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False Hope?

False Hope?

I saw the draft for a new bill and initially got excited that someone was looking to draft a bill.

[quote]Advanced Media Press Release Organized Stalking and Directed Energy Devices and Weapons Bill May 19, [/quote]

The problem with this bill or any other however is that if it does not address what is really happening it is just more false hope, more distraction, that will lead targets in the wrong direction and waste their time.

Real targets you can not afford that.

It’s taken some time, but this week there was some small success in getting generating enough interest in the subject of Gang Stalking to have a positive article written about the subject matter.

Keep in mind that these articles do not always have long shelf lives. That is why every real oppertunity counts. Eg. I was just trying the link for the article

“Stalker Claims unsettle police”

The link was not working and a search for a new link was not successful. The original article just came out last year.

[quote]Stalker claims unsettle police

(by Anthony G. Attrino – March 12, 2009)
Detectives are questioning a former Verona resident who has been handing out fliers claiming a large, organized group of stalkers is targeting residents and business owners with the objective of destroying their lives.

“Their intention is to murder their target without getting their hands dirty. It’s the perfect hate crime.” states the flier, which is titled “A Community Secret Revealed: Organized Stalking is Thriving in NJ.”


It’s important that the right focus is not shifted away. If any bill is created that does not point the finger at government or community programs, then they will do Gang Stalking targets very little good. The same was true for this story.

[quote]Court to Defendant: Stop Blasting That Man’s Mind!


The story was great on the outside, and it was good in some regards, but not many targets could use it for getting out of their own situation or circumstances. His case was very specific, and the person failed to show up for court.

This is being done by government programs. The finger must be pointed, or it does not matter how many politicians, fake experts, fake groups they throw at us, as a community we will never get where we need to be if we allow ourselves to be falsely distracted.

We need laws which for the state to share with an individual when they have been placed on lists, so at least they have an idea of what is happening to them. We need oversight of these programs, there is none happening now, and devastating consequences are happening. From what I can see, it’s fully deliberate, and designed to be that way.

It’s more false hope that plays into the hands of these people once again.  Let’s stay focused and when real evidence presents itself let’s examine those channels. There is lot’s of good information coming out about Violent Person’s Registries, and this is a very strong direction that we should all be looking at and examining. If this is what is being used, then any future laws to protect Targeted Individuals, must go after these lists, and oversight of these lists. Plus Freedom Of Information Act requests, to see who has been targeted by these programs.

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  1. It would be great if legislation could stop this. So much of it is hard to pin on anyone. We had a house for sale next door. One Harley pulled into the driveway and left their motor blaring for a half hour. It was so loud, I thought it was a helicopter. When I finally looked out my window, there was a large woman with Harley written on her back. She was standing in front of my window with her hands on her hips- trying to look tuff. When they finally drove off, I couldn’t help but think what a sad couple they were. You’d think one of them would have known better. How can it be right to drive to a stranger’s house to cause trouble? I am inside my own house, miding my own business, leave me alone. I got the feeling they stayed so long becasue they were hoping to get us out and force a confrontation. If they were just looking at the house, they wouldn’t have left the motor running. But, there is no way to say they did anything wrong. They were covered.

    What the couple didn’t see was the argument that started before they even left. My daughter and I were getting ready to go shopping when they showed. I hardly acknowledged the Harley outside our window. But, the whole topic makes her upset. Now she wouldn’t even go out with me. She went upstairs and stayed in her room.

    What is really aggravating is: I suspect most of these people call themselves Christians. How does a love for Jesus Christ grow into a desire to intimidate total strangers? This isn’t a joke. We are a real family. Something has gone wrong in this community.

    Comment by stillbreathing | April 3, 2010 | Reply

    • Something has gone wrong, but think about how many innocent Muslim families were rounded up and removed from America after 9/11? Think of how Nazi Germany felt during world war II and the false belief that they were protecting the fatherland? It happens all the time, it’s human nature and those who know how to manipulate it stay in power. I agree something has gone wrong, they wanted safe, clean communities, but what they are doing is targeting the innocent, in too many case, this is being used to get rid of enemies of the state, and they are not even aware of how it’s being used.

      Comment by gangstalking | April 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. A cop is.a criminal in a uniform as far as i can see…sasha grey mk ultra sex slave censore.sensor

    Comment by katie | May 22, 2014 | Reply

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