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Labratory Babies

The Perfect Baby

What if you could have the perfect baby. The only`child that was going to make sense. For so many couples out there, it’s the only situation that seriously makes sense, but what if you couldn’t do it on your own, what if you needed outside assistance. What if you found the perfect location, that location that promises you everything, everything that you could want and more, what if they promised you the perfect baby?

There are lot’s of couples out there, who can’t get pregnant, through no fault of their own, and they want to have a baby. The can’t get prenant for health related reasons, HIV, ovarian cancer, age restrictions, genetic flaws, a variety of reasons, and the lab promises it can help, well it’s the perfect solution, and it’s the only situation that suitably makes sense. The are going to offer you the perfect baby on the outside, the only child that is going to be making any sense, but there is just one thing that they don’t tell you, or advise you of. just
one thing they don’t tell you, they are not quite who you think they are.

For at least two generations or longer, this labratory has been promising the perfect baby. You can choose the eye color, the nose, the hair color, the features you would like to have, (I can’t recall for sure, but when I was on their website, I think you could also choose the genetic traits.) I recall visiting their website a few years back and thinking, wow, it’s neat that they can assist couples with having the perfect baby, but does it go too far? Is it the correct
thing, when you can go too far, when you can choose your own designer baby.

Babies so perfect it doesn’t even make sense. There is just one thing this specific lab, not mentioning which one, forgot to mention. At this moment in time, there is reason, there is more than reason to believe that this labretory is affliated with, or associated, with the Special Operations branch, or the United States Military. A link arrived, no the link or possible link arrivd, due to the research into The Robot Sentient Research Project. The
labs are suppose to offer you the perfect designer baby on the outside, but inside, in most cases or in some case, this is what they are doing, or suppose to be doing. They are suppose to create specifc flaws, specific genetic flaws that don’t even make sense, so the children resemble the perfect people on the outside at first, but then they are suppose to change, or those specific either genetic, or personality traits, those fatal ones, or inappropriate one’s are suppose to appear, unknown to the children.

The labratories operate a in a specific mannerism, there is the earth province componeent, and that’s what will make sense to everyone, but there is also another element, that won’t make any sense, a spiritual component that does not even make sense, or won’t to most people, because it deals with per-existence, per-birth, the spiritual beings that can and do get created. are being created spiritually as well. Perfect on the outside, but at times given genetic, or rather personality traits that sometimes have, or had the potential to place the children into the incorrect situation, but it’s personality flaws, that can, and pleased to announced are eligible to be overcome.

The second component that needs to be mentioned is that these children spiritually, or at the etheric level, the ones that were created for only a spiritual existence have a listen beacon or at times microchips inside so they can be tracked, and spiritually required if they need to be, what was unknown at the time, is that some or all of the children on earth province, may also have similar components, a small previously untraceable, RFID tag, something so small they would never be clear it was there. The chips could be activated if and when at such a time they weren’t eligible to be in the correct situations, or have the correct situations thus occurring. Basically they want these children to seem perfect on the outside, and to start acting out, have drug use, or HIV positive issues to deal with, so that the next generation can look perfect on the outside, but be flawed on the inside.

I want to say this, these people are monsters, and what they did was the incorrect things, in this capacity and regard, these are children, not laboratory experiments, children for you to play around with, children of a lesser god, they are not children for you to determine their fates, they will determine their own fates in time.





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