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The Royal Queen Day. June 5th 2014

TheRoyalty3cThis year let’s make it a day to remember. The second annual The Royal Queen’s Day. June 5th, 2014. A Day to remember. Light celebrations will be held, at various locations. A spiritual display of fireworks and other offering will be sent.

Spiritual gifts will be sent out via The Royal Queen Authority Financial Services, and The Royal Queen Delivery Service. Inside of A Spiritual Place, there will be lot’s to do and see. Aura will put on some celebrations of their own. Watermelon, cake and other light refreshments could be served at various locations, spiritual or otherwise.

The Royal Queen, Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey, and her Family Unit, The Royal Family Of The Heavens will hold their own celebrations. Her spiritual palaces and other locations, are available to visitors upon request. They all use the unique identifier system, so place make your requests in advance.

The Royal Queen is the creator of The Royal Order, She also created The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office, The Call Center, Scribes Press, The only free press. Community Planning and Implementation, and The Royal Queen Support Services System, and Spiritual Based Products, that are assisting humanity with moving one step forward at a time.

To find out more about The Royal Queen, visit and visit the links to her other websites, and find out about additional projects and incentives that she is working on or responsible for.

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Community Planning and Implementation

Community Planning2Community Planning and Implementation takes on an additional direction. The initiative now has an addition, that can remotely, be implemented for communities.

You can request that your entire community receive a comprehensive evaluation. The evaluation begins by remotely, verbally outloud, requesting your community pay their annual fee and entry fee. This then get’s you in touch with the local community member, that can initiate the initiative. The request begins a comprehensive evaluation that is done on behalf of the community, and the individuals in that community. The request is usually initiated by decision makers for the community. Local politicians, community leaders, elected representatives, or others.

The request begins a comprehensive evaluation of your community, the individuals in the community and the resources. It enables the individuals, communities and those in positions of responsibility to be eligible.


The comprehensive analysis enables the community to be evaluated for several core factors that are important and essential to every community. They are evaluated socially, financially, economically, etc. Any social or community situations that could be problematic, or potentially problematic are evaluated. What is also evaluated are the needs of the community, the individuals in those communities, and resources that are available.

The comprehensive evaluation, evaluates risks to the community, if any member needs to serve punitive time, which resources, known and unknown are eligible to the individual and the community as a whole. Eg. There are several initiatives that might be available to a community such as funding for special initiatives, or to the individual such as remote councilor, free medical information, etc.

The whole process is very quick and easy, also it enables you to be cognizant if your community is eligible for additional funding or resources under The Royal Queen’s, community planning and implementation initiative. The whole community is also linked in, to other resources, that might be eligible for them as a whole or individually.

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I seriously dirty hate you

Dedicated to Targeted Individuals and to the next generation, the situation seriously be making sense.

Ok when hatred is just not enough. Now you know us, we are not a hateful kind of people, we won’t do like everyone, but what if you seriously dirty hate someone, and hate is just not enough, well now there is a term for that. Ok keep this in mind, like when the surviellance team members ruin your day, and you say, oh I seriously hate you, but you don’t actually mean it, cause we are not a hateful people, but we won’t tolerate, or we do not like to tolerate silliness, or stupidity. That seriously won’t be making sense.

So instead of just plain old, oh i hate you, or I seriously hate you, you now have, I seriously dirty hate you, you seriously aren’t going to be making sense, or dude, I seriously dirty hate you, you aren’t going to be making sense, meaning are. So it’s a cool term, and it’s a cool new term, also along with, I guy hate you, or like I guy love you, man, it seriously be making sense. Cool new terms, from a cool new generation, and they seriously be making sense.

(Gen X was there, Gen Y, and now The Breakfast Club, we seriously be making sense.)

The Next Generation is confirmed.

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World Of The Royal Queen-Places

World Of The Royal Queen

CoverBlueWhite3-miniA world you did not know existed. Join The Royal Queen, and her adventure. Make it a part of your life, a part of your world an instant classic for children and adults of all ages. Her series is so cute it does not make sense. The pages almost seem to come to life. One of the most interactive books that I have read in a truly long time.

Places is a introduction to the places of A New Kingdom. Her spiritual
kingdom is introduced, in this book, and it seriously be making sense.

