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The Royal Queen Day. June 5th 2014

TheRoyalty3cThis year let’s make it a day to remember. The second annual The Royal Queen’s Day. June 5th, 2014. A Day to remember. Light celebrations will be held, at various locations. A spiritual display of fireworks and other offering will be sent.

Spiritual gifts will be sent out via The Royal Queen Authority Financial Services, and The Royal Queen Delivery Service. Inside of A Spiritual Place, there will be lot’s to do and see. Aura will put on some celebrations of their own. Watermelon, cake and other light refreshments could be served at various locations, spiritual or otherwise.

The Royal Queen, Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey, and her Family Unit, The Royal Family Of The Heavens will hold their own celebrations. Her spiritual palaces and other locations, are available to visitors upon request. They all use the unique identifier system, so place make your requests in advance.

The Royal Queen is the creator of The Royal Order, She also created The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office, The Call Center, Scribes Press, The only free press. Community Planning and Implementation, and The Royal Queen Support Services System, and Spiritual Based Products, that are assisting humanity with moving one step forward at a time.

To find out more about The Royal Queen, visit and visit the links to her other websites, and find out about additional projects and incentives that she is working on or responsible for.

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Unique Internet Solutions

Unique Internet Solutions

Websites allowing children to access pornography will have payments blocked by banks   

Banks and credit companies will punish sites who do not co-operate with child protection measures    They already monitor illegal porn websites but this is the first time they can punish sites who fail to keep explicit images away from under-age children    This is the latest development of the opt-in system Cameron announced earlier this year which blocks porn from homes unless they ask for it

Instead of having our financial institutions policing the internet, then maybe they could just use the unique identifer system, then we could use the internet in piece, instead of instituting something like that, they are annoying everyone, by trying to get our banks, to police us, are they serious.

Websites allowing children to access pornography will have payments blocked by banks

Banks and credit companies will punish sites who do not co-operate with child protection measures    They already monitor illegal porn websites but this is the first time they can punish sites who fail to keep explicit images away from under-age children    This is the latest development of the opt-in system Cameron announced earlier this year which blocks porn from homes unless they ask for it

If people use their unique identifiers, you could just have it on specific websites, that only people of this age can be on the website, therefore you unique identifier, though anonymous if you choose it to be, could advise and direct, or could ensure websites only enable unique identifiers that have access. Anonymity could still be ensured.

Safety and security could still be ensured, and we would not have to be policed by our financial institutions, am I the only one the finds this a little bit creepy, and uncomfortable, having the banks, also play police? I am not saying it’s all 1984, or something, but it’s creepier than it needs to be.

Also we need long term solutions, what if the websites, find other ways to get paid. If the financial institutions, can’t police in some cases, then what?

I hope there could be a more long term sustainable solutions, than having financial institutions, police the internet.

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Who’s on the throne of England?

Let’s play a game. I was just reading over some of the proposed, new legislation, and I am wondering, if this bill is as it is, and they repel or will will repeal the Royal Marriages Act 1772 in its entirety,  who would then be eligible, to be on the throne of England, spiritually, and on the face of the planet. Imagine of some of those marriages that were there before, showing as ineligible, were now listed as eligible? What would happen to the laws of succession, or rather the line of succession, they would still go through the male line mind you, but who would be on the throne of England?

Which family branch, because I am reading the proposed legislation, and trying to figure out, if section 3.5 does what it says, and if only the first six marriages, require approval, but you go back in time, and repel the act in it’s entirty, then which family would have, or is now eligible for the throne of England. I honestly thought that clause would be backdated, and not current dated, meaning, I thought it would be only current, dated, and not backdated, but I can see that this seems to be otherwise.

I am going to keep reading mind you, but I just thought I would pose the question. Marriages from the 1770′s could become legit again, and the Catholic situation, future forward is not an issue any longer, really! I am wondering if they are truly enabling some previous marriages, from when this act was eligible, to be shown as unapproved, now approved? It’s truly fascinating. Let’s say it would be the coup of the century, and then some if this turned out to be the case, but who knows.

