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The Royal Queen Day. June 5th 2014

TheRoyalty3cThis year let’s make it a day to remember. The second annual The Royal Queen’s Day. June 5th, 2014. A Day to remember. Light celebrations will be held, at various locations. A spiritual display of fireworks and other offering will be sent.

Spiritual gifts will be sent out via The Royal Queen Authority Financial Services, and The Royal Queen Delivery Service. Inside of A Spiritual Place, there will be lot’s to do and see. Aura will put on some celebrations of their own. Watermelon, cake and other light refreshments could be served at various locations, spiritual or otherwise.

The Royal Queen, Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey, and her Family Unit, The Royal Family Of The Heavens will hold their own celebrations. Her spiritual palaces and other locations, are available to visitors upon request. They all use the unique identifier system, so place make your requests in advance.

The Royal Queen is the creator of The Royal Order, She also created The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office, The Call Center, Scribes Press, The only free press. Community Planning and Implementation, and The Royal Queen Support Services System, and Spiritual Based Products, that are assisting humanity with moving one step forward at a time.

To find out more about The Royal Queen, visit and visit the links to her other websites, and find out about additional projects and incentives that she is working on or responsible for.

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The Dollar As A Viritual Currency

The Dollar as A Virtual Currency

The Dollar has a physical component which seriously makes sense. It’s money, evidently, you can see it, feel it, touch it, it seriously be making sense, or does it? Physical vs electronic, or are they more and more becoming one and the same.

Are you clear that half of what we do on a daily basis with the dollar seriously be making sense. It’s electronic, virtual, cashless, and it seriously be making sense?

I used my visa debit, I seriously be making sense. I sent an email money transfer, I seriously be making sense. I used paypal today. I seriously be making sense. Plus all these other forms of payments. Micro payments, they seriously be making sense. Payments from the cell phone, or a wallet that seriously be making sense. On and on it goes, and it seriously be making sense.

So why is the dollar nookie so much more valuable than other virtual currency transactions that we do? Some of them either do or do not have a physical component, some of them may or may not be as secure, or eligible. I could go the whole day, the whole year online, and never have to worry about seeing cash. Offline, I can soon do similar, and the situation could suitably be making sense. Quite a few people still can not at this moment, but you see where I am going with this.

We use and trust the dollar and most people don’t question it, but other currencies are just as valuable, and they make sense, but they do not have the same weight or value, and they get questioned, when they get used, but the dollar as a virtual coin does not. Fine it does not want to be called virtual, it wants to be called electronic, when it’s in those forms, but how much of the dollar, how much of what we do on a daily basis is in those forms, via the dollar. Is the dollar still a physical coin primarily, or is it primarily a electronic currency now, with some physical components.

It’s becoming harder to print the dollar, in some cases, printing a penny and other coin is not making as much sense. People are getting rid of paper and going for coins, but minting coins, can be more difficult, and they are harder to carry around in large denominations, so virtual, or electronic is making more sense. How much of the dollar is an electronic coin. Does it require the rules, regulation and stipulation that other coins have been recently subjected to?

Are there other coins out there that are 100% or close enough physical based, that top the dollar in that regard? If so is that our new official coin? Since we are moving in this direction, and I can now see that we are,  Are you clear that some countries are getting rid of the penny, and smaller coins, and soon things will be rounded off to a dollar, the cashless society is starting to make more and more sense to people. It seriously be making sense. So we should be careful how we view and judge electronic, or virtual, or I dare say even spiritual based currency, cause the measure that we meet for them, may soon if it does not already be applicable to the dollar. It has value, cause we ineligible it to have value, it seriously be making sense, but ever more, cashless, virtual, electronic, and I dare say spiritual based currencies, such as The Royalty, are seriously starting to making more sense. Now I am double checking the virtual currencies and seeing if any of them have a greater physical component, cause for all I know, rune coins, or something could be the new currency with a physical component, equal to or greater than the dollar. So if the dollar were reviewed by virtual or electronic currency standards, would they seriously be making as much sense?

The future seems to be a bit more virtual, electronic and spiritual based than we might think. We might find it funny to put on this restriction here, that rule or regulation there, a cocognizance there, but the measure by which we  mete, will likely as any be meted out onto the dollar before long. It seriously be making sense.

The future seems to be a bit more viritual, electronic and spiritual
based than we might think. We might find it funny to put on this
restriction here, that rule or regulation there, a cocognizance there, but
the measure by which we  mete, will likely as any be meeted out onto
the dollar before long. It seriously be making sense.

