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The Royal Queen’s Festival

It’s the third annual The Royal Queen’s Day, and this year seems to be a festival occasion, Small events at various locations, check your local listings, The Royal Queen’s Day 2015 is June 5th, and the festival is June 5-7, 2015.

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Indigo Ribbon Month

Indigo Ribbon Month

Indigo1It’s Indigo Ribbon Month.

Remember to submit your stories to and check out the twitter at

November is Indigo Ribbon Month, this year we celebrate. The campaign is there in advance. The Day is November 23, 2014.


I see that a few people submitted their stories in advance, and that’s great. Also the Indigo Ribbon Quilt is going around, and that is in the works, in advance

The stories are at  Do not forget to check out the Indigo Ribbon Store, and keep an eye out for upcoming events for November, which will be listed on the website.



Answering the call, and taking calls for Indigo Ribbon Month. If you want to get more details about upcoming events, the quilt, or the annual balloon release, then please just visit the website, and request outloud verbally to speak to someone from the call center. ca about Indigo Ribbon Month and the events. It’s a virtual, or spiritual based call center, and it’s automated, so it  makes sense.

Visit The Indigo Ribbon Store, and request products for Indigo Ribbon Month. Thank you in advance, for your support and patience.

Visit the official Indigo Ribbon Website, and find out about the latest happenings, throughout the month of November, get supported, leave your story, and be a part of the situations that seriously make sense. This season, make it indigo.

Visit the official twitter page, and keep up on happenings and be a part of the official initiative. The Indigo Ribbon Month Concept was started back in 2007, and was a branch off of some of the initiative. The site and the initiatives, truly supported Targeted Individuals and the initiative was spawned out of that capacity. In honor of those early initiatives, here it to you and all you do.

This year Targeted Individuals, their friends, families, supports, and a variety of individuals will be eligible to take part in our Indigo Ribbon Month and Initiatives.

Keep an eye out for the spiritual based products that are available and eligible for Indigio Ribbon Month. Towels, Candles, Ribbons.

Ribbons, or other appropriate items will be sent out throughout the Month of November, will a really big launch for Indigo Ribbon Day, which is November 23. This year hopefully the delivery will be on time, and hopefully it will make sense.

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Loitering The New Cry, The New Call

Have you been on the Transit recently. I recently had an experience with Loitering, or rather with being advised that someone thought that I was loitering.

The article is being written in advance, this is the new call, the new cry, the new pre-text. They are stopping people for loitering on false pre-text in some cases, but the individuals they seem to be stopping are not on or of the informant system.

I was fortunate enough to run across another person with the exact same experience within a short space of time.

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Pedophiles Live

So I in this weird situation that seriously does not make sense.

I have this neat new technology that seriously makes sense.
So there is this new technology called reconfiguration technology
that seriously makes sense. You grow the body of a person, and then
transfer there conscienceness into the body. So let’s say you get burnt,
they grow the body and then that’s it, transfer everything into the new
body, and it animates.

The technology is great if it exists, but if it exists, they are trying to
grow children and use them for a pedophile ring. Toronto is like a hotspot,
and the whole thing does not make sense. So it’s worst than the gangstalking
stuff, but more real.

Involved are all these pre-existant human beings that are being grown,
and then taken. Involved are the usual suspects, Presidents, former
Presidents, Priministers, and politicians, that should have stayed in
there drug rehabs rather than go after situation, they knew little about.

So at stake is something called The Pass, which is now called The Royal Queen’s Pass, it’s this interlaced sub system, subway type system, that was built for emergency purposes. The Royal Queen is the rightful owner. They want the land, and then to get to the land, they are going after these children using this technology. Kindnapping them.

At stake is also the future of Community Planning and Implementation. It’s created and run by The Royal Queen, and it makes sense. The individuals heavily involved in the desired theft are the usual suspects from the UK, some villiage idiot imbreds that think they can take the crown, and the possessions from The Royal Queen.