Section 3 of the resulting Succession to the Crown Act 2013 ,[17] if it goes into effect after also being implemented by the other Commonwealth realms , will repeal the Royal Marriages Act 1772 in its entirety, replacing it with a requirement for the first six persons in the line of succession to obtain prior royal consent in order to maintain their eligibility of succession. Article 3(5) of the new Act also provides that, except for succession purposes, any marriage that would have been void under the original act “is to be treated as never having been void” if:

  • It does not involve the top six persons in the line of succession;
  • Royal consent was never sought;
  • “In all the circumstances it was reasonable for the person concerned not to have been aware at the time of the marriage that the Act applied to it, and”
  • No legal action has been raised that depended on the invalidity of the marriage.

There so that one portion of the clause does say, except for where succession purposes are concerned, but if you are repelling an act that goes back to the 1700’s, how do you know if approval of one marriage, will not upset the balance, it might not upset current succession purposes, but future forward, it could upset others. I am truly wondering what this clause changes, does it legitimize situations that would not previously have been legitimized?

This is so interesting, fascinating, truly. except for succession purposes, to me in my mind, this clause, must be current dated, or nothing at all. Mind you, I disapprove of the whole repelling this, and the act of settlement, mind you.

But what if, who has access to a historical database, to see where this could lead?

I mean thing about it, on the surface it does not affect future successions, or rather current succession, but what about the list of 100, and beyond, do some of those previous, marriages arrive into play?

After the official six marriages, then as it so often happens, if a situation arose in future, and let’s say there were some abdications, or another clause that goes further than the first six marriages, what is the contingency plan after that? So many questions. It’s interesting legislation is it not? I would personally repel, the whole thing. The previous laws were there for a reason, and it was not about favoring males over females, the session ran that way for a reason. the line of assention was one of those reasons, he wanted to have a clear line of assention, for heir, and future, joint heirs. Interesting.

I would like to see a listing please, as to which marriages, would be affected by this bill, dating back to the 1700’s, and which situations, would then be affected, and which family branches might now come into play, mind you they would never come, or rather arrive, directly into play, but they could be there, so therefore, I am others, would need to have a list, of those specific, circumstances, that would be affected, by repelling, of the Royal Marriages Act 1772.

That legislation is so very specific, it must be viewed into, meaning looked into from back then, capacity up until now. Everything must be rendered null and void, until they say otherwise, it would be the only situation that would be suitable.

I would like to see a listing please, as to which marriages, would be affected by this bill, dating back to the 1700’s, and which situations, would then be affected, and which family branches might now come into play, mind you they would never come, or rather arrive, directly into play, but they could be there, so therefore, I am others, would need to have a list, of those specific, circumstances, that would be affected, by repelling, of the Royal Marriages Act 1772.

That legislation is so very specific, it must be viewed into, meaning looked into from back then, capacity up until now. Everything must be rendered null and void, until they say otherwise, it would be the only situation that would be suitable.

I have the perfect novel for this, and then this secret marriage here, become suitable, eligible, oh it won’t affect the direct line of succession mind you, but it’s neat to see that this person, or rather this branch is now eligible. It’s fanciful, but you know, interesting.

Article 3(5) of the new Act also provides that, except for succession purposes , any marriage that would have been void under the original act “is to be treatedas never having been void” if:

  • It does not involve the top six persons in the line of succession;
  • Royal consent was never sought;
  • “In all the circumstances it was reasonable for the person concerned not to have been aware at the time of the marriage that the Act applied to it, and”
  • No legal action has been raised that depended on the invalidity of the marriage.

*The more I think about it, I am not worried about it, because this would mean going back, if the article is to be interpreted as is, this would mean going back, and questioning the authority of Victoria, or King George, and making mention that a marriage that they disapproved at the time, that wasn’t eligible, due to the above mentioned reasons, were now eligible, and I am clear, that no one will go back in time and question, Victoria’s authority, or King George, even the parliament that was there at that time, so I am not as worried, I am sure, it’s just a misinterpretation, what else could it be?

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The Ties That Bind


When I first began this adventure, I didn’t think that bloodlines were that important a topic, Blue Bloodlines, Royal Bloodlines, and Bloodlines in general, but as I have done more research, I am clear on something, wither we like them or not, they are the ties that bind, the ties that hold you together. There are a few ways that you can be removed from your bloodline, spiritually, and on earth.

I think if you go the distance, and truly disgrace your bloodline you can be cut off, or truly attempt to link your bloodline, to a truly offensive source, you can be cut off. In some cases you would just not be acknowledged, sometimes through no fault of your own.