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The Royalty and Bitcoins


Bitcoin keeps on giving: The digital currency more than doubles in value over a month – hitting an all-time high

Just saw it in the papers Bitcoins have almost doubled in value again, they are having a stellar time, and they opened up the first Bitcoin ABM in Vancouver Canada, but my only concern was with the arrest of Ross William Albrecht last month, and the feds opening up the Bitcoin Wallets, or some of the bitcoin wallets, is it still a closed system the way it was originally meant to be, or is it now a more open system?

I want to believe it’s still the same, but something tells me it’s not. It’s too often the only way the powers that be will enable something to survive, is if they find a way to take it over, or take control, then suddenly it can become popular. Very little survives to make it into the spotlight without them taking it over first or destroying it.

Remembering who killed the electric car. I refuse to blame the feds, or the powers that be at times, however cause humans, the consumer populous have a role to play in making something popular, or keeping it free, and too often, the human element plays the most lethal role of all, and not for the better.

The Royalty

The RoyaltyThis is the official coin of The Royal Queen Authority Financial System, it’s eligible to be in the correct situation, and you may even have used it or even come across it in your own daily dealings.It is first and foremost a Spiritual Based Coin. It’s the coin used by several systems spiritually, including The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. If any of you out there have ordered any of those Spiritual Based Products then this is likely the coin that you have been using. It’s popular enough to have hit legal tender status, several times, but very little is known about the coin at this moment and time, but it’s been out there for over the last couple of years.

The Royalty can be exchanged with most currencies.

There is no fee associated with exchanging currencies. Sending money is secure and safe, because The Royal Queen Authority Financial System uses something called unique identifiers. Your information is protected.

It’s estimated that by the end of next year, most individuals will be using , or will have used at least one spiritual based product. Although I also don’t see a lot of media attention on spiritual based products either. I guess not quite facebook, but definitely out there, and entering the human psyche or human consciousness, but more importantly likely to become a part of our everyday lives, and so little is still known about these items, and this currency.

Needless to say, it’s an interesting time in human history, and we have so many more opportunities than we did before. Humans have the capacity to make or break things.

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The Royalty

The Loyalty, and The Royalty, should be together as one.

The RoyaltyThe Royalty is the official coin of The Royal Queen, and it is also the official coin of The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. These items were created by The Royal Queen, Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey. It’s considered legal tender in some circles, and is based on a gold standard.

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When myth became legend 2.0

The Royal Queen lifted the curses

Upon the day she was born, when myth became legend, she lifted the curses, and she and others were eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things, and have the correct things happening to her.

What was not known then to The Royal Queen, is that she was a Royal person, her mother thought they were just from a normal family, as did her father. they were happy enough when she was born, but they had no idea that in the background, when myth became legend was occurring, and that they child they had was the one, the Royal one that others had waited for to lift the curse, or those curses for that time, and lift them she did.

She grew up normally enough, clear that she was a normal person, clear that her mother was also, until a few years back, when myth became legend, and the spiritual realities, became a little bit too much to ignore.

What she would discover is not only was she a royal person, with a royal heritage, but she had also lifted some of the curses, but so did her mother, her father, his mother before him, and her grandfather, and her additional grandmother, their lines were considered a suitable family line, one that had remained hidden, a suitable line that was eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things, but otherwise, to her knowledge, they grew up like normal individuals.

Until one day, these spiritual situations entered her existence, another royal person, claiming that he was the correct person, doing the correct thing, that he was the correct person for her situation, the one that she was suppose to marry, but he refused, because he wasn’t the correct situations, and he wanted the correct person for his situations, but he still wanted her spiritual authority, and power, and so on that day that he was going to be married, he would marry her spiritually, but on earth she would always appear to be in the incorrect situations doing the incorrect things.

Naturally she thought the whole thing was weirder than it had to be, and ignored it, assumed he was either joking, or not a real royal person, cause real royal persons, do not threaten to steal people’s spiritual kingdoms, and authority. Upon that day however he made good upon his word, and made her life a living hell, but as when myth became legend would have it, she discovered in time, that the prince needed one more thing, not just her spiritual authority, but he needed their line to survive, their bloodline.

Evidently it turns out, for the remaining curses to be lifted to continue his actual line, he need the girl in the situation, to be in the correct situation doing the correct thing, this he could not fulfill, instead he sought to destroy the girl and her reputation, portraying her as beggar, instead of a Queen, Pauper, instead of a Royal person.

