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Picture Perfect Pixie

Picture Perfect Pixie

What a dress, what a style, what a girl. One of the best outfits, I have seen
for years, only question is, why didn’t she try on the heals, along with the
other shoes.

Both shoes worked, can think of a third that would of worked as well, here
is to you Pixie, for resembling so well.

Pixie Lott


Now let’s see if this dress can be sold out in an hour. Not clear who the
designer is, but this is a situation, that actually makes sense.

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The Sweetest Revenge

(A Page from The World Of The Royal Queen)

The Royal Queen is this person who doesn’t even make sense. She is this spiritual being, who has an earth province existence, or is she a earth province person with a spiritual existence? Either way the situation does not make sense.

By the time you read this, the situation will be at hand. So there were these serious dirty losers that did not even make sense, you know who you are the Bens, Jeniffer’s, Brad’s, Angelina’s, Celene’s, Henry’s, Saroski’, or who ever they were, just a bunch of serious dirty nasty losers, that did not make sense, oh and this cheap, dirty disgusting mannequin that did not make sense, along with her seriously dirty disgusting, imbred of a village idiot, Seville Scandle of a husband.

Either way in the latest installment of The Royal Queen’ and her latest adventure, the plastic dirty, mannequin decided that she should have The Royal Queen and her children gathered up, and placed into the absolutely worst situations ever. They wanted them to be called assembly line children, and evidently it was going to make sense. They wanted the in the dirtiest situations, cause that would suitably make sense. They wanted her and her face, wiped out of the heavens, never would it be known, that she was in a situation with prince, what was his name now? A serious dirty, loser that did not even make sense, This no account boy, and his village idiot, cheap smile, plastic mannequin that he brought into the situation.

So they gathered them up, without her knowledge, these dirty former none royal types that seriously don’t make sense. Then so called Hollywood, types that don’t make sense, or will no longer make sense in time, these so called politicians, and others that she could have not knowledge of, they gathered up, and on that day they sought to deliver them a destiny.

They wanted to be eligible to be in the incorrect situation doing the incorrect things, gathering these children from the heavens, and doing the situations, These young men were to have the driest skin, lips that didn’t make sense, dry and parched, their eyes were to stop making sense, and lips that were so dry they did not even make sense. They thought it was funny, cause The Royal Queen, had fought and grappled to avoid such things, and to be all that she could, be, but they thought if the children should experience such things, it would seriously make sense.

Jenna was sure, she is a black person, she could never make sense, give her those big fat lips, it will make sense. The girl has the tiniest features she’s ever seen, but she’s going to give her some huge gigantic lips, so convinced in her drug fueled world, that the girl could not have small lips, much less dry one’s, cause in her world, in her experience it just did not make sense. Then there was Barbara, she sat back, maybe the situation made sense, maybe it didn’t, either way they were going to be doing the worst things to the girl, or behalf of the cheap plastic mannequin, sudo fake none princess, that did not even make sense. This time they were going to be doing it to her, and behind the scenes they were going to be using some of the biggest, serious, dirtiest, losers on the face of the planet. They are these downlow losers, that doesn’t even make sense. The perfect couples, and families in the spotlight, and behind the scene, child molesters, vagrants, and losers, make that serious losers, that don’t even make sense. Behind the scenes, these men, women, they rape, molest, they live these nasty, unbelievable lives, and in public it’s all like hi, and it’s all like nice, but behind the scenes, it’s a horror scene, a scenes that does not even make sense. They were so sure that she would be so impressed by who they were, that she wouldn’t even care what they did to her children, they were so sure they could, kidnap them, and possibly rape, molest them in mind, heart, and soul, and it would make sense to them, and it would be that type of situation, however these ineligible losers would never makes sense.

She despised them even before then, these strangers to her, but not her to them, for they were clear on who this girl, this female, this ‘mother of the future was’ is, or was going to be, they had watched her over the years, they had in some cases, remotely viewed her, predicted her life, and sought to change her destiny at every turn, and for the most part failed.

The children were there in the heavens spiritually in advance, meaning they existed in advance, in their dozens, hundreds, legions, literally billions, by the time the adventures had begun. Spiritually she is this white person that does not make sense, and on earth she is a black person, that also does not make sense. She is this type, she hates everything, but she loves, everything and everyone, and if you deliver hers a destiny, will she not deliver you a destiny. She wanted them to be delivered a destiny. She is

On earth she is also this single person, waiting to fulfill or deliver a destiny, the spiritual children, watch and wait, not to come to earth, cause they are not waiting to be born, they exist in advance. They live, look, breath,  have lives of their own, and they seriously make sense. They did not need to be rounded up, but they sought, and they still sought to deliver them a destiny. Then they thought to laugh with the girl, smile and make friends.