A new economy is involved, and that will be making sense. Basically they think they can use these children, her children, in an international child molestation ring, and rape them off repetadly. They are these gross, dutty, ineligible individuals that do not make sense, and they want to introduce their dirty ways of drugs, guns, and so forth, but that does not make sense.

Also involved is this neat survellance team, so of the same ones that stalked the gangstalking individuals, when we had no help, no assisstance, when we needed.

Either way the forms are there, spiritual based reporting forms, I suggest you follow along, I am also sending out a voice mail, but also for those interested in the investigation, there is The Office. The Royal  Threat Assessment Team Office.

The place where they were staying the kidnapped, 12 year olds, 8 year old, and 2 additional underage minor children, who are a product of this technology were seen as easy pray, the technolgoy is behind the scence, but invented by the same person, and they saw the children as easy pray, and when for them.

The Judge who is normally a sutable person, told them how to get the cells where the children were staying off Aura (Arura) soil, Aura premisis, The Royal Queen’s pass, and replace them with others, so the missing children would not be noticed for 24 hours. The report then says, the Priminister that is involved, took them to one of her premisises, had them violated, and is looking to claim ownership of some of her situations.

The kids need to be recovered, or reconfigured, but the ongoing situation of lack of safety needs to be exposed. Toronto and the police force there, are you doing anything suitable?

The proof is multifold. The Spiritual Based Products website. is used, The products used are if this song should be sung, If this crime should be committed, and Home Based Monitoring Service.

The crime can be proven, but they are still acting behind the scence, hoping to use the techonology to recreated small easy to transport children. All is belonging to someone who makes sense, but the situation never does.

Cause sometimes people do or do not make sense.



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I have been busy, but it will never seem that way. Working on everything and nothing, and everything internet related seems to need to be updated.

The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office, that handled some of the Targeted Individual files is likely upgraded. It’s now listed as universal.

The Pass is another project that I may or may not be affliated with. It’s an interesting time in human history. Where new economies are springing up all the time, and would it not be nice to have a new SHID code where everyone can log onto the internet, use wifi, or use something similar with a unique identifier?

Also so much is happening, so many updates need to be done, and yes next month is indigo ribbon month.

Take care till next update.

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Subway eat fresh?

Have you tried Subway?

They have a lot more variety happening now a days. I recently tried their falafel sub, it’s pretty neat, cause you can get it with flatbread or regular bread.

You can add cheese, vegetables, or I guess you could add meat, but it’s a pretty vegetarian based type of item. You just create your sub the way you like. There is currently no feta cheese, but the mozzarella, or cheddar should make up for it.

The sandwich comes with a wonderful sauce, and you can add more items if you would like. I can say I was really impressed with the way they have made their menu.

I have now also see several individuals ordering their veggie sub, with lettuce, spinach, and salt avocado dressing, etc and that is fresh. I am impressed by the sandwiches.

|Next stop TGIF might be the way to go.

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The N-word at it again

First of all let me start by saying, that I am a little bit tired of people having to apologize all the time. Sometimes I think it’s warranted and it makes sense, cause I don’t want to be in a world where you can just up and hurt people, or say something so offensive it does not make sense.
Yet I don’t want to be in a world, where we freak out about everything and everyone. It just does not make sense to me.

So on topic, Justin Beiber used the N word, or something and the world stopped. It really didn’t, but the question is, where do we stand on the use of the N word today? Who can use it, who can’t, and which usage is the correct one.

First there are a few definitions of the N word. According to the Urban Dictionary.

(These are fresh from the urban dictionary.)

