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The N-word at it again

First of all let me start by saying, that I am a little bit tired of people having to apologize all the time. Sometimes I think it’s warranted and it makes sense, cause I don’t want to be in a world where you can just up and hurt people, or say something so offensive it does not make sense.
Yet I don’t want to be in a world, where we freak out about everything and everyone. It just does not make sense to me.

So on topic, Justin Beiber used the N word, or something and the world stopped. It really didn’t, but the question is, where do we stand on the use of the N word today? Who can use it, who can’t, and which usage is the correct one.

First there are a few definitions of the N word. According to the Urban Dictionary.

(These are fresh from the urban dictionary.)

A fully grown niglet
Theres one of them niggers
by Shanaynay121092 September 28, 2006
85987 15140
Words related to nigger
black nigga niggers negro coon nig bitch racist shit fuck porch monkey niglet cracker ass white wigger cunt jew african sex
‹ ›

A word that everyone else is afraid to define except in utter seriousness, for fear of being branded a rascist, in total ignorance of the colloquial usage of the word, its characterization in popular culture, and the populations of people it is used most by.
You shouldn’t ever say the n-word, you rascist cracker asshole.
by Panocha007 October 20, 2003
55216 21758

a term that is racist, as long as the speaker of it is not black. Forbidden on most all of television and other forms of public entertainment, at times referenced to as the “n-word”. However, “cracker”, a term racist against whites, is a completely acceptable term used in any context of any national broadcast…hmm…
White man: I would like to know why “cracker” and, ahem, “nigger” are not equally forbidden *white man is put on trial for racist slander*
by Scooby King February 27, 2005
48427 16607

nigga, niggah etc. al.(noun)1.describes an ignorant, uneducated, foolish individual regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
2. endearing term between two or more individual to describe a friendship or bond.
1.Shut up, you nigger
2. Chris, you my nigga.

Anything from the urban dictionary, I am not blocking out. It’s from the urban dictionary. By the way, the urban dictionary, there is one more meaning, it’s a simple one, the one that means, (an unsuitable person, trying to take something that does not belong to them.  -This definition covers any and anyone. Eg. William and Catherine are two N-word trying to take something that does not belong to them.) It’s been submitted at least two seperate times, and you have failed to add it both times. It’s properly submitted as well, so there were no error, or omissions. Can you please add the f******* word to the dictionary, there that’s the use of the F word, and I won’t say which one.

Now on to the use of  the word, which meaning is being used, and who can still use it, if it should be used at all. Personally the definition that confirms unsuitable individuals, trying to take something that belongs to them, it the one that is not going to go out of style, and is used in The Heavens, and beyond.

So who can use the word? Anyone, everyone, cause it still seems to be causing controversy?  If you are black, can you use the word? Is there a certain degree of ethnicity that is required, to use the word? Eg. Quite a few in the recent urban generation use the word or all ilks, they use the freaking word period. There the F word again.

Now it’s a part of their recent culture, but of course let’s not forget that for far too long it was a part of and still is a part, or was an adverse part of many people’s experiences. So who can use it. Can this generation of urbanits use it, without being hung out to dry?

Eg. One Direction, 2 members used the word, amoungst themselves, the young males were amoungst themselves, and as far as I can tell used it amoungst themselves. Should they have to be hung out to dry?

And now Justin has used the word on video, I am personally shocked, shocked and appauled, the exact same way, I am going to pretend to be shocked and appauled the next time, he’s pictured with a joint in his hand. Not surprised by Justin using the word. I can guess, that this young man, is all like, what’s up my N**88ers, like all the time. I am guessing that this is how his set functions, cause it’s an urban set.

(Now in this perticular instance, the chainsaw joke, was badly choosen, black, white, asain, purple with pink polkadots, the chainsaw joke was bad, and not good, but that speaks towards context, what about the general use of the word, amoungst the urban set in general?) Who can use it?

Also if you are blond haired, blue eyed, but a black person, can you use the word? If you are dark skined, but born to 2 asain, or white parents, but appear to be black, or urban enough, can you use the word then. Like mother may I, where does permission begin and end, and who can use it, under which context?

The debate seems to still be raging, cause everytime it’s used, do we stop the previous use, and previous meaning of it from being used? Where does it end? Also if we go back in Mr Beiber’s history, and he then has one drop, as is the American rule, can he then use the word, without contraversy? It’s still hypocritcal at times, but then the previous use was so outgragously controversial, and offensive it didn’t even make sense. Now there is a generation of urban individuals that have been exposed to it in their songs, media, music, television, films, etc. They can watch the films, listen to the music, emulate, everyone and anyone, but if there is an off beat N-word, they get hung out to dry, or if they forget, and use it causes controversy? Is that how it functions, and is that fair.

What about adopted children, how does that work for a generation, when you are raised up a specific way, or raised in a family that does or does not use the word? The world is vast and broad, and it seriously be making sense. The world needs to get it’s act, and it’s ass in gear, because sometimes this whole thing is not making sense.

