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Should Gang Stalking be seen as a disease?

I have been talking to several people over the last few days. One guy wrote in to tell me that he is treating his Gang Stalking as a chronic illness. I was laughing because in many ways I have been treating this like a cancer that has the ability to become malignant. Some of our fellow Targeted Individuals have died this way. Others have reported for brief periods of time that their Gang Stalking had gone into remission, only to come back again, and many of us deal with the daily symptoms of Gang Stalking, including the electronic harassment which can cause burns, rashes, blisters, etc. Some of us can not work due to our Gang Stalking, be it psychological trauma, or just the system leaving us repeatedly jobless. Many of us have lived below the poverty line due to this ailment, and the inability to get help.

Thinking a bit more about Gang Stalking, I thought I would put together a list of reasons why it should be classified as a disease. Let me know what you think.

Multi-Generational aspect

Gang Stalking like many other diseases can be multigenerational and might run in some families. That’s right several targets have reported that this happened to not only them, but to other members of their family. I can say that this aspect is correct from what I have seen. That means if you are afficted this way, they might someday affict your children this way. Also if you are targeted this way and do some research you might find others in your family that are being afficted this way and who are too scared to talk about it. It’s a very eye opening aspect of Gang Stalking. Remember this is not as recent as we think. The only reason many of us even realise how widespread it is, is because of the Internet. If we were not all connecting on the Internet, many of us would still be dealing with this quietly, and thinking it was just us. I know I would be, and I also would not have caught on that others close to me might be going through the same thing, even when hearing about their Gaslighting.

Parasitic in nature.

We know that once a target get’s Gang Stalking, parasitic elements will infect and seek to destroy every aspect of a targets life. That’s right, these parasitic elements will infect the persons job, community, social circle and they will continue to spread until the target is left isolated. Once this happens it leaves the target open for other parasitic infects, or happening such as electronic harassment. The goal of these parasitic elements is to drive the target to suicide. Often these parasitic elements leave the target exhausted, drained, lethargic they literally do everything they can to destroy the target. Sleep disturbance, noise disturbance, predatory mobbing in public, Gaslighting, run of deliberate bad luck, such as the car repeatedly breaking down, etc.

How is Gang Stalking Acquired?

Many targets who acquire Gang stalking do not know where they first picked up the parasitic infection. Many try to trace back to where they think they picked up there Gang Stalking, only to realise that they might have actually picked up the Gang Stalking years earlier without realising it. Eg. I thought I might have picked up Gang Stalking at a job I worked at several years ago, now I realised my Gang Stalking might have been picked up back in my outspoken College days, but I can’t be sure. I just know that it goes back at least a decade if not longer.

Why are we now hearing about so many cases of Gang Stalking. Often a person can be Infected by the Gang Stalking Parasites for years before they even become aware that there is a problem. Also there is not a great deal of awareness, so many do not know the symptoms to look out for. Many suffer for years in silence fearing that it’s just them, fearing that no one will believe them.

Who can get Afflicted with Gang Stalking?

Gang Stalking can affect anyone in society. We are still seeing a great deal of Gang Stalking ailment amongst single (woman), minorities, activists, dissidents, whistle-blowers, gay/lesbian, outspoken, etc.  The parasitic elements seem to like go after the outspoken, non compliant, loner or single individuals. However anyone can get Gang Stalking.


After Gang Stalking is acquired the symptoms might show up right away, but the overt symptoms might not show up for months or even years. Also because many people who acquire Gang Stalking are not aware of the signs and symptoms of this possibly malignant ailment, they might not realise what they have till they get full blown Gang Stalking.


It is estimated by some that the percentage of Gang Stalking fatalities every year world wide is anywhere from 2-7%. However because many afflicted with Gang Stalking do not know it or realise it, till it’s too late, the percentages are likely to be much higher. Just like in the former East Germany, a country that saw a similar affliction, the suicide rates were exponentially higher during that period.


Many afflicted with Gang Stalking will also be wrongly misdiagnosed as mentally ill and falsely institutionalized.

Violent reactions.

Due to years of suffering in silence with Gang Stalking, some sufferers will lash out violently, after continually being provoked the Gang Stalking Parasites. The same is true for false imprisonments.

Job loss and moving.

Due to the nature of the Gang Stalking infection. Many afflicted will find themselves unable to work, be it due to psychological trauma, or just job loss after job loss. Those afflicted often wish to work, but are often not able to find or keep jobs.

The same is true for having to move from community to community.


Those afflicted with Gang Stalking through no fault of their own will still often find that they are shunned by their friends, family, neighbours, co-workers. There is often no help for those afflicted and very little awareness.


Many afflicted with Gang Stalking, at some point find themselves living below the poverty line, or even becoming homeless. The Gang Stalking ailment takes a lot from former fully functioning individuals.