A fully grown niglet
Theres one of them niggers
by Shanaynay121092 September 28, 2006
85987 15140
Words related to nigger
black nigga niggers negro coon nig bitch racist shit fuck porch monkey niglet cracker ass white wigger cunt jew african sex
‹ ›

A word that everyone else is afraid to define except in utter seriousness, for fear of being branded a rascist, in total ignorance of the colloquial usage of the word, its characterization in popular culture, and the populations of people it is used most by.
You shouldn’t ever say the n-word, you rascist cracker asshole.
by Panocha007 October 20, 2003
55216 21758

a term that is racist, as long as the speaker of it is not black. Forbidden on most all of television and other forms of public entertainment, at times referenced to as the “n-word”. However, “cracker”, a term racist against whites, is a completely acceptable term used in any context of any national broadcast…hmm…
White man: I would like to know why “cracker” and, ahem, “nigger” are not equally forbidden *white man is put on trial for racist slander*
by Scooby King February 27, 2005
48427 16607

nigga, niggah etc. al.(noun)1.describes an ignorant, uneducated, foolish individual regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
2. endearing term between two or more individual to describe a friendship or bond.
1.Shut up, you nigger
2. Chris, you my nigga.

Anything from the urban dictionary, I am not blocking out. It’s from the urban dictionary. By the way, the urban dictionary, there is one more meaning, it’s a simple one, the one that means, (an unsuitable person, trying to take something that does not belong to them.  -This definition covers any and anyone. Eg. William and Catherine are two N-word trying to take something that does not belong to them.) It’s been submitted at least two seperate times, and you have failed to add it both times. It’s properly submitted as well, so there were no error, or omissions. Can you please add the f******* word to the dictionary, there that’s the use of the F word, and I won’t say which one.

Now on to the use of  the word, which meaning is being used, and who can still use it, if it should be used at all. Personally the definition that confirms unsuitable individuals, trying to take something that belongs to them, it the one that is not going to go out of style, and is used in The Heavens, and beyond.

So who can use the word? Anyone, everyone, cause it still seems to be causing controversy?  If you are black, can you use the word? Is there a certain degree of ethnicity that is required, to use the word? Eg. Quite a few in the recent urban generation use the word or all ilks, they use the freaking word period. There the F word again.

Now it’s a part of their recent culture, but of course let’s not forget that for far too long it was a part of and still is a part, or was an adverse part of many people’s experiences. So who can use it. Can this generation of urbanits use it, without being hung out to dry?

Eg. One Direction, 2 members used the word, amoungst themselves, the young males were amoungst themselves, and as far as I can tell used it amoungst themselves. Should they have to be hung out to dry?

And now Justin has used the word on video, I am personally shocked, shocked and appauled, the exact same way, I am going to pretend to be shocked and appauled the next time, he’s pictured with a joint in his hand. Not surprised by Justin using the word. I can guess, that this young man, is all like, what’s up my N**88ers, like all the time. I am guessing that this is how his set functions, cause it’s an urban set.

(Now in this perticular instance, the chainsaw joke, was badly choosen, black, white, asain, purple with pink polkadots, the chainsaw joke was bad, and not good, but that speaks towards context, what about the general use of the word, amoungst the urban set in general?) Who can use it?

Also if you are blond haired, blue eyed, but a black person, can you use the word? If you are dark skined, but born to 2 asain, or white parents, but appear to be black, or urban enough, can you use the word then. Like mother may I, where does permission begin and end, and who can use it, under which context?

The debate seems to still be raging, cause everytime it’s used, do we stop the previous use, and previous meaning of it from being used? Where does it end? Also if we go back in Mr Beiber’s history, and he then has one drop, as is the American rule, can he then use the word, without contraversy? It’s still hypocritcal at times, but then the previous use was so outgragously controversial, and offensive it didn’t even make sense. Now there is a generation of urban individuals that have been exposed to it in their songs, media, music, television, films, etc. They can watch the films, listen to the music, emulate, everyone and anyone, but if there is an off beat N-word, they get hung out to dry, or if they forget, and use it causes controversy? Is that how it functions, and is that fair.

What about adopted children, how does that work for a generation, when you are raised up a specific way, or raised in a family that does or does not use the word? The world is vast and broad, and it seriously be making sense. The world needs to get it’s act, and it’s ass in gear, because sometimes this whole thing is not making sense.

