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What’s in a name? Everything!

A boy named Adolf Hitler

This story has been ongoing for 3 years or more now, I am not sure if you are familiar with the particulars of the situation, so let me summerize, the Cambell’s had three children, they decided to take Adolf to the store for his birthday to get his name written on his birthday cake, the lady at the store refused, after she refused, they requested an apology, and that’s where the story begins, I wish that is where it had ended, but it isn’t.

I always recall this story, because to me it wasn’t about being white supremacists or not, it came down to something more core, more essential, the ability to name your children what you want to name them. If it is within reason, I think you should be eligible to name your children what you wish to name them. I believe this is what it came down to, and I think the fact that this situation went on this long speaks volumes about our society and how
controlled it is.

In the interum of this case, they brought in issue of abuse this, was there abuse, was it this type of situation, here, was it this type of situation there, but to me it came down to, what you can and can not name your children, and who has the capacity to step in and tell you what to do with them.–dont-kids-back.html#ixzz2WbOMT1LW

The parents who gave their children Nazi-inspired names say they were found not guilty of child abuse Tuesday though have yet to receive their children from protective custody

I recall this situation, because at the time 911 conspiracy was still ongoing, and they were wondering, if they started naming their kids ‘inside job’, was the state going to come and round them up? We are advised that to name the child Hitler was abusive, but like him or not, Adolf Hitler was a historical figure, will the same situation occur if you name your child Genghis Khan?

There have been many individuals throughout space, and time that we now like to regard as despots, evil, horrible people, but at the time, and even to their own culture, these people at the time might not have been regarded as such.

Now admittedly, because the family had tattoo’s, and possibly Nazi beliefs, this did not help, aid, or assist the situation, if the family in question were not white supremisis, and were let’s say of asian, african, or jewish decent, would this have caused as much of a contraversy, would it have been viewed the same way? How much control should the state really have over what you name your kids, and are entitled to name your kids.

The controversy is interesting, because at the time Adolf was likely a popular enough name, Hitler unknown, but before the History books wrote him in as a complete monster, and despot, I recall reading that he was actually popular  at one time.  What of individuals who have the name from back then, or someone who decides to take on the name innocently enough, can they expect to be in a similar situation, or have their children taken?

Through the 1930s the letters grow in number and Hitler received many before the elections in 1933. And he got thousands on his birthday.

What is your capacity as a parent, what are your rights? I think within reason, you should have the capacity to name your children what you wish. I would like to know that if you name your kid Ayatollah, (which means sign of God, Sign of Allah”) and even if you added the Khomeini, would your kids be taken, he was really contraversial in the 1980’s, and it’s something that could simply not have been done on American, or North American soil, but what if future generations wanted to, are those kids in jepordy as well?

I am personally fond of the name genghis khan, maybe even Alexander The Great, what about vengeance and a sword, one would be historically ok to name a child, and the other not? Is this the actually situation, are they going to come banging down your door if
you do choose such a name in future? Celebrities get away with choosing some of the most outlandish names I have ever seen, but most times they are not in danger of losing those children, or being accused of being abusive. I am not failing to see that the cambells were white supremisis, or that they hold specific belifs, but I was under the impression, that you could not take their kids, for those specific beliefs that they hold, but you know what, it seems as if the state did just that.

May we live in interesting times, because we already do.

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The New Religion

I see the new religion starting again. The hunt for terrorists, and I can see where this is going, it’s looking shiny and effulgent, so I am just going to post this once, and let you get on with your new religion, even if it’s an old one, but today, it’s shinier and more effulgent than ever.

To another wonderful 12 years of hunting terrorists, getting stripped searched, giving up your freedoms, and exporting the terror, i mean new religion to the rest of the world. By the time it’s finished this time, even Texas won’t survive.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Not a truther

9/11 Truth.

Many people say that they want 9/11 truth, but I think the truth is that many people can not truly handle 9/11 truth.

I don’t consider myself a truther in the traditional sense. I do believe much like Operation Northwoods that 9/11 was planned and carried out by internal forces. That’s where it ends for me. If people want to believe it, good for them, if not good for them. I do not need or care if people believe the truth, cause quite frankly I don’t believe most people can truly handle the truth.

I support 9/11 truthers. I wish them the best, if they find any new evidence, then I try to post it, but this is not a real issue for me, and in that sense I don’t consider myself a truther.

I do consider real truthers to be brave, I share and understand the frustration of trying to uncover a conspiracy of vast portions. Trying to prove that people are being placed under investigations, on lists, and followed by informants has been no easy task these last four years.

I think 9/11 truthers are brave. I have heard about the questionable deaths, about 23 year olds dying of heart attacks. They have a very challenging road, and I don’t envy them their cause. I believe people being Gang Stalked, meaning followed around by informants and placed under investigations, gaslighted, and on lists will be proven. 9/11 I am not so sure about.

For 9/11 to be proven I very much believe that the momentum must keep going. This week the truthers are being tested. People are trying to link them to holocaust denial, they did this with climate skeptics as well. They are trying to link them as a dangerous conspiracy, anyone believing in it needs to be watched and on and on it goes. If anything however the shooting this week near the pentagon, just shows the need to have the investigation re-opened. It shows that people still have many unanswered questions, and that by mocking them, turning them into terrorist, and stifling their unanswered questions, you do them and society no good. It just goes to show that this issue is not going away. People want truth on this topic. To settle for anything less is deeply disrespectful to the dead and those dying from 9/11 complications. To heal the psyche of the American Nation, the truth must be uncovered, but when and if it is, can and will you be ready to handle the truth?

Before you can have the truth, you must be prepared to deal with all the consequences that truth can bring. For me I knew that there was something happening. I realised I was being followed while out in public. I tested and verified that I was under surveillance. I knew the people around me were involved, and not telling me the truth. I was left out of something vital, and it was horrifying emotionally. It came to the stage where not knowing the truth, was worst than knowing the truth. I prayed and surrendered myself to a higher power, and just said that I needed the truth, and no matter what it was, I could accept it. I had to get myself into that state of readiness first, or else, I don’t believe the truth would have come, and it would have been more years of knowing something was going on, and not knowing what.

To have truth, you must be in a state where you can handle truth. Is America ready for this? Many think they are, I disagree. Think about the real consequences, and ask yourself again if you can handle the truth.

Can you accept that Democratic countries went to two wars, based on lies?

Killed over a million Iraqi’s?

Raped and murdered woman and children?

That your own citizens were killed in a government plot to go to war, just like Operation Northwoods, but 40-50 years later.

Are you really ready to handle the betrayal?

Are you truly ready for the emotional pain that would cause? I mean really raw emotional pain?