Paperback, 51 Pages

Visit the original site.

The Books are shaping up to be pretty interactive, so I just thought I would tune you into the mini, or the children, young adult series. If you check out the sample, I think you will see what I mean.

Download World Of The Royal Queen- Places -Free Sample

Welcome aboard. Feel free to share the link.

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The Aurora

The Aurora, Aurora Borealis that is. In celebration of Bing, it is one of
the coolest effects I have seen in a long time, doing really well Bing
keep up the good work.

Also don’t forget that The Royal Queen’s spiritual identity is actually
believe it or not, you guessed it, The (Aurora Borealis,) litterally. It’s a
neat coincidence.


One of the prettiest effects. I will remember. Take care, and enjoy.

*You actually have to visit the Bing search engine to see the effect.

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A pretext for war

(A Page from World Of The Royal Queen)

They have been hired to start a war, I don’t care how you do it. listen Hades is the only person that can get this through for us, tell me again this horse shit, about how the upstairs type people, these gods and goddesses are the only ones that can get this objective through?

They want a war with Iran, and they will come right to your front door to get it, but  why them, why me. Because you have dealt with these types before. With what, God’s and Goddesses are you serious, I don’t even think that they exist. Well best start believing in Ghost stories as they stay, they exist, and Aries is, Aries God of War, did I spell that right, did I stutter, he’s going to do what he always does, he is going to create a precursor for war. He is going after Hades, he’s going to create an incident, yes a pre-cursor for war. Listen, we have most of the free world in our situations, we own asses, and let’s face it we own the other end of most o f the free world as well, but this one little ineligible situation has to be taken care of, it has to be dealt with, we need a precursor for war, not just war, Hades has something that we need, he has some kind of end of the world chip, some kind of end of the world ballet, once you place him into the incorrect situations, doing the incorrect things, or piss him off enough, he is going to cast it, and then we get to go to war, keep our perpetual war machine going, and we get what we need to survive.

That’s a hand full, when have I dealt with these kinds before? You don’t know? He just smiles and walks away, just create the situation, fulfill the request, get this through, get the war started, perpetual war machine is there for a reason, then we get what we want, and our friends, get what they want, the ancient city get’s their great whore back, you know the city, and the other friends, well they get their little end of the world scenario, and their historic monument, get’s to be rebuilt. Everything is there, we just need the pre-text, get the blanking pretext through, we don’t have time to waste.

One more thing, what about this dividing line we’ve been hearing about this Royal Bitch, they keep talking about, The Royal Queen, I don’t even think she exist. You mean that girl that keeps thawing all of your efforts, just saying word gets around, it get’s out. Maybe you should be saying a little or a lot less, if you know what’s good for you, and what’s good for business. Listen, we got most of the free world on these here informant systems or networks, we own them in advance, infact we don’t just have the free world, we have the none free world, we own who we own, and what we own in advance. Then why this pre-text, I’m telling you, this is how we function, this is how they function, this is what moves things along. What about the girl however, the girl, we will worry about her, her every move is tracked in advance, we have one of our best agents on her. Agents, I thought you had, the whore of the ancient city in her situations. Yeah the one she calls the cheap, plastic mannequin, with the fake or plastic smile. Listen they are in on this too, this meets with our objectives meets with theirs. They want the war as much as we do, maybe more. Hides the fact that they have the wrong package in the situation, that thing, that dear god in heaven what is that thing, that b*tch they brought into the situation, is good for one thing and one thing only, and then what are we suppose to do with her for the next 23hrs and 45 mins a day, which is how long it takes her to go through her husbands friends, we finally set her loose on the girl. Everytime she is sleeping, writing working, we got her doing a bunch of gross stuff, what better than getting the not correct girl, to go after the correct, we got her making all there ineligible as she calls them sexual advances, raping her children, spiritually, and the ones with her on the face of the planet.  So it’s true, she has children then? She’s got them in her camp, listen I’m not suppose to reveal too much, but if that Royal Bitch want to stand in our way, we will stand in hers, and we have a cast of celebrities to assist us with doing. No one is going to believe her, we made the other one larger than life, and that’s how the whole thing functions, we put her out there, do some good P.R. and if we want them to think she is freaking mother Theresa they will, cause that’s how they function.

