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The Amnesty

The Amnesty

The article that I wrote the other day, I mentioned that I wanted an Amnesty for those some of those on the informant system, cause some don’t want to be the incorrect sort of people, some don’t want to do the incorrect things. I wrote that there would be no Amnesty for child molesters, and rapists, but what should really be said is, if you have served your time, paid your debts to society, and truly do not wish to be ineligible to be in the incorrect situations, doing the incorrect things any longer, then maybe you could also contribute to the society. Integration (might not be the incorrect thing for some) isn’t the incorrect thing, but it has to be mitigated and managed, and done very carefully, If we want to avoid and
avert certain situations from happening. I am sorry I did not say it before, I am clear now that I made it seem like a blanket statement, some who have done the worst, may not be the worst people, in comparison to some, or others.

There are some real monsters in our society, each must be judged on an
individual basis. Comprehension of the crime, mental, emotional maturity,
capacity to reoffend, and is there the capacity to be reintegrated into society.

That’s why it’s interesting that people are not creating situations, where you are reviewed spiritually, evaluated on your ability to offend again, or be evaluate on your chances on fitting into the society again. Everyone should have a fair, or suitable shake, and have the chance. What I would look for however is consistent patterns, over an extended period of time, or over a period of time.

This girl didn’t have to die. She is brilliant, beautiful, and she was light.

Normally when I read a story like this, I would be in judgement of the mother
to the stage it would not make sense, for once, I am not. Something about this to the contrary, of what I might normally think, leads me to believe, maybe
she is not normally that sort of a mother, you know, the kind we hate, that
would normally enable her child to go off with a complete stranger, maybe
she is not that sort, and just this once did the incorrect thing, but this once has caused so much misery for everyone, that’s why it’s important to figure out what we are doing as a society, and take our cues from that.

In seeing this beautiful little girls image, I am convinced that she did not have
to die, it did not have to be that type of situation, she didn’t have to be that type of situation, she is so pretty and brilliant, it’s the saddest, I have ever been to see such a story in the paper. I am also clear, I have no such judgment for the mother at this moment in time, until I get the full details of her character, and the kind of conversation, she might have had with this stranger.

The guy in this story, why he ended up murdering her, was it deliberate, was it premeditated? The article says he served time, had seen the parole officer that morning, for his annual evaluation, was he the type to just re-offend again, or the type that needed to be clear that if you serve your time, you can have a chance to be the correct person, and do the correct thing.

This case haunts me in advance, as I try to look through the details, and
figure out what happened, where and when, and what the particulars of the
case where.

In doing the research, in trying to change the society for the better, situation
such as this need to be taken into consideration for a reason, if we are all
going to have the chance to survive. I would like to see, individuals spiritually or rather remotely evaluated in the back ground. Those who are eligible, ready, and wish to be evaluated, could ask for such. Kind of like saying they wish to pay an annual fee or entry fee, a way to be evaluated, to figure out what their crimes were in advance, how much time, community services, or social integration would be required if at all to be a part of the community, and society again, and if they would even wish to.

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Tips and Tricks 4

Tips and tricks.

After doing this for sometime I am going to revise some suggestions.

Targets might want to consider wither or not to use their real identities or a faux identity while online. Mark was pretty open and used his real information as were some others. Over time from what I can see, targets might be better off while online using something different or in between. Eg. Anthony Brina and many others use faux names while online. I think this has worked well and might be applied depending on your situation. I have seen it now on several occasions where they think they know who a target is, and they will begin psychological targeting of the Targeted Individual they think it is. (I have
seen them be wrong, and right and the effects that it has.)

This will also depend on how comfortable or uncomfortable you are with your situation. The other thing I would recommend is that if you do use, then do it in a way that protects your identity.  Again can be very effective means of communication, but use it wisely.

Legal and Investigation means.

Over the course of this as you know, I have spoken to police, lawyers, investigators, community workers, individual sources, other targets, etc.

There are many different avenues that a target should try to use when seeking assistance with these covert investigations, or Cointelpro like investigations if you will.

Many targets by the time they find out what is ongoing are usually too improvised to do anything about it, but if you have the means, then you might want to try finding a private investigator, one with prior law enforcement experience, who are familiar with these Covert (Cointelpro) Investigations. (If they say they are not then maybe look elsewhere.)

For the rest who can not afford this means, you can see if you can get your Freedom of information records, keep in mind that you will often get an initial report that there is nothing being investigated, and you might have to follow up with several subsequent requests, or letters.

Going to the police as we have seen usually causes more problems, it does not mean that we should not try, but we have to be careful in our dealings with these people.

Lawyers, there are some that will take a case without proof, but again many will ask that you gather evidence first, and then take it from there.

Background checks.

As a target when doing a background check these are things to consider.

Here is some information one company provided about their background checks.



Your first step in making an informed hiring decision. We make it our business to know your business to provide a total solution for your human resource needs. From initial screening to data verification, qualitative assessment and even post-hire evaluations, we will free you to make decisions and not gather background information.

Through thorough investigations we can verify positions held, performance record, income, job skills, attitude, verify education and much more. Other optional information such as driving history, bankruptcy, financial background, and criminal records.[/quote]

Just some things to be aware of. Also some really good info from I think it focuses on California based background checks, but the information that can be gathered should be pretty consistent across the board.
If you take the time to read the page you will see that there is a great deal of information that can be gathered about you from a standard background checks, up to and including,

[quote]Part 2. What Is Included in a Background Check?

Background reports can range from a verification of an applicant’s Social Security number to a detailed account of the potential employee’s history and acquaintances. There is even some evidence that employers are now searching popular social networking Web sites such as MySpace and Facebook for the profiles of applicants.

Here are some of the pieces of information that might be included in a background check. Note that many of these sources are public records created by government agencies.

Driving records, Vehicle registration, Credit records,
Criminal records, Social Security no, Education records,
Court records, Workers’ compensation, Bankruptcy,
Character references, Neighbor interviews, Medical records, Property ownership, Military records, State licensing records,
Drug test records, Past employers, Personal references, Incarceration records, Sex offender lists.[/quote]

[quote]In both of these situations, the applicant would not have the ability to obtain a copy of the background check to find out what negative information it contained. We have learned of situations where the individual remained unemployed for years, not knowing that wrongful criminal records which resulted from identity theft were the reason for the individual’s failure to find employment. (Read “Identity Theft: The Growing Problem of Wrongful Criminal Records,”[/quote]

So it’s really important as a target that you try to find out what information is out there about yourself, you might want to conduct your own background check and records check, again if you have the means. It might not uncover anything, but it’s a good place to start.

Just some things to think about.

Next time we will look into National Security Letters, the gift that just keeps on giving. I would like to thank the poster who tuned me onto these. If someone is being investigated and your information just happens to be in their possession, accidental or other wise, it could potentially put you onto a list as someone to be monitored. I am still doing the research on these, and I hope to post some good info about these next times. Just one more way society is being silenced, hushed, and turned into a zombie army of snitches, willingly or unwillingly.

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