Are you ready for how that would change your view of yourselves as hero’s of the world to villains?

Are you ready for all the consequences that have come due to 9/11. The prison/concentration camps of innocent men and woman, who did nothing to America?

The solders raped, the ones who died for nothing, who committed suicide fighting an unjust war?

Do you honestly think you are ready for all that? I don’t think you are. I don’t think you can handle the truth, and thus why I don’t consider myself a truther. I believe that the above is the truth, but I leave it to braver men and women than myself to try to convince you of such.

I don’t care if you ever come to believe the truth, I don’t think you can handle it, I don’t want to see the emotional pain it would cause you. I have been there myself in discovering the truth about what governments are capable of, and it takes years to come to the point of acceptance. This does not happen overnight.

Americans think so well of themselves, see themselves as patriotic, proud. Could you really handle the truth of that, if the truth was that your government, your parent figure did something so bad, to your fellow brothers, sisters, countrymen? I don’t think so.

I think Americans are good people, they want to believe the best about the government, that it will protect them and look after them. I don’t think they are gullible, yet I see them getting played, the way Hal Turner played people, time and time again.

With all my heart and I am being as honest as I can be. I don’t think you can handle the truth. I don’t think anyone who knows the truth about 9/11 has any real incentive to come forward. You don’t generally protect whistle-blowers, and there is hardly a person on earth who could truly protect a real 9/11 whistle-blower.

Just like people lie and keep quite about the informant network used to follow Targeted Individuals around, I don’t see any need for 9/11 whistle-blowers to do anything less to protect themselves.

That’s why I don’t consider myself a truther, but I do believe that 9/11 was deliberate, but I just don’t care if others can handle the truth, just as long as I can. Sometimes personal truth is as good as it gets.

Maybe someday in some far away land, the psyche of the American people will be far enough removed that they will see and understand that the actions of their governments, is not, I repeat not something that they are, or were responsible for. Maybe then truth of this horrible time that has past, can finally come to light, but until then I don’t think that you can handle the truth.

So feel free to jump on this post, at a time when others are hiding in the sand, I still say, you did it. I don’t care if anyone else believes, or knows the truth, personal truth on this one will suffice for me. That is why I don’t consider myself a truther.

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Don’t Bend. Don’t Break.

Don’t Bend. Don’t Break.

I was recently speaking to another Targeted Individual, and he felt like he wanted to give up, because that’s what happens when you are targeted day in and day out, but I advised him, not to bend, not to break, because that’s the last thing that we need. We need to have a chance to survive. We need to show that we are the correct people, and we strive as best as we can to do the correct things, on a daily basis.

Targeted Individuals, this is your month. It’s finally November, and it’s Indigo Ribbon Month, with November 23, being the culmination. You can raise awareness, share a story, or wear your ribbon, banners, light candles, release ballons, show your support for those who create these initiatives.

It’s been several years since the original site was launched and since then, several targets have elected to run their own campaigns and to do their own things, in support of Targeted Individuals. It’s been wonderful to watch the community come together. Looking back at how far the campaign has come.

We now have a cool little store dedicated to the Indigo Ribbon Campaign.

We are also on Twitter, so you can keep up throughout the year on whatever we are doing, any new items, or just great ways to support Targeted Individuals. 

Years ago there were very few websites, no newspaper articles, and maybe one book. Now there are dozens of books, related to, and around. There have been quite a few articles on the subject of Gangstalking, it’s been on the news.

The Threat Assessment Teams, and local monitoring units are well known. Targets are much better organized, even though we feel that we are out there by ourselves.

We have youtube channels dedicated to these topics. one of the original, and first youtube channels dedicated to this topic.

We have come along way with website, news articles, videos, campaigns, etc. As a community, it’s time to sit down, take pause, give ourselves a pat on the back. There is more to be done, the war still has to be done, but we have come a long way, and hopefully we will continue to get where we need to be.

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Pride and Prejudice, and the Informant System

Pride and Prejudice, and the Informant System

Whenever the informants are around it’s as if they are speaking a different language, and it’s as if I almost need a translator or something. It’s as if they are speaking a different language in the stage, that it doesn’t even make
sense. They or often around doing the most inconsistent things, but then they often seem to think that they are doing the most suitable of things, and that’s why it does even make sense. They do the silliest things at times, again generalizing, because there is good and bad everywhere, and think that they are doing the most cleverest of things.

They remind me of Lydia in Pride and Prejudice. (The BBC version) This little twit manages to do the stupidest of things ever, along with her enabling mother.

She puts the family in harms way to the stage where it doesn’t even make sense.

She brings the family down to their lowest denominator possible, and then she  thinks that the correct things just magically happened on it’s own. Sure she went to bath, and sure she went away with Wickem to elope, but she missed the
part where she then enabled an infamous relationship, that threw everyone into the incorrect situations.

Then it was up to everyone around this little twit to fix the situation. Darcy had to step in, and put Elizabeth into the correct situation, it was suppose to be that type of situation, but Lydia, that dizt, made it into one. Thus why 5
sensible minutes was later on instituted for that other dip, Kitty. And this is why I’am saying it this way. The informant system, does not on the surface, or even the foreground, appear to be doing anything suitable for anyone in the

From a Targeted Individual stand point, these are the bains of our existence. They stalk us, they destroy our stuff, they ruin the things around them, then they think it’s the funniest thing ever. Myself and other targets have been at
times made so upset by these people it does even make sense at times, but they keep doing the exact same thing. then they think that they have pulled off something brilliant, which doesn’t even make sense to us. What no, you didn’t,
you pulled off a Wickem, you managed to snare yourself a Wickem, truly, really, how nice for you. Seriously, these bitches at times are seriously tripping. They do the most spiteful things, end of with the worst outcomes, then think that
they are doing something cleaver.

Everytime I see that Elizabeth character having to smile, and make nice with that little dip Lydia that almost destroyed the family, or watching the little twit walk ahead of her and Jane, I just think, what a dip. Then watching the Elizabeth character be nice to Wickem, the guy just needs a drop kick right, but she’s there making nice with him, and that’s what Targeted Individuals are remaining with somethings, we are left with being nice, and smiling with dip relatives, friends, associates, who have been ensnared by this stupid, freaking, system. We have to make nice, smile, fix everything the dip Lydia of a system does, or to a lesser degree Kitty, then there is the enabling mother, Mrs Bennett, who thinks that Lydia did something cleaver. We are left, meaning remaining to deal with the enabling, offices around them or officials around
them, who think these dips are doing something cleaver for the society, when in most cases, the majority of cases, they are bringing society down to it’s lowest common denominator.

