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Community Planning and Implementation Phase II

More about the initiative can be located at

Community paying their annual fee and entry fee.

Community Planning and Implementation takes on an additional direction. The initiative now has an addition, that can remotely, be implemented for communities.

You can request that your entire community receive a comprehensive evaluation. The evaluation begins by remotely, verbally outloud, requesting your community pay their annual fee and entry fee. This then get’s you in touch with the local community member, that can initiate the initiative. The request begins a comprehensive evaluation that is done on behalf of the community, and the individuals in that community. The request is usually initiated by decision makers for the community. Local politicians, community leaders, elected representatives, or others.

The request begins a comprehensive evaluation of your community, the individuals in the community and the resources. It enables the individuals, communities and those in positions of responsibility to be eligible.

The comprehensive analysis enables the community to be evaluated for several core factors that are important and essential to every community. They are evaluated socially, financially, economically, etc. Any social or community situations that could be problematic, or potentially problematic are evaluated. What is also evaluated are the needs of the community, the individuals in those communities, and resources that are available.

14401283_cover1bThe comprehensive evaluation, evaluates risks to the community, if any member needs to serve punitive time, which resources, known and unknown are eligible to the individual and the community as a whole. Eg. There are several initiatives that might be available to a community such as funding for special initiatives, or to the individual such as remote councilor, free medical information, etc.

The whole process is very quick and easy, also it enables you to be cognizant if your community is eligible for additional funding or resources under The Royal Queen’s, community planning and implementation initiative. The whole community is also linked in, to other resources, that might be eligible for them as a whole or individually.


(Phase two is out between now and the fall, the guide is to be updated with the new information. Keep an eye out for the new volumes.)
Phase II

Community Pays it’s annual fee and entry fee

Requesting that the community that you are a part of pay it’s annual fee and entry fee get’s the ball rolling on community planning and implementation phase two. This provides the entire community with a comprehensive evaluation, and enables funding that the community may not previously have had access to before.

Community Evaluation

The community as a whole is evaluated. They are evaluated to see if there are any ongoing problems or issues in the community. They evaluate collectively, and individually. They also evaluate if there are any ongoing issue that need to be taken care of.

The community evaluation is highly comprehensive. Similar community evaluations could take years, months, or even weeks, and cost millions upon millions of dollars. We enable community evaluation in a matter of minutes, and give you the results when you need them. That way you can begin fixing, repairing, or reevaluating the things that need to be done for your community.


Funding is then doled out to the community based on this ongoing evaluation. If a community is taking care of it’s needs, responsibilities, it’s entitled to the funding that it is deserving of. Too often efforts of some communities are over looked in favor of other situation. This is a more fair, and equitable evaluation process.

Funding is doled out in two parts. There is  a spiritual based funding portion to the evaluation. That is doled out first. Then funding for the community is also evaluated and doled out as well. Funding is either released right away in full depending on the community, and or released on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annunal, or annual basis. This way communities can make decisions, and see which items around a community need to be given priority.

Linked In

Community Planning and implementation links in with every aspect of the community. They do a spiritually comprehensive evaluation of the community and the individuals in the community. Community Planning and implementation then links in with the services already in the community. If they in line with the community and planning implementation requirements, they can be given the details required to bring the service up to par, with community planning and implementation.

They link in with community services, local situations that make sense, and any other service, or situation that is suitable or eligible for that community and standards that are in line with community planning and implementation.

They link in with the penal system, schools, hospitals, health care services, mental health care services, councillors, social psychologists, community advisors, social/community councilors, (formerly social workers), spiritual based services, The Office (Royal Threat Assessment Team Office), Maximum and minimum holding facilities.

Rating System

There is a new rating system under community planning and implementation. It rates the efficiency to which each community is responsible. Do they do repairs, answer calls, are they prompt, efficient. Do they use cost saving measures when possible? Are they a good neighbor? All these and many more questions are factored in to give each community a correct and accurate rating. Spiritual ratings are also factored into the rating system now, so that you have a comprehensive idea of what is ongoing.