What I am now clear on is I take the matter a bit more seriously. I am clear why Royal families of the past, or Bloodline families married each other, and married into specific situations, or at least mated with each other, and seemed to stay away from other lines or relations. I am also clear why some branches were cut off, or let go.

I am also clear on the curses affiliated with some situations, and curses that can be called upon some situations. I am clear why Monarchs of times past, reserved the right to confirm, deny, or approve marriage unions. I am not a snob but honestly, having researched those previous practices, now make sense to me. I think it’s ok to have marriages approved, and approvals given.

I am well pleased with some of the previous laws that some are currently trying to abolish in regards to male line inheritances, and if some religions can marry into specific situations. In doing the research I am clear as to why the laws were written, why no one in previous times dared to even try to remove the laws, and why those trying to remove specific laws, don’t make sense to me.

David Cameron’s speech makes it clear that the new rules are not retroactive, so Prince Charles’s eldest sibling, Anne, will not be in line to the throne in front of her younger brothers Andrew and Edward.

It also means that any heir born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can marry a Catholic and retain the crown.

I disapprove to the stage it does not make sense, changing some of these laws, they might seem irrelevant, but the inheritance rules make sense, when you  change them, and you have a purely male title being passed to the female line, reparations do not seem to be in place for that. Also now that marriages will not need approval, you can have someone marry into the situation purely for the sake or joy of removing the situations from their very existence.

King George I, Queen Victoria, and previous rulers and their laws made sense, they created laws that enabled common marriages for the colonies, and legitimatizes for reasons, many individuals, think and believe that, just because you exist in modern day times these rules do not exist, or can so easily be abolished, but when you remove the foundations, it causes problems down the line. The English Catholic, or rather Protestant Catholic issue was legendary, but it’s not clearly no longer an issue for those who will change the rules.

Prime Ministers have arrived and gone, and refused to change the rules, not because they did not understand or comprehend the issues, but because they did, they have never dared to change the rules, because they are likely cognizant of the future, ramifications, and until contingencies are in place to deal with those, none had dared to try to change the rules or the laws until now.

Catherine Middleton and Williams Child,

I think it’s cute that the child is related to Hollywood Royalty, I would still like to see the charts,  hopefully from a reliable company,

but I think it’s cute, without reading the article, Prince William not only now has a bit of Indian Heritage, via Diana, which is not necessarily a bad thing,  I thought Harry would also be listed, but William has Indian Heritage, which is pretty neat.

Tests on two of her descendants, third cousins of William’s maternal grandmother, Frances Shand Kydd, show the presence of DNA found only in South Asia and passed down the motherline to every child; this, in the words of BritainsDNA, confirms beyond doubt that the housekeeper-mistress, Eliza Kewark, was of Indian heritage.

I think I recall an article about Queen Charlotte, and if you go far back enough, there is likely some black, or bi-racial ancestry. which is interesting, cause in a way if you go far back enough in history, most people are a little bit related, but you would not necessarily want to acknowledge a relation to everyone listed.

old on, you might be saying. Britain has had a black queen? Did I miss something? Surely Helen Mirren played Charlotte in the film The Madness of King George and she was, last time I looked, white? Yet the theory that Queen Charlotte may have been black, albeit sketchy, is nonetheless one that is gaining currency.

If you google Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, you’ll quickly come across a historian called Mario de Valdes y Cocom. He argues that her features, as seen in royal portraits, were conspicuously African, and contends that they were noted by numerous contemporaries. He claims that the queen, though German, was directly descended from a black branch of the Portuguese royal family, related to Margarita de Castro e Souza, a 15th-century Portuguese noblewoman nine generations removed, whose ancestry she traces from the 13th-century ruler Alfonso III and his lover Madragana, whom Valdes takes to have been a Moor and thus a black African.

I can only concur, that my bloodline, family line, family heritage, or what have you, is a little too rich, to be claiming relations to Hollywood Royalty, so unless actually related, let me count myself out of being related to the Middleton’s, Windsor’s, or anyone who’s a little too rich for my blood at the moment thanks.

I think it’s cute, that the child of William and Catherine, are going to be related to (Beyonce & Jay-Z) Blue Ivy Carter, Angelina and Brad Pitt’s six children, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, their 2 children, plus countless others. See it just goes to show, that you don’t have to have a bloodline match to make the grade, or the cut, and be related to everyone. 🙂

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby will also be distant cousins with Celine Dion’s three children, as well as the children of Maggie Gyllenhaal, star The Dark Knight, and Kill Bill actress Uma Thurman.