I dislike the previous definitions, I am accepting that this generation, do use the word, either behind the scenes or not, accepting, not necessarily apporvi, as far as the new definition, (an unsuitalbe person, trying to take something that belongs to them.) I would like to see it added to the urban dictionary, it’s a definition, I think will be used a lot. If you are out there, an unsuitable person, or persons trying to take something that does not belong to them, then you have likely been defined in advance.

The N word, not to be taken to seriously or too lightly. An another generation that has to define the usage or usages of the word, who can use it, where, and which context.

To the apologetic generation, in general I am sorry that you have to apologize for everything, I think it would be nice if it was slightly different someday. Take care, take care, in advance.



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Media Rape?

Media Rape

I was just reading this article, and could not literally believe the comments, thrown out at Charlize Theron for comparing her media invasion to a rape, she is being called not very intelligent, that it was a stupid statement, and so forth. It’s almost like, how dare she speak up, and state an opinion.

Let me first say, I like and appreciate the media, and when they do their job, they are a beautiful thing, and I am appreciate of them. There are others out there however, that do a slightly different job, and the feelings, and invasiveness of that is likely what is being referenced. I am going to post some comments, and tell me what you think.

Princess Diana once called what the media were doing to her akeen to being raped by the camera’s. She is not the only person. A few years back another individual, a famous actress was in Toronto for the film festival and she also described the same thing.

Instead of shaming these women, or calling them over complainers, let’s hear what they have to say. The close proximity at times can be overwhelming, but it’s not even that, after a while it can feel like you are being stalked, violated, or your privacy is being invaded, like Gang Stalking, but without the inability to prove what is happening, or maybe not.

Let’s see some of the comments, and see if they would have directed these comments towards Princess Diana, who was hunted down in part by the media, and even after she passed away, they were still taking pictures. Some might well say that was a invasion, a violation, a rape of sorts. A fatality, that does not even make sense. Had she been listened to, and he laws enacted, that are now there for her son, and Kate, would things have been different? Hard to say, but Charlize is far from being the first to complain, that the intrusion at times, is similar to, or akeen to a rape.

There are many kinds of rapes in the world. I am choosing to appreciate what these women, or actresses are saying. I appreciate the media, thank you for all your hard work in advance, but socially we do all need our spaces, even those in the spotlight at times, and at times it can be difficult if we do not have that space, it can feel akeen to a violation.

EMMA ALBERICI: The interest in Kate Middleton is now second only to the media frenzy that followed Princess Diana’s every step. Prince William’s mother often said she felt raped by the cameras.

That’s how Diana felt, also as mentioned a well known actress a few years back at the Toronto film festival, mentioned the exact same thing about how it felt like a raped.  (She was on the red carpet and honestly said, it was like a rape.) That’s at least three separate females, and there are some of the comments.
Dean Murphy,

Calls her a stupid woman, and asks how dare she compare press intrusion to rape.

rehpotsirhC regniarG,

Thinks that press intrusion is nothing at all like rape, also thinks it’s a stupid statement to make.


Calls her a stupid woman, and says she has no idea.

The comments go on and on, but since she is the one in the situation, since she is the one in charge, and since she is the one feeling violated, and has not been the only one at times, should we not give an ounce, a speck, an iota of courtesy and listen to what she is saying, on this specific topic?

I can’t imagine these comments being thrown out at Princess Diana, not in this enlighted time period, with the laws we have passed and everything, but back then, it was not taken as seriously as it could have been, maybe we could pay a bit more attention, give it the credence it deserves.

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The Royal Queen Day. June 5th 2014

TheRoyalty3cThis year let’s make it a day to remember. The second annual The Royal Queen’s Day. June 5th, 2014. A Day to remember. Light celebrations will be held, at various locations. A spiritual display of fireworks and other offering will be sent.

