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The N-word at it again

First of all let me start by saying, that I am a little bit tired of people having to apologize all the time. Sometimes I think it’s warranted and it makes sense, cause I don’t want to be in a world where you can just up and hurt people, or say something so offensive it does not make sense.
Yet I don’t want to be in a world, where we freak out about everything and everyone. It just does not make sense to me.

So on topic, Justin Beiber used the N word, or something and the world stopped. It really didn’t, but the question is, where do we stand on the use of the N word today? Who can use it, who can’t, and which usage is the correct one.

First there are a few definitions of the N word. According to the Urban Dictionary.

(These are fresh from the urban dictionary.)

A fully grown niglet
Theres one of them niggers
by Shanaynay121092 September 28, 2006
85987 15140
Words related to nigger
black nigga niggers negro coon nig bitch racist shit fuck porch monkey niglet cracker ass white wigger cunt jew african sex
‹ ›

A word that everyone else is afraid to define except in utter seriousness, for fear of being branded a rascist, in total ignorance of the colloquial usage of the word, its characterization in popular culture, and the populations of people it is used most by.
You shouldn’t ever say the n-word, you rascist cracker asshole.
by Panocha007 October 20, 2003
55216 21758

a term that is racist, as long as the speaker of it is not black. Forbidden on most all of television and other forms of public entertainment, at times referenced to as the “n-word”. However, “cracker”, a term racist against whites, is a completely acceptable term used in any context of any national broadcast…hmm…
White man: I would like to know why “cracker” and, ahem, “nigger” are not equally forbidden *white man is put on trial for racist slander*
by Scooby King February 27, 2005
48427 16607

nigga, niggah etc. al.(noun)1.describes an ignorant, uneducated, foolish individual regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
2. endearing term between two or more individual to describe a friendship or bond.
1.Shut up, you nigger
2. Chris, you my nigga.

Anything from the urban dictionary, I am not blocking out. It’s from the urban dictionary. By the way, the urban dictionary, there is one more meaning, it’s a simple one, the one that means, (an unsuitable person, trying to take something that does not belong to them.  -This definition covers any and anyone. Eg. William and Catherine are two N-word trying to take something that does not belong to them.) It’s been submitted at least two seperate times, and you have failed to add it both times. It’s properly submitted as well, so there were no error, or omissions. Can you please add the f******* word to the dictionary, there that’s the use of the F word, and I won’t say which one.

Now on to the use of  the word, which meaning is being used, and who can still use it, if it should be used at all. Personally the definition that confirms unsuitable individuals, trying to take something that belongs to them, it the one that is not going to go out of style, and is used in The Heavens, and beyond.

So who can use the word? Anyone, everyone, cause it still seems to be causing controversy?  If you are black, can you use the word? Is there a certain degree of ethnicity that is required, to use the word? Eg. Quite a few in the recent urban generation use the word or all ilks, they use the freaking word period. There the F word again.

Now it’s a part of their recent culture, but of course let’s not forget that for far too long it was a part of and still is a part, or was an adverse part of many people’s experiences. So who can use it. Can this generation of urbanits use it, without being hung out to dry?

Eg. One Direction, 2 members used the word, amoungst themselves, the young males were amoungst themselves, and as far as I can tell used it amoungst themselves. Should they have to be hung out to dry?

And now Justin has used the word on video, I am personally shocked, shocked and appauled, the exact same way, I am going to pretend to be shocked and appauled the next time, he’s pictured with a joint in his hand. Not surprised by Justin using the word. I can guess, that this young man, is all like, what’s up my N**88ers, like all the time. I am guessing that this is how his set functions, cause it’s an urban set.

(Now in this perticular instance, the chainsaw joke, was badly choosen, black, white, asain, purple with pink polkadots, the chainsaw joke was bad, and not good, but that speaks towards context, what about the general use of the word, amoungst the urban set in general?) Who can use it?

