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Indigo Ribbon Day, Month

InIndigodHappy Indigo Ribbon Day,

Tomorrow is November 23, Indigo Ribbon Day, and this year targets we have come a long way. Our information is out there. Mentions here and there about Indigo Ribbon Month, our campaigns are going well, and this year there is real reason to celebrate, there is just more support for Targeted Individuals.


The Quilt is a spiritual based quilt, but it’s one source of support that was not previously there before. That is something that can be utilized 24/7, either the Indigo Ribbon Quilt, or the Targeted Individuals Quilt.

The Call Center

Their is a section for Targeted Individuals. It’s a spiritual based service. It’s a as simple as mentioning from your location that you want to call the call center .ca and request the Targeted Individuals section. There is support for Targeted Individuals now. Not just for Indigo Ribbon any longer.

The service is via

Hope I explained that correctly.

Spiritual Based Reports

Whenever these so called incidents use to happen or were instigated, we to have to put up with them. We use to have to put up with them, not any longer, we can at least file a report. As simple as request to file a report, or file a spiritual based report, and the incidents are documented, at least they are if they are legitimate. This way you have a record of what is ongoing.

This service is via

Spiritual Based Products

This year you have access to spiritual based products which hopefully work, and give you the information that you need. I use a variety of them, have blogged about it before. If you have not done so take a moment to look into some of them. Here is a link to some of the one’s that I use.

Most years we don’t have the support, or the point of reference that we need. This year we have a few more of the things we need to survive. So in Thanks, In Appreciation, In Reverence. Saying thanks, and happy Indigo Ribbon Day, Month.


There may be one more quick delivery of balloons for tomorrow on The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. Trying to make the arrangements, for Indigo Ribbon Day, if they are there, great, if not don’t worry about it. But here is hoping they get set. It’s spiritual based so it make sense.

For those who have not checked it out, it’s a new way to send and receive funds, but the system uses it’s own currency, called The Royalty. Someday soon, it’s hoped that this will be in your local stores, and other locations, till then, consider using this as a viable alternative, and unlike other resources, it can not be used to purchase items deemed unsuitable in advance. Saves on the usual snags that other systems or similar type systems have run into.







Oh and for Indigo Ribbon Month, we finally have an Ad over at Thanks to everyone who is assisting.

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Indigo Ribbon Month

indigoribbonlogo4bStill off to a great start. Looking forward to November 23, which is Indigo Ribbon Day.

This year we got everything out early. The quilt was there in advance, the delivery was on time this year, and now there is this nice din. We did it, we got this stuff out on time, we did it.

Some years there is no cause for celebration, or cheer, but this year, we are a little bit better organized, there is more awareness, more news articles, but mostly it’s now up to Targeted Individuals to stop perpetrating false myths, and stick to some of the more relevant stuff. We have some degree of proof but we are still targeted on a daily basis, so the struggle still continues, but we are here.

Thanks to all that are supporting legitimate efforts, you know who you are, you get the correct information out, and you don’t waste our time and energy, the community thanks you in advance.

Happy Indigo Ribbon Month, and cheers.


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Don’t Bend. Don’t Break.

Don’t Bend. Don’t Break.

I was recently speaking to another Targeted Individual, and he felt like he wanted to give up, because that’s what happens when you are targeted day in and day out, but I advised him, not to bend, not to break, because that’s the last thing that we need. We need to have a chance to survive. We need to show that we are the correct people, and we strive as best as we can to do the correct things, on a daily basis.

Targeted Individuals, this is your month. It’s finally November, and it’s Indigo Ribbon Month, with November 23, being the culmination. You can raise awareness, share a story, or wear your ribbon, banners, light candles, release ballons, show your support for those who create these initiatives.

It’s been several years since the original site was launched and since then, several targets have elected to run their own campaigns and to do their own things, in support of Targeted Individuals. It’s been wonderful to watch the community come together. Looking back at how far the campaign has come.

We now have a cool little store dedicated to the Indigo Ribbon Campaign.

We are also on Twitter, so you can keep up throughout the year on whatever we are doing, any new items, or just great ways to support Targeted Individuals. 

Years ago there were very few websites, no newspaper articles, and maybe one book. Now there are dozens of books, related to, and around. There have been quite a few articles on the subject of Gangstalking, it’s been on the news.