Community Alert

There are two kinds of community alerts. Mandatory community alerts, and additional alerts that one can subscribe to.

Under the new system, places, locations, and other receive an alert if there is an incident, or if there is an individual, or a situation that is ongoing. The alert give the individual, or community a cursory view of what is ongoing, and enables you to make better comprehensive and concise decisions about the individuals using your services, or even entering your location, or premises.

The second portion to the community alert is a detailed service one can pay for, it provides a comprehensive view of what is ongoing. It provides additional details, and information about incidents, thus you can have a more comprehensive view if you are the type of person that is eligible to have that type of access.

Reasons and Responsibilities

Under community planning and implementation, each community is now responsible for a neighboring community, and they take care of the problems ongoing in that city. If the city has a broken item they attempt to fix it or replace it. They cover the cost for that community. If the community is wasteful, then it needs to find better way of doing things, and if there is an ongoing situation, they find ways to assist with mitigating and managing.

Most city repair or replace their own damage, and in most cases that does works great, but if there is an ongoing problem, sometimes it can be hidden, or fall through the cracks. This way with neighboring cities actively involved, it’s in everyone’s interest to fix, repair, replace, the damage in an equitable time frame.

Eg. The city of South Hampton for example, now would take care of Walkers Hamlet. The smaller location has several million dollars worth of damage that needs to be repaired or replaced. The items are fixed the problems are solved in a suitable manner. Thus South Hampton has a suitable rating, and has assisted with the problem, thus likely also suitable funding.

The problem is not repaired or the damage keeps reoccurring. If the damage keeps reoccurring, then we know that there is a problem, or a potential problem in Walker’s Hamlet and the problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible. This would not work well towards the rating of South Hampton, because they are failing to fix the problem, that they are responsible for.

The problem is fixed, but keeps occurring. Thus South Hampton is cognizant that there is a potential problem in Walker’s Hamlet that needs to be taken care of. They can then use comprehensive measures to see what the problem is, and how best to go about mitigating and managing it.

The city that you are responsible for, can also assist with determining your funding. If eg. South Hampton does a good job of taking care of Walker’s Hamlet, and the hamlet is in good condition, then funding is also in part based on this. The problems are looked into and assisted with.

The odd time, a major world city may participate, in assisting with community planning and implementation for an adjoining or loosely affiliated world city, town, hamlet. Most times however it is local cities assisting local cities, enabling community planning and implementation to make sense.

The odd time if there is not a neighboring city near by, a city may be asked to be enabled for it’s own situations for a time, until a new city, or neighbouring bureau can be enabled.


How problems are handled

Community Planning and Implementation is similar to other initiatives, and yet slightly different. Eg. It’s not that we are not cognizant of the broken window theory, but we do things slightly differently. If there is a problem in one area, it could be a source of problems in other areas, that much is true, and problems need to be, and should be handled in a prompt, and equanimical fashion that does suitably make sense.

If a individual is problematic in one area, that individual is just as likely to be problematic in other areas.

Remember the information for Phase two is not in the Book/Ebbok yet, I checked.

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World Of The Royal Queen -My Favorite Things

WOTRQ-MFT-FrontCover2World Of The Royal Queen A world you did not know existed. Join The Royal Queen, and her adventure. Make it a part of your life, a part of your world an instant classic for children and adults of all ages. Her series is so cute it does not make sense. The pages almost seem to come to life. One of the most interactive books that I have read in a truly long time.

My Favorite Things introduces children to some of the favorite things of Matty and all the neat items that can be ordered on The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. It seriously be making sense.



You can get a free sample download at


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World Of The Royal Queen-Places

World Of The Royal Queen

CoverBlueWhite3-miniA world you did not know existed. Join The Royal Queen, and her adventure. Make it a part of your life, a part of your world an instant classic for children and adults of all ages. Her series is so cute it does not make sense. The pages almost seem to come to life. One of the most interactive books that I have read in a truly long time.