Kate and William’s first child will also be related to a host of Hollywood stars, including Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, according to family-tracing website

 Hollywood mother Hilary Duff, making her son Luca 19th cousin to the Royal baby.

I am just trying to figure out why baby (Kayne & Kim ‘s) NOrth WEst, was not included in this line up. So looking forward to purchasing her fashion line.

What I will say is that the ties that bind, are very specific, and I have no specific relations, that I can or am willing to claim, to anyone in that most charming article, but it’s good to know that their is Hollywood Royalty out there, and that most of them are related, if you go far back enough. Can the Hollywood Royal children now be in line to the throne? 🙂

The ties that bind, are the ties that hold us together in all seriousness. Families of the past married into specific situations for specific reasons, I am not a snob, but in doing the research into something I thought was rather, none relevant, I see the reason these situations are, and were relevant, and need to be acknowledged, and documented a specific way.

I am seeing too many traditions in recent times broken, I am all for modernization, but I am not for breaking, or doing away with traditions, that are relevant or necessary, especially if you are doing away with those traditions, because someone failed to meet the necessary requirements.

Rulerships have a specific spiritual element, as well as earth element attached, rulership, true rulerships, have roots routed in traditions for a reason, and until a true heir is in place, some of those signs, wonders, traditions, what have you, etc, will not show, or be readily present. We are so very modern are we not, but we are forgetting, why people wanted Kings, Queens, and royal lines or specific bloodlines in the first place, it was said, there were specific properties attached to those lines that were not readily apparent, or inherent in other lines. If it was true then, it’s likely true now, and if so, I do not want to see those traditions, those ties that bind, removed for no good reason.

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Happy International Day if it’s you and yours

Happy Canada Day, and Independence Day, July always brings lot’s of reasons for celebrations. July 1st is Canada Day, and July 4th is Independence Day. They bring reasons for fireworks, and parties. The weekend in Canada was Canada Day Weekend. Independence Day is right around the Corner in the U.S., and Internationally we have a lot of reasons to celebrate, so happy, your day if it’s you and yours. Congratulations, and hoping there are fireworks, no matter which day it is.

From an International, Internet Entrepreneur.

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Jack The Ripper.

Jack The Ripper

Why did a situation like Jack The Ripper happen? I was just going over some of the theories, including the one where he was a member of the Royal Household, and that’s why nothing was done, and I wondered if such a thing could be true.
Could some of the most horrific murders to grace the streets of London have been committed by a Royal person. Really? I mean we like to think that they are different than everyone else, that they are somehow more special, that they are brought up to be caring, polite, and not mass murderers. I find the theory really fascinating, so I am putting the theory to test for modern day times. Could such a thing go unacknowledged, remedied, because people think the situation is being committed by a Royal person?

(Prince Jack by Frank Spiering. The author claims to have found evidence that Prince Eddy was Jack the Ripper. Out of print, but available from Alibris.)

Let’s say the murders began in our time period, or something equally ghastly, like those child pedophile rings you are always hearing about. (Those stories that make the papers some times, like the De Camp cover up’s., or rather the
Franklin Cover Up’s.)

Let’s say you had some Royal person, any country, and they were a complete monster, do you think those around them, family friends, and their establishments would cover up the details? Do you think that they would monstrously enable them to continue to do horrific things over and over to an innocent person.

The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska by John W. DeCamp)

With the Jack The Ripper murders, I sometime think it’s because they were ladies of the evening, prostitutes that people didn’t pay attention. I recall the Robert Pickton murders of this time period, and people didn’t do anything, because the women were poor, many first nations background, and yes many were working in trade, prostitutes. I recall reading that after the third murder or something like that, someone recommended the pig farm. They literally pointed out that that was likely where the bodies were, but to no avail, it would be months, or over a year or more, before the bodies were
discovered, and the horrors unfolded. So such things could happen, and he was not a Royal person.

With Jack The Ripper, if he was a Royal person, they have logs that are suppose to be recorded, but as we know logs can be faked. None of the archives have ever provided any further details, but is it possible, and if such a crime or similar crimes were happening, would they be covered up?

