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The Royal Queen’s Festival

It’s the third annual The Royal Queen’s Day, and this year seems to be a festival occasion, Small events at various locations, check your local listings, The Royal Queen’s Day 2015 is June 5th, and the festival is June 5-7, 2015.

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Loitering The New Cry, The New Call

Have you been on the Transit recently. I recently had an experience with Loitering, or rather with being advised that someone thought that I was loitering.

The article is being written in advance, this is the new call, the new cry, the new pre-text. They are stopping people for loitering on false pre-text in some cases, but the individuals they seem to be stopping are not on or of the informant system.

I was fortunate enough to run across another person with the exact same experience within a short space of time.

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Subway eat fresh?

Have you tried Subway?

They have a lot more variety happening now a days. I recently tried their falafel sub, it’s pretty neat, cause you can get it with flatbread or regular bread.

You can add cheese, vegetables, or I guess you could add meat, but it’s a pretty vegetarian based type of item. You just create your sub the way you like. There is currently no feta cheese, but the mozzarella, or cheddar should make up for it.

The sandwich comes with a wonderful sauce, and you can add more items if you would like. I can say I was really impressed with the way they have made their menu.

I have now also see several individuals ordering their veggie sub, with lettuce, spinach, and salt avocado dressing, etc and that is fresh. I am impressed by the sandwiches.

|Next stop TGIF might be the way to go.

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Taking Stock

Taking Stock

Some of us were just thinking that the situation has changed, but the situation in some ways remains the same. Eg. They use to call us crazy in the community, and poke fun at us openly, or attempt to gaslight us, gangstalk, attempt to make us think that we were crazy.

We have yet again come a lot way. We are now clear in some cases, that  threat assessment files, can and are created, in the Jane Clift case, and others, a situation was crated, where they placed a warning on her file, and advised, may be a danger to self and others, only to be seen in pairs. These situations may seem small, but they had a devastating affect on us, and our community, and we are that, we are a community, we seriously be making sense to ourselves, we are logical, practical and we seriously be making sense.

We have worked hard, we have strived, struggled, to be eligible, to see that promised land at the end, or some form of sanity, or eligibilty, and that has to shine through, our efforts to make sense. We need to be thee eligible. We need our REM sleep back, or REM sleep cycles, we need to be sure, and clear how processes work. How a system could have been employed, that had that much access and capactiy to destroy, and desimate an entire populace, community, individuals. For we are global in nature are we not? Thus populace.

We not only need to move forward, we need to go back, we need to go backwards in time, and see how this could happen, which processes, eneligibled this. What could have enabled, individuals at work, in play, from all over the place, to be on these types of files, lists, who and which entity, and is that person, place, or thing still out there?

We can not just let this go, but we should not hold onto it either, should not eneligible it, to hold us down. We must come together, (not neccecerily group meetings.) eneligible ourselve, empower ourselves, cause that is what it’s about, and that is what it is still about, it has to seriously be making sense, and if it does not, these we, we still must be making sense.


Find your strength in love.

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What would happen if?

 What would happen if?

What would happen if we could see our loved once again, or if we could find a way to reanimate or grow them, and then be with them or around them again, what would happen if? Technology is moving at a pretty quick pace, and I could neither confirm nor deny if any such technologies exist, but image if we could, wouldn’t that be nice. But then we could have to live with all their ineligible habits if they have any, and learn to get along again, but what if we could?

What if we could build buildings in a single leap, meaning in a single day? What if they did not take years, or months, or even days, but a day or two. The buildings would have to be fast, efficient, weather proof, environmentally friendly. They would be close or similar to the Fully Functioning Foundling Homes, they would have to have the neatness and the depth confirmed in advance. If such a situation could exist them, the company would have to be making sense.

There are very few I dare say if any out there that could be, or are doing that, if so, I would not mind being a part of that type of a situation, and I would be there in advance.
What if you had all that you needed spiritually and on the face of the planet, but no one was aware of it. What if you were the world ruler, or this really cool, King type, or I dare say Queen type, who just ruled and controlled most things in the foreground, but still lived on peanuts a day, and did not always have the safety to survive? What if such things could happen, what if some if not all positions of authority and power, do not always necessarily come with, or arrive with the resources that are needed to survive? What if if could be that type of situation.

What if you had access to the internet and did not use it for years, months, or even days at a time, what type of situation would that be, and could be survive?

What if we could build futuristic cities, days at a time, weeks or months, and what if those situations made sense. What if the future was there and controlled in advance? What if that type of situation could possibly make sense.