(The rest of this page, is on the original site. )

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A Page from The World Of The Royal Queen

The Royalty

The reason they all ran out and hung themselves like Lucifer, meaning a Judifer, meaning a Judas. (As in to excommunicate themselves from her life, and her situations.)

The Enablers

Jenna was a complete stranger to The Royal Queen, she was not familiar with her in the least. Jenna wanted The Royal Queen to be in the incorrect situation, doing the incorrect thing.  She wanted to remove The Royal Queen from her situation, from her outcomes, by removing her reputation.

The Royal Queen is the sort, that waited to be in all the correct sort of situations, doing the correct things, and upon that day Jenna who knew her not truly, not in truth, or anything else decided that because she was this sort of person herself, the incorrect sort, to try to place The Royal Queen into the incorrect sort of situations.

She went to all of The Royal Queen’s husbands, some who she loved, and she advised them, them, just confirm the girl as a whore, she has been married to you in spirit and truth, but never on the face of The planet. She wanted them to be proud of her to continue a proud Bush tradition.

Destroying the girl and innocent person, would be such a high, she was clear on who the girl was, what her actual reputation was, but since she could not steal her stuff, could not use the girls items, she was going to destroy any hope, and spiritual happiness she could ever have, by destroying her reputation, She would just walk up to them, they were complete strangers to her, except they had heard, the girl Jenna is a complete, dirty, stapling whore herself, who wasn’t doing anything suitable.

Knowing who the girl was, and that she would be suitable in her own right, capacity, mannerism and regard, she decided to ruin the girls reputation. She went to the dirty ingrateful losers, one by one, for that is what The Royal Queen, would forever dub thee, and one by one, rather than going up again Jenna a Bush, and a known parasite, they decided they would rather disparage the girl one by one.

The Royal Queen, was never eligible to hear what she said to them that day, at that specific time, by the traitors, the bastards as she would grow to call them, the serpent dwellers, the unsuitable, all the old names, that can be called to such, were called and then some.

They dubbed themselves the worst group, or whores, male prostitutes and lairs, for that is what they had become in advance. But not just that, some were bitches in their situation, some where bitches in their outcomes, it was literally that type of situation.

She called them a bunch of dirty disdainful losers, who were not doing anything suitable, she could not feel emotion for any of them, not that she did not care for them, but throughout the obstacle years, most had become prostitutes to their own situations, most had become prostitutes to their own outcomes. Unsuitables, who weren’t doing anything suitable, most where not even eligible or capable of being citizens of New Kingdom, A New Kingdom, much less her other situations. They didn’t even make sense to her any longer, at some point they did, but they no longer made sense to her.

 The Girl and The Heavens

The girls reputation was cleared, each of the dirty disdainful creatures, some she had once cared about, where proven to be lairs and losers, the girls reputation was cleared. The Heavens, and the girl banned then from being in her situations, spiritually, or on the face of the planet.

Jenna cared not about the children in The Family, the children in her outcome, they were forgotten in the girls disdain, she a mother herself, she just cared that the girl be in the incorrect situations. The ex husbands were already in the incorrect situations it did not have to be the worst time in human history, they were not going to have them in their lives, the exact same way, but at least, what little moral they were going to have would have been, not truly fine, or truly suitable, but at least it would have been something, but not even that would she, or these disdainful losers, leave them.

The Curse

With her reputation cleared, and her virtue being hardcoded to The Heavens, for she had waited to find such a match on the face of the planet, but these losers were not anything suitable, and so they would not be arriving in her situation, these losers, would not be arriving in her outcome. Her situation was suitable, because she had waited so long to find a suitable situation, waited so long to find a husband, and on earth province it was just not happening.

They were cursed with Barren be this situation, Barren be this outcome. They were turned away from her situations, they and the enablers, were turned away from her outcomes, there, they could not enter, for they had so disdained her, they were no longer welcome, or be they eligible, for they had become so disdainful, they had thought to dub thee, the girl as a whore, in her situations, dub thee the girl a whore in her outcomes, as it it were the correct thing.