Years ago I would have thought no. I would have thought if there was an international pedophile ring, such as the Franklin Cover Up’s they would be uncovered, but they won’t be. The kids all ended up being threatened, investigators killed, and the worst things left to occur or happen.

In today’s society, I am now more convinced than every that if Jack The Ripper was a Royal person, or even a heir to the throne of some country, that the same thing could happen, even with all of our sophisticated technology, my belief is that the exact same thing or worst could happen. I think friends, family, and colleagues of such individuals are too often there to be enablers, there to play court, and establishments, are there to cover things up, and no to protect the public, but themselves.

I think if a Jack The Ripper situation was occurring, or another Franklin Cover Up, or even the monstrous, repetitive sexual abuse, and molestation of an underage minor was happening, or occurring, the world would sit back and do nothing, because I have come to understand, comprehend something about the world, and it never makes sense, how they sit back and enable things like this to happen or occur, but then they are horrified after when it does, and there is not a God that can stop them.

I am not sure if people are stupid, lazy, or if they just don’t care, I am not sure that I want to find out. With the gang stalking situation, and the apocalypse of our lives, what I can attest to, and do know is that the world can sit back and enable the worst things to happen, and even when you are waving the flag and saying, HELLO, HELLO, THIS IS WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING, they will still sit back asleep and do nothing.

Interesting, none the less. I have heard many theories on Jack The Ripper, and my belief is that it could actually have been possible, back then, and it’s equally possible now, because the world is the exact same thing.

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The World Stage

                                                                                               The World Stage

Is there a lack of originality in the world? Is there a lack of original ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc?

This is what I am thinking, when and if I am ever on the world, or let’s say intergalactic, interplanetary, multi-dimensional stage, this is what I am thinking and hoping.  I hoping that I won’t have to deal with the world leeches, who aren’t doing anything suitable using my items, ideals, and creations.

I don’t wish to go through all the trouble of creating something unique and different like a help grid, only to have someone unoriginal stealing my ideas, it’s not only not a good look, but it’s loathsome, and parasitic.

There are too many people already in the world, doing the outward appearances of goodness, and doing nothing suitable behind the scenes, in fact behind the scenes they are not only not living up to expectations, but they are failing humanity.

So if and when I get to the world stage, I am not going to want the Tom, Dicks, Harry, or I dare say Prince Harry, Williams, Catherine Middleton’s, Obama’s, Clintons, etc begging, borrowing, or stealing my ideas. When you create something original in this world, or do something unique, it’s too easy for others to take credit for something that does not belong to them, if they are already in the stoplight, and you are not. If something is an idea that I have created, then it is an idea that I expect to get credit for, that’s just how the world works, in advance.

In the Targeted Individual community, I have come across a lot of people who honestly don’t come up with the ideas, but are all too willing to steal from others, take what’s not theirs and it’s seriously not a good look. As many of you are aware, the Targeted Individual community is an international community, and we are all too familiar with a variety of  parasites within our community, and the parasites that stalked many of us in the Targeted Individual community.  Many of us  grew to hate and despise these parasitic types, and with good reason. I am hoping that someday, if I ever get to any of those esteemed stages, that I would find those that are original, creative, unique, but I am also all too aware, that I will likely still have to deal with the world leeches, who aren’t doing anything suitable, so this is my wish in advance, I am deeply hoping, they will not be in my spear, and that I will have very limited dealings with them.

Imagine all the fun lawsuits we the little people would have to file in advance to confirm our ideas, creations were our own vs other people’s if those already in situations decided to steal from the little people. My hope and wish again in advance is that I won’t have to deal with too many of these types, but if I do, my fondest and sincere with is to have them out of my way in advance.

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When I am World Ruler

When I am world ruler

Have you ever wanted to change the world? To ensure that children in the world are looked after, cared about and protected?

I was trying to imagine why such a cute child would have such a sad look on her face. There are too many children in the world that are sad, unhappy, that need to be cared about and looked after, and it made me realize, that when I am world ruler this is what I would do.

Right after I alleviate the pain and suffering of Targeted Individuals by confirming that threat assessment teams are responsible for all their pain and horror, the next thing that I would do is look after the children of the world. I would do whatever it takes to alleviate their pain and suffering.

