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Proclamation Day to Stop Child Sexual Abuse

I found the blog entry below. It’s the Proclamation Day to Stop Child Sexual Abuse. I think every city should have a day like this. I don’t think that it would do much good, because the problems are so much more ingrained than that, but it would be a nice start.


I don’t think the these efforts will stop this, anymore then exposing Priests and what they were doing has stopped children from being abused by the churches. In fact all that happened is that it’s now harder to prosecute these people because of new law instituted by Rome. (There is a great video on youtube that talks about this, which I won’t post here.)

I don’t think these efforts will stop this anymore than the franklin coverup’s stopped International Child Pedophile rings run by people in positions of power and authority. All it did was show the lengths that people will go to, to protect the system. In the end the children who came forward were the only ones to suffer, and the abusers all rose to higher positions of authority. It also taught anyone wanting to come forward the price that they would have to be willing to pay.
I think all we can try to do is make parents and others aware of some of the evils that are in the world, and then at least they might have a fighting chance. I think the following initiative is a good one and should be enacted in every city across the globe, even though I don’t think it will get the world to where they want to be, I think it’s a good start.

[quote]Monday, June 16, 2008
Photos: Proclamation Day to Stop Child Sexual Abuse

June 16th marks the official Proclamation Day in Toronto to Stop Child Sexual Abuse.
Youth Out Loud met at Nathan Phillips Square to honour  the children and youth no longer with us and to lay a wreathe and teddy bears in their memory in the area designated the “speakers corner” of Nathan Phillips Square.
They had signs and bracelets to raise awareness about this horrible crime perpetrated against our children and youth.


“Child sexual abuse is a pervasive form of violence that continues to be an invisible issue,” said Joanne Vannicola, director and founder of Youth Out Loud.
“As difficult as it is to think about, child  sexual abuse IS an epidemic. At least one in three girls and one in five boys will be sexually abused before the age of eighteen. We need to find a way to break this cycle of violence and protect our youth. We intend to keep making our presence known and to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.” [/quote]

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  1. Yeah, I’m against child abuse of any kind, especially sexual abuse.

    This is off this subject, but applies to one of your earlier comments I just read.

    By the way, I suffer from the same as you. That is if you are a _real_ victim of organized stalking abuse.

    This goes back to when you said you believed that the people attacking you can “read your mind”. :p

    I don’t believe that mind reading is possible, but I would love it were true. 😉

    The “powers that be” could read my mind and see, without a doubt, that I am telling the truth.

    Then they could read the minds of those that set me up for whatever this “stalking assault thing” is, and clearly know that _they_ are lying.

    Hey, I’d settle for a 100% reliable lie detector. 😉

    Mind reading, now that really is something to dream about.

    Comment by BillyG | June 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. Gangstalking and BillyG, I am appalled at the mere mention of abuse of children of any kind and do appeal to anyone who can offer assistance of any nature.

    BillyG, I would also be very pleased and exonerated completely if “mind reading” were reality.

    Do you have a date when this will happen? 🙂

    I am a very calm, relaxed person. I do not commit crimes or associate with those that I know are criminals.

    It took heinous felony assaults and two years of the crooks “rubbing it in” that they “got over on me” to get me to respond.

    Well, I did respond with anger and these same crooks used it against me for *their* protection.

    What a joke.

    A joke on me , law enforcement and the community.

    Now, after the years of continuous assaults that I’ve been through, easily numbered in the thousands, I am especially hard, if not impossible to be provoked. 😉

    Why any *normal* person with just a shrewd of integrity or honesty would participate in organized assaults, is beyond me.

    The lies told with the facade of “authority” will eventually be seen through by many people and that will make it harder and harder for the stalkers to recruit unpaid citizen stalkers.

    Any stalker *not* receiving their share of the money that is being paid to the leaders of these crews is just deluded or in some cases probably afraid of something.

    I’d bet the leaders laugh at how stupid the unpaid stalkers and law enforcement are.

    They are told a few lies and commit *constitutional felonies* for free.

    A grand experiment, or an army of fools?

    Comment by gangstalked | June 20, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hi Billy,

    There are a lot of good articles about this, the government can do this. I have no doubt. They have also for years been studying the paranormal and I am sure they have found the members of our society that have this unique gift. I am sure there are some in society who do.

    The government does not need to read my mind. I will tell them what I am thinking. No one has to read my mind, cause I will be happy to share if anyone wants to ask.

    Comment by gangstalking | June 20, 2008 | Reply

  4. I want to add this post, part of which was deleted by someone.

    Gangstalking said she would neither have the time or the inclination to delete this post.

    So it was either the “internet orb” or a rat-bastard, pimply-faced hacker that lives in his mother’s basement. 😉

    Could this be a sign of corruption or infiltration?

    My attacks started with a claimed “Mafia” association.

    I read after the 911 thing in New York that law enforcement was considering cooperating with the “mafia” to fight Terrorism.

    A spur of the moment thought or a deal with the devil?

    mukwa007 said –

    Reno, NV Gang/Stalker members were bragging that they get secret money from HomLand-Security & tha Mafia, and that they’ve seen all the “Faces-of-Death” videos and that they were directly part of the F%-ing Demented is that…ha..ha..Lol..

    Another comment that “states the case”.

    GSwatchdog said –

    Almost every single Targeted Individual [TI], including myself, thinks that their personal case is the one that will get some media or officials attention. No matter who we turn to, we only find closed doors. Maybe is time to let other TI’s to try on their own.

    Comment by gangstalked | June 20, 2008 | Reply

  5. OH as of now, extreamly stupid, misleading, racist, etc comments will be deleted. I don’t have the time, but apparently I do have the inclination. So pleae be post responsibly.

    Comment by gangstalking | June 26, 2008 | Reply

  6. Sorry, I forgot to include this as some evidence of the “contracting” I spoke of in the post you deleted.

    Comment by gangstalked | June 26, 2008 | Reply

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