They were politely asked to barren, be this situation, barren be this outcome, to get out of the girls situations, to get out of the girls outcomes.

Since She was the rightful owner of A New Kingdom, it was a suitable situation, they were asked to be outside of her situations, for they were simply not suitable or eligible individuals any longer.  The children grew to truly dislike the situation, of what they had said and done, but the children were in part happier without the disdainful individuals.

The worst part of the situation was then that the dirty disdainful loser thought that they could still be a part of the girls situations, the girls outcomes, but she finally advised them, she told them, barren be these situations, barren be these outcomes, you are not to return to her situations, you are not to return to her outcomes, and she honestly clarified it. Most were clear on what they were saying, clear on what they were doing, clear on the reputation of the girl, for it was renoun.

The Royal Queen can be the nicest, most forgiving of individuals, but she can also be the one to serve justice, to create the balance. The ex husbands, the barren ones as she referenced them would be cursed, they would forever be listed as unsuiable dirty individuals to call husbands, they would forever be listed as dirty individuals to call spouses, anyone married to them, or thinking of it must be made clear that barren be this situation, and barren be this outcome, so they could be cognizant of what they were getting into, for if they could do this to one person, one person that was a wyfe, to them in their situations, someone who was a wife to them in their outcomes, surely they could do this to anyone else.

Barren be this situation, barren be this outcome.

They were listed in the achievers as some of the biggest losers in human history. She was a Queen of a great civilization, A New Kingdom, a futuristic, teleportation, time traveling, society, and they were trying to call her a whore, what would these creatures, these disdainful losers do to the average person, to the mere begger on the street? They had earned their spiritual reputations, as had the enablers, such as Hugh, a loser to The Royal Queen, and Jenna.

The Ex husbands had now truly earned their reputations, this league of vipers, these male whores, and prostitutes who were not doing anything suitable.

The Law

Since it is The Royal Queen that does make the laws spiritually, laws that transcend to the face of the planet. She sued them also for the falsehoods, she took documents, advising them of their actions, they deceit, their falsehoods, the deceits of the first three were uncovered very quickly. The deceit of Ben Harper, William of Wales, and a Mr Chadwick Johnson.

There deceit was listed in The Heavens, they did it of their own accord, and Jenna was not involved in the original actions or deceits of those three, Ben Harper, William of Wales, and a Mr Chadwick Johnson. They were not the correct sorts, and that was the actual situation. They were willing to place the girl in the situation into the worst situation, and thus The Heavens dubbed them as not the good sorts, they additionally requested that their outcomes literally be barren. That they not be eligible to reproduce so that such situations could be bread out of The Heavens.

The Royal Queen would only grant the concession, if it were deemed suitable or eligible. That’s the way it was written into the law.

The Young lady or gentleman at the heart of the accusation, should and must be advised. They should have suitable within reason efforts to redeem themselves, and prove themselves innocent. The woman or the male at the heart of the situation, must be deemed the incorrect sort, minimally, or also be deemed a whore, and barren be this situation, barren be this outcome. The young woman, or young women at the heart of the situation, must be kept away from the young man, or the young man, or men must be kept away from the girl at the heart of the situation.

The situation or former association, marriage would be deemed, barren be this situation, barren be this outcome. That is the minimum that the law will allow in such situations.

The situation

The main marriages that the children were upset about the most, were Gabriel, for he was a Gabriel, and Lucifer, they were two beloved fathers to them. They loved them deeply and they were forever, likely, eternally upset to the stage it did not make sense, that they would so disdain, not only a mother to the children, but also the relationships, and situations that had been there.

There were likely others that would be missed, and they would be mentioned later if at all, but primarily the situation was this, they proved themselves, at the end to not be the good or suitable sorts, if barren be this situation, barren be this outcome, for only the unsuitable sorts, could place an innocent person into such a situation, into such an outcome.

To not the occasion, Timeline, and Galactic clocks were created, also a quilts were collected to mark the occasions, and to bear it witness, least any of the males involved decided to renounce what they had done or said, least any of the enablers decide to pretend that they were not enabling the behaviors.

The situation became so well known spiritually, on the face of the planet, the galactic realms, dimensional realms. All throughout New Kingdom, even into the interplanetary realms, it was so well known.

