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The World Stage

                                                                                               The World Stage

Is there a lack of originality in the world? Is there a lack of original ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc?

This is what I am thinking, when and if I am ever on the world, or let’s say intergalactic, interplanetary, multi-dimensional stage, this is what I am thinking and hoping.  I hoping that I won’t have to deal with the world leeches, who aren’t doing anything suitable using my items, ideals, and creations.

I don’t wish to go through all the trouble of creating something unique and different like a help grid, only to have someone unoriginal stealing my ideas, it’s not only not a good look, but it’s loathsome, and parasitic.

There are too many people already in the world, doing the outward appearances of goodness, and doing nothing suitable behind the scenes, in fact behind the scenes they are not only not living up to expectations, but they are failing humanity.

So if and when I get to the world stage, I am not going to want the Tom, Dicks, Harry, or I dare say Prince Harry, Williams, Catherine Middleton’s, Obama’s, Clintons, etc begging, borrowing, or stealing my ideas. When you create something original in this world, or do something unique, it’s too easy for others to take credit for something that does not belong to them, if they are already in the stoplight, and you are not. If something is an idea that I have created, then it is an idea that I expect to get credit for, that’s just how the world works, in advance.

In the Targeted Individual community, I have come across a lot of people who honestly don’t come up with the ideas, but are all too willing to steal from others, take what’s not theirs and it’s seriously not a good look. As many of you are aware, the Targeted Individual community is an international community, and we are all too familiar with a variety of  parasites within our community, and the parasites that stalked many of us in the Targeted Individual community.  Many of us  grew to hate and despise these parasitic types, and with good reason. I am hoping that someday, if I ever get to any of those esteemed stages, that I would find those that are original, creative, unique, but I am also all too aware, that I will likely still have to deal with the world leeches, who aren’t doing anything suitable, so this is my wish in advance, I am deeply hoping, they will not be in my spear, and that I will have very limited dealings with them.

Imagine all the fun lawsuits we the little people would have to file in advance to confirm our ideas, creations were our own vs other people’s if those already in situations decided to steal from the little people. My hope and wish again in advance is that I won’t have to deal with too many of these types, but if I do, my fondest and sincere with is to have them out of my way in advance.

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