Places is a introduction to the places of A New Kingdom. Her spiritual
kingdom is introduced, in this book, and it seriously be making sense.

Paperback, 51 Pages

Visit the original site.

The Books are shaping up to be pretty interactive, so I just thought I would tune you into the mini, or the children, young adult series. If you check out the sample, I think you will see what I mean.

Download World Of The Royal Queen- Places -Free Sample

Welcome aboard. Feel free to share the link.

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World Of The Royal Queen -Tool Tips

World Of The Royal Queen

*(You can download the first couple of books in the series, but I think they are also available at or Check out the link.


A world you did not know existed. Join The Royal Queen,
and her adventure. Make it a part of your life, a part of your world an instant classic for children and adults of all ages. Her series is so cute it does not make sense. The pages almost seem to come to life. One of the most interactive books that I have read in a truly long time.

The tool tips are a collection of small tips that enable you to navigate her website and world. It’s one of the only situations, that will suitably make sense.

World Of The Royal Queen-Tool Tips


The Royal Queen,
Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey

*(You can download the first couple of books in the series, but I think they are also available at or Check out the link.

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A pretext for war

(A Page from World Of The Royal Queen)

They have been hired to start a war, I don’t care how you do it. listen Hades is the only person that can get this through for us, tell me again this horse shit, about how the upstairs type people, these gods and goddesses are the only ones that can get this objective through?

They want a war with Iran, and they will come right to your front door to get it, but  why them, why me. Because you have dealt with these types before. With what, God’s and Goddesses are you serious, I don’t even think that they exist. Well best start believing in Ghost stories as they stay, they exist, and Aries is, Aries God of War, did I spell that right, did I stutter, he’s going to do what he always does, he is going to create a precursor for war. He is going after Hades, he’s going to create an incident, yes a pre-cursor for war. Listen, we have most of the free world in our situations, we own asses, and let’s face it we own the other end of most o f the free world as well, but this one little ineligible situation has to be taken care of, it has to be dealt with, we need a precursor for war, not just war, Hades has something that we need, he has some kind of end of the world chip, some kind of end of the world ballet, once you place him into the incorrect situations, doing the incorrect things, or piss him off enough, he is going to cast it, and then we get to go to war, keep our perpetual war machine going, and we get what we need to survive.

That’s a hand full, when have I dealt with these kinds before? You don’t know? He just smiles and walks away, just create the situation, fulfill the request, get this through, get the war started, perpetual war machine is there for a reason, then we get what we want, and our friends, get what they want, the ancient city get’s their great whore back, you know the city, and the other friends, well they get their little end of the world scenario, and their historic monument, get’s to be rebuilt. Everything is there, we just need the pre-text, get the blanking pretext through, we don’t have time to waste.

One more thing, what about this dividing line we’ve been hearing about this Royal Bitch, they keep talking about, The Royal Queen, I don’t even think she exist. You mean that girl that keeps thawing all of your efforts, just saying word gets around, it get’s out. Maybe you should be saying a little or a lot less, if you know what’s good for you, and what’s good for business. Listen, we got most of the free world on these here informant systems or networks, we own them in advance, infact we don’t just have the free world, we have the none free world, we own who we own, and what we own in advance. Then why this pre-text, I’m telling you, this is how we function, this is how they function, this is what moves things along. What about the girl however, the girl, we will worry about her, her every move is tracked in advance, we have one of our best agents on her. Agents, I thought you had, the whore of the ancient city in her situations. Yeah the one she calls the cheap, plastic mannequin, with the fake or plastic smile. Listen they are in on this too, this meets with our objectives meets with theirs. They want the war as much as we do, maybe more. Hides the fact that they have the wrong package in the situation, that thing, that dear god in heaven what is that thing, that b*tch they brought into the situation, is good for one thing and one thing only, and then what are we suppose to do with her for the next 23hrs and 45 mins a day, which is how long it takes her to go through her husbands friends, we finally set her loose on the girl. Everytime she is sleeping, writing working, we got her doing a bunch of gross stuff, what better than getting the not correct girl, to go after the correct, we got her making all there ineligible as she calls them sexual advances, raping her children, spiritually, and the ones with her on the face of the planet.  So it’s true, she has children then? She’s got them in her camp, listen I’m not suppose to reveal too much, but if that Royal Bitch want to stand in our way, we will stand in hers, and we have a cast of celebrities to assist us with doing. No one is going to believe her, we made the other one larger than life, and that’s how the whole thing functions, we put her out there, do some good P.R. and if we want them to think she is freaking mother Theresa they will, cause that’s how they function.

