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The Sweetest Revenge

(A Page from The World Of The Royal Queen)

The Royal Queen is this person who doesn’t even make sense. She is this spiritual being, who has an earth province existence, or is she a earth province person with a spiritual existence? Either way the situation does not make sense.

By the time you read this, the situation will be at hand. So there were these serious dirty losers that did not even make sense, you know who you are the Bens, Jeniffer’s, Brad’s, Angelina’s, Celene’s, Henry’s, Saroski’, or who ever they were, just a bunch of serious dirty nasty losers, that did not make sense, oh and this cheap, dirty disgusting mannequin that did not make sense, along with her seriously dirty disgusting, imbred of a village idiot, Seville Scandle of a husband.

Either way in the latest installment of The Royal Queen’ and her latest adventure, the plastic dirty, mannequin decided that she should have The Royal Queen and her children gathered up, and placed into the absolutely worst situations ever. They wanted them to be called assembly line children, and evidently it was going to make sense. They wanted the in the dirtiest situations, cause that would suitably make sense. They wanted her and her face, wiped out of the heavens, never would it be known, that she was in a situation with prince, what was his name now? A serious dirty, loser that did not even make sense, This no account boy, and his village idiot, cheap smile, plastic mannequin that he brought into the situation.

So they gathered them up, without her knowledge, these dirty former none royal types that seriously don’t make sense. Then so called Hollywood, types that don’t make sense, or will no longer make sense in time, these so called politicians, and others that she could have not knowledge of, they gathered up, and on that day they sought to deliver them a destiny.

They wanted to be eligible to be in the incorrect situation doing the incorrect things, gathering these children from the heavens, and doing the situations, These young men were to have the driest skin, lips that didn’t make sense, dry and parched, their eyes were to stop making sense, and lips that were so dry they did not even make sense. They thought it was funny, cause The Royal Queen, had fought and grappled to avoid such things, and to be all that she could, be, but they thought if the children should experience such things, it would seriously make sense.

Jenna was sure, she is a black person, she could never make sense, give her those big fat lips, it will make sense. The girl has the tiniest features she’s ever seen, but she’s going to give her some huge gigantic lips, so convinced in her drug fueled world, that the girl could not have small lips, much less dry one’s, cause in her world, in her experience it just did not make sense. Then there was Barbara, she sat back, maybe the situation made sense, maybe it didn’t, either way they were going to be doing the worst things to the girl, or behalf of the cheap plastic mannequin, sudo fake none princess, that did not even make sense. This time they were going to be doing it to her, and behind the scenes they were going to be using some of the biggest, serious, dirtiest, losers on the face of the planet. They are these downlow losers, that doesn’t even make sense. The perfect couples, and families in the spotlight, and behind the scene, child molesters, vagrants, and losers, make that serious losers, that don’t even make sense. Behind the scenes, these men, women, they rape, molest, they live these nasty, unbelievable lives, and in public it’s all like hi, and it’s all like nice, but behind the scenes, it’s a horror scene, a scenes that does not even make sense. They were so sure that she would be so impressed by who they were, that she wouldn’t even care what they did to her children, they were so sure they could, kidnap them, and possibly rape, molest them in mind, heart, and soul, and it would make sense to them, and it would be that type of situation, however these ineligible losers would never makes sense.

She despised them even before then, these strangers to her, but not her to them, for they were clear on who this girl, this female, this ‘mother of the future was’ is, or was going to be, they had watched her over the years, they had in some cases, remotely viewed her, predicted her life, and sought to change her destiny at every turn, and for the most part failed.

The children were there in the heavens spiritually in advance, meaning they existed in advance, in their dozens, hundreds, legions, literally billions, by the time the adventures had begun. Spiritually she is this white person that does not make sense, and on earth she is a black person, that also does not make sense. She is this type, she hates everything, but she loves, everything and everyone, and if you deliver hers a destiny, will she not deliver you a destiny. She wanted them to be delivered a destiny. She is

On earth she is also this single person, waiting to fulfill or deliver a destiny, the spiritual children, watch and wait, not to come to earth, cause they are not waiting to be born, they exist in advance. They live, look, breath,  have lives of their own, and they seriously make sense. They did not need to be rounded up, but they sought, and they still sought to deliver them a destiny. Then they thought to laugh with the girl, smile and make friends.