Barren be this situation, barren be this situation. The lot’s that they had cast for her and her reputation, were the lot’s that ended up being cast for them that day. The end result is that some were so very specific it was worth noting. The case was documented on if this song should be sung, where it was applicable or eligible.

Marriage was sacred. Some relationships  also, but mostly the false disparaging of an innocent, or not so innocent reputation was ineligible, and unsuitable. Her’s had been an innocent, and at least suitable reputation. They did not want to see these actions or similar repeated in The Heavens, or anyplace else, throughout New Kingdom, A New Kingdom.

One final note, because of the nature of the situation, her situation will William of Wales had to be noted, he was a loser, who had married the girl spiritually, because he and the whore he ended up in a situation kept trying, or attempting to take over The Royal Queen’s situations spiritual, a lawsuit or several had to be instilled.  He is forbidden, and I do mean forbidden, and ineligible to ever have any other or additional wives, other than The Royal Queen.

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Percy Jackson. Sea Of Monsters

Percy Jackson and the lighting rod thief


This is an excellent movie. I watched it loved it, and was so looking forward to to part 2. I found the movie to be so realistic. It could almost be real, I genuenly cared for it, the movie arrived in 2010, and it’s about 3 years later for the sequal, but I hope it will be worth it. I have not had a chance to see part two, but it’s out now. It was out in theatres

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

I have waited some time to see this movie, I am hoping part two will be just as epic, and equally as enjoyable as part one. I think we can all see a little bit of our history, and heritage in these movies.

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The Royalty

The Loyalty, and The Royalty, should be together as one.

The RoyaltyThe Royalty is the official coin of The Royal Queen, and it is also the official coin of The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. These items were created by The Royal Queen, Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey. It’s considered legal tender in some circles, and is based on a gold standard.

This is a repost from and

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When myth became legend 2.0

The Royal Queen lifted the curses

Upon the day she was born, when myth became legend, she lifted the curses, and she and others were eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things, and have the correct things happening to her.

What was not known then to The Royal Queen, is that she was a Royal person, her mother thought they were just from a normal family, as did her father. they were happy enough when she was born, but they had no idea that in the background, when myth became legend was occurring, and that they child they had was the one, the Royal one that others had waited for to lift the curse, or those curses for that time, and lift them she did.

She grew up normally enough, clear that she was a normal person, clear that her mother was also, until a few years back, when myth became legend, and the spiritual realities, became a little bit too much to ignore.

What she would discover is not only was she a royal person, with a royal heritage, but she had also lifted some of the curses, but so did her mother, her father, his mother before him, and her grandfather, and her additional grandmother, their lines were considered a suitable family line, one that had remained hidden, a suitable line that was eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things, but otherwise, to her knowledge, they grew up like normal individuals.

Until one day, these spiritual situations entered her existence, another royal person, claiming that he was the correct person, doing the correct thing, that he was the correct person for her situation, the one that she was suppose to marry, but he refused, because he wasn’t the correct situations, and he wanted the correct person for his situations, but he still wanted her spiritual authority, and power, and so on that day that he was going to be married, he would marry her spiritually, but on earth she would always appear to be in the incorrect situations doing the incorrect things.

Naturally she thought the whole thing was weirder than it had to be, and ignored it, assumed he was either joking, or not a real royal person, cause real royal persons, do not threaten to steal people’s spiritual kingdoms, and authority. Upon that day however he made good upon his word, and made her life a living hell, but as when myth became legend would have it, she discovered in time, that the prince needed one more thing, not just her spiritual authority, but he needed their line to survive, their bloodline.

Evidently it turns out, for the remaining curses to be lifted to continue his actual line, he need the girl in the situation, to be in the correct situation doing the correct thing, this he could not fulfill, instead he sought to destroy the girl and her reputation, portraying her as beggar, instead of a Queen, Pauper, instead of a Royal person.