So like the knowing characters in the movie, Darcy, your an ok kind of guy, Elizabeth, and the rest of them who survived the informant system, I mean the Lydia of a disaster, and Wickem that was brought into their lives, and into their worlds, then I say or mention, your ok type of people, and if you can survive such a disaster, and make something of it, you might just be ok type of people.

So for those in T.V. land, that’s the kind of situation that we have been dealing with, we have been dealing with the Lydia’s, Kitty’s, and Wickems of the world, throw in a Mary, and God, yes Mrs. Bennett, for good measure, and that is
what we have been dealing with, our camp against their camp, day in, day out.

God how we survived, is a bloody miracle. We deal with this day in day out, and that’s what it’s like to be a Targeted Individual, to survive such disaster day in day out, and to fix the stupidest things, that the Lydia’s, Darcy’s, and
Wickems, or wrothing on the world. Darcy got a mention, cause he understood the situations, it was up to him to remedy it, he understood that Wickem, was a low life scumbag was wasn’t doing anything suitable, and he should have mentioned it sooner, to his listening audience, but then he was an ok guy, cause he didn’t want to embarrass his little sister georgiana, or seem like that type of guy to put everything out there in the open.

That type of disaster is what we deal with, and fix all the time as Targeted Individuals, then we are left, remaining with saying, we survived. We lived to tell the tail.

If Elizabeth and the rest, of them can survive the informant system, ie. Lydia of a disaster that she wroth, then we can survive the Lydia’s, and the Wickems of the world. The hard part is learning to smile, when they roll around in the
brilliance of their actions, thinking that they have done the most brilliant things, knowing full well it’s otherwise.

Maybe a hero will save us. Darcy if you are out there, the world could use a couple of hero’s, if not, Elizabeth, girl, female, you will do ok for yourself.

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Jack The Ripper.

Jack The Ripper

Why did a situation like Jack The Ripper happen? I was just going over some of the theories, including the one where he was a member of the Royal Household, and that’s why nothing was done, and I wondered if such a thing could be true.
Could some of the most horrific murders to grace the streets of London have been committed by a Royal person. Really? I mean we like to think that they are different than everyone else, that they are somehow more special, that they are brought up to be caring, polite, and not mass murderers. I find the theory really fascinating, so I am putting the theory to test for modern day times. Could such a thing go unacknowledged, remedied, because people think the situation is being committed by a Royal person?

(Prince Jack by Frank Spiering. The author claims to have found evidence that Prince Eddy was Jack the Ripper. Out of print, but available from Alibris.)

Let’s say the murders began in our time period, or something equally ghastly, like those child pedophile rings you are always hearing about. (Those stories that make the papers some times, like the De Camp cover up’s., or rather the
Franklin Cover Up’s.)

Let’s say you had some Royal person, any country, and they were a complete monster, do you think those around them, family friends, and their establishments would cover up the details? Do you think that they would monstrously enable them to continue to do horrific things over and over to an innocent person.

The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska by John W. DeCamp)

With the Jack The Ripper murders, I sometime think it’s because they were ladies of the evening, prostitutes that people didn’t pay attention. I recall the Robert Pickton murders of this time period, and people didn’t do anything, because the women were poor, many first nations background, and yes many were working in trade, prostitutes. I recall reading that after the third murder or something like that, someone recommended the pig farm. They literally pointed out that that was likely where the bodies were, but to no avail, it would be months, or over a year or more, before the bodies were
discovered, and the horrors unfolded. So such things could happen, and he was not a Royal person.

With Jack The Ripper, if he was a Royal person, they have logs that are suppose to be recorded, but as we know logs can be faked. None of the archives have ever provided any further details, but is it possible, and if such a crime or similar crimes were happening, would they be covered up?

Years ago I would have thought no. I would have thought if there was an international pedophile ring, such as the Franklin Cover Up’s they would be uncovered, but they won’t be. The kids all ended up being threatened, investigators killed, and the worst things left to occur or happen.

In today’s society, I am now more convinced than every that if Jack The Ripper was a Royal person, or even a heir to the throne of some country, that the same thing could happen, even with all of our sophisticated technology, my belief is that the exact same thing or worst could happen. I think friends, family, and colleagues of such individuals are too often there to be enablers, there to play court, and establishments, are there to cover things up, and no to protect the public, but themselves.

I think if a Jack The Ripper situation was occurring, or another Franklin Cover Up, or even the monstrous, repetitive sexual abuse, and molestation of an underage minor was happening, or occurring, the world would sit back and do nothing, because I have come to understand, comprehend something about the world, and it never makes sense, how they sit back and enable things like this to happen or occur, but then they are horrified after when it does, and there is not a God that can stop them.

I am not sure if people are stupid, lazy, or if they just don’t care, I am not sure that I want to find out. With the gang stalking situation, and the apocalypse of our lives, what I can attest to, and do know is that the world can sit back and enable the worst things to happen, and even when you are waving the flag and saying, HELLO, HELLO, THIS IS WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING, they will still sit back asleep and do nothing.

Interesting, none the less. I have heard many theories on Jack The Ripper, and my belief is that it could actually have been possible, back then, and it’s equally possible now, because the world is the exact same thing.

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Alternative Justice System

Alternative Justice System

More on the Threat Assessment Teams, and the Alternative Justice System. Ok so I have been looking into what’s happening, and I have been able to discover some interesting things, in addition to the Threat Assessment Teams,
that are there, within or just outside of that structure is another structure, an *Alternative Structure, but they may as well be the same.

The Threat Assessment Team have local people for each area who do the local monitoring, the monitoring teams. In my case the people are basically the lowest common denominators, they try to file false reports on a regular basis, and the structure they should use to evaluate the individuals in the situation, they manage to manipulate, or obstruct to the stage that they can keep the files or cases going for years at a time. The little they make for their efforts are often not worth it, thus why targets might get home break in’s and other items stolen, they are often not the most qualified, however they are the lowest common denominators and these are the individuals that they have in people’s lives and livelihoods.

Along with listing people as Mentally Ill, the Men in our communities and sometimes women as child molesters, Women as prostitutes, etc, they have also started to trend with falsely listing Targeted Individuals as HIV Positive when they are not. Trying to make people look like they are thieves (stolen credit cards) is another one that I have come across, it’s been fascinating research, on just how low these people are, and how truly scummy they are. Ralph, Lisa, this
goes out to you.

That’s the normal local monitoring units, which get assigned by the Threat Assessment Teams, in addition to this, the teams which are required to keep their distance, have instead been making contact with an underage minor child. The child is honestly able to receive instructions from the people in the situation, and follows the instructions, without knowing any better.