On the day she delivered them, or they delivered themselves, the heavens woke up a little bit more that day, and they paid attention, these were young men, eligible, suitable, and desirable, a trillion women from the heavens put in their applications for A New Kingdom that day, for The Royal Queen would not marry off her sons, her progeny for anything less, than the delivery of a destiny. Even though they put in their applications, the young ladies to secure a husband had to pay a price, a specific price, they had to pay the bride price. The bride price was so specific, it would make sense. She had seen the tag line for the movie ransom, and it suitably made sense. those interested in the young men, would secure the situation, would secure the outcome, would deliver unto them, and those that did this unto them a destiny. With three trillion applications, The Royal Queen had to be picky about who she enable to deliver a destiny, about who she enabled to be her future daughter in laws.

Once the destinies were delivered that is how the daughter in laws were to be choose, and that is also how the most recent son in laws were chosen as well, those who could deliver a deliver a destiny. In the mean time for their part, the young men had already determined to deliver unto themselves their own destinies. They would avenge themselves upon those who had attempted to destroy them, to enable them to think that they could not become the correct individuals, that they could not do the correct things, that could not have the capacity, and the right to their own destinies.

She was a part of a futuristic, teleportation, time, travelling society, and the young women were clear, these were some of the cutest, most handsome, adorable eligible, young men they had seen in some time, at least their mother thought so, and the young women logged into to deliver unto those who had delivered them a destiny, and the bounty was out, for that was the way to secure what needed to be secure, and A New Kingdom, was some of the hottest property on the face of the planet. The young men were also doing ok for themselves as well. Oddly enough that’s how some of her latest batch of son in laws also got determined.

The Royal Queen for her part would also be delivering them a destiny for her part. Cause even without A New Kingdom, A Spiritual Place, or any of the external trappings, she is this sort, she seriously, and suitably makes sense, if you deliver unto her a destiny, will she no in time, deliver a destiny back to you. Her children were the only individuals that did make sense, they were lead to believe that these other ineligibles, there seriously, dirty, disdainful, losers could make sense. She disliked them in her situations, she dislike them in their outcomes, for they were not worth hating, but they seriously needed to be delivered a destiny. And so it begun, and so they were verified.

The Royal Queen’s at least one batch of The Royal Queen’s son in laws, and daughter in laws were choosen that day.

The Young men, young women, The Royal Queen, and The Family Unit delivered them a destiny. They delivered them a destiny that day, and every day since then, in advance of the situation, in advance of the outcomes. because The Royal Queen is the situation, A New Kingdom is the Outcome, and The Family Unit was there in advance, in advance of the situation, in advance of the outcomes. because that is the only situation, that seriously made sense.

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Full of Grace

This is the type of post that I truly am not fond of, because there is no way to fully verify the details at present. What information there is, has been gleamed from a UK source, who is  intimating that they have information or details about a small underage minor child of four, who is the god child of someone prominent position, who is in the incorrect situation with that person.  It intimated that the child is being  molested, and abused to the stage that it does not make any sense.

[quote]BBC–Six men filmed themselves as they raped and sexually assaulted a drunk 15-year-old schoolgirl, a jury was told.  The girl was taken to three different houses in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, during the course of one evening in May 2010, Leeds Crown Court heard.[/quote]

[quote]Investigators say as many as 20 people were involved in or stood and watched the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl outside a California high school homecoming dance Saturday night.[/quote]

[quote]Richmond, California (CNN) — Investigators say as many as 20 people were involved in or stood and watched the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl outside a California high school homecoming dance Saturday night.[/quote]

The feedback or rather what’s floating around is that the stories above are starting to resemble a typical weekend in the child’s life, weekends where the child is being handed off to this source. What’s floating around is that the physical beatings are becoming all too common place, along with the molestation of the child in question, and that the child’s future prospects are not going to be happening, unless something is done.

The claim is that several individuals involved in the actual situation, including the enabling parents, who keep willfully, deliberately, and knowing keep leashing the child out to such situations, have all been advised, but because the person is part of a very powerful establishment, nothing is being done at the moment.

Verifying all the horrific, and I do mean horrific details at the moment is fully impossible, but I do believe the bulk of the information that has been posted, for my own personal reasons. If the stories are true, I am truly, and deeply heartbroken to think that such horrors could happen in this world, unacknowledged, unaided. If I could verify any of this fully, I would, but can not at the moment.

When you read stories such as the above online, it’s easy to be horrified, and ask why more is not being done, if the stories are what they seem, it is truly horrific, I am remaining glued to the papers to see if any real world details can be verified, but beyond that, that’s all the information that’s been gleamed.