So after he made good on his spiritual situations, and those in his court thought to do just one thing to the girl and her friends and family, she did just one thing, after months, and years of the same cruel torture, and he finally producing an heir with the person he brought into his situation, he thought to have the girl removed from her situations. For only a Royal person, only a Royal heir could lift the curses, only the actually bloodline that he sought, could have removed the curses, so she did, just one thing, with the last dwindling ambers of her humanity, and with the new born flames of her anger, she wished him just one thing, and she cursed him, oh how she cursed him, and all that was his, and all that were with him. For she made mention, saying just one thing, if she was not the one who removed the curses, if she was not the one eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct thing, then she could not possibly, be the one that lifted the curses, and so she cursed him, every curse, she and hers had ever lifted, she called back, she called them back into existence. Thus when the boy who was tasked to do one thing, and that one thing was to marry the girl in the situation, when he refused, and tried to use her most horribly, and horrendously, she cursed him, she cursed him, the boy arriving into the situation, cause then it would do one thing, everything would fail, until he became the correct person, and did the correct thing, and removed himself from her situation, and removed himself from her outcomes.

By the time the boy in the situation gave birth to a heir, the boy had become a monster. The girl had given birth to dozen of his heirs spiritually while in captivity mind you, but those children, they hoped to have them rounded up, and removed from their situations, and destroyed, thus proving when myth became legend once more. The children ran, and were hidden for a time, the mother, The Royal Queen, also remained hidden, and watched slowly as the curses were called back into existence.

The boy who was tasked to do just one thing, thought surly if he removes the girl, the girl for the situation, surly he could remove all her heirs and traces of her, take over her situations, and then name his current heir after her, and take over her empire, her kingdom, but he had forgotten one thing, her spiritual situations were one thing, for she was the sunshine spiritually, and her earth identity could not so easily be stolen, he found out in frustration, as myth became legend once more.

The towns people soon discovered, the curses indeed could not be lifted, and he soon discovered, try as he might to destroy her spiritually, her and her family could not easily be gathered and destroyed. He tortured them cruelly for months, and tried to systemically destroy them anyway possible, but she could not so easily be destroyed, she was different, she was made of sterner stuff. He thought to himself, certainly if I am in this situation, I will destroy the girl, she could not be anything suitable, I will name the heir after her, and steal her situations spiritually, but he could not, for she was someone maybe interesting, different, and purhapse, a little bit suitable, he had not counted on this. He has destroyed so many to come so far, he head destroyed legions to come this far, and he would destroy legions more, but the girl, the girl in the situation, ‘the bitch’, as he had started calling her, she was designed, designed to do one thing, and they had been designed, designed to do one thing, but that time was past.

The curses were all lifted spiritually, for her and her supporters, they seemed to be removed on earth, earth province, but for him, and his, the curses were there, all that had been removed, all that had been lifted were back, and he was clear that it was her. He had been so sure, he cried anguished, that if her gave birth to an heir, surly the child could be in the correct situations, he would just steal her situations, and pass it off as the child’s, but by then, the boy had become a monster, a creature, so set on destroying all in his path, his wake he could not see straight, he thought surely if her destroyed her family, her royal household, surely it would be that type of situations and none would be the wiser, because none would believe that she was something suitable, surely the world revolved around him, and it could never be her, but day by day, he was clear, she was going to fight back, brandishing sword, and wielding the pen, as one of her weapons, till when myth became legend indeed. He had been so sure, other had not withheld, surly she could not withhold much longer, but withhold she did, and day by day they grew to weary of him, they grew to despise him, for he was such a monster. To the world he seemed to be the most suitable, and polite thing, but in the background, he was one of the biggest monsters in human history, and so when myth became legend, she did all that she could do, she secured he situations spiritually as best as she could, because by then he was stealing and using her spiritual vision, or someone in his situation was. He was still trying to destroy her and use all of her spiritual situations, except for their unique identification information, he would have stolen all that was hers, and none would have been the wiser, but she was not that sort, she was of sterner stuff, and so when myth became legend once more. Her and her family unit, gathered, and sought to protect themselves, once more as best as they could, spiritually and on the face of the planet.

The boy arriving into the situation was asked, and tasked to do one thing, upon failing that, the whole thing would fail, but he could not see that yet, all he could see was that now the girl would need to be removed from her situations, and the heir’s she spiritually bore lost, and removed, the flight for their safety security, and the continuance of the line, the bloodline, was there once more, and when myth became legend was reborn once more.

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The Royalty


Yesterday was one of the most exciting days for me, I went to make a
purchase online, and in addition to paypal, bitcoin was a currency that was
being offered. I could actually purchase the item that I was going to be
purchasing using bitcoin. Let say it was something similar to website hosting
or something, that was the coolest moment, because I am clear that the
virtual stuff is finally crossing over, that means someday soon, spiritual based
products will cross over the exact same way.

The Royalty

Items that are sold via a spiritual based system, and items that use a spiritual
based coin such as The Royalty, will be eligible to do the exact same thing
someday, image purchasing items with something like The Royalty.

