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Cell Phone not working on missing plane?

The missing plane never makes sense. First the black box has it’s CCTV moment, and now you would think you could track the cell phones. Where was the last call, or the last cell phone tower contact. Are the phones still being billed per second, or per usage?

Also what about their pass cards, RFID chips, and the visa cards, debit cards, and all the thousand other ways that we are tracked. It’s weird how all those forms of being tracked discontinue working in an emergency. 911 they worked, but not for this missing plane.

What are all the various ways that we are tracked, and if they all stop working when a plane goes missing, then maybe we are not as tracked as we might think, but if we are, what methods would you use to locate someone on the face of the planet? Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Their laptops, their luggage, people enable these things to be tracked all the time, what about shoes, watches, expensive items that might have tracking devices. If someone was cheating, stalking another person they could be tracked, what about the way police track people using their phones, laptop cameras, etc, just figure out the login, and track, yet it all stops working, when the plane does down, or away. It’s interesting but weird. Anyways have to go.

Electronic debit, credit, contacts that make sense, so may ways to find someone. What about the unique identifier system? It all makes sense, till it doesn’t.

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  1. I didn’t read any of your t i links but that is my reason for this visit. how would you like to see that technological future where cities are built in days? here’s how. or at least the best chance you’ve got. motivate those who visit this site to do good to “all” people, including those who they believe to be stalking them. motivate them to do as i ask you to do. don’t talk about the torture until you can testify to how you were saved from it by doing the following, and even then be careful how you describe it, best to leave the story as “something bad i don’t understand” . Never spread rumors. never lie. never steal.never fight. never murder. never use hurtful words or actions against others. be kind to others. do not stand out as different from others except by kindness and generosity. you will be restored and so will those you motivate. you will be provided for. do not seek popularity or power. obey any bible that says in general “be good and don’t murder” don’t forget, words can easily be murder “even one of the “he said she said” rumors”. Begin immediately and feel relief as long as you are compliant, healing, safety, recovery. full recovery. day by day. don’t plan for future good action. do good all day every day. try not to plan. just pick up a kjv and obey

    Comment by stevebolenll | May 7, 2014 | Reply

  2. Also. don’t complain. ever. to anyone. about anything

    Comment by stevebolenll | May 7, 2014 | Reply

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