Spiritual gifts will be sent out via The Royal Queen Authority Financial Services, and The Royal Queen Delivery Service. Inside of A Spiritual Place, there will be lot’s to do and see. Aura will put on some celebrations of their own. Watermelon, cake and other light refreshments could be served at various locations, spiritual or otherwise.

The Royal Queen, Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey, and her Family Unit, The Royal Family Of The Heavens will hold their own celebrations. Her spiritual palaces and other locations, are available to visitors upon request. They all use the unique identifier system, so place make your requests in advance.

The Royal Queen is the creator of The Royal Order, She also created The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office, The Call Center, Scribes Press, The only free press. Community Planning and Implementation, and The Royal Queen Support Services System, and Spiritual Based Products, that are assisting humanity with moving one step forward at a time.

To find out more about The Royal Queen, visit and visit the links to her other websites, and find out about additional projects and incentives that she is working on or responsible for.

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Community Planning and Implementation Phase II

More about the initiative can be located at

Community paying their annual fee and entry fee.

Community Planning and Implementation takes on an additional direction. The initiative now has an addition, that can remotely, be implemented for communities.

You can request that your entire community receive a comprehensive evaluation. The evaluation begins by remotely, verbally outloud, requesting your community pay their annual fee and entry fee. This then get’s you in touch with the local community member, that can initiate the initiative. The request begins a comprehensive evaluation that is done on behalf of the community, and the individuals in that community. The request is usually initiated by decision makers for the community. Local politicians, community leaders, elected representatives, or others.

The request begins a comprehensive evaluation of your community, the individuals in the community and the resources. It enables the individuals, communities and those in positions of responsibility to be eligible.

The comprehensive analysis enables the community to be evaluated for several core factors that are important and essential to every community. They are evaluated socially, financially, economically, etc. Any social or community situations that could be problematic, or potentially problematic are evaluated. What is also evaluated are the needs of the community, the individuals in those communities, and resources that are available.

14401283_cover1bThe comprehensive evaluation, evaluates risks to the community, if any member needs to serve punitive time, which resources, known and unknown are eligible to the individual and the community as a whole. Eg. There are several initiatives that might be available to a community such as funding for special initiatives, or to the individual such as remote councilor, free medical information, etc.

The whole process is very quick and easy, also it enables you to be cognizant if your community is eligible for additional funding or resources under The Royal Queen’s, community planning and implementation initiative. The whole community is also linked in, to other resources, that might be eligible for them as a whole or individually.


(Phase two is out between now and the fall, the guide is to be updated with the new information. Keep an eye out for the new volumes.)
Phase II

Community Pays it’s annual fee and entry fee

Requesting that the community that you are a part of pay it’s annual fee and entry fee get’s the ball rolling on community planning and implementation phase two. This provides the entire community with a comprehensive evaluation, and enables funding that the community may not previously have had access to before.

Community Evaluation

The community as a whole is evaluated. They are evaluated to see if there are any ongoing problems or issues in the community. They evaluate collectively, and individually. They also evaluate if there are any ongoing issue that need to be taken care of.

The community evaluation is highly comprehensive. Similar community evaluations could take years, months, or even weeks, and cost millions upon millions of dollars. We enable community evaluation in a matter of minutes, and give you the results when you need them. That way you can begin fixing, repairing, or reevaluating the things that need to be done for your community.


Funding is then doled out to the community based on this ongoing evaluation. If a community is taking care of it’s needs, responsibilities, it’s entitled to the funding that it is deserving of. Too often efforts of some communities are over looked in favor of other situation. This is a more fair, and equitable evaluation process.

Funding is doled out in two parts. There is  a spiritual based funding portion to the evaluation. That is doled out first. Then funding for the community is also evaluated and doled out as well. Funding is either released right away in full depending on the community, and or released on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annunal, or annual basis. This way communities can make decisions, and see which items around a community need to be given priority.

Linked In

Community Planning and implementation links in with every aspect of the community. They do a spiritually comprehensive evaluation of the community and the individuals in the community. Community Planning and implementation then links in with the services already in the community. If they in line with the community and planning implementation requirements, they can be given the details required to bring the service up to par, with community planning and implementation.