Many do not realise the symptoms they have, and will suffer for years. Many complain for year about being followed around in public by strangers, harassment by strangers, extreme run of bad luck, or unexplained incidents, others complain of continued workplace mobbing, even after changing jobs. Other of being sensitised to everyday stimuli’s such as pens clicking, loud coughing, keys jingling, loud noises, colors, patterns, etc. Other symptoms include PTSD, depression, paranoia, stress, lethargy. Electronic symptoms include, burns, rashes, itching, blisters, eye damages, etc.

Is there hope or a cure?

At this stage there is no cure in sight, but there is hope. We have found that after years of dealing with Gang Stalking the best hope is exposure and awareness. If we can reach those afflicted in the early stage of this possibly lethal aliment, we might have fewer fatalities, false institutionalization’s,

Has this Ailment ever shown up before?

During the East German Stasi, and American Cointelpro many suffered from a similar ailment with equal lethality.

At this stage many afflicted with Gang Stalking find that it is a life long illness, which has the potential to be fatal. The best treatment that those afflicted with Gang Stalking have currently is exposure and awareness. Many in society are afraid of getting the Gang Stalking ailment, and many others in society are parts of the parasitic elements that are helping to cause the Gang Stalking infection.

Many who suspect that they have Gang Stalking, are afraid to speak up or speak out. They are afraid of being mislabeled, as mentally ill, or paranoid, or worst.

Many others simply do not realise that they have picked up this possibly lethal ailment, and we need to reach these individuals and give them a fighting chance.

Gang Stalking is a disease, which can be fatal for some, life changing for others, but with awareness and exposure, we are trying to make it more managable for others, who are just becoming aware of this ailment.

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  1. Highly contagious and they love to infect every part of your life. Animals included.

    Comment by aussietargetted | March 6, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi,
    Found your nice site googling.
    Do you also have a name, country where you live? (etc).


    Comment by Peter Mooring | March 6, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hi aussietargetted,

    Yes they love to infect animals as well. It’s the one disease where just by being around the target, you have the potential to become affected and thus many do not wish to help.

    Hi Peter,

    I found your great blog online also, I do have all of the above, but online primarily go by gangstalking, it’s just easier that way.

    All the best likewise.

    Comment by gangstalking | March 7, 2008 | Reply

  4. Everything you say is very consistent with the reality of the situation.

    Even after everything, hold on to your humanity. This is what they are really after.

    Your courage is super human, as all the others out there, and BELIEVE ME THERE ARE MANY, MANY OF WHOM DO NOT EVEN KNOW THEY ARE TARGETTED – the stalkers are sometimes the most harassed and tortured)

    Comment by omma | March 21, 2008 | Reply

  5. I invite you to read the entries of another long-term victim of gang-stalking. The truth is, the gang-stalking can be conquered. It does not have to end for the victim to become its master. Read the story at

    Comment by BadExperiment | March 29, 2008 | Reply

  6. I cant believe I have not read anything yet about the perps sexual misconduct. Sending in hired prostitutes and even their own people to bring in drugs and have sex with you while they all watch on remote monitors.
    Maybe you all dont realize how deep they are into your personal privacy.

    Comment by peace | May 2, 2008 | Reply

  7. check my new youtube vid. Lets help each other and kick some gangstalker fu%kin Ass!!!Mafia only respects the like. We need to band together.

    Comment by vince | May 19, 2008 | Reply

  8. Hi vince,

    In putting together these blogs, youtube postings, websites, etc. We are banning together, it’s fightig back with education and awareness. If we could do it on a large enough scale we might do some good.

    Your video is interesting, but I think it might do more for the other side than this side. It just gives them what they are looking for. Nothing wrong with banning together, we just have to choose how we are going to do it.

    Comment by gangstalking2 | June 1, 2008 | Reply

  9. I have been a gang stalking target in Germany all of my life. So have my two sisters, my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, because one of my ancestors worked for the Russian KGB. Family members are blacklisted, it continues for seven generations, they want to destroy the complete bloodline.

    Who are the organizers? The American CIA and FBI, and all Nato members, which means Canada as well as most of the European governments.

    There is really no way to stop it or to save yourself. Once you are blacklisted, you remain on the (top secret) black list for life !

    Wishing you all the best,

    Comment by Eva | October 18, 2008 | Reply

  10. Hi,

    I read your what you experience and let me say that this is a revisitation of what happened in Nazi Germany some eighty years ago. I, myself, like many others, didn’t realize I had been a victim of this type of harassment until a number of years ago where they reminded me of some of the things I thought about towards my friends and family members. I believe this type of gang stalking usually goes back to your past as it might be a school mate or someone you might have known at work. I’m hoping I can become some type of influence in getting the message out that this is going on in our own backyard and we need to get as many people to become aware that this a major problem in our society. I wish people the best in trying to overcome the horrors of this gang stalking. steve

    Comment by steven b | December 31, 2008 | Reply

  11. EXCELLENT! Thank you so much for all of your writing on gang stalking. I have been surviving gang stalking for over two years. I know exactly who is behind it, and it is revenge-based.