What’s been discovered recently is that one of the males in the situation of being on the local monitoring teams, is honestly also in the background, giving the underage minor child, and I do mean underage minor child explicit

*(These people have one goal, one desire and it’s to get the children into the informant system as soon as possible, they honestly run interference in the lives of children, possibly even yours, that’s important to know, and understand.)

I posting a link to this report, I can’t vouch for everything in the report, or even anything, but some aspects are correct, such as the majority of people being on the informant system, and who get’s let into specific countries.

The Alternative way the System works, which masks itself within or just outside of the Threat Assessment Team, but Mike who is more of a head hunter specifically hired by a company to insure the person stays in the incorrect situation, and that the incorrect situation keeps happening. The exact same structure is used, and it’s used on all the informants. I have been abel to access the hearing frequency that’s used for these people, and they get instructions when they are on the streets, the people are idiots mind you, but they do follow orders.

The video is the closest I could find, but it’s good enough. The loser in the situation here, works by telling them to bump into the Target, we just want to see the persons reaction, they are being evaluated, we just want to ensure they don’t react, meanwhile, you would have to be a complete idiot to go along with it, but on a given stroll, when you can hear this stuff, the people follow what they are being told, walk too close, just brush up, we just need to see a reaction.

What I have been able to discover is the guy behind this portion of it, is a head hunter hired by a previous company that I worked for, and has been hired to be in the situation, until I am removed from mine. The investigation is going really well, they are complete lowlifes. They are everything mentioned and more. Even without this specific scumbag, the local monitoring units, and their unit commanders are often the worst people at times, and they are people that have been on the informant system in most cases for years and years.

One of my neat discoveries is that they serious want to do something unsuitable to me, because I have specific items in my possession that they thought would belong to them someday. (They literally think that if I am not in the picture, they will be able to rob blind some items I possess. They are the lowness that me, and so many others did not need in our situation.) They make very little doing this, and so if they can steal, destroy our items, or just plot to steal them, they feel very good able themselves. I despise them with everything that I have, there is no other way to say it, when you truly
discover just how disgraceful, and low these creatures are that they put into people’s lives. (Again keep in mind that not every informant is low, and not everyone on the Threat Assessment Team is low, some are there to do a credible job, but the ones that get assigned all too often, are not the correct sort of people and they don’t do the correct things. I want to see the whole system get revamped if I could.)

Conspiracy is still the word, but if you understand how the system works a little bit, it all at times can seem perfectly normal to an outsider, who doesn’t take the time to look a little bit closer for the truth.

*(Alternative in the sense that the person has a specific alternative agenda, and uses methods within the structure.)

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Mind Rape

I have been having some unusual events happening at the Rapid Eye Movement sleep (R.E.M.) states of sleep or states of consciousness. I don’t often like to share such personal events, but because they are unusual and they match some real life technology that has been reportedly tested out on live subjects in the past, I wanted to share what was happening and see what type of feedback I could get.

I was going to sleep about a while ago, and while I was in the process of falling asleep, with my eyes closed I could see like these images being downloaded into my head. Since I was starting to fall asleep it was the last impression that I had before fully being asleep. I know that sounds weird. You could see like images, words, litterally like a download.

Anyways I woke up with a slight headache, and my dreams have not been my own every since then. Anyone who is aware of their dreams, or their dream states, might be able to state specific patterns to how they dream. If you are the type that record your dreams, or have had any such experience, then you will be familiar with dream patterns, etc.

My R.E.M. dreams are filled with images that are not my own, people, places, etc. I am very in touch with my dreams. I have dreams for decades upon decades, and these are not similar to any types of dreams that I am aware of having, recording, or otherwise.

Through the R.E.M. dream cycles I get things like the mind attic. Eg. Like being in a brain attic that looks like an attic. I can see all the files all over the place, I assume those are the images that were imputed, like images that have been displaced from a file folder, but my images seem to be displaced or scrubbed.

At some points in the R.E.M. dreams state, or just there about, I can hear in my dream/sleep like some person is asking if I trust him. I assume this is the R.E.M. version of a handler. Words like let’s give this person a bath later, (I assume it’s a reference to a mind scrub, but am not sure.) etc can be heard. They are measuring my evoked potential.

When these dreams happen. I can feel what I believe to be the Subliminal acoustic manipulation of my nervous system.

In other words the emotions for the dreams seem to be getting pumped into me, via my nervous system. I can feel my bed vibrating. Eg. I have experiences what feel like the acoustic manipulation of the nervous system. I have previously experience vibrational wave patterns that were able to make me sleepy, sad, and other states, but that was it, and it did not affect my dreams. Also if I just place my hands over my head, the top of my head, then it’s almost like putting my hand in front of a projector, meaning that the images that do not pertain to me do not get flashed or do not come ot the surface of my mind. I don’t know if this would work in deep R.E.M., or if this would work if I could get rid of the manipulation of the nervous system,  I suspect that it’s neccessary in order for this to work.

These dreams are nothing short of a mind assult. There is no other way to describe them. On the one hand, I do miss my R.E.M.’s, cause they use to be very personal, and I enjoyed them a great deal, these dreams are nothing but mind fluff and mind candy.

The people making the statements in my dreams, sound like they have the competence of a nat, they would make the cartoon characters like beavis or butthead  look intellegent.

I am not accoustomed to being around stupid people in my awake state, and now it seems that in my R.E.M. dream state, that is to be the experience for the near future.

I was not sure if this should be something that is shared with the community or not. Start talking about your dreams online, and the next thing you know, some online psychiatrist similar type that was not hugged as a child wants to claim that you are having a break from reality or some nonesense like that.

People would rather imagine that things or even technology like this is not possible. I would rather imagine that things like this are not possible, and exist in the realm of shows like the dollhouse and others. This is not exactly like that show, but it’s as close as one would like to come.

What I have experienced in my dreams reminds me of Remote Neural Monitoring, a type of brain tapping if you will.

Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject’s brain and show images from the subject’s brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject’s eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject’s brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain-programming purposes.

I believe the latter half of this best describes what is occuring, with images that are not my own, and words that are not my own. The programing that someone is trying to initiate reminds me of what I have seen initiated in the show the dollhouse.

Now I have had experiences similar to this before once, eg. Images or a sense that images had been downloaded, but it never affected my R.E.M. state, and things returned to normal, in a short enough space of time. What is happening now in these dreams, is it’s like that whole center has been removed, or erased. The images, people, locations, etc, are all not my own, have no relationship to me, and all have similar repetative themes.

From what others have described as mind programing, this could be considered the same, but for the R.E.M. state.

