; we like things to be done, but we don’t want to have the blood on our own hands.”
That is so true. People do not like to have the blood on their hands. That’s why monitoring someone for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, is so effortless. You never have to truly see them, the blood is spread around so thin, you don’t even notice it when it splashes. The citizens helping out in our harassment, are hardly ever present or there for the end results and even if they were, many would think that they had just done or performed an invaluable service for the country.

[quote]Americans would “pretend” to be shocked by the Church committee assassination report. “We have never before known the details-and they are sordid and ludicrous in the extreme-but we have known that American policy has at times meant interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and trying to bring down their governments,” the paper scolded. A Washington Post reader urged Americans to admit that they supported “covert subversive activities” in other countries or take responsibility for attempting to limit them. Most Americans refused to make that choice, however. They preferred to leave the CIA’s undemocratic actions in the “attic of the implicit,” as columnist Rod MacLeish said, rather than bringing them down to the more painful level of explicit endorsement.[/quote]
Forcing people to admit that they support these covert actions that are taking place in other countries was hard, imagine getting them to admit that it’s happening in their own countries?

[quote]The inquiries asked them to doubt the morality of J. Edgar Hoover and John F. Kennedy-men they had regarded as true American heroes-and to question whether their nation truly adhered to its professed ideals.

One year earlier, Americans had faced equally difficult questions during the Watergate scandal. But not even Watergate had shaken most Americans’ support for “the system,” political scientists have shown. Having survived that shock, most Americans were reluctant to challenge the system’s legitimacy now. As one American wrote to the president in 1975, “Let’s not turn the CIA probe into another Watergate. Just try to take steps to prevent the recurrence of alleged illegal activities.” It was much easier to assume that the investigations had taken care of past problems-and that the system had worked-than to challenge American illusions.[/quote]

Protecting those illusions, that is what helps to keep the system in place, and anyone who comes along and challenges those illusions have not only the system to worry about, but sometimes the very people they are trying to help within those system.
[quote]Congress began a new era of oversight in 1976. The “newness” of this era, however, became the subject of much controversy … In 1986, the two successors to the Church and Pike committees discovered that the Reagan administration had evaded and ignored the intelligence reforms enacted since the 1970S and had lied to the overseers. In 1987, former Church committee member John Tower, who headed the presidential commission that investigated the scandal, pronounced the Iran-contra affair to be an “aberration.” In 1988, the joint congressional investigating committee concluded that the existing oversight laws were adequate and that the system had worked. This view was widely shared by opinion leaders. In the 1990S, there seems little prospect that lawmakers or journalists will again question the fundamental soundness of the existing oversight system.[/quote]

Thus you have it. The people are all tucked back nicely into their illusions and fairy tales, the system works and you have nothing to worry about, when evidence clearly shows otherwise.

This article for me served to clarify why a structure such as this could be in place and still standing. This structure is built into the core of society and how they see themselves in part, so to destroy this wall of illusion would be to destroy the fairytale views and beliefs so many hold about their society and themselves. To shatter an illusion so deep rooted and strong, might well send the society in a tale spin. Therefore as long as the illusion or the fairytale continues, many of us are likely to be caught up in this system and the illusions that keep it going.

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Proclamation Day to Stop Child Sexual Abuse

I found the blog entry below. It’s the Proclamation Day to Stop Child Sexual Abuse. I think every city should have a day like this. I don’t think that it would do much good, because the problems are so much more ingrained than that, but it would be a nice start.


I don’t think the these efforts will stop this, anymore then exposing Priests and what they were doing has stopped children from being abused by the churches. In fact all that happened is that it’s now harder to prosecute these people because of new law instituted by Rome. (There is a great video on youtube that talks about this, which I won’t post here.)

I don’t think these efforts will stop this anymore than the franklin coverup’s stopped International Child Pedophile rings run by people in positions of power and authority. All it did was show the lengths that people will go to, to protect the system. In the end the children who came forward were the only ones to suffer, and the abusers all rose to higher positions of authority. It also taught anyone wanting to come forward the price that they would have to be willing to pay.
I think all we can try to do is make parents and others aware of some of the evils that are in the world, and then at least they might have a fighting chance. I think the following initiative is a good one and should be enacted in every city across the globe, even though I don’t think it will get the world to where they want to be, I think it’s a good start.

[quote]Monday, June 16, 2008
Photos: Proclamation Day to Stop Child Sexual Abuse

June 16th marks the official Proclamation Day in Toronto to Stop Child Sexual Abuse.
Youth Out Loud met at Nathan Phillips Square to honour  the children and youth no longer with us and to lay a wreathe and teddy bears in their memory in the area designated the “speakers corner” of Nathan Phillips Square.
They had signs and bracelets to raise awareness about this horrible crime perpetrated against our children and youth.


“Child sexual abuse is a pervasive form of violence that continues to be an invisible issue,” said Joanne Vannicola, director and founder of Youth Out Loud.
“As difficult as it is to think about, child  sexual abuse IS an epidemic. At least one in three girls and one in five boys will be sexually abused before the age of eighteen. We need to find a way to break this cycle of violence and protect our youth. We intend to keep making our presence known and to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.” [/quote]

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