Eg. I would seriously look to have every child predator be branded with the label ‘The Bastard’, and this is why, so that people in society could identify the animals that are hurting innocent children, and actually do something to remove them from the society, cause I think that would be the right, correct and accurate thing to do. Anytime someone yelled or said “The Bastard”, it would give a list of all their crimes, that had been committed against child. I would also use the tag to ban them from specific places.

The next thing I would like to do is list all the stupid people in society that are wasting everyone time and energy. I would like to brand them, and those agents or informants in society as whores who are doing anything suitable, and anytime you asked if they were whores who weren’t doing anything suitable, you would get a warning message.

I would also allow everyone to request a new feature that allows them to check if anyone was doing anything suitable. This way idiocracy wouldn’t have to be an every day reality, or an eventuality.

If anyone has ever seen this movie, this is a fate that humanity needs to avoid.

I would set up a defense, slash protection grid. The grid would monitor what was happening in society, and whenever anyone yelled help, or help me, the grid would come to their assistance. Anywhere in the world where you were located, this grid could file a report, and work with local services.

I would over haul the prisons, by reviewing every prisoner that’s in jail. I would decriminalize drug, because I think a lot of innocent people are in jail because of this. If you have read the blog, you have likely visited the website, and it’s really opened my eyes about people in the American prison system.

I would also have everyone in the mental institutions reviewed, because after my work here, understanding threat assessment teams, this is what would happen, I am aware, that a lot of people being listed as mentally ill in society, or a danger to themselves, are the ones that should be in our society, and a lot of other people being listed as suitable are the

psychopaths of society, the ones that appear suitable on the outside, but are true monsters on the inside.

I would like to know that the correct people could get into the correct situations, and I would love to see that happen. I would also look at issues of homelessness and poverty. I hope some would use this list of things to further their own agenda’s. I would remove shallow things from society, and focus on the things that count.

I would create safer structures, structures that use unique or personal identifiers to access buildings, because that way everyone’s personal safety could be ensured.

I would also revamp the financial systems of the world. I would like to see a different system used. Eg. The Royal Queen Authority Financial System is a system, that I would love to see used. You would just request to activate your earth accounts, and then voila, you would be ready to go with your banking, safely and securely.

Health care, I would also love to have health care reformed, I want each citizen to have proper comprehensive evaluations, and I want them to do it in an affordable manner. You would honestly just request a health evaluation, the help system in conjunction with your personal identifiers would provide a health evaluation.

I would lastly provide remote councilling, to each person who requested it. They would honestly be abel to request remote councilling, and then remote coucilling would begin. You would simply say, I want to have remote councilling and then it would be there.

These are some of the dreams and goals that I would have, and instill if I was world ruler, because then maybe humanity would actually stand a chance.

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Faking Death

Do people ever fake their own deaths? Sounds like a stupid question but it happens more than you think.

You see it a lot in movies. Eg. In Sleeping with the enemy, the character that Julia Roberts plays fakes her own death to get away from an abusive husband.

He later finds her and she has to kill him at the end. A really good movie, and a really good acting.

Another movie along that line is Double Jeopardy. Staring Ashley Judd. In the movie her husband fakes his death, get’s wife to take the fall for his death, only he is not dead, and wife has to spend most of the movie trying to prove that he is not dead, only to kill him at the end of the movie.

Then there is real life, I am not sure how many people know this, but Olivia Newton John, Sandy from the movie Grease, in real life her boyfriend of several years faked his own death.

He did it really well, but  an investigator that kept looking for him, and it was sometime this year or late last year that he was found.

So weird things do happen from time to time. Of course if you are the type that can fake you own death and can Jason Bourne it, requesting a new identity, passport, and relocation, then you probably fit more into secret agent profile than just average people who fake their own deaths.

I just thought it was interesting, because I was remembering the Olivia Newton John thing. The loser kept her in a state of suspended animation, she never knew for sure if he was dead or alive till last year. I think she spent four years trying to find out. It was just a really weird case that I had heard of over the years, but never paid much attention to, till the story broke earlier this year, and meant to blog about it but forgot to. Not really Gang Stalking related, but interesting.

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The American President bows to no one.

This article has nothing to do with Gang Stalking, but I felt it was worth commenting on.

I came across this article the other day, and the wording of it surprised me. It was not vulgar, the language was not racist, yet it’s one one of the most hard hitting critiques of the American President I have come across.

