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Subway eat fresh?

Have you tried Subway?

They have a lot more variety happening now a days. I recently tried their falafel sub, it’s pretty neat, cause you can get it with flatbread or regular bread.

You can add cheese, vegetables, or I guess you could add meat, but it’s a pretty vegetarian based type of item. You just create your sub the way you like. There is currently no feta cheese, but the mozzarella, or cheddar should make up for it.

The sandwich comes with a wonderful sauce, and you can add more items if you would like. I can say I was really impressed with the way they have made their menu.

I have now also see several individuals ordering their veggie sub, with lettuce, spinach, and salt avocado dressing, etc and that is fresh. I am impressed by the sandwiches.

|Next stop TGIF might be the way to go.

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