Also if you are blond haired, blue eyed, but a black person, can you use the word? If you are dark skined, but born to 2 asain, or white parents, but appear to be black, or urban enough, can you use the word then. Like mother may I, where does permission begin and end, and who can use it, under which context?

The debate seems to still be raging, cause everytime it’s used, do we stop the previous use, and previous meaning of it from being used? Where does it end? Also if we go back in Mr Beiber’s history, and he then has one drop, as is the American rule, can he then use the word, without contraversy? It’s still hypocritcal at times, but then the previous use was so outgragously controversial, and offensive it didn’t even make sense. Now there is a generation of urban individuals that have been exposed to it in their songs, media, music, television, films, etc. They can watch the films, listen to the music, emulate, everyone and anyone, but if there is an off beat N-word, they get hung out to dry, or if they forget, and use it causes controversy? Is that how it functions, and is that fair.

What about adopted children, how does that work for a generation, when you are raised up a specific way, or raised in a family that does or does not use the word? The world is vast and broad, and it seriously be making sense. The world needs to get it’s act, and it’s ass in gear, because sometimes this whole thing is not making sense.

I dislike the previous definitions, I am accepting that this generation, do use the word, either behind the scenes or not, accepting, not necessarily apporvi, as far as the new definition, (an unsuitalbe person, trying to take something that belongs to them.) I would like to see it added to the urban dictionary, it’s a definition, I think will be used a lot. If you are out there, an unsuitable person, or persons trying to take something that does not belong to them, then you have likely been defined in advance.

The N word, not to be taken to seriously or too lightly. An another generation that has to define the usage or usages of the word, who can use it, where, and which context.

To the apologetic generation, in general I am sorry that you have to apologize for everything, I think it would be nice if it was slightly different someday. Take care, take care, in advance.



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Taking Stock

Taking Stock

Some of us were just thinking that the situation has changed, but the situation in some ways remains the same. Eg. They use to call us crazy in the community, and poke fun at us openly, or attempt to gaslight us, gangstalk, attempt to make us think that we were crazy.

We have yet again come a lot way. We are now clear in some cases, that  threat assessment files, can and are created, in the Jane Clift case, and others, a situation was crated, where they placed a warning on her file, and advised, may be a danger to self and others, only to be seen in pairs. These situations may seem small, but they had a devastating affect on us, and our community, and we are that, we are a community, we seriously be making sense to ourselves, we are logical, practical and we seriously be making sense.

We have worked hard, we have strived, struggled, to be eligible, to see that promised land at the end, or some form of sanity, or eligibilty, and that has to shine through, our efforts to make sense. We need to be thee eligible. We need our REM sleep back, or REM sleep cycles, we need to be sure, and clear how processes work. How a system could have been employed, that had that much access and capactiy to destroy, and desimate an entire populace, community, individuals. For we are global in nature are we not? Thus populace.

We not only need to move forward, we need to go back, we need to go backwards in time, and see how this could happen, which processes, eneligibled this. What could have enabled, individuals at work, in play, from all over the place, to be on these types of files, lists, who and which entity, and is that person, place, or thing still out there?

We can not just let this go, but we should not hold onto it either, should not eneligible it, to hold us down. We must come together, (not neccecerily group meetings.) eneligible ourselve, empower ourselves, cause that is what it’s about, and that is what it is still about, it has to seriously be making sense, and if it does not, these we, we still must be making sense.


Find your strength in love.

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Link Your VisaDebit or Credit Card To Paypal

Link Your VisaDebit or Credit Card To Paypal

Go to your profile, if you have not added a credit debit card, or visa, then do so now.

Add the credit card, once you add the credit card, then you can have it linked, meaning verified. They charge you $3.00 to add the credit card, it will either be there in your visa statement, or visa debit account, or pre-loaded visa account.

Once the charge is added, it comes with a 4 digit pin, punch in the pin, in your paypal account. Link and confirm debit, credit card, under profile.