The Threat Assessment Teams, and local monitoring units are well known. Targets are much better organized, even though we feel that we are out there by ourselves.

We have youtube channels dedicated to these topics. one of the original, and first youtube channels dedicated to this topic.

We have come along way with website, news articles, videos, campaigns, etc. As a community, it’s time to sit down, take pause, give ourselves a pat on the back. There is more to be done, the war still has to be done, but we have come a long way, and hopefully we will continue to get where we need to be.

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The Royal Queen Authority Financial System and Indigo Ribbon Month

In celebration of Indigo Ribbon Day, and Indigo Ribbon Month, we are collaborating with The Royal Queen Authority Financial system, and you can request a free spiritual sample of one of the following items.

Every year as you know, the original website of Indigo Ribbon Month, sponsors the initiatives and endeavours for Indigo Ribbon Month. This year just like previous years, there are a few ways for Targeted Individuals to celebrate,  support, and to enable awareness.

Indigo Ribbon– Every year in November Targeted Individuals put on Indigo Ribbons. They utilize them to show their unity and support.

Quilt -The Indigo Quilt is the other item that Targeted Individuals reference.  It’s a great way to tell your story, and update others on what is happening.

Candles -Indigo Candles. A great way to pay tribute and memorial to the Targets, past, present, and future.
Ribbon Month and day, and for all those that struggle.

Ballons -This month we will be using ballons to celebrate Indigo Ribbon Day. They are a bright, beautiful, and colourful way to celebrate.

This year you can also request these items using something called, The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. It’s a spiritual cash exchange system, and in collaboration for Indigo Ribbon Day, you can request a free sample of any one of these items. It’s a great way to get geared up for Indigo Ribbon Month.

To order  something on The Royal Queen Authority Financial System, please ensure that you have your unique identifier activated. You can often simply verbally request that your unique identifier be activated, and the item will active.

Eg. At home, or another location that you can hear, please request to activate your unique identifier.

1. I wish to activate my Unique Identifier.

2. You will get three Unique Identifiers that identifier you.

3. Once activated. You can then request a free sample of the Indigo Ballon, from The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. Compliments of,, and The Royal Queen Authority Financial System.

Then simply utilize to use your account to order a spiritual sample of one of the above items, as a special part of the collaboration for Indigo Ribbon Day.

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Who to trust

Who to trust


Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. ~Psalms 20:7

As a Targeted Individual I often wonder where can help be found? Who can really look at or assist with the plight of Targeted Individuals?

God – A lot of Targets believe in God or express a belief and many pray constantly that an answer will be found. I think it’s well to have faith in God. I feel very sorry for those in our situation that do not. Some others have started to lose their faith. I hope that you will use this situation to have your faith enriched or strengthened, do not lose your faith, do not let this situation rob you of that.

Kings -Some will put their faith in Kings and Princes. In the olden days you might have appealed to the King who in some societies held the highest seat in the land and had real powers, true kingdoms on earth, where the word or a nod was enough to save and deliver from the jaws of death. Though principalities and kingdoms do hold some sway on earth, many of our countries are no longer governed this way, and those that are, might not hold the same degree of power that they once did in other times. Even if they did, the plight of targets might not be the cause of the day to champion, so again would it truly make a difference? Maybe if you moved to a small Island where the word of the ruling monarch was still the law of the land, but otherwise many monarchies are bureaucracies in today’s society, and governed by the laws of the land, and the will of the people.

Presidents -Do you turn to presidents? Yeah. As they are jet setting around the world, writing their next books, they do not care about the plight of the Targeted Individual. I am sorry, but I have heard from enough targets who have written to this administration here, that administration there. The sad reality is that many of these in power at some point, past present or future, probably wrote or helped to strengthen the laws that are today being used to carry out and conduct the tortures that we are experiencing.

I know many are under the false impression that someone listen or care, but I am doubtful. I think there have been enough letters written, enough cries and appeals for help, that the incense of the requests could have made their way to the highest levels and it will do no good. Sure they could someday be shamed into taking action, that is what is nice about the power of the people, it’s what worked in other countries for exposing abuses and I think it is what is more likely to work, than actually catching the sympathies or humanities of these individuals.

