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Movarian Bloodline

Movarian Bloodline

The neat things about family trees, is that people can never tell who they are related to. the interesting thing is that this line is so mythical, it’s so seeped in legend. I admit, prior to a few months ago, I have not read much about bloodlines, sure I am an online person, the forums are rife with this topic, plus there was that neat Tom Hanks movie, which I admit that I missed.

I am ofcourse one of the few that missed it, and of course I am one of the few that needs to know this stuff, because this stuff never makes sense to me. I am clear now, they track this stuff, spiritually, and on the face of the planet.

This little passage is what I did find out about Moravian Bloodlines, actually makes sense, for some reason this jumped out at me, and it made sense, so i pretty much stopped reading from there.

Moravian society

Moravia is home to the Lancerey line of sorcerers and monarchs. Moravia has a tradition of sorcery, most notably in its ruling house, the Lancerey royal family, for to rule in Moravia, one must be of the bloodline and possess magical ability. The Lancerey monarchy is one of the oldest in the land, and Moravia has prospered under their leadership. Despite their potential for might, Moravia is a peaceful kingdom.The Kingdom has a reputation for being sophisticated with a strong scholarly influence. Higher education and research of the arcane are common among the populace, both peasants and nobility, but it is often the Lancerey line that spawns the most talented sorcerers.Moravia’s cities characteristically have archaic architecture of stone, though the walls of buildings are so flawlessly and smoothly built that it is obvious the craftsmanship was aided by magic. Few roads are unpaved, even in the country areas where agriculture and animal farming flourish to supply the kingdom.

I think I won’t read about the topic much more in future, but since the topic for some crazy reason, came up in conversation, I felt a post was required, and necessary, to clarify, this whole crazy bloodline stuff, and who is of what, and what is of what not, as the saying goes.

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