On the day she delivered them, or they delivered themselves, the heavens woke up a little bit more that day, and they paid attention, these were young men, eligible, suitable, and desirable, a trillion women from the heavens put in their applications for A New Kingdom that day, for The Royal Queen would not marry off her sons, her progeny for anything less, than the delivery of a destiny. Even though they put in their applications, the young ladies to secure a husband had to pay a price, a specific price, they had to pay the bride price. The bride price was so specific, it would make sense. She had seen the tag line for the movie ransom, and it suitably made sense. those interested in the young men, would secure the situation, would secure the outcome, would deliver unto them, and those that did this unto them a destiny. With three trillion applications, The Royal Queen had to be picky about who she enable to deliver a destiny, about who she enabled to be her future daughter in laws.

Once the destinies were delivered that is how the daughter in laws were to be choose, and that is also how the most recent son in laws were chosen as well, those who could deliver a deliver a destiny. In the mean time for their part, the young men had already determined to deliver unto themselves their own destinies. They would avenge themselves upon those who had attempted to destroy them, to enable them to think that they could not become the correct individuals, that they could not do the correct things, that could not have the capacity, and the right to their own destinies.

She was a part of a futuristic, teleportation, time, travelling society, and the young women were clear, these were some of the cutest, most handsome, adorable eligible, young men they had seen in some time, at least their mother thought so, and the young women logged into to deliver unto those who had delivered them a destiny, and the bounty was out, for that was the way to secure what needed to be secure, and A New Kingdom, was some of the hottest property on the face of the planet. The young men were also doing ok for themselves as well. Oddly enough that’s how some of her latest batch of son in laws also got determined.

The Royal Queen for her part would also be delivering them a destiny for her part. Cause even without A New Kingdom, A Spiritual Place, or any of the external trappings, she is this sort, she seriously, and suitably makes sense, if you deliver unto her a destiny, will she no in time, deliver a destiny back to you. Her children were the only individuals that did make sense, they were lead to believe that these other ineligibles, there seriously, dirty, disdainful, losers could make sense. She disliked them in her situations, she dislike them in their outcomes, for they were not worth hating, but they seriously needed to be delivered a destiny. And so it begun, and so they were verified.

The Royal Queen’s at least one batch of The Royal Queen’s son in laws, and daughter in laws were choosen that day.

The Young men, young women, The Royal Queen, and The Family Unit delivered them a destiny. They delivered them a destiny that day, and every day since then, in advance of the situation, in advance of the outcomes. because The Royal Queen is the situation, A New Kingdom is the Outcome, and The Family Unit was there in advance, in advance of the situation, in advance of the outcomes. because that is the only situation, that seriously made sense.

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In Acknowledgement In Remembrance In Celebration In Testament In Support

The New Buttons and other Indigo Ribbon items will be available at the zazzle store soon.

Light in the dark 2b
In Acknowledgement
In Remembrance
In Celebration
In Testament
In Support

In Acknowledgment of the things or experiences we have been through, they did happen, and they were real.

In Remembrance of things past, things that have happened, and hopefully of things to come.

In Celebration of who we are as a people and a group. We are Targeted Individuals, and we make sense, and we function.

In Testament to all that has happened to us. There has been a lot, and some of us have survived to tell the tale.

In Support of Targeted Individuals, everywhere.

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Indigo Ribbon Month Stories

dontbend necklaceIndigo Ribbon Month

Remember to submit your stories to and check out the twitter at The Stories are there in advance. November is Indigo Ribbon Month, it is literally just right around the corner, and hopefully this year, we can get a head start, or a jump on the month and the day, November 23, 2013, which seriously makes sense.


I see that a few people submitted their stories in advance, and that’s great. Also the Indigo Ribbon Quilt is going around, and that is in the works, in advance.

Mom and Dad

I recently became aware that the name for what I have been experiencing since 2003 and most likely before that, was a Targeted Individual. I filed a grievance against the ompany I was working for at that time and ever since that then my life has been Hell. My husband, children, siblings, and friends are either a part of this or are under a gag order. My Dad worked for the government and many of my relatives were involved with unions, therefore I am thinking that my early adult traumas stemmed from these ties.

The rest of the story is on the link above, also don’t forget to check out the Indigo Ribbon Store, and keep an eye out for upcoming events for November, which will be listed on the website.