I recall reading about a very powerful politician once in an online post, about the things they were getting up to, and it was years before there was a real world story, where some of what was being implied could even be verified. A lot of forums, blogs, have interesting information floating around, but it’s often almost impossible to verify those stories, or sources, until real world details appear in the papers.

~All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke

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When I was a kid like most others superheros were a big deal. Most people had their favorites. Many had their own reasons for why they liked their heroes. Some could fly, some could spin webs, some could stop bullets, some were green and hulking, but no matter how different these heroes were most had one thing in common. They had a secret identity. Often the secret identity was in contrast to who they were in real life. Spiderman, Superman these nerdy looking guys, in their spare time were hero’s who their cities would have been lost without, yet at the same time, they might have been lost had their cities that they protected know their identities.

The secret identity of the superhero had been a well guarded secret until two summers ago when Tony Stark revealed that he was Ironman. My jaw at the end of the movie almost dropped. Here was a superhero breaking the cardinal rule, you do your best not to share your secret identity. For you citizen informants out there, it’s like how you have to keep secret about the occupational health and safety laws, and the super duper secret club that binds you all.

Secret identities are not only protective, but it gives the superhero a bit of mystique. A second identity, a secret and mysterious life. A life which might be secret from friends, family and those close to the superhero. It’s something that friends, family and those in the know often have to help the superhero to protect. Not only for their safety at times, but those shows would have been a lot more boring without the secret identities.

From cartoons to real official shows we all have hero who we loved, and we have all watched with baited breath to see how our hero would protect their secrets. From Batman/Bruce Wayne, Spiderman/Peter Parker, Superman/Clark Kent, Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, The Incredible Hulk/David Banner, many of us grew up watching them, and protecting their secrets. The same is true for hero like the Greatest American Hero, and the suit that could never quite be figured out. Some watched Jem and the Holograms protect their identities, Sailor Moon and her crew, then ofcourse there were the X-Men lead by professor Charles Xavier and their need for secrecy. Not only to protect their powers from society at large, but at times to protect them from themselves.

Heroes have come and gone over the years, but one rule had always been sacred, and that was to protect the secret identity. Now when Tony Stark pulled a look at me, look at me, I am an attention whore, it fit in well with the character, and I did get past the shock of it all, but I think he is just the superhero for this generation. A generation who like to share what they are doing on twitter, Myspace, Facebook. A generation that are less concerned with privacy, secret identities, and things of that nature. Tony Stark is arrogant, he wants people to know who he is. Even as cool as being a superhero is, he need that extra accolade from the people around him, and they do not disappoint.

Did it take away from the character? In the case of Tony Stark not really, but it was so contrasting to the dark knight that had come out only a couple of summers before. A true hero for the people who gives them what they need. If that means being the villain then that’s what he is, if it means being the hero than it means being the hero, if it means sacrifice then that’s what a true hero does, and just like in real life, don’t expect any gratitude in return, and yes just like the end of the movie, know that they can and often are capable of turning on you in a moments notice. Thus why Jesus kept his identity as secret for as long as he could. I always found that strange as a child, reading the bible stories, but I understand it much better now.

Batman and Ironman, two very different kind of hero’s. One outlandish and outgoing, who wants to be seen and heard, a hero reflective of this time period, and this generation. That’s how I interpret the Tony Stark character. The dark knight was old school, in that he kept his identity a secret, but he would have revealed it and come forward to protect the innocent, and he gave them what they needed, cause he understands the nature of the people, and their need for people and things to believe in be it false or not. Thus one that should be a villain is hailed a hero, and batman the true hero becomes the villain.

They are both two very strong characters that stand out in my mind, amongst the many that have come and gone over the years, many that I have loved and grown up with. So the question remains, did Tony Stark break a cardinal rule in revealing that he is indeed Iron Man, or was he just a hero for this time period and this generation?

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[quote]Cut to the atrium. Angelus plays with his sword, idly pointing it at Buffy. She looks up at him, frightened.

Angelus:  Now that’s everything, huh? No weapons… No friends… No hope.

Buffy closes her eyes and steels herself for whatever’s coming.

Angelus:  Take all that away… and what’s left?

He draws the sword back and thrusts it directly at her face. With lightning-fast reflexes she swings up with both arms and catches the blade between the palms of her hands. She opens her eyes and meets his.

Buffy:  Me.

