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Faking Death

Do people ever fake their own deaths? Sounds like a stupid question but it happens more than you think.

You see it a lot in movies. Eg. In Sleeping with the enemy, the character that Julia Roberts plays fakes her own death to get away from an abusive husband.

He later finds her and she has to kill him at the end. A really good movie, and a really good acting.

Another movie along that line is Double Jeopardy. Staring Ashley Judd. In the movie her husband fakes his death, get’s wife to take the fall for his death, only he is not dead, and wife has to spend most of the movie trying to prove that he is not dead, only to kill him at the end of the movie.

Then there is real life, I am not sure how many people know this, but Olivia Newton John, Sandy from the movie Grease, in real life her boyfriend of several years faked his own death.

He did it really well, but  an investigator that kept looking for him, and it was sometime this year or late last year that he was found.

So weird things do happen from time to time. Of course if you are the type that can fake you own death and can Jason Bourne it, requesting a new identity, passport, and relocation, then you probably fit more into secret agent profile than just average people who fake their own deaths.

I just thought it was interesting, because I was remembering the Olivia Newton John thing. The loser kept her in a state of suspended animation, she never knew for sure if he was dead or alive till last year. I think she spent four years trying to find out. It was just a really weird case that I had heard of over the years, but never paid much attention to, till the story broke earlier this year, and meant to blog about it but forgot to. Not really Gang Stalking related, but interesting.

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Remote attack

Heart attack?

For the last week or so, the informants in my vicinity who have been on watch, have been using something akin to possibly an ultrasonic, or electromagnetic remote device on me. It feels sort of like a reverse suction. It basically feels like your insides are pulsating on high speed. Now they do things like this consistently to targets, and the shielding that I use, usually stops most of this, but what they are doing right now, is aimed I would guess at my upper body, heart being on of those things. It’s vibrating my upper body to a dangerous degree.

Now I am trying to shield, but my normal forms of shielding have been limited. Since I am in pretty good health, not suicidal, or anything, there should be no reason for me to have any problems. Now because they are stupid they could just be aiming at my heart as a way of monitoring, but what they are doing is vibrating my chest to such a degree that it’s really not ok, and I would say dangerous.

So I just thought I would point this out. Usually when targets write about their targeting, it just encourages the little s*its to do it more, but I thought it would be a good idea to point out what the little creatures are doing. Evil sometimes just has to be stupid to carry out evil, or it can be deliberate.

Either way for those who do not understand the situations that targets face, their first thought might naively be, well why not call the police? Because as every other target has discovered, the police are not our friends, and most times they are in league with what is ongoing. Not every officer is like that, but even the good ones often don’t have ready answers or solutions. Others might think it’s just a harmless game of being followed around, but the monitoring that they do, not only qualifies as human torture, at times, it should qualify as murder.

We have all heard of 23 year olds investigating 9/11 dying of heart attacks and so forth. Not likely, but I can think of such cases and it has always made me wonder, but when you are associated with no one, and no one of any consequence has any attachments to you, it can be quite easy for such things to go unremedied.

Even when high profile people advise us of conspiracies against them, and then they expire, most people are in limited positions to do any kind of investigation what so ever, it’s just the way of the world, and it sucks. It really truly sucks.

I also believe that those in positions of power are so far removed from the suffering of others, that they have no idea what is truly going on. So even if we got the attention of those in positions to help, if they have no empathy, no sympathy to our plights, they may well not be the best ones to help. The best people who are able to help are those who believe targets, those who have compassion for what they are going through.

I know one person who is being electronically harassed, and this person absolutely refuses to acknowledge that it’s going on, and also is of little use to anyone else when it comes to discussing it. Even targets themselves who are like this offer very little help to their own cause, much less the plight of others. Do I blame this person, yes to a degree, but really to discuss it would also put this person at risk of being listed as mentally ill, so it’s hard to say.

I think the best people in any situation who can help, are those who are willing to reach out, lend a hand, an ear, those who understand that this system is not what it’s meant to be. I think those who still believe this in this system might be too far removed to really understand what needs to be done, might also be too attached to this system. That is why nothing was done with the DeCamp case, where Senator DeCamp tried to help the kids that had been victims of a pedophile ring. All the kids were humiliated, sent to jail, killed, or silenced. All to protect the system. Till people at all levels stop protecting this system, then a lot of the wrongs will never be righted.

For me I hope to find people that are empathetic to what I am going through, who can really truly understand what is happening, I think those are the best people who can help, and others well meaning are not, might just be unable to render the proper assistance that is needed, no matter what level they are at in society.

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