Answering the call, and taking calls for Indigo Ribbon Month. If you want to get more details about upcoming events, the quilt, or the annual balloon release, then please just visit the website, and request outloud verbally to speak to someone from the call center. ca about Indigo Ribbon Month and the events. It’s a virtual, or spiritual based call center, and it’s automated, so it  makes sense.

Visit The Indigo Ribbon Store, and request products for Indigo Ribbon Month. Thank you in advance, for your support and patience.

Visit the official Indigo Ribbon Website, and find out about the latest happenings, throughout the month of November, get supported, leave your story, and be a part of the situations that seriously make sense. This season, make it indigo.

Visit the official twitter page, and keep up on happenings and be a part of the official initiative. The Indigo Ribbon Month Concept was started back in 2007, and was a branch off of some of the initiative. The site and the initiatives, truly supported Targeted Individuals and the initiative was spawned out of that capacity. In honor of those early initiatives, here it to you and all you do.

This year Targeted Individuals, their friends, families, supports, and a variety of individuals will be eligible to take part in our Indigo Ribbon Month and Initiatives.

Keep an eye out for the spiritual based products that are available and eligible for Indigio Ribbon Month. Towels, Candles, Ribbons.

Ribbons, or other appropriate items will be sent out throughout the Month of November, will a really big launch for Indigo Ribbon Day, which is November 23. This year hopefully the delivery will be on time, and hopefully it will make sense.

Take Care, Take Care, In advance.

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If this song should be sung

I seriously think I mentioned this before, but if not let me mention it now. The item is spiritually based, but it’s used by men and women and it’s a neat little product to have on hand for some, most, if not all people.

Primarily the item goes over better if you are in a situation, be it spiritually or on the face of the planet, and it seriously makes sense. The items tells you if a song has been sung or not. It tells you right away, no having to wait, and it’s a pretty neat way of keeping track of your spiritual, earth, or universal based situations.

This is a spiritual based product that enables an individual to know when a song has been sung, or a child has been created. The spiritual based product in real time.

The product also enables an individual to have information about the person in their situation if the person has not requested a privacy setting in advance.

No more having to wait to find out if a song has been sung. A revolutionary change for men and women.

Also option three is now available with this product, and it enables parents to keep an eye on their little ones. Now options three is required for all underage children.
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It’s available via the site, and it seriously makes sense. For those who feel they really just don’t have a need for something like if this song should be sung, or who would just not care to know, either way, maybe try if this accident could be prevented.

If this accident could be prevented. This latest product, provides you with comprehensive analysis, of when an accident could be prevented.

Do you have small children, pets, adults that are prone to accidents, or goofy events? This product enables you to be clear that an accident is about to occur, and it also provides you with helpful suggestions, and measures of how the accident could be prevented.

It’s a wonderful preventative measure for accidents, and other similar occurrences.

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Remote Neural Monitoring

Remote Neural Monitoring

Remote Neural Monitoring has existed for years, if you combine that with a few of the recent suggestions about sending feeling, emotions, and movement, then it could be interesting.

People are talking about these so called impulses feeling very real, remember people were mentioning that

    August 27, 2013
    Researcher controls colleague’s motions in 1st human brain-to-brain interface Doree Armstrong and Michelle Ma
    University of Washington researchers have performed what they believe is the first noninvasive human-to-human brain interface, with one researcher able to send a brain signal via the Internet to control the hand motions of a fellow researcher.
    Using electrical brain recordings and a form of magnetic stimulation, Rajesh Rao sent a brain signal to Andrea Stocco on the other side of the UW campus, causing Stocco’s finger to move on a keyboard.

What if they introduced someone else’s  brain wave frequency during one of these sessions, or had yours sent without permission. If they can do this stuff remotely, then this could in part explain the sensations of someone being there with the other person.

I personally believe it goes much further, and that people are experiencing things at the a remote level, I believe them when they say they are feeling other people, hearing them, and feeling as if they are being violated, or hearing stories from children that they are being held remotely.

As I mentioned the program likely started at several locations, and is now out of several other locations, but if feelings and emotions, can be broken down to electric impulses, as well as some of what we see, hear, feel, then  if they can move an arm remotely, via over the internet or some other method, then why could they not be remotely kidnapping our impulses, or us, via these methods, or others, and doing some of the worst things, right out there in the open, meaning in the background. However what occurs in the background, can have life changing ramifications.