She shoves the blade away from her, and the hilt of the sword hits Angelus in the face. He staggers back, and she hops to her feet and kicks him in the chest. He stumbles back even more, and she reaches down and picks up her sword. She swings it around and thrusts at him, but he
manages to parry. They exchange several blows, blocking each other.

Buffy spins around and swings her sword down at him from above. He holds up his own to block, but she hits it hard and he falls to one knee. She swings again, and he blocks. She spins around with a roundhouse kick to
his side, and he collapses to the ground.[/quote]

I don’t know how many people caught the show when it was on the air, but this was a really good series. I was pretty hooked on it at the time, and season 2 episode 2 becoming is one of the best.

I can still watch it and it’s still as good as it was then.

For those who didn’t watch the series or thought it was kind of light here is the run down.

The series was Buffy The Vampire Slayer, it was about this girl, who sort of discovers that she is a bit unique and her mission is to save the world by slaying vampires.

[quote]“Into every generation a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers.”[/quote]

I know it seems kind of cheesy on the outset, but this show spawned one of the most intelligent communities on the web at the time. No matter where I am, I still come across people from that community. I think about 3 people wrote there PHD’s on the topic of this show, just to give you an idea.

I digress, season 2, the Buffy Angel romance, or not so much romance, but the relationship that almost destroyed the slayer and ruined her life.

I am going to summarize part two, so bear with me.

Buffy Slayer falls for Vampire with a soul. Vampire falls for slayer and they finally come together at some point in season two, and the romance get’s serious. Angel has a moment of true happiness, with Buffy where his soul is content and at peace, this causes some gypsy curse to kick in, and he becomes Angelus, this evil vampire without a soul.

Anyways, he spends the rest of season two, killing her friends, psychologically terrorising her, and literally trying to destroy her. She spends the rest of the season coming to grips with the fact that he is not the person she once loved, and in fact his new mission is to destroy her.

We watch the slayer mature and come to terms with this, and then the final episode, we have the clip above. Most times he was able to use psychological manipulation and it worked to distract her from what she was able to do, by playing on her fears and weaknesses, the Angelus character once again attempts to do this, but instead of falling apart, this time Buffy comes back with me.

[quote]Angelus:  Now that’s everything, huh? No weapons… No friends… No hope.

Buffy closes her eyes and steels herself for whatever’s coming.

Angelus:  Take all that away… and what’s left?

He draws the sword back and thrusts it directly at her face. With lightning-fast reflexes she swings up with both arms and catches the blade between the palms of her hands. She opens her eyes and meets his.

Buffy:  Me.[/quote]

See sometimes in life this is where you are, specifically with Gang Stalking, this is where they want you to be, so that you can slip and fall, and become a snitch, or kill yourself, or end of in jail or a mental ward, and what you have to remember as things around you are falling apart, people are betraying you, and at every turn someone tries to destroy you, what have you got left? Me.

If you can remember this, and draw on some kind of reserve when that time comes, you might just be ok. More importantly, you might just find a way to get through. That is what we have to hold on to, and we know that in any realm, that is what these people do. They use things and people that you trust and turn them against you, and use them to help destroy you, it’s something to be aware of and come to grips with, and like the character Buffy, you have to mature and come to realise that people you once loved, and cared about, might not have your best interest at heart.

Now hopefully unlike Buffy, you won’t have to put a sword through your vampire lover and send him or (her) to hell, but if it comes to it, then do what you have to do. (I don’t literally mean that you will have to put swords, what I do mean, is you might have to psychologically shore yourself up, so that you don’t let things and people bring you down.

Ok I am going to leave you with the final scene for that episode. It’s bitter sweet, but such is life. The point is, you can triumph and overcome difficult situations, but it’s not easy, but do your best, and remember you always have you even if you feel like you have no one else.

[quote]Willow:  Asa sa fie! Asa sa fie! Acum!

Translation:  So it shall be! So it shall be! Now!

Cut to the mansion. Angelus has dropped his sword and holds his cut.
Buffy does a high kick to his face, and he falls backward into Acathla
and lands on his knees before her.

Cut to the hospital.

Willow:  Acum!

Translation:  Now!

The Orb glows brightly for a brief moment and goes dark. Willow suddenly
relaxes, and looks around blankly.

Cut to the mansion. Buffy raises her sword to dispatch Angelus, but
stays herself when he suddenly gasps loudly and groans in pain. She sees
his eyes glow bright red for an instant and go back dark. He looks up at
her, but quickly collapses to the floor, crying. Buffy stares down at
him, but still holds her sword raised behind her. Angel raises himself
back up, his eyes heavy with tears, and looks into her eyes.