    I literally fled california to Arkansas to escape, and of course, it followed me. I’m finding thru my research that this is pretty common. They were using drugs and pretty much whoring me out while i was drugged. I knew i was groggy and hurting in places i shouldnt hurt, but I was confused. So many things point to what was happening, but i was too traumatized and to drugged to recognize the symptoms. I continue to fight gaslighting, people following me, and I’ve been unable to find a job, as I believe they have gone in each place i have interviewed and have black-listed me.

    Frankly, I have a resume that many people would dream of. I have great references from every single person i have worked for, and i’ve pretty much always received the job i interviewed for. I’ve interviewed for 8 jobs in the last month, and they are always extremely excited about me during the interview. I always walk away thinking ‘this is IT”… Then I hear nothing. NOTHING AT ALL.

    There was one time that i had a temp position and truly worked my ass off. One day things were fine, and the next day I had leprosy. I was soooo confused that they were so nasty. It was horrible.

    So many things in my life point to this. I didnt even know that what i was experiencing had a name until I had a body guard that actually recognized these goons from jail.

    He was extremely concerned because these people were “bad news”.

    I SOOOO AGREE with the concept that gang stalking is a disease, or at least it helps one cope with the symptoms. One of the ways i have survived is to view it AS a disease. Some people have cancer which affects the entire family…Some people have MS or something else. Some people lose an immediate family member, and some people have to live with drive-by shootings.

    I will point out that as a white person, I havent ever had to experience any kind of prejudice…UNTIL NOW. It helps me to remember that many of our ethnic groups have been ostrascized without cause just because they are black, green or brown in this country. They had to deal with all of this stuff. Nothing hurts more than prejudice or slander when it isnt true. But they had to walk to school daily, interact with life, and with people yelling horrendous things at them.

    I would like some advice on how to start a blog btw. I’m clueless and embarassed that this is the case, but i am so overwhelmed with life that it feels like a big deal to me.

    Even though i am embarassed that I am technologically inept, I have had worse exposures. I’ve had cameras in key places in my home (my bathroom, bedroom, etc) and I have no privacy anymore. They know when i have sex, and used to have people following me the day after, repeating things that were said and leering at me. They know when i go to the restroom and when i take a bath. I always get an “hmmm-mmm” when i’m naked, so I know they are enjoying the show. I was simply the entertainment for a latino gang in california. Oh how they loved to taunt me!!!

    I am victimized daily by electronic harassment to the point where i’m not sure whether i care if i live or die. It’s that bad.

    SO – i am in agreement that this stalking deal is like a disease. There are different stages that one goes thru, and frankly after watching a girlfriend fight with brain cancer and lose, i recognize them in myself. I know it’s a VERY bad sign when i think, “why did SHE have to go God? She’s a beautiful loving person…It should have been me”.

    You have talked about what we need as a group. We need lawyers, technological genius-people, and contacts in law enforcement. We need to network and even have public service announcements. We need to network with the various rape crises groups (they see it as sexual assault). The women need to play the feminist card and get some help from the groups that are concerned with women’s issues.

    I DO KNOW that this is happening everywhere, to men and women alike. I am simply saying that is a resource and we should take advantage of that. Playing the “i’m a single frightened female with a high-tech stalker” card might open some doors to us. The world UNDERSTANDS that kind of stalking. It rejects the gang stalking because it challenges people’s world view at a fundamental level. We need to network with community organizations. Everyone needs to think about “who they know”. Does anyone remember the concept that if you take your sphere of influence and then network with those that THEY know, and then do that again, that everyone will be connected at some point? We need to USE that.

    There are those of us that have the ability to go back to school, and those that are considering it. There are technological geeks out there that are smarter than all of us put together. The question is WHO DO YOU KNOW? AND HOW CAN THEY HELP US? I agree with the writer of this blog. We need to find a way to network. I also think we need to support each other in the different businesses that we each have.

    In terms of marketing, there is definitly a captive audience. one has to buy/sell/etc in today’s economy. If i had to buy tires, and if I knew of someone that was in the stalking situation, I would certainly go to them. Let’s find ways we can support each other.
    best wishes

    Comment by tammy | January 15, 2009 | Reply

  12. I can see why the nazis and kkk are so well liked …seems to me its all the same only the names have changed everyday it seems were wasting away another place where the faces are so cold you drive all night just to get back home.

    Comment by katie | May 22, 2014 | Reply

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