(The rest of this page, is on the original site. )

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The Sweetest Revenge

(A Page from The World Of The Royal Queen)

The Royal Queen is this person who doesn’t even make sense. She is this spiritual being, who has an earth province existence, or is she a earth province person with a spiritual existence? Either way the situation does not make sense.

By the time you read this, the situation will be at hand. So there were these serious dirty losers that did not even make sense, you know who you are the Bens, Jeniffer’s, Brad’s, Angelina’s, Celene’s, Henry’s, Saroski’, or who ever they were, just a bunch of serious dirty nasty losers, that did not make sense, oh and this cheap, dirty disgusting mannequin that did not make sense, along with her seriously dirty disgusting, imbred of a village idiot, Seville Scandle of a husband.

Either way in the latest installment of The Royal Queen’ and her latest adventure, the plastic dirty, mannequin decided that she should have The Royal Queen and her children gathered up, and placed into the absolutely worst situations ever. They wanted them to be called assembly line children, and evidently it was going to make sense. They wanted the in the dirtiest situations, cause that would suitably make sense. They wanted her and her face, wiped out of the heavens, never would it be known, that she was in a situation with prince, what was his name now? A serious dirty, loser that did not even make sense, This no account boy, and his village idiot, cheap smile, plastic mannequin that he brought into the situation.

So they gathered them up, without her knowledge, these dirty former none royal types that seriously don’t make sense. Then so called Hollywood, types that don’t make sense, or will no longer make sense in time, these so called politicians, and others that she could have not knowledge of, they gathered up, and on that day they sought to deliver them a destiny.

They wanted to be eligible to be in the incorrect situation doing the incorrect things, gathering these children from the heavens, and doing the situations, These young men were to have the driest skin, lips that didn’t make sense, dry and parched, their eyes were to stop making sense, and lips that were so dry they did not even make sense. They thought it was funny, cause The Royal Queen, had fought and grappled to avoid such things, and to be all that she could, be, but they thought if the children should experience such things, it would seriously make sense.

Jenna was sure, she is a black person, she could never make sense, give her those big fat lips, it will make sense. The girl has the tiniest features she’s ever seen, but she’s going to give her some huge gigantic lips, so convinced in her drug fueled world, that the girl could not have small lips, much less dry one’s, cause in her world, in her experience it just did not make sense. Then there was Barbara, she sat back, maybe the situation made sense, maybe it didn’t, either way they were going to be doing the worst things to the girl, or behalf of the cheap plastic mannequin, sudo fake none princess, that did not even make sense. This time they were going to be doing it to her, and behind the scenes they were going to be using some of the biggest, serious, dirtiest, losers on the face of the planet. They are these downlow losers, that doesn’t even make sense. The perfect couples, and families in the spotlight, and behind the scene, child molesters, vagrants, and losers, make that serious losers, that don’t even make sense. Behind the scenes, these men, women, they rape, molest, they live these nasty, unbelievable lives, and in public it’s all like hi, and it’s all like nice, but behind the scenes, it’s a horror scene, a scenes that does not even make sense. They were so sure that she would be so impressed by who they were, that she wouldn’t even care what they did to her children, they were so sure they could, kidnap them, and possibly rape, molest them in mind, heart, and soul, and it would make sense to them, and it would be that type of situation, however these ineligible losers would never makes sense.