This was done at a distance, but the real physical sensations that were encountered feel as if a beam of something had hit in inner brain cortex, near the base of the neck, right to the center of the top of the head, but it all feels internal, below the skull. Sort of felt like brain surgury, in the sense that whenever I would have specific thought, or perform mind functions while semi lucid, I would get a painful sensation in those specific areas of the brain. It’s only recently that the pain has subsiding to some degree, while awake. It only lasted a short space of time.

What’s really weird is that in one of these dream sessions they stated that someone high up from either a previous administration, or this one had authorized the events that were happening, but I kept thinking in the R.E.M. state, why would this person do such a thing, why would someone want to create a passive, controlled person? In my dream I was left thinking since I was given a last name and not a first name. Either they are flat out lying. The person authorized this previously without realizing what they were doing, or this slick person did it currently knowing full well what they were after, or it’s the other half of the two. I don’t know what to think, and this is all in R.E.M., so who knows.

Now this is all taking place in R.E.M., none of it is happening while awake, except for the headaches, my other states of lucid dreaming are all still normal. When I awake I feel like I have not slept ofcourse, cause the dreams, places and locations are all not mine so they are not fully comfortable. I don’t feel satisfied when I sleep anymore, it’s just like a program running, but it has nothing to do with my true essential self.

Our governments are dangerous to say the least. The American government seems to be more dangerous to the people’s of the world than most other governments. Their agencies, people who gives authorizations for these things. If this can be done at a distance,  then what is to stop them from using this on politicians and others? International dignitaries? Remember based on the statements in the Akwei case, this technology has been available for some time. He worked for NSA, and I believe with the technology.

What I can essential get from the dreams is that they are designed to be some type of behavioural modification, controlled session, in essence done to create a passive person. All they are doing in the dream is making me just the opposite, cause of course no one likes to be violated in ones own mind, and have their dreams displaced.

I have a pretty good seat of the soul. I have always been a good dreamer. I now have to depend on my lucid dreams to help my mind relax because my R.E.M. dreams are flucked for the time being. Is it permanent? Hard to say.

I was not going to share cause this is something personal, and I don’t need the shrills all commenting on these posts with their flucked up, fake sympathy like they have any real emotions left whatsoever. Real targets as much as they might like to assist can only comment if they have been through similar and most have not been.

If this is meant to be R.E.M. programing at a distance. I don’t belive it will work, because my seat of the soul is fairly strong, I have a strong character, and I hate these people to a very strong degree, dreams or otherwise.

I am not worried about programing, because I have a strong belief that some people just can not be programmed. What I am dreaming is like fluff for the mind, but I do know that without proper sleep, the mind can grow hungry. My mind is not accoustomed to any of this type of fluff and so it’s been radically rejecting most of the dreams.

What I do worry about for the future however is if they can implant images into the mind. We are now using EEG to accuse people of crimes. A woman in India was sent to jail, because they did an EEG and found images in her brain pertaining to the crime. What will happen in future if technology such as this  starts to get used heavily, and others are accused and prosecuted for crimes, which they did not do, but images and senarios that are programmed in from a distance?

Dreams are the seat of the soul. Because I keep rejecting the dreams for the most part, they keep trying to adjust the dreams, but how can you accept dreams that are not yours? I awake, and the parts of the dreams I can recall I reject, they are just not mine, something deeper, something more spiritual knows that they are not mine and rejects them.

I think on a weak mind, that is filled with the American fluff that is in popular culture, this would work very well, and hardly be noticed, but to others this would be noticed and rejected. I don’t believe that what is being done is creating a biddable, controlled mind subject. I think it’s creating the opposite.

In my dreams they sheild themselves behind innocent people, so that you can not get at them, but hope springs eternal, and I do hope that that portion of my mind outside of the R.E.M.’s will suffice for the time being, my higher self so to speak. My memories seem ok when awake. It only seems to be in the dream state that memories, images feel like they are being encoded, but that’s about it.

I don’t like to share a lot of myself. I was not sure about sharing this. I am still not sure about sharing this. The Gang Stalking stuff is pretty normal. Even the electronic harassment seems easy enough to explain. If I had not experienced this personally it would sound far fetched, and I am sure it does. To get anything stopped or changed it must be exposed. If nothing else I have learnt that exposure and awareness is key to getting things stopped. If you don’t expose what is happening, then you let others go through it alone which is not good.

Exposure and awareness is the key to stopping any abuses, and that is pretty much the main reason I have decided to share. I really don’t want feedback at this stage. I don’t think it would do a lot of good. The point is this is happening at an R.E.M. level. I think if you have a strong mind, it’s not going to happen easily, if at all. I don’t believe that a strong will can or will be broken. I do believe that the average person is going to have a really hard time dealing with this. If dreams can be manipulated, images encoded while asleep, imagine the consequences for society?

On the upside, it’s given me time to start that introspective journey that I wanted to start. A journey that I am going to take some time offline to finish.

I don’t think posting the same thing on a daily basis is doing any good. Eg. For a human level, I do belive that if the people allow the naked body scanners, then that is the breaking point for a controlled society. I do believe that if they allow this to become part of their society, that is where the will of the people will be broken, and that is a line that must not be crossed. I can observe these happening online, as well as offline.

I think the research for the Threat Assessment Team is more than enough to get a target pointed in the right direction. After a while it’s like too much hand holding, and each person has to play a role to make this happen. I have put in a lot, and I think I need to spend some introspective time, away from some of this for a time.

I think I am going to enjoy the upcoming holidays, but I don’t think I am going to spend the time online. I think I am going to take the next several weeks, and just think. For now what I want is to just not post, or blog till like about mid January, or end of January. I know that is a long time. I am not sure if I can spend that much time offline, but I am going to try. That is my plan for the moment. That might change, but we will see. It’s only eight weeks, and I am hoping that the shrills will not take over in that time, or that the community will not fall apart. Who knows, maybe I will come back to find someone has taken the bull by the horns and is doing their own research.

For real targets talking about Threat Assessment Teams seems to keep the shrills at bay, so that might be something to try. Like I said, this is the way that I feel right this moment, but that might change.

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Bridging The Gap 2

Bridging the Gap.

This book is now available at


You can now purchase this the Hardcopy of this book at This book is a great way to help you and others understand what Gang Stalking is, and why it could be happening in society.


Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap


The book will answer a lot of the questions that get thrown out at targets. Why would the government do this? You are just not that interesting? Who would spend that much money to track and stalk you? How could so many people be taking part? You are just paranoid? Has this ever happened before?

It really should help to bridge some of the gaps between the regular population and the targeted individuals community.