Once you do that, you can most likely also withdraw money to your vias, visa debit, and you will also be varified with the visa, visa debit, or pre-loaded. You also get the $3.00 back after. It’s interesting.

The last part is shown on the website link.

No you do not have to have ebay, they just happen to own ebay. I checked my account, the linked feature is there.

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Cell Phone not working on missing plane?

The missing plane never makes sense. First the black box has it’s CCTV moment, and now you would think you could track the cell phones. Where was the last call, or the last cell phone tower contact. Are the phones still being billed per second, or per usage?

Also what about their pass cards, RFID chips, and the visa cards, debit cards, and all the thousand other ways that we are tracked. It’s weird how all those forms of being tracked discontinue working in an emergency. 911 they worked, but not for this missing plane.

What are all the various ways that we are tracked, and if they all stop working when a plane goes missing, then maybe we are not as tracked as we might think, but if we are, what methods would you use to locate someone on the face of the planet? Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Their laptops, their luggage, people enable these things to be tracked all the time, what about shoes, watches, expensive items that might have tracking devices. If someone was cheating, stalking another person they could be tracked, what about the way police track people using their phones, laptop cameras, etc, just figure out the login, and track, yet it all stops working, when the plane does down, or away. It’s interesting but weird. Anyways have to go.

Electronic debit, credit, contacts that make sense, so may ways to find someone. What about the unique identifier system? It all makes sense, till it doesn’t.

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The Dollar As A Viritual Currency

The Dollar as A Virtual Currency

The Dollar has a physical component which seriously makes sense. It’s money, evidently, you can see it, feel it, touch it, it seriously be making sense, or does it? Physical vs electronic, or are they more and more becoming one and the same.

Are you clear that half of what we do on a daily basis with the dollar seriously be making sense. It’s electronic, virtual, cashless, and it seriously be making sense?

I used my visa debit, I seriously be making sense. I sent an email money transfer, I seriously be making sense. I used paypal today. I seriously be making sense. Plus all these other forms of payments. Micro payments, they seriously be making sense. Payments from the cell phone, or a wallet that seriously be making sense. On and on it goes, and it seriously be making sense.

So why is the dollar nookie so much more valuable than other virtual currency transactions that we do? Some of them either do or do not have a physical component, some of them may or may not be as secure, or eligible. I could go the whole day, the whole year online, and never have to worry about seeing cash. Offline, I can soon do similar, and the situation could suitably be making sense. Quite a few people still can not at this moment, but you see where I am going with this.

We use and trust the dollar and most people don’t question it, but other currencies are just as valuable, and they make sense, but they do not have the same weight or value, and they get questioned, when they get used, but the dollar as a virtual coin does not. Fine it does not want to be called virtual, it wants to be called electronic, when it’s in those forms, but how much of the dollar, how much of what we do on a daily basis is in those forms, via the dollar. Is the dollar still a physical coin primarily, or is it primarily a electronic currency now, with some physical components.

It’s becoming harder to print the dollar, in some cases, printing a penny and other coin is not making as much sense. People are getting rid of paper and going for coins, but minting coins, can be more difficult, and they are harder to carry around in large denominations, so virtual, or electronic is making more sense. How much of the dollar is an electronic coin. Does it require the rules, regulation and stipulation that other coins have been recently subjected to?

Are there other coins out there that are 100% or close enough physical based, that top the dollar in that regard? If so is that our new official coin? Since we are moving in this direction, and I can now see that we are,  Are you clear that some countries are getting rid of the penny, and smaller coins, and soon things will be rounded off to a dollar, the cashless society is starting to make more and more sense to people. It seriously be making sense. So we should be careful how we view and judge electronic, or virtual, or I dare say even spiritual based currency, cause the measure that we meet for them, may soon if it does not already be applicable to the dollar. It has value, cause we ineligible it to have value, it seriously be making sense, but ever more, cashless, virtual, electronic, and I dare say spiritual based currencies, such as The Royalty, are seriously starting to making more sense. Now I am double checking the virtual currencies and seeing if any of them have a greater physical component, cause for all I know, rune coins, or something could be the new currency with a physical component, equal to or greater than the dollar. So if the dollar were reviewed by virtual or electronic currency standards, would they seriously be making as much sense?