I am at times not too bad with checking the temperature of the net, and this article surprised me. It was a recap of what the writer felt was an unforgivable action and that is the American President bowing to the Japanese Emperor and Empress.

[quote]A little traveling, like a little learning, can be a dangerous thing. Barack Obama on the loose in a foreign land is enough to frighten protocol officers and embarrass the rest of us.[/quote]

I did notice that American’s were upset with his bowing before foreign royalty.

See I think Americans see the president in their own way as royalty. Sure the ties to monarchy on the outside have been removed, but inside American’s want to feel proud, they want to feel that the person that is representing them will do so well. They want to know that American views and values will be upheld.

I was surprised by some of the comments, but the general consensus on some of the forums is that the President should bow to no one.

I think in my personal opinion a bow of respect can be given, but it’s all about how it is delivered that makes the difference.


In the above file footage of his meeting with the King and Queen of England, he does bow, but it’s a moderate bow and it is respectfully returned in kind. Equals of sorts and I don’t recall hearing any recriminations about this bow.

I also suspect the country he was bowing to did play a role. I know many mentioned the War time dead of WWII and felt that it was disrespectful to them as well.

I believe with this President people very much wanted back the good old days. The days they felt proud, the days that they felt that they had their own royalty. The Kennedy years.

I think in part one of the reasons Obama was a shoe in for president is that he did remind many of the Kennedy days. Jackie was queen and it felt as if there was royalty. The Kennedy’s wore no crown, but many felt that they were royal in their own right.

Americans came off of feeling embarrassed at times by the last Administration, I recall many times where the last president did something goofy, or made and error, and the American people cringed with him. When the world hated his policies, they felt hated right along with him.

With this administration one of the things that was promised not overtly, but in it’s own way was good representation. People liked that fact that he had come from a good school, had a degree, and wanted to be represented well. Americans are known for being a proud and arrogant people. Most would deny it, but many in the world want to come to America and be American and that is part of the reason.

After the horrible stimulus package, where they felt that they were violated, but were not quite sure, (You were violated.) they wanted to feel secure again, proud, they don’t want more debt or wild spending being tacked on to themselves or their kids. I think that is in part why they are so cautious with this health care bill. The last previous eight years was a lot for many Americans to deal with.

With this Administration they wanted to put the wars behind, the some degree of shame they might of felt with some previous polices and actions, and I think that is why they are quick to react when they see signs of the previous admin shining forth.

The bow wounded the pride of some. Most Americans would not admit it, but they are a proud and somewhat arrogant people, which is not a bad thing. I think they just want that pride back, and this bow hurt that pride, for some.

Most people will read this article and view it as a bad thing but I don’t fully. It shows me that Americans are a loyal people, it shows me that they take their representative seriously, and it tells me that they want to feel proud and full of hope again.

It means that if the president fails to represent the American people’s well, they will be a disloyal, hurt and angry subject, but if the president represents the American people well, they have the capacity to be loyal, faithful, and to stand with him, and feel pride with him.

To me it shows that they want the president to do well, but were hurt, and again not everyone even cared about this, but some did, and those are people worth listening to. It’s struck me as one of the more strongly worded articles I had come across and I felt that it was worth noting.

Some more highlights.

[quote]This is not the way an American president impresses evildoers that he’s strong, tough and decisive, that America is not to be trifled with.[/quote]

Americans like their tough guy image. Most countries do. They want that don’t mess with our country.

It makes them feel safe, like someone will be capable of looking after their best interests.

[quote]His predecessors learned with no difficulty that the essence of America is that all men stand equal and are entitled to look even a king, maybe particularly a king, straight in the eye……

John F. Kennedy, on the eve of a trip to London, sharply warned Jackie not to curtsy to the queen.[/quote]

I take it that Jackie did not curtsy. Respecting all traditions is a fine line to walk. I know the number of times I have read that this president is narcissistic, yet a narcissist would not bow before another would they? I think sometimes it can be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

I would highlight more, but you will have to read the rest.

I believe Americans when represented well will let a lot go, I am not sure who handles protocols for these trips, I think it’s not a bad idea to have more than one opinion, or suggestion as to proper protocol.

Traditions can be a very limiting thing, and can hold a nation back from progress, but they can also be a beautiful thing, and everyone loves when their’s are respected and adhered to.

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