Below are the chapters. Again the book is now available at and you can find it by using this link.
Table Of Content

Table Of Content


Introduction    I

Table of contents

     Table of contents III

1. Bridging the gap

    Bridging the gap 1

2. What is Gang Stalking

     What is Gang Stalking?  2.1
     Community Policing 2.4
     Goals of Gang Stalking 2.5
     Who gets targeted 2.7
     Who takes part 2.9
     Why people become informants  2.10
     Common Techniques used  2.10
     Funding for Gang Stalking  2.12
     How do participants communicate  2.13

3. Covert Techniques

    Covert Techniques  3.1

4. Obedience to authority

    Milgram Experiment  4.1
    The Stanford Prison Experiment 4.3
    Strip Search Call Prank 4.4

5. Informant System

     The Snitching System  5.1
     Alexandra Natapoff  5.3

6. Conspiracies and history

   The Secret Persuaders 6.1
   Operation Gladio   6.2
   Red Squads    6.4
   McCarthyism  6.7
   Cointelpro       6.9
   Stasi  6.11
   The Buzzsaw 6.14
   Fusion Centers  6.17
7. Are Canadians being Watched

    Secret Databases 7.1
    Spying101  7.2
8. The Set Up’s

    Conspiracy 8.1
    Paying the price  8.2

9. Chain Reaction

       The Game  9.1
       Understanding the game 9.3
       Stopping the chain reaction  9.7

10. Infiltrations

      Online Infiltrations     10.1
      Offline Infiltrations    10.2

11. The final pieces
       The Final Pieces   11.1
       Checks and balances  11.2
       Unwelcome truths 11.3

12. Coping

      Coping  12.1

13. Closing Thoughts

      Closing  13.1

14. Resources

      Movies  14.1
      Videos  14.1
      Books  14.1
      Articles 14.2
      Cointelpro 14.4
      Websites   14.5

15. References

     References  15.1

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Gang Stalking. FOIA request.

Gang Stalking FOIA.
Is this specific FOIA request a ploy by the FBI to discredit targets and profile them as schizophrenic? Will this letter place targets on a watch list? Is it meant to be disinformation for targets? Is this letter actually helpful in anyway to targets?

I came across this letter back in December. At the time I had major concerns about it. I posted those concerns as comments, so that if the user saw the letter they would at least think before they emailed or mailed off a document that could potentially send them to a mental institution or get them placed on a watch list.
Here is a portion of the FOIA request, and for those more familiar with good FOIA request, you can let me know what you think.
[quote]12.   Any FBI records indicating coercion or bribery being used by gang stalking groups to force or bribe neighbors, local businesses and others in the community of a targeted individual to participate in the gang stalking methods/activities directed against one or more targeted individuals within a community.  

13.   Any FBI records indicating the motives behind the stalking of individuals such as personal vendettas, family vendettas, whistle-blowing (corporate and government), employment disputes/lawsuits, political views, sexual orientation, interracial relationships, gay and lesbian relationships, HIV status, business disputes, marital disputes, monetary disputes, and any other similar motives for gang stalking.  

 14.   Any FBI records indicating the funding of gang stalking groups including, but not limited to, narcotic and other racketeering funds, corporate funds, local business funds and government money (e.g. paid informants), monetary crimes by the gang stalkers, or, payment for surveillance or intelligence collected by gang stalking groups paid for by racketeers, narco-traffickers and/or other criminal associations made to the gang stalkers for services gang stalking groups rendered.  

 15.   Any FBI records indicating the number of informants (paid and unpaid) under the control of federal, state and local law enforcement within these gang stalking groups. For instance, during the Civil Rights Era the FBI now acknowledges 20% of KKK members were informants.  

 16.   Any FBI records relating to a List on which gang stalking victims are placed which initiates and/or maintains the gang stalking activities against them.  

 17.   Any FBI records indicating a hierarchy within the gang stalking groups including a chain of command.  

Here is a link on my forum to my concerns about this letter, which I have now seen on YouTube, and posted in other places.

When I saw the letter I spoke to the originator of the letter directly to find out what was going on. He claims to have experience with this stuff, claims to be a lawyer, but based on this FOIA request, I had very deep concerns. I believe my comments have been deleted from the thread and the plan has gone forward, so that’s why I am highlighting this in several places.

Before sending off a FOIA request you might want to run it past a lawyer. I am taking the time to post about this because I have a few concerns, specifically that this could get a target put on a watch list, or the letters could be used to profile targets as mentally unstable and could be a problem for activists in future. Just think of this letter arriving in multiple forms for all their behavioural specialists. It seems to have been designed that way. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I did take the time to find what others had done, and how they had requested FOIA requests.
Your address
Daytime phone number


Agency Administrator

FOIA Appeal

Dear Administrator:

This is an appeal under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552.

On (date) I made a FOIA request to your agency for (brief description of what you requested). On (date), your agency denied my request on the grounds that (state the reasons given by the agency). Copies of my request and the denial are enclosed.

(When the agency delays:) It has been (state number) business days since my request was received by your agency. This period clearly exceeds the 20 days provided by the statute, thus I deem my request denied. A copy of my correspondence and the postal form showing receipt by your office are enclosed.

The information which I have requested is clearly releasable under FOIA and, in my opinion, may not validly be protected by any of the Act’s exemptions.

(Here, insert legal and “public policy” arguments in favor of disclosure, if you wish. You are not required to make legal or policy arguments to support your appeal; if you simply state “I appeal” the agency will review the documents and the justifications given in the original denial. However, it is usually a good idea to try to persuade them to release the information. See the Federal Open Government Guide ( for further information on any of the specific exemptions cited by the agency in their denial of your original request. The descriptions contained there should suggest arguments you can make to counter the agency’s assertions.)

I trust that upon re-consideration, you will reverse the decision denying me access to this material and grant my original request. However, if you deny this appeal, I intend to initiate a lawsuit to compel disclosure. (Don’t include this as an idle threat. But if you do intend to follow up with a lawsuit, say so. Often the agency will more closely consider its position when it knows it will have to defend it in court soon.)

As I have made this request in the capacity of a journalist (or author, or scholar) and this information is of timely value, I would appreciate your expediting the consideration of my appeal in every way possible. In any case, I will expect to receive your decision within 20 business days, as required by the statute.

Thank you for your assistance.

Very truly yours,

Your signature

The first two links above are for generic requests, and the pdf is a link from a group called epic and how they went about requesting info for a fusion center.

It really important how you approach the issue. Based on events that happened during Cointelpro, I am worried that this letter might be another Cointelpro like tactic, that’s why before sending in this letter, I would recommend targets check with a lawyer, or someplace that’s familiar with FOIA requests to see if this letter would be helpful, or if it’s more likely to get them put on a watch list, be deemed as mentally ill, or
if this letter would actually be helpful to them.