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Royal Queen Security Clearances

The Royal Queen Security Clearances became mandatory recently. Just double checking if you have yours working. They are activated via voice, and they are now required to enter certain spaces.

They work with a class and level id. Several can work simultaneously together.  Some are very specific and can only be handed out to certain specific individuals.

 They are more secure than passwords, and user names. They are more secure than swipe cards, because they are ever present. They are a spiritually based product, and they are revolutionary in the way they do things.

No more need for several different security clearances or passes. No need for fingerprint, eye scans, or other biometric forms of identification. There they are not chip based, or RFID based, they are strictly spiritual based.

They work by assigning a class and level, for the specific sector, or service that the person is working in. Once they are voice activated, they continue to work from there. They are not lost or stolen, can not be duplicated, transfered, shared, or forgotten.


The examples are for example.

Business Class -Would Be for those who are working in the business sector and so forth.

Military Class- Would be for those in the military and so forth. Your level and class would be reflected.  Eg. Military Class, Level 35, and then divisions if you have any.

Executive Class-Would be for Presidential Persons and only they could have or use security clearances with such affiliations.

General Class- These would be the security clearances that most people have, with a level attached to them.

Fandom Affiliation-These are a fun level and class of security clearances. They are for people who are into fandom situations, and are more fun to use and utilize.

Retail Therapy-These security clearances are for those who like to go shopping, and they activate at those moments. They are another set designed for fun.

Clubbing Affiliation-These are designed for club and party goers, and they assist the owners, and patrons of those establishments.

Research-These activate for those in research and other modes, and they are just helpful with protecting your content.

There are likely many more, and these are a few that I have come across, they work in conjunction with each other, meaning, that you can have several working simultaneously in harmony. They are designed to work together, to enable or restrict access to certain places.

They are designed to be none intrusive, and that is the reason that they are so light weight, They are almost impossible to lose, and they are not eligible to be copied, or transferred from person to person, that that way your information is safe, and can not be used by third parties.

They are really a neat idea, and they are now mandatory in some cases, so if you forgot to activate yours, you might just wish to verbally request to activate your royal queen security clearances.

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Square does cash now

Square does cash.

There is this program called square, I think I might have recommended it in the past for offline payments, but did you know that they now do cash transactions as well?

They now have a link for cash and email money transfers, if it works, and if it’s the correct thing, it’s what we will be using online, along with a few other situations.

The only thing I would recommend is that they add the security question and answer to square, that way only the sender and receive can figure out who is sending it. Not sure if they can use the verified by visa situation, or leave it optional, but the situation, sounds neat.

Here is the link.

It’s only available in America right now so the U.K. and Canada have to wait, but it’s pretty cool, it’s not international yet, but this is the type of service we all dream of, something that could be international, that’s easy to send and receive money.

Here is the article on it.

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November is around the corner

Indigo Ribbon

November is going to be Indigo Ribbon Month, so get ready for it. Starting early so you can get into the mind set, no word on what the theme is. The domain for indigo ribbon is down today, So check back in a day or so, should be working again, but the official site is and the twitter is, and the wordpress is




5th Of November

Every year for some crazy reason, ever since the movie V for Vendetta came out, it’s time to remember, remember the 5th of November. So that’s around the corner as well.



All the Campaigns associated with November and winter are around the corner. This year for the Indigo Ribbon campaigns, a variety of situations will be used, including likely the indigo ribbon quilt, that will likely be passed around spiritually, and you can add your story there, and this year you can submit stories to the indigo ribbon site, also we will see if any candles will be lit this year, it’s an exciting time in human history.



Thank you for your attention and support in advance.

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Bing, Signs, Symbols, & Favricons

I still like Bing as a search engine, but their new logo is not my cup of tea.
The B that was their was fine, but the new symbol, does not work for me. Somehow it reminds me of a sign I saw once that represented human enslavement, or that is the first symbol or thought that entered my mind, my mind space.

What a waste, cause I am really starting to like Bing the picture in the background when you search are so neat, it’s neat to open up the search engine and have the sort of background that makes sense.

I still get slightly better search returns with google, but you know that google get’s up to stuff, so that’s why sometimes it’s nice to use other search engines.

I hope they go back to the old B, or change this symbol, cause it does not make sense. It’s a small imagery, and it’s also used for their Favricon cause they also updated that within the last couple of days.

I love favricons, remember favricons and how they have now become a part of internet history. If you are not familiar with them, they are those little signs or symbols on some web browsers, like the little w for W ordpress, and other such favricons. They sit right their in the corner of the search engines.

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