Angel:  (softly) Buffy? (sobs) What’s going on?

She just looks at him, confused but not yet ready to lower the sword. He
looks around a bit and gets to his feet.

Angel:  Where are we? I-I don’t remember.

Finally Buffy realizes that the curse has worked, and she slowly lowers
her sword.

Buffy:  (softly) Angel?

Angel:  (sees her wound) You’re hurt.

She looks down at her wound and feels his gentle touch on her arm. She
ignores her cut, looks back up at him and steps closer. He embraces her

Angel:  Oh, Buffy… God.

She still isn’t completely sure that it’s true, but accepts the hug.

Angel:  I… I feel like I haven’t seen you in months.

Finally she accepts it, closes her eyes and breathes out a deep sigh.

Angel:  Oh, my God, everything’s so muddled. I…

He holds her even more closely.

Angel:  Oh…

He sighs deeply and kisses her on the shoulder.

Angel:  Oh, Buffy…

She cries into his shoulder and hugs him back. Behind him Acathla lets
out a low rumble. Buffy opens her eyes and stares in shock as Acathla’s
face contorts. His brows angle down, his eyes glow red, his mouth opens
grotesquely and the swirling vortex to Hell opens, small at first, but
growing steadily in size and emanating a deep, red glow. Buffy lets go
of Angel and looks up into his face.

Angel:  (confused) What’s happening?

Buffy:  (whispers reassuringly) Shh. Don’t worry about it.

She brushes her fingers over his lips and across his cheek. She lays her
hand on his cheek and kisses him softly. He returns the kiss, and it
becomes more passionate. Behind them the vortex has grown to about five
feet (1.5 m) across and continues to get larger. Buffy breaks off the
kiss and looks deeply into Angel’s eyes.

Buffy:  (whispers) I love you.

Angel:  (whispers) I love you.

She touches his lips with her fingers again.

Buffy:  Close your eyes.

She nods reassuringly, and he closes his eyes. She tries hard not to
start crying, and kisses him again gently. She steps back, draws back
her sword and thrusts it into his chest. His eyes whip open in surprise
and pain, and a bright light emanates from the sword. She steps away
from him. He reaches out to her and looks down at the sword thrust
completely through him. He looks at her imploringly, completely
bewildered by this turn of events. She can only stare at the sword
protruding from his chest, and slowly steps further back.

Angel:  Buffy…

Behind him the power of the sword begins to swirl into the vortex. Buffy
steps further back, still looking only at the sword in his chest and not
into his face. The vortex has enlarged to about twelve feet (3.5 m)
across, and the two energies begin to interact. Angel still holds out
his hand to Buffy. When the vortex finally meets him it suddenly closes
into Acathla’s mouth without so much as a spark, taking him with it.
Buffy stares at the stone demon for a long moment, a light of awareness
dawning in her eyes as she truly realizes what she has done, what she
has lost. She begins to sob, her heart breaking. In the background “Full
of Grace”, by Sarah McLachlan, begins to play over the scene.

Lyrics:  The winter here is cold…

Dissolve to Buffy’s street. She walks across it toward her house.

Lyrics:  …and bitter / It’s chilled us to the bone / We haven’t seen
the sun for weeks / Too long, too far from home

She looks at the neighboring houses, then back at hers. Cut into the
house. Joyce climbs the steps and looks down the hall at Buffy’s door.

Lyrics:  I feel just like I’m sinking

Joyce:  Buffy?

Lyrics:  And I claw for solid ground

She walks to Buffy’s room and looks in. The windows are open, and some
of her daughter’s things are strewn on the bed. She steps in and looks

Lyrics:  I’m pulled down by the undertow

She sees a note on the bed among a bunch of clothes.

Lyrics:  I never thought I could feel so low

She picks up the note and reads.

Lyrics:  And, oh, darkness / I feel like letting go

She begins to cry as she reads and sits down on the bed.

Lyrics:  If all of the strength and all of the courage / Come and lift
me from this place

Oh and yeah, I can still watch this show and be on the edge of my seat on some of those scenes, this show crossed gender and cultural barriers, and it’s still as relevant today in many ways as it was then, special thanks to Joss Whedon for creating such a unique and memorable show, universe, and for an amazing and unique community the likes I have not yet come across again.

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