She despised them even before then, these strangers to her, but not her to them, for they were clear on who this girl, this female, this ‘mother of the future was’ is, or was going to be, they had watched her over the years, they had in some cases, remotely viewed her, predicted her life, and sought to change her destiny at every turn, and for the most part failed.

The children were there in the heavens spiritually in advance, meaning they existed in advance, in their dozens, hundreds, legions, literally billions, by the time the adventures had begun. Spiritually she is this white person that does not make sense, and on earth she is a black person, that also does not make sense. She is this type, she hates everything, but she loves, everything and everyone, and if you deliver hers a destiny, will she not deliver you a destiny. She wanted them to be delivered a destiny. She is

On earth she is also this single person, waiting to fulfill or deliver a destiny, the spiritual children, watch and wait, not to come to earth, cause they are not waiting to be born, they exist in advance. They live, look, breath,  have lives of their own, and they seriously make sense. They did not need to be rounded up, but they sought, and they still sought to deliver them a destiny. Then they thought to laugh with the girl, smile and make friends.

On the day she delivered them, or they delivered themselves, the heavens woke up a little bit more that day, and they paid attention, these were young men, eligible, suitable, and desirable, a trillion women from the heavens put in their applications for A New Kingdom that day, for The Royal Queen would not marry off her sons, her progeny for anything less, than the delivery of a destiny. Even though they put in their applications, the young ladies to secure a husband had to pay a price, a specific price, they had to pay the bride price. The bride price was so specific, it would make sense. She had seen the tag line for the movie ransom, and it suitably made sense. those interested in the young men, would secure the situation, would secure the outcome, would deliver unto them, and those that did this unto them a destiny. With three trillion applications, The Royal Queen had to be picky about who she enable to deliver a destiny, about who she enabled to be her future daughter in laws.

Once the destinies were delivered that is how the daughter in laws were to be choose, and that is also how the most recent son in laws were chosen as well, those who could deliver a deliver a destiny. In the mean time for their part, the young men had already determined to deliver unto themselves their own destinies. They would avenge themselves upon those who had attempted to destroy them, to enable them to think that they could not become the correct individuals, that they could not do the correct things, that could not have the capacity, and the right to their own destinies.

She was a part of a futuristic, teleportation, time, travelling society, and the young women were clear, these were some of the cutest, most handsome, adorable eligible, young men they had seen in some time, at least their mother thought so, and the young women logged into to deliver unto those who had delivered them a destiny, and the bounty was out, for that was the way to secure what needed to be secure, and A New Kingdom, was some of the hottest property on the face of the planet. The young men were also doing ok for themselves as well. Oddly enough that’s how some of her latest batch of son in laws also got determined.

The Royal Queen for her part would also be delivering them a destiny for her part. Cause even without A New Kingdom, A Spiritual Place, or any of the external trappings, she is this sort, she seriously, and suitably makes sense, if you deliver unto her a destiny, will she no in time, deliver a destiny back to you. Her children were the only individuals that did make sense, they were lead to believe that these other ineligibles, there seriously, dirty, disdainful, losers could make sense. She disliked them in her situations, she dislike them in their outcomes, for they were not worth hating, but they seriously needed to be delivered a destiny. And so it begun, and so they were verified.

The Royal Queen’s at least one batch of The Royal Queen’s son in laws, and daughter in laws were choosen that day.

The Young men, young women, The Royal Queen, and The Family Unit delivered them a destiny. They delivered them a destiny that day, and every day since then, in advance of the situation, in advance of the outcomes. because The Royal Queen is the situation, A New Kingdom is the Outcome, and The Family Unit was there in advance, in advance of the situation, in advance of the outcomes. because that is the only situation, that seriously made sense.

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