You can always use the generic letters provided. Those should be safe and pretty effective. I think to the new target online who wants to be active this letter might be detrimental to them. Again I don’t claim to be an expert. I would just encourage targets to review this before putting themselves in jeopardy.

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Credibility reviews and terms

I think someone needed a little bit of free publicity so here it is. Eleanor White dropped by one of my blogs and left a comment. This post is in response to the comment that was left. I don’t want to spend too much time on this, but as I said before, I felt this issue had gone on long enough and recently choose to intervene.

[quote]I’m sorry the author of the “gang” stalking web sites and e-book can’t seem to grasp why I object to the term “gang” stalking.  I thought my reviews explained that pretty clearly.[/quote]

Eleanor, I appreciate that you, object to the use of the term. I appreciate that you and those working towards the same goal as you, want to have people discontinue the use of the term Gang Stalking.

I disagree with this. I think if you and yours wish to use the term, then please use the term for your activism. You are deterring the efforts of others, others who have had success with the term.

I have pointed out that some use the term Community Mobbing, Community Harassment, and several others to describe the same thing, and I think that is fine, as long as they get the correct message across to the audience.

[quote]I’ve been an activist for 13 years, and during three of those years, I spent some time almost every day right out in the street, discussing the crime of organized stalking and electronic harassment with the public.[/quote]

That’s great Eleanor, I have spent just under three years and I have been using the term Gang Stalking, and that has worked just fine for me and several others. If this term does not work for you, then I appreciate this. However by telling others that the preferred term is Organised Stalking, you are interfering with the rights of others to use the terms they prefer. I have now seen others on the Internet telling others that they have to use Organised Stalking now, and that is not correct or accurate.

If this is the term you prefer, then great. I think it’s wonderful that you and some of yours wish to use the term. I think that there is more than enough room in the Targeted Individual community for a variety of terms.

[quote]I tried a number of terms.  Other anti-OS activists have also tried a number of terms.

With “gang” stalking, I found that the mind of my listener immediately and consistently got the image that I was talking about being stalked by some sort of ordinary gang, such as race gang, youth gang, biker gang, or Mafia.[/quote]

Great Eleanor, I don’t know what your demographics are, and I don’t know who you come across in your activism.
Eg. Someone coming across someone from the Cointelpro era might wish to use that term. Someone coming across a demographic that is riddled with the stop snitching, informant culture, might wish to use another term, and coming across people from Eastern Europe, I find reference to Stasi to work a bit better.
I encounter a lot of younger people, I also encounter a lot of cultural diversity and I use the term that best suits the situation. Not every term will work for every person, so I use what’s appropriate and make sure that the right concept is getting across. I adapt to the situation and that works for me, because of who I am.

Maybe organised stalking worked for you, because of who you were and the types of people that you came across.

[quote]That is clearly the WRONG picture of current day organized stalking groups.[/quote]

The way you do it, yes. But for some of the demographics that I reach it’s not. There are people that like the slang Gang Stalking, and it works with some demographics. The ones that will get this culturally accepted as other methods have not worked as well. So why not work all angles? What’s the reason for trying to get rid of the term that has been a success for three years, and starting from scratch. It’s the same as if we tried to get rid of the term Targeted Individuals, it would just destroy those efforts.

[quote]I have tried “vigilante stalking” too.  That worked to some degree, but didn’t seem to paint a really clear picture in the minds of my listeners.[/quote]

Again Eleanor it’s how you present it, and who is presenting it. It’s all based on who the activist is, and the demographics that you try to reach, what works for one, does not work for another. If you look across the net, the term has reach a variety of groups, they are familiar with the term and they use it. I refuse to see that effort killed because you have a preferred term.

I have a preferred goal of getting this exposed, and I think using whatever terms work, to get the concept across. I could not use the term vigilante stalking with a straight face, because I hate the term, add all the false disinformation bs that goes with it. Another person whoever could use the term with no discomfort and probably over 85-95% success rate.

I say give them a bunch of terms. Having reviewed discussions about this, and the conversations people get up to, I see some refer to it as Cointelpro again, others as Stasi, let people use what they want to use, as long as the end message is the same, more or less and the concept get’s across, because exposure is the key.

In the modern day world Eleanor, it’s not the up to down effect that get terms introduced into society, it’s often the other way around. The terms start at a ground level, or urban level, gain popularity and go from there, that is the trend I am seeing with other terms and concepts that have become popularised and mainstream, and that is the angle that I am using.

Please don’t take this the wrong way Eleanor. You tend to be very old fashioned about certain things, and I like to take a modern approach, look for new ways to get things done, to reach and work with a modern audience. I like to use those methods and concepts, that works for me, and some others like me. This might not work for you, that’s fine.

[quote]Then Lynn Troxel originated “organized” stalking.  By FAR, that term brings the unaware listener to an accurate picture of the crime of OS, and does so quickly.[/quote]

It does not however. When I sought help, the terms and concept that worked best was community mobbing, because people have an idea of what mobbing is, and by saying it happens in the community, they got that. The same was true when I sought help at the other websites. Two of the mobbing sites based on the description I gave, immediately decided to add links to Gang Stalking websites, I emailed about 10-15 stalking sites, and they did not see the relevance to what happens to them. Think about that, those activists did not see the relevance or significance.

[quote]In the effort to first educate the public, and eventually get the crime stopped, I feel the term which creates an accurate picture of the crime, and does so quickly, is quite important to find and use.  The unaware public is not interested in taking on “another headache” or another worry, and doesn’t give anti-OS activists much in the way of attention span.  Often just seconds.[/quote]

I think if you use the most accurate term and do not add the appropriate information this does no good. I have spoken to you before about the continued effort of letting people think this is vigilantes, or right wing extremists behind this, but you keep pushing David Lawson. Oddly enough.

[quote]This is why I speak out against “gang” stalking and promote “organized” stalking.  Nothing more mysterious than that.[/quote]

I don’t know if I believe that, but it does not matter. The point is what you and the others associated with this effort are doing is killing other efforts that have gone before. Where to really have maximum effectiveness, people should have a variety of terms at their arsenal to help with getting this exposed. Many hate the term organized stalking, and do not feel that it truly expresses what is happening to them. The stalking term vs the mobbing term for example. They don’t feel that stalking even comes close to describing what is happening, and it takes the attention away from the meat and potatoes. I let people use what they want. I want to train people up to do their own thing, not be told what to do, and use. I do agree that uniformity is nice to have in some quarters, but I fully disagree in this one.