Yes someday in the future we are likely to get some lame apology from some politician, maybe even a future president and they will claim how much they did not know what was going on, what have you, but the reality will be that it’s a lie. Enough targets have written to enough administrations that there is awareness, but just not the desire to care, unfortunately if it’s not happening to them or their families, there is very little reason to care or put a stop to any of this.

Also presidents are people, and they only have so much power, stopping a system of corruption also requires the will of the people, many can not or might feel that they can not act alone, but reality is that our cause is likely not to be as important as the next international trip around the world.

Politicians -They are the same, the odd politician might pretend to be interested in the plight of targeted individuals, but like presidents, many of these people are probably happen and use the very programs designed to destroy our lives, thinking that it will protect them. I am sure you might find the odd politician that truly listens and does learn to care, or take on our cause, but a single politician in and of themselves might not be enough to stop what is happening, and if they did, they could well risk becoming a target.

Media -Do we trust our media to break the story and save us? The media in many cases are aware, and have unsympathetically chosen to not report the story. The odd time the truth does break through and the story does get reported, for those who have had a conscience and who have reported the story in a decent capacity in any manner we are greatful, but unless we can elevate awareness across the board, most of the media will continue to ignore the story. Unless this topic can become so everyday and discussed on the forums, and blogs, and local street corners, then the media in many cases will feel unsympathetically embolden to ignore our plights much like they do other causes that are not the popular cause of the moment.

Fellow Citizens -Many really are naive, they believe the government and these programs are there for the good of the people. Most just do not want to believe that this could be happening, the ones that do know that this is happening, in some cases believe that these programs are for their own good. Many others just like the politicians are going to be too callous to care unless it is happening to them or their families. The reality is, the sad reality is if it’s not happening to them, most can not comprehend or begin to comprehend the devastating impact that such a situation can have on their fellow citizens, and even if they could comprehend many would not care, cause it would distract them from getting the latest IPad, Blue Ray, X-Box, distracting gizmo. Many others are just so surverly struggling, they are trying to make ends meet, they are so destitute that they have to think about themselves and their families, that they just don’t have the capacity to care for others. Many others are stupid enough to think that if you are on these lists, you deserve what is happening to you, and they do not realize that we could be innocent and undeserving of this fate.

Our Selves -We have to look to ourselves to survive the best that we can, to help each other when we can. Sometimes I want to share what is happening to me, or what a horrible time I am having, but then I realize that only another target could truly understand what I am going through, could understand the impact of the situation that I am in. I also know that sometimes other targets can not help the way that they would like to help. I read the blog of one target, he is a writer within the Targeted Individual community, after a long struggle to keep a roof over his head, he has finally become without a permanent resident. He had a plan in place of staying in public locations in the city he is in, but it’s the saddest thing to be without a home in the heart of winter. I feel his pain, but other than praying for him, there is little that my own situation allows. There are many targets like that. Others that right in desperately asking what to do to stop assults, sexual and otherwise. Others who get so close to the breaking point they do know what to do. Other targets who get so scared and desperate for their lives and survival that they flee from city to city, country to country with no end in sight, many trying desperately to raise the awareness or attention of someone who might be willing to lend us a hand, to help our situations.

It is the most painful circumstance. I have others who write in who have children, it’s horrific to go through this situation as an adult, much less to imagine the situation and circumstances that children must face, and the fear a parent has to go through in order to try to protect and take care of their children, it’s a horrible, heartbreaking ordeal, and many of Targets face it alone, and by themselves. Except for the odd time they can maybe connect with another target, we are primarily on our own, but that does not have to be a bad thing.

Over the last several years we have raised some awareness, as predicted there have become more high profile targets. There cases are drawing more attention to our cause. The topic is being more openly discussed in many cases. People know to direct people with stories of community stalking and mobbing to the websites, but we still in many cases desperately need help. People can pretend to be naive, oh shucks I didn’t really know how bad things were, but the reality is unless you have been sleeping in a cave in Afghanistan, you probably have some idea of how bad the plight of Targeted Individuals are and the chances are you have just been inspired not to care.

This Indigo Ribbon month there is finally a chance for some relief in sight. With the awareness of the Threat Assessment Team programs if we start to direct some of our efforts towards these programs, and exposing how they work, we might be able to expose some of what is happening. How these programs are connecting with local programs to systemically destroy the lives of targets. We are the best hope and chance that we stand to make a difference. We have a come a long way in many cases. The road seems rocky, and it has not been an easy path, and I am not claiming that the path ahead will be any better, but if we can hang in their a bit longer, some solid ground may be in sight.