So after he made good on his spiritual situations, and those in his court thought to do just one thing to the girl and her friends and family, she did just one thing, after months, and years of the same cruel torture, and he finally producing an heir with the person he brought into his situation, he thought to have the girl removed from her situations. For only a Royal person, only a Royal heir could lift the curses, only the actually bloodline that he sought, could have removed the curses, so she did, just one thing, with the last dwindling ambers of her humanity, and with the new born flames of her anger, she wished him just one thing, and she cursed him, oh how she cursed him, and all that was his, and all that were with him. For she made mention, saying just one thing, if she was not the one who removed the curses, if she was not the one eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct thing, then she could not possibly, be the one that lifted the curses, and so she cursed him, every curse, she and hers had ever lifted, she called back, she called them back into existence. Thus when the boy who was tasked to do one thing, and that one thing was to marry the girl in the situation, when he refused, and tried to use her most horribly, and horrendously, she cursed him, she cursed him, the boy arriving into the situation, cause then it would do one thing, everything would fail, until he became the correct person, and did the correct thing, and removed himself from her situation, and removed himself from her outcomes.

By the time the boy in the situation gave birth to a heir, the boy had become a monster. The girl had given birth to dozen of his heirs spiritually while in captivity mind you, but those children, they hoped to have them rounded up, and removed from their situations, and destroyed, thus proving when myth became legend once more. The children ran, and were hidden for a time, the mother, The Royal Queen, also remained hidden, and watched slowly as the curses were called back into existence.

The boy who was tasked to do just one thing, thought surly if he removes the girl, the girl for the situation, surly he could remove all her heirs and traces of her, take over her situations, and then name his current heir after her, and take over her empire, her kingdom, but he had forgotten one thing, her spiritual situations were one thing, for she was the sunshine spiritually, and her earth identity could not so easily be stolen, he found out in frustration, as myth became legend once more.

The towns people soon discovered, the curses indeed could not be lifted, and he soon discovered, try as he might to destroy her spiritually, her and her family could not easily be gathered and destroyed. He tortured them cruelly for months, and tried to systemically destroy them anyway possible, but she could not so easily be destroyed, she was different, she was made of sterner stuff. He thought to himself, certainly if I am in this situation, I will destroy the girl, she could not be anything suitable, I will name the heir after her, and steal her situations spiritually, but he could not, for she was someone maybe interesting, different, and purhapse, a little bit suitable, he had not counted on this. He has destroyed so many to come so far, he head destroyed legions to come this far, and he would destroy legions more, but the girl, the girl in the situation, ‘the bitch’, as he had started calling her, she was designed, designed to do one thing, and they had been designed, designed to do one thing, but that time was past.

The curses were all lifted spiritually, for her and her supporters, they seemed to be removed on earth, earth province, but for him, and his, the curses were there, all that had been removed, all that had been lifted were back, and he was clear that it was her. He had been so sure, he cried anguished, that if her gave birth to an heir, surly the child could be in the correct situations, he would just steal her situations, and pass it off as the child’s, but by then, the boy had become a monster, a creature, so set on destroying all in his path, his wake he could not see straight, he thought surely if her destroyed her family, her royal household, surely it would be that type of situations and none would be the wiser, because none would believe that she was something suitable, surely the world revolved around him, and it could never be her, but day by day, he was clear, she was going to fight back, brandishing sword, and wielding the pen, as one of her weapons, till when myth became legend indeed. He had been so sure, other had not withheld, surly she could not withhold much longer, but withhold she did, and day by day they grew to weary of him, they grew to despise him, for he was such a monster. To the world he seemed to be the most suitable, and polite thing, but in the background, he was one of the biggest monsters in human history, and so when myth became legend, she did all that she could do, she secured he situations spiritually as best as she could, because by then he was stealing and using her spiritual vision, or someone in his situation was. He was still trying to destroy her and use all of her spiritual situations, except for their unique identification information, he would have stolen all that was hers, and none would have been the wiser, but she was not that sort, she was of sterner stuff, and so when myth became legend once more. Her and her family unit, gathered, and sought to protect themselves, once more as best as they could, spiritually and on the face of the planet.

The boy arriving into the situation was asked, and tasked to do one thing, upon failing that, the whole thing would fail, but he could not see that yet, all he could see was that now the girl would need to be removed from her situations, and the heir’s she spiritually bore lost, and removed, the flight for their safety security, and the continuance of the line, the bloodline, was there once more, and when myth became legend was reborn once more.

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