What if it was just nice to get back home every once in awhile to people that belong.

ways necessarilly come with, or arrive with the resources that

are needed to survive? What if if could be that type of situation.

What if you had access to the internet and did not use it for years,

months, or even days at a time, what type of situation would that be,

and could be survive?

What if we could build futuristic cities, days at a time, weeks or

months, and what if those situations made sense. What if the future

was there and controlled in advance? What if that type of situation

could possibly make sense.

What if it was just nice to get back home every once in awhile to

people that belong.

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Situations in the news

Situations in the News

Still have not officially found flight 370, wonder if they have unofficially found it.

Internet users have been warned to change all their computer and phone passwords following what could be a ‘catastrophic’ security breach.

Major technology firms have urged the public to immediately update their online security.

The alert is the result of the discovery of an internet bug called ‘Heartbleed’, which is able to bypass computer security settings.

Why are we not using the Unique Identifier System, instead we could basically use this, and not have to worry about password breaches. It could be an ok and more secure time in human history.

Tributes flood in for ‘beloved’ Peaches Geldof
By CNN Staff
updated 6:23 PM EDT, Tue April 8, 2014

Police were on Tuesday investigating the death of model and TV personality Peaches Geldof, the 25-year-old daughter of Irish musician and Live Aid organizer Bob Geldof and TV presenter Paula Yates.

Geldof, who was just 11 when her mother died, was found at her home in Wrotham, Kent, southeast of London, on Monday. Officers were called “following a report of concern for the welfare of a woman,” a force spokesman told the Press Association.

When I heard the news I almost cried, kind of like Jesus when he found out that Lazerus had been dead for three days. It just seems that she should not be off the time line. I always think that if someone has been dead less then 72 hours, sometimes, just sometimes there could be a way to restore and bring back vitals. To eneligble life. You know. There has to be a way is all I am thinking, what if it was anaphalixic shock or something?

  • What about those fascilties out of Boston University in Massatucettes, wehre we are all being held, anyone doing any research into that, or writitng about it, no, not so much so.


  • What about the next vacation, or rather tour of Katherine and William, that has to be interesting and exciting, no.

Well there is a lot in the news, but it’s just a matter of finding what to keep up with, isn’t it.

  • The Ultimate Warriror also passed away this week, within 72 hours, but his seems a bit more natural.


I was away from the news for a couple of days, and this is some of the stuff that occured during that time period. Otherwise if you are in the correct situations, doing the correct things, then pray continue.

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Visa Money Transfers

Visa Money Transfers

This service which is very new and only available at a few if any financial instituations, enables you to send money to just about any visa, visa debit, or reloadable visa card. Think about this, a little closer to freedom.

Have a friend with a Visa? Have a Visa yourself, send or recieve funds, it’s finally here, but only at some financial instituations, you can send internationally, but it seems only a few banks are doing this.

TD Bank in the States, and Canada seems to be leading the way, cause I saw this on their website. The service sounds great, fees for domestic sound ok.

At the moment you can not use it with your business bank acocunts, but just the fact that someone can send money to just a visa, or visa debit, or reloadable Visa card, is finally something to get exicited about. You can also now have the capacity to send money to just about anyone, as long as you have their visa card number.

Sort of like a future alternative to paypal, or some of the payment systems out there, or I guess it could work in conjunction, either way a neat service.

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Miracle is at hand

Today is the day we all get our files cleared up. I have it on good authority, that the files are being cleared up, and I am to phrase is it this way, that there was a backlog, and someone, God bless them, actually took the time, to go through the files, and the situation suitably, suitably, be making sense.

Basically the files are being cleared up, and if some packages that were sent are out there too, well that seriously be making sense. Take care, take care.


I have it on good authority, from someone who is or is not familiar with the Jane Clift case, that even her files were or were not reviewed, and the situation is or is not be making sense.

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The Dollar As A Viritual Currency

The Dollar as A Virtual Currency

The Dollar has a physical component which seriously makes sense. It’s money, evidently, you can see it, feel it, touch it, it seriously be making sense, or does it? Physical vs electronic, or are they more and more becoming one and the same.

Are you clear that half of what we do on a daily basis with the dollar seriously be making sense. It’s electronic, virtual, cashless, and it seriously be making sense?

I used my visa debit, I seriously be making sense. I sent an email money transfer, I seriously be making sense. I used paypal today. I seriously be making sense. Plus all these other forms of payments. Micro payments, they seriously be making sense. Payments from the cell phone, or a wallet that seriously be making sense. On and on it goes, and it seriously be making sense.