Support each other the best you can, stay strong, support the efforts that are truly trying to make a difference, don’t give up your faith or your hope. These are the best weapons and chance that we have for fighting agaist this evil time that is upon us.

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Working Hard so you don’t have to.

Working Hard so you don’t have to

I have been working deligently to get Targeted Individuals the information that they seek. To this end I have been in touch with legal services for Threat Assessment Organizations, and even law enforcement. I wanted to get a better understanding of how these teams worked, and the community monitoring. Before I do there are a couple of quick points I wanted to touch base on.

Indigo Ribbon Month

Now before I get to this I wanted to say it’s November so it’s Indigo Ribbon Month, place your ribbons on your websites, wear them in public, or where ever you think is applicable. If you don’t have your buttons you can get them at the store.

Randy Quaid and Gang Stalking

Now this story has taken a bit of time away from some of the issues that I wanted to focus on, but I remember that Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan at one time sought help. I don’t think they ever discovered the Gang Stalking World website or they might have developed some strategies that might have assisted them. I don’t know, but they were lost, and I really would like to see the Quaids get through this.

I want to thank the posters online who have taken the time to say keep an open mind to this story, or to point out that Gang Stalking does happen, and that their story is either similar or identical to what others are going through.

The Quaids have not expressed or identified themselves as Targeted Individuals, but I know many have protectively welcomed them and embraced them, and I know that many will be keeping an eye on the story. Gang Stalking World was the first in the Targeted Individual community to see a possible link, and to report the story, and will try to keep the community updated in the coming days.

Threat Assessment Teams and F.O.I.A.

Recently I posted about discovering a clause that would prevent these teams from sharing the information under Freedom Of Information and I wanted to find out some more information, so I got in touch with some of the teams. I heard back from legal and police officials regarding the various policies.

The request really seem to differ from organization to organization. Eg. Some do allow you to make the request and will release information, many others hide or squirrell the information away under school or workplace security and thus the files are not stored in the employment records, or school records, but are stored as company security files, to which you do not or can not have access.

In these cases I think it would be good to try to use the available resources to gain access to those records.

This is what I found out. Threat Assessment Team records are part of a student’s education record, and are governing not by FOIA but by FERPA.

Apparently this should give students a right to access the records, and make corrections, but records of employment records ae not covered by FERPA, but at state levels, by employment privacy laws.

Some schools try to get around the FERPA freedom of information by listing these records as law enforcement records. The same is true for companies as well.

On the Threat Assessment Team documents it mentioned a central database where information is stored, so this again is something that needs further clearification, but this is something that targets might wish to look into.


I contacted the ACLU, but they prefer that targets take this up with the individual offices for their state. If you do try to gain access to the information from the company you believe might have your files, or some files relating to this type of targeting, and you fail to gain access then what you might wish to do is use your local office. The same is true for Canada, the U.K. and other countries. If you try to gain these records and if fails, you may wish to try the referal services, or see if there is a way to use the commissions.

Example Request

Let’s use the case of Randy Quaid. In 2008, Mr. Quaid had a problem with some co-workers. They filed a complaint against him. Now let’s suppose that he is a Targeted Individual and is on some kind of occupational health and safety, or Threat Assessment List because of this.

All 26 members of the Lone Star Love cast brought Randy up on charges with Actors’ Equity Association, claiming he physically and verbally abused his fellow performers and that his oddball behavior onstage and off forced the show to close, thus depriving them of their jobs.

On Friday, Equity handed down its decision. According to documents obtained exclusively by The Post, the union has banned Randy for life – life! – and fined him $81,572.

So this would be a good place to start, check with Human Resources, find out what they call their Threat Assessment Team. I am not sure if this would have been his employer, or just a division that handed down the decision, now familiar with Hollywood, but I am guessing he can find a lawyer who is, and will have more of an idea what to look for, then find out if you can make requests for your information, and if not sue, till you can.

I know it’s a simplified strategy, and again I am still in the research stage for a standard procedure, but these are some suggestions.

Happy Indigo Ribbon Month

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