The future seems to be a bit more virtual, electronic and spiritual based than we might think. We might find it funny to put on this restriction here, that rule or regulation there, a cocognizance there, but the measure by which we  mete, will likely as any be meted out onto the dollar before long. It seriously be making sense.

The future seems to be a bit more viritual, electronic and spiritual
based than we might think. We might find it funny to put on this
restriction here, that rule or regulation there, a cocognizance there, but
the measure by which we  mete, will likely as any be meeted out onto
the dollar before long. It seriously be making sense.

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Destruction of Victoria’s Ivory at the palace?

Destruction of Victoria’s Ivory at the palace?

Link to article

A part of history. A part of human history. A part of Victoria’s history.

I was surprised shocked, and dismayed to learn, that William wishes to destroy, give away, or do away with the ivory at the palace. It’s great that he wants to set some modern day example to be sure that is always commendable, but some of these items belonged to Victoria, Queen Victoria, and they ough not to be destroyed. They are historic in nature and significance, and should be preserved.

She was empress of India, that is something you are not likely to see again anytime soon, unless she arrives back. The items are significant, and they honored a Queen, I think she would be dismayed to think some of those items were being or were being debated about being destroyed.

Does one have to be Victoria herself reincarnated to think or make mention that destroying those items might not be a good idea. Set an example by all means, but I do hope Victoria’s stuff will not have to be destroyed to do so.

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She is one of the longest members within the Targeted Individual community and she is suppose to be eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things. Someone dropped a line to make mention that she might not be feeling that well.

I am not sure if it’s true, I don’t check in remotely on individual members, the way I use to. I use to be a lot more up to date,  but because of her length of time as a Targeted Individual, we might want to double check, while checking in on our own selves.

Jewel has fallen is an odd and cryptic message at best. Fallen where and into what, either way, hope you are feeling better soon, if it’s that, otherwise protect yourselves and keep yourselves safe.

Love and protection, to the Targeted Individuals out there

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The Aurora

The Aurora, Aurora Borealis that is. In celebration of Bing, it is one of
the coolest effects I have seen in a long time, doing really well Bing
keep up the good work.

Also don’t forget that The Royal Queen’s spiritual identity is actually
believe it or not, you guessed it, The (Aurora Borealis,) litterally. It’s a
neat coincidence.


One of the prettiest effects. I will remember. Take care, and enjoy.

*You actually have to visit the Bing search engine to see the effect.

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Community Planning and Implementation

Community Planning and Implementation

Community Planning and Implementation is something that is exciting and that I am excited about. To see social/psychologists and others be part of these community initiatives, to have communities that actually function.

The idea is to have a holistic approach to communities. I prefer to not have homogenized communities, but I do want to have communities where you can walk in, and have a familiar look and feel.

There should be some basics that makes sense to everyone, or just about everyone. The basics that are likely to make the most sense are things such as:

The Royal Queen Security Clearances
Unique Identifiers

A universal cash exchange system similar to The Royal Queen Authority Financial System may also make sense, it would be nice to see, but not necessarily essential.  Basic community changes, and items are what will be implemented across the board.

The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office

The Office, handles situations and finds solutions. The office is there to be ever present, not ever visulent.  They actually deal with the individuals that are problematic for the society, vs creating files on individuals that do not need to be tracked and monitored. They are updated spiritually on a regular and on going basis. The link in with several different sources, to create one of the most effective situation, solutions on the face of the planet.

The Royal Queen Support Services System

The HELP ME GRID is a universal help me grid system. It files reports on behalf of individuals. It’s there to assist, and it links in and connects with several other such systems.