They link in with community services, local situations that make sense, and any other service, or situation that is suitable or eligible for that community and standards that are in line with community planning and implementation.

They link in with the penal system, schools, hospitals, health care services, mental health care services, councillors, social psychologists, community advisors, social/community councilors, (formerly social workers), spiritual based services, The Office (Royal Threat Assessment Team Office), Maximum and minimum holding facilities.

Rating System

There is a new rating system under community planning and implementation. It rates the efficiency to which each community is responsible. Do they do repairs, answer calls, are they prompt, efficient. Do they use cost saving measures when possible? Are they a good neighbor? All these and many more questions are factored in to give each community a correct and accurate rating. Spiritual ratings are also factored into the rating system now, so that you have a comprehensive idea of what is ongoing.

Community Alert

There are two kinds of community alerts. Mandatory community alerts, and additional alerts that one can subscribe to.

Under the new system, places, locations, and other receive an alert if there is an incident, or if there is an individual, or a situation that is ongoing. The alert give the individual, or community a cursory view of what is ongoing, and enables you to make better comprehensive and concise decisions about the individuals using your services, or even entering your location, or premises.

The second portion to the community alert is a detailed service one can pay for, it provides a comprehensive view of what is ongoing. It provides additional details, and information about incidents, thus you can have a more comprehensive view if you are the type of person that is eligible to have that type of access.

Reasons and Responsibilities

Under community planning and implementation, each community is now responsible for a neighboring community, and they take care of the problems ongoing in that city. If the city has a broken item they attempt to fix it or replace it. They cover the cost for that community. If the community is wasteful, then it needs to find better way of doing things, and if there is an ongoing situation, they find ways to assist with mitigating and managing.

Most city repair or replace their own damage, and in most cases that does works great, but if there is an ongoing problem, sometimes it can be hidden, or fall through the cracks. This way with neighboring cities actively involved, it’s in everyone’s interest to fix, repair, replace, the damage in an equitable time frame.

Eg. The city of South Hampton for example, now would take care of Walkers Hamlet. The smaller location has several million dollars worth of damage that needs to be repaired or replaced. The items are fixed the problems are solved in a suitable manner. Thus South Hampton has a suitable rating, and has assisted with the problem, thus likely also suitable funding.

The problem is not repaired or the damage keeps reoccurring. If the damage keeps reoccurring, then we know that there is a problem, or a potential problem in Walker’s Hamlet and the problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible. This would not work well towards the rating of South Hampton, because they are failing to fix the problem, that they are responsible for.

The problem is fixed, but keeps occurring. Thus South Hampton is cognizant that there is a potential problem in Walker’s Hamlet that needs to be taken care of. They can then use comprehensive measures to see what the problem is, and how best to go about mitigating and managing it.

The city that you are responsible for, can also assist with determining your funding. If eg. South Hampton does a good job of taking care of Walker’s Hamlet, and the hamlet is in good condition, then funding is also in part based on this. The problems are looked into and assisted with.

The odd time, a major world city may participate, in assisting with community planning and implementation for an adjoining or loosely affiliated world city, town, hamlet. Most times however it is local cities assisting local cities, enabling community planning and implementation to make sense.

The odd time if there is not a neighboring city near by, a city may be asked to be enabled for it’s own situations for a time, until a new city, or neighbouring bureau can be enabled.


How problems are handled

Community Planning and Implementation is similar to other initiatives, and yet slightly different. Eg. It’s not that we are not cognizant of the broken window theory, but we do things slightly differently. If there is a problem in one area, it could be a source of problems in other areas, that much is true, and problems need to be, and should be handled in a prompt, and equanimical fashion that does suitably make sense.

If a individual is problematic in one area, that individual is just as likely to be problematic in other areas.

Remember the information for Phase two is not in the Book/Ebbok yet, I checked.

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