[quote]I also object to activism materials that state government is doing the stalking.  We do not have evidence, as of today, which proves that.  Such claims are part of the e-book “Bridging the Gap.”[/quote]

Oddly enough, you were happy to support David Lawson and unsubstantiated claims of vigilante stalking, but you have a problem with this. You never had more than David Lawson claiming this was done by vigilante gangs, but you never objecting to misleading people down this path, but with so much proof that government is doing this you object.

We have Tim Rice telling us that they were doing 24/7 surveillance on Journalist and others.

We have the ACLU telling us about Fusion centers and what they are doing, and about people being put under investigations. That these people will be communicating in code.

We have a billion and one articles from the Uk press telling us about the covert surveillance that individuals are being placed under, and the tactics being used, which match ours in many cases.

I have posted a passage from a police training manual about how to handle informants, and the book even says that they use a one handed sign language.

Bob the lawyer some of you all hired has said this. The success that people have had with court cases mostly involve going after the government. I speak of Donald Friedman and the FOIA released, and Jesus Medoza and what he heard back from his case, that he has blogged about.

Not to mention the book the Buzzsaw, which show how journalist go through something similar.

Plus the history of Cointelpro and the Stasi.

With all this you were willing to put forward and support a theory and book, that had the potential to get targets in trouble, but you object to hard information.

The ebook in question, just like the, have you had a chance to review that site? let me know what you think. You must have just been sleeping, and missed this site.
Have evidence to show that the government could be behind this.

I think the ebook in question that you are referring to, asks the question of why would the government do this to their own citizens, and the book answers the question. Do you want books, and material looking at the issue of Gang Stalking to leave this stuff out? That does not sound right to make. I get that you making unfounded accusations is not good, but that is not the case. The books back up their theories with current research. Including research from the ACLU on modern fusion centers.

[quote]There is nothing hidden or nefarious in my credibility reviews on:[/quote]

When I fist say you and Kelly discussing this I thought oh my gosh, witch hunt. I left it as it was. I wondered how long it would be till my site and other legit sites made the witch hunt, but I left it as it was, because I knew it was coming, but I hoped the community would be smarter than that.

Those reviews are again, your opinion of what you think is good and bad, and you want others to mindlessly agree to this without thinking.

As per the email I sent you, requesting you remove my site, because I did not appreciate it there. I did not think that you had the right to label my site bogus, because you do not like alphabetical order. I did send you an email and you said if I changed the order of my listing, I might get approved, well you know what I think of that?

You are putting sites there for minor things, so instead of going after the people, these so called credibility reports allow you to go after their sites, which amounts to the same thing. You go after their sites, and then it’s all done under the guise of what’s best for the community. I really do care about this, because it’s my life, and I do need to get this stopped. Joining the dark side is not an option for me.

Case in point. I will use my site but I think there are a few others on their that should not be there.

The so called credibility review says:

Eleanor White rating:  BOGUS  (trivializes the crime)
November 21, 2008

[quote]WEB SITE:

SITE TITLE:  Gang Stalking World

EW: This well-executed web site rates a BOGUS because it
misleads the visitor from the public into believing that
targets of organized stalking and electronic harassment are worrying about things that are trivial and not serious, and in fact common occurrences of every day life.[/quote]

The site misleads the visitors in what capacity? This is not the front page of the site, which is what people see.
Second of all, the page is in alphabetical order, because some of us who do research like it that way.

If this is your reason for calling a site bogus, how much good are these reviews actually doing for this community? Honestly, they are targeting some good sites, that could help people for minor things, which I believed was going to be the case all along.

[quote]Next notice the very first, most prominent technique this site describes.  The first item is presumably the one that causes targets of organized stalking the most grief. It is listed as “Air Stalking.”  In other words, the site cries out against aircraft stalking targets on the ground!

That concern literally shouts “paranoia” to the world.[/quote]

No really Eleanor to the educated public who can think for themselves, this shouts alphabetical order, and I wont be changing this for anyone.

Oh yeah, the other thing about these so called credibitlity reviews when you and Kelly first cooked them up was that you were going to be reviewing specific pages or sections to say what could be impoved, or why it was or was not good, instead you have used the oppertunity to use the reviews to discredit websites in whole.

Youre reviews are not saying, I don’t like because of this page or this section, you are targeting the whole website, by picking one little section.

Eg. You primarily are picking on the techniques page for Gang Stalking World, and a picture or something, but using this to declear the whole site as bogus, notice the word you choose to use? Not Eleanor disapproves, but bogus, making people think the site has no credibility, which is not the case. It’s just like if I did this, but used the word fraud, to describe some of your websites.

If you really were interested in anything other than a witch hunt, you would have also used better words, and reviewed the pages and listed the pages specifically and not attacked the full site.

You on your website

I think the picture of the militia guy that you have on your site, just does not work for me, for various reasons. I also think the section about Terri Schindler, on your site would give people the wrong message. I know it gave me the wrong message when I first started looking for stuff that could help.

You also have things about people’s cats being tortured to death. Though I respect this, as part of the targeted individual community, are you kidding me, do you think a new site visitor might not think we are a little Lonnie for this?

I know when I first saw your site, no offense, but I was really put off, from your site and a couple of others, and stayed away from it for some time. I think your site has some good information, but you talk about giving the wrong impression. I am going to leave it at that, because I am not hear to bash your site.

If I like a site, I like to it and use that. I try to avoid bashing things, unless I think it will be detrimental to real targets, and then I take a stand.

I think if you have sites that you like, then create a website of good and approved information that you and yours can use. That’s what I do, there are so many YouTube videos that I know are not good, but I don’t attack those, the same way I don’t for the most part out agents. I just try to point people to good sites or material I think will help them.

[quote]My only purpose is to assist targets in selecting the best materials for the fight to expose and stop organized stalking.



With all due respect Eleanor, I do not feel that you are doing this with your credibility reviews, and i definitely don’t feel that you are doing this with your members, telling people which terms they can use. It’s not cool, and it’s not right.

People should be able to use what they are comfortable with. This is very quickly becoming use the sites we say and the terms we say or be a pariah, and isn’t the point that people are already segregated in one way, why should their blogs, websites, and materials be also treated the same way?

I don’t think these are good, and when your members get called on this stuff, they accuse others of causing divisions in the community, but realistically, it’s these reviews and your members telling people which terms to use that are causing some of the problems.

I do appreciate you dropping by, at this moment there is nothing else that I feel a need to add to this conversation, if there is anything else that you would like to add, I will be happy to have you post it.

So that those interested in this discussion can read it, I will post it on the blogs.


*Free advertising to none credible sites removed.*

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