The hybrid, or harmony of the whole situation, and how it actually functions, should be pretty neat. Instead of taking months or years to implement ideas, under community planning and implementation, ideas can be implemented fairly quickly.

Community Planning and implementation is a revamped way of doing things, gives communities a chance to survive. It’s also the way of the future. Individuals can be as active as they like, or as inactive. It’s fairly easy to get involved, and as the situations is rolled out, more information is made available.

Things that have gone through so far under this initiative include things such as the HELP ME GRID, that universal grid that offers, aid and assistance wherever you are located. You just say HELP ME, and you are assisted. Day by day it’s a transformation of communities into something that functions, and that flows.

Individuals that are eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things can, it ineligibles individuals, that are eligible to arrive into situations that seriously make sense.

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The Day We Fought Back

The Day We Fought Back

Remember our years of being systemically harassed, and targeted,

remember when we use to have to just put up with it a little bit, and
The Day We Fought Back

Remember our years of being systemically harassed, and targeted, remember when we use to have to just put up with it a little bit, and wonder if anyone believed that vigilante gangs were stalking us, or if we did believe it, if we could get others to believe it. But then we learnt, we learnt to fight back.

We learnt to not take it, we learnt to speak out about it, but we learnt to do it in credible fashions, at least some of us did, and not to give into any myth or lie. Vigilante gangs, really. We learnt over time to investigate, to become researchers, to observe, to be our own sources of fact finding, in some cases. Then we also learnt how to disseminate information, so that we could go up against the things that they were saying and doing to us. We found the hard facts, the research.

We learnt that a whole entire and I do mean this, society could be involved with a big lie, some were clear, some were not, but all or most could be involved. Our media for the most part at first would not report it without calling us crazy, those mentally ill individuals, who believe they are being follow around. Those poor paranoid people them, oh the sad souls and so forth. Let’s be honest, some of them or most of them would have happily put a bullet in us, those poor paranoid individuals.

Then we really did research, and we discovered lists, cases like the the Jane Clift case, threat assessment files, how they work function, and that yes those around do follow you, you are placed on lists with warning markers, it can disrupt your life in the ways that we have mentioned, people started to take use more seriously, we organized in rational ways.
We became active, in ways that made sense. Exposure and awareness, it gave us the chance to survive, well some of us, cause some did not make it. The usual outcomes.

When we started to socially fight back, is when we claimed the victory, or any small victory. Also sometimes in other situations, circumstances of our lives, or the lives of others, it might mean physically having to fight back, but that is often when you have a better chance of survival. Because there are those, who will place innocent individuals, in the incorrect situations, doing the incorrect things, that will systemically target and destroy an innocent person.

We lived, we learnt, we watched, we waited, and we learnt. They do not change, cause they do not have to. A whole entire society, you understand this, a whole entire society can lie, or at least be mislead, and can cover up, a world of deceits, literally, and this is what we went through. lived through, still continue to live through, in many cases. We learnt, we learnt to fight back in ways that made sense. We took to Youtube, wrote articles, books, appeared on the news, in credible fashions, till the situation changed somewhat, became acknowledged, online, as well as offline.

We also now have the Reporting Forms, so we can figure out some of the targeting and figure out who is doing some of this stuff. The reporting forms are a world of difference for most of us, and when used correctly, that is another avenue that we now have available to us, along with spiritual based products that also assist us.

The situation changed, because we ineligible it to change. We fought back and we won, and that situation begun to change, we could then speak more openly about it. We could then enable those around us, to arrive into a suitable comprehension of what we were experiencing, and what was happening to us, and around us. Wither they believed it or not, we have factual documentation, and credible accounts. The situation in that regard changed, because we did fight back, individually, and as a community.

We have what we have because we fought back, without it, we would have had the outcomes they wanted for us, and the inevitable ends, or ending.

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