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Media Rape?

Media Rape

I was just reading this article, and could not literally believe the comments, thrown out at Charlize Theron for comparing her media invasion to a rape, she is being called not very intelligent, that it was a stupid statement, and so forth. It’s almost like, how dare she speak up, and state an opinion.

Let me first say, I like and appreciate the media, and when they do their job, they are a beautiful thing, and I am appreciate of them. There are others out there however, that do a slightly different job, and the feelings, and invasiveness of that is likely what is being referenced. I am going to post some comments, and tell me what you think.

Princess Diana once called what the media were doing to her akeen to being raped by the camera’s. She is not the only person. A few years back another individual, a famous actress was in Toronto for the film festival and she also described the same thing.

Instead of shaming these women, or calling them over complainers, let’s hear what they have to say. The close proximity at times can be overwhelming, but it’s not even that, after a while it can feel like you are being stalked, violated, or your privacy is being invaded, like Gang Stalking, but without the inability to prove what is happening, or maybe not.

Let’s see some of the comments, and see if they would have directed these comments towards Princess Diana, who was hunted down in part by the media, and even after she passed away, they were still taking pictures. Some might well say that was a invasion, a violation, a rape of sorts. A fatality, that does not even make sense. Had she been listened to, and he laws enacted, that are now there for her son, and Kate, would things have been different? Hard to say, but Charlize is far from being the first to complain, that the intrusion at times, is similar to, or akeen to a rape.

There are many kinds of rapes in the world. I am choosing to appreciate what these women, or actresses are saying. I appreciate the media, thank you for all your hard work in advance, but socially we do all need our spaces, even those in the spotlight at times, and at times it can be difficult if we do not have that space, it can feel akeen to a violation.

EMMA ALBERICI: The interest in Kate Middleton is now second only to the media frenzy that followed Princess Diana’s every step. Prince William’s mother often said she felt raped by the cameras.

That’s how Diana felt, also as mentioned a well known actress a few years back at the Toronto film festival, mentioned the exact same thing about how it felt like a raped.  (She was on the red carpet and honestly said, it was like a rape.) That’s at least three separate females, and there are some of the comments.
Dean Murphy,

Calls her a stupid woman, and asks how dare she compare press intrusion to rape.

rehpotsirhC regniarG,

Thinks that press intrusion is nothing at all like rape, also thinks it’s a stupid statement to make.


Calls her a stupid woman, and says she has no idea.

The comments go on and on, but since she is the one in the situation, since she is the one in charge, and since she is the one feeling violated, and has not been the only one at times, should we not give an ounce, a speck, an iota of courtesy and listen to what she is saying, on this specific topic?

I can’t imagine these comments being thrown out at Princess Diana, not in this enlighted time period, with the laws we have passed and everything, but back then, it was not taken as seriously as it could have been, maybe we could pay a bit more attention, give it the credence it deserves.

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