It was just neat to see that virtual has finally come of age, and to think that
someday other situations will also come of age, such as spiritual based items.
The Royalty is the official coin of something called The Royal Queen
Authority Financial System, it’s a pretty cool situation, and someday you never
know what will cross over.


Where spirit and sky meet are finally crossing over in a big way, and it’s nice
to know that the HELP ME GRID, has been globally implemented, now
wherever you are, across the face of the planet, you can literally say HELP
ME, and or HELP ME YES, HELP ME YE, File a report, and you have a
spiritual based GRID system that will actually render assistance wherever you
are located.

It just goes to show, the situations that are spiritual based are finally coming of age, little by
little. Someday soon, you just might be purchasing items using The Royalty, keep those Royal Queen Security Clearance, and those Unique Identifiers handy, you just might need them.

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When I am Ruler OF The World

When I am Ruler OF The World this is what I would like to see accomplished.

At the top of the situation will be a ruler type of situation.

The Family Unit

Below that top tear position will be the Family Unit. F.U. for short. The family unit will function and be a key part of what get’s accomplished. When the family unit is strong and is the key focus of the community, the individual, and the world at large then the correct things will be thus occurring or happening.

So my first and foremost focus will be the family unit, the flow, the function, and functionality of the family unit. I want that to be the heart, mind, soul of any initiatives that I accomplish.

World Ruler Table

The other item that I wish to implement is an informal, formal way of conducting meetings, similar to a confrence call but different, in the sense that individuals are actually invited to the sessions. An agenda can be laid out, but it does not have to be. The individuals will bring questions, answers,
solutions, to the table, and that will formulate, or create the direction in which future agendas, and objectives are laid out, and responded to or accomplished.

The Royalty

After the family unit, and family values, will be a new Royalty, a new Nobility. I have nothing against Royalty, or Nobility, but I don’t like what I see or view on the world stage today. I want a specific ownership, responsibility, true, values. I want Royalty, that is and that are Royal on the outside and not just on the inside, or rather that are royal on the inside, and not just on the outside. I want the faux appearance of Royalty to be abolished.

If I had responsibility for the Royalty, I would ensure, only the correct individuals become Royal individuals, or utilize such titles, and nobility. I have nothing against Royalty, when done the correct way.

I would also work with spiritual situations, this is because we as humans, are mind, body, soul, spirit what have you, and I would incorporate that into our healing, and overall situations.

A Spiritual Place

I would invite citizens to be also citizens of A Spiritual Place, and I would invite them to utilize spiritual situations, in their day to day lives. Instead of shying away from the spiritual aspect of humanity, I would embrace that aspect, and utilize spiritual situations, to accomplish what needed to be done.

Local Community Level

At the local community level, as mentioned previously, the local monitoring units, and the informant system need to be revamped. As they progress now, or rather do not progress, do not function, but dysfunction, they need to be changed.

The moment I either abolish, 🙂 fine or take over the informant system, or at least get it into good standing, I would like to curtail the low level individuals that are in these roles, bring down humanity, and their communities to the lowest common denominator level, and get some real flow and functionality going back into these communities.

The local monitoring units in my opinion, in too many cases, and some council individuals, have too much power in the incorrect ways, and are doing the incorrect things. They need to be curtailed.

My idea or solution, is to have something like, I don’t know, let’s say a community advisor type situation, someone you know who’s there in the community, someone who get’s things done, a fixeruper type, who can accomplish something. I would like to see this person in a role, like let’s say they live in the community, have an apartment unit, or house depending on the neighbourhood. I want this person to be a good person, have the correct credentials, and hopefully be off the informant system for such roles? Is there a reason? The reason is I would like to see the role be free of conflict, and free of controversy, and corruption.

What I have discovered over the years in doing research is that if the informant system is involved, most times if not curtailed, or under the correct guidelines, such situations, only work towards bringing the community down to it’s lowest common denominator. I want to see communities rise, I want to see them become enabled, I want to see them rise to their highest common denominators, and that can be be accomplished by revamping a few roles, and responsibilities here and there.

What I would honestly do, I would still have some individuals be monitored, eg. The local community rapists, and child molesters, who oddly enough, at times have been in some of these local community monitoring roles. I would like to see them be monitored, and not the innocent individuals.


Also to recap, I would like to have a global grid system in place, a global grid system, named something like a Help Me, Grid, and it would be this system where you honestly, no matter where you were located mentioned something akeen to or similar to Help Me, Yes, Help Me, Yes, File a report. The Grid system, would activate, maybe link you in with emergency, or other services, even give directions, and would assist you remotely or rather directly, no matter where you lived on the face of the planet, the galaxy, or even the heavens.

Those are just a few of the ideas I would like to see accomplished in my situation, if I was Ruler Of The World, meaning World Ruler.

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