So why is the dollar nookie so much more valuable than other virtual currency transactions that we do? Some of them either do or do not have a physical component, some of them may or may not be as secure, or eligible. I could go the whole day, the whole year online, and never have to worry about seeing cash. Offline, I can soon do similar, and the situation could suitably be making sense. Quite a few people still can not at this moment, but you see where I am going with this.

We use and trust the dollar and most people don’t question it, but other currencies are just as valuable, and they make sense, but they do not have the same weight or value, and they get questioned, when they get used, but the dollar as a virtual coin does not. Fine it does not want to be called virtual, it wants to be called electronic, when it’s in those forms, but how much of the dollar, how much of what we do on a daily basis is in those forms, via the dollar. Is the dollar still a physical coin primarily, or is it primarily a electronic currency now, with some physical components.

It’s becoming harder to print the dollar, in some cases, printing a penny and other coin is not making as much sense. People are getting rid of paper and going for coins, but minting coins, can be more difficult, and they are harder to carry around in large denominations, so virtual, or electronic is making more sense. How much of the dollar is an electronic coin. Does it require the rules, regulation and stipulation that other coins have been recently subjected to?

Are there other coins out there that are 100% or close enough physical based, that top the dollar in that regard? If so is that our new official coin? Since we are moving in this direction, and I can now see that we are,  Are you clear that some countries are getting rid of the penny, and smaller coins, and soon things will be rounded off to a dollar, the cashless society is starting to make more and more sense to people. It seriously be making sense. So we should be careful how we view and judge electronic, or virtual, or I dare say even spiritual based currency, cause the measure that we meet for them, may soon if it does not already be applicable to the dollar. It has value, cause we ineligible it to have value, it seriously be making sense, but ever more, cashless, virtual, electronic, and I dare say spiritual based currencies, such as The Royalty, are seriously starting to making more sense. Now I am double checking the virtual currencies and seeing if any of them have a greater physical component, cause for all I know, rune coins, or something could be the new currency with a physical component, equal to or greater than the dollar. So if the dollar were reviewed by virtual or electronic currency standards, would they seriously be making as much sense?

The future seems to be a bit more virtual, electronic and spiritual based than we might think. We might find it funny to put on this restriction here, that rule or regulation there, a cocognizance there, but the measure by which we  mete, will likely as any be meted out onto the dollar before long. It seriously be making sense.

The future seems to be a bit more viritual, electronic and spiritual
based than we might think. We might find it funny to put on this
restriction here, that rule or regulation there, a cocognizance there, but
the measure by which we  mete, will likely as any be meeted out onto
the dollar before long. It seriously be making sense.

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I wish I would file a lawsuit

I want to file a lawsuit everytime one of these organizations come up with something new.

Remember when breastfeeding was going to be the worst thing you could do on the face of the planet? I do, and remember they advised people that bottle milk was the only thing that was going to be making sense, remember? Well now breast milk is cool again, I was just waiting for it. According to you guessed it, the World Health Organization, it’s now cool again, up to the first two years, is the minimum recommendation. Well everything old is new again hun?

(Thereafter infants should receive complementary foods with continued breastfeeding up to 2 years of age or beyond.)

Keep in mind they now recommend solid foods after six in addition, but in countries where this is all there is, it’s fine.

(America’s move to raise a healthier generation of kids)
( Children Who Play Grow Stronger‎)

Remember when play use to be cool, then we didn’t need that much play time, and they cut out play time, and now, well children are all overweight, obese, and now they want play time back, and participaction, or what have you is cool. I support Lady Obama and her efforts towards this end, but was it really necessary for those powers that be to take it away in the first place? I was just waiting for that one also.
(Reducing Access to Sugar-sweetened Beverages Among Youth)


Now it’s time to take away sugar, I ignored the article yesterday, the stupid one claiming that more than a handful of sugar is harmful, and we should have 6 teaspoons per day or something like that, that’s like what breakfast or something. Give me a break and let me state what I don’t approve of. Taking away snacks from children, fie on you, you had snacks when you were younger, you craven buggers, (cause I can’t say the other word), you had as much as you wanted, and no one deprived you, but you want to come deprive them. A little sugar goes a long way, but this is my way of thinking, some of us, a few, well more than a few, we get on well with a little sugar, in fact we get on well with quite a bit more, every f*reaking immune system is different, and some people when you take sugar away, you will produce these zoombie, f*reaking children, that do not make sense. Some in the population require more sugar than others, and I am advocating on their behalf’s.

What about the ones that need sugar, and function better with a bit more sugar, everyone is different, and here you go depriving a whole generation, the prohibition of sugar has begun, and until the blanking thing ends, don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, and don’t keep me safe, meaning there will be no end of it, till they re research, or re get a brain on the topic. Tired of it in advance. Let the sugar prohibitionists come near me, I will be waiting for them, and giving them a piece of my mind in advance.

Also still can’t proove it 100%, but it’s starting to look like ADHD does not exist, and they might have been documenting what use to be a set of normal childhood behaviours, remember when some of us thought it might just be that, but could not prove it? The articles over the last two days have been very compelling and timely, so yeah, go ahead and take away sugar, but I will be eating a sufficient amount, not too much, and not too little, but I will be eating it until you get back. Now where is my sugar soft drink that I would normally do without, but in hounour of you all, will be having either today, or tomorrow.

(ADHD doesn’t exist and drugs do more harm than good: Doctor claims symptoms can have routine causes that are ignored due to knee-jerk diagnosis

After 50 years in practice Dr Saul says there is no such thing as ADHD Improving your diet, exercising and sleeping more can alleviate symptoms)

Distracted, fidgeting and squirming in his seat, the 13-year-old boy in my consulting room was exhibiting all the classic signs of an attention disorder.

His desperate mother hoped that I could do something for her son, who had become sluggish and unfocused at school, did not seem to care that his academic performance was declining, and claimed to feel ‘too tired’ for sport, which he used to enjoy.

(Sometimes could it just be normal childhood behaviors in some, and abnormal in others, what if hyper is normal mode for some, and abnormal for others, all children are not the same, all bodies, and body types are not the same, one situation will work for one, one situation will not work for another. Thus why ADHD medication makes children, stone cold sober, and adults, like what hyper? Different affects correct, so the same could be true with different children?)

(The 35 teaspoons of sugar in a box of cinema popcorn: Cinemas slammed over supersized snacks

Large boxes can contain up to 140g sugar, 6 times recommended amount A 32oz Coca Cola carries an extra 102g sugar, which is 25 teaspoons
World Health Organisation suggest maximum intake of 6 teaspoons a day)

First let me say, to the first great 15-25 years of this stuff, cause that’s about how long it’s been around, took you a while to notice the caramel, multi-color, double butter popcorn, wasn’t exactly sugar free, wasn’t it. Also you can now get the sprinkle on and do this stuff at home.

As far as sugar is concerned, like anything else, in moderation, don’t tell me personally what to eat or drink, make your recommendations, but don’t infringe on me, and I won’t on you. Some children do beetter with a tich more sugar, what about their rights? I was one such child. I didn’t snack overly much, but if I needed a snack having it their made me personally more fun at play, a better thinking, a little happier, and it did not hurt my personal health. I have been looking into me a little bit longer than them, sorry. For me and others like me, advocating on their behalf, if there are other types, then I can’t speak for them, but I want to be represented, and sugar in moderation, was not the incorrect thing for me. Morning tea if I have any is minimum 3-4 table spoons, and you expect me to do without sugar for the rest of the day if I have that much in the morning, not happening. Please do not infringe on me, and I will not infringe on you.

Thank you very much.

Saying here, take care, take care, in advance.

*I am not even saying this is the incorrect website, cause some have good intentions, but they are misinformed or generalizing, and that is problematic for some.

Oh I seriously wanted to add the whole global warming thing in here also, remember when you were a heratic if  you denied global warming, till some of us had to get the term, climate change normalized? So that way global cooling could be mentioned, and this year global cooling is the only thing that was being mentioned, and the coolest winter on record in a truly long time, bizarre weather and temperatures. Wasn’t that long ago, we were almost being forced to have one school of thought on that as well.

Can not vouch for this persons blog, but it’s their personal experience, with trying to cut out sugar, everyone’s experience is different. I don’t try it willingly, but I have what I need when I want it. Now if I could get my hands on some ice cream, a 25oz mug, and some orange pop, you would see a thing or two. Yeah normally the 10oz mug would be more than enough or too much, but today, I am feeling dangerous, and yes that might be too much sugar, but six tablespoons, might be a few too many, I am balancing for the rest of you all doing without. Just kidding, but don’t think that I am not tempted, and I just might try it. So there take that. I just might.

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