I dislike the previous definitions, I am accepting that this generation, do use the word, either behind the scenes or not, accepting, not necessarily apporvi, as far as the new definition, (an unsuitalbe person, trying to take something that belongs to them.) I would like to see it added to the urban dictionary, it’s a definition, I think will be used a lot. If you are out there, an unsuitable person, or persons trying to take something that does not belong to them, then you have likely been defined in advance.

The N word, not to be taken to seriously or too lightly. An another generation that has to define the usage or usages of the word, who can use it, where, and which context.

To the apologetic generation, in general I am sorry that you have to apologize for everything, I think it would be nice if it was slightly different someday. Take care, take care, in advance.



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Child Molesters amongst us

Child Molesters amongst us

I was just reading this story and it is fully apropos.

The person is famous, people in the persons circle are clear or at least a little bit clear that the person is a child molester, and they either do nothing, or they find it hard to gain assistance, because of the persons celebrity. They actually encounter police and others that do not want to get involved.

Like Savile, Ian Watkins is another fiend protected by the sugar coating of celebrity

By Jan Moir

PUBLISHED: 22:54 GMT, 28 November 2013

For many years, the identikit image of a predatory paedophile, the cartoonish exemplar of someone with an unhealthy interest in children, was that of a dirty old man in a stained mac, a loner hanging around the school-gates or the canal towpath.

Not any longer. Now we have to recalibrate that thought. Adjust the view. Somehow force ourselves to take in the case of Ian Watkins, a popular rock star, a man with millions of fans, someone who ultimately used the power of his celebrity for the darkest of deeds.

The trend is these celebrity types and others in this circle of perversity, and they are so well connected, and there are so many of them, they feel, or are starting to feel they can just be out there, do anything, and say anything. Even when you don’t want to give them access to your children, some literally want to come into your home, or circumstances and access them.

He appeared at Cardiff Crown Court alongside two female fans, who cannot be named, who offered up their babies to be abused.

He did not plead guilty out of any sense of remorse — films of him abusing the children were simply undeniable.

People in this time period have to be more savvy, they are perverts period, child molesters, they don’t care, and the elite really are many in this type of situation.

It is bad enough, it couldn’t be worse, that Watkins was a persistent and committed paedophile.

It is sickening that he delved among his fanbase to recruit ‘superfans’ —  single mothers who were willing for their children to be abused by Watkins, to be given to him as sex sacrifices.

I am glad they included this in the article. The world likes these types, the cheap plastic mannequins, and there social circles, they give them invitations to be around children, without even being clear about the types of people they are, or even if they are the correct sorts. Sometimes even if they are clear, they are still doing the same thing.

Can the influence of fame get any more pernicious? I doubt it. Watkins was even selected to tour children’s hospital wards as part of a kidney donation recruitment drive.

I don’t even think they care about being safe, cause eventually they have high profile friends like themselves who do the exact same thing as them in high profile circles. They are problematic, and the abuses are horrific, cause they don’t care, and they have access. Even when these people don’t have the access, are not given the access, they try to find other ways:

  • Robot Sentient Research Project
  • Opening Threat Assessment Team Files on your children
  • Access to day care, teachers, police and others

What I can personally say is that in my current capacity, part of looking into these situations, I have personally now come across the monsters, my contact with them is remote, thank God, but that does not mean that we have escaped unscathed, these people do not care, and are dangerous, and will go to lengths to gain access to people’s children.

For paedophiles to succeed, they must have access to children and the security of knowing that the likelihood of being caught is remote. Watkins, like Savile, was cloaked in the protective power of fame. Like Savile, he thought he was invincible.

One of his girlfriends went to the local police four years ago, but they could not, or would not, do anything.

Watkins was a hero in the Valleys, a local boy made good. They dismissed her fantastical story — a turn of events which Watkins thought was hilarious and affirming.

Just like in this article, they won’t help, the police won’t help, the ones that want to, are hard pressed to cause they come up against some walls depending on who they are going after. In other cases, if they have D notices, or other high profile connections, or not normal circles, outside of normal circles, there are procedures that have to be followed for how they are dealt with. These people set up systems, and I do mean systems, that ensure they don’t serve time. Some going far enough to have mechanisms in place to create files on those going after them, thus they destroy those going after them, you literally have to hope that you are the bigger parasite, cause they will go after you and yours, they are not the correct sorts, and they don’t do the correct things.

There are in fact pedophiles amongst us, some in the highest circles, when I open the papers or go online on a daily basis, I am now clear, some of the biggest ones, smile, appear on our magazines, and then go home, and rape whoever they want to rape, abuse the children, then if they start to act out, or mention it, they abuse them into submission, or even drug them, so that no one will believe the children.

There are a number of ways that people are fighting back. Ways that are now being used to record the abuses. Because that is what you need proof, but even when there is proof, the people that have to prosecute them are scared, sometimes because of their fame, but all too often cause they do not want to be targeted. So they do nothing, or ignore it.

He carried on abusing children and his openness about it — in emails and elsewhere — is truly shocking.

To a wide circle of people he made no secret of his growing perversions. For their part, South Wales police have serious questions to answer about their failure to act sooner.

There openness is so shocking and out there, cause they are too often converting individuals into what is hated, they literally hang out with types such as themselves in some cases, cause they introduce individuals around them to this type of situations, that is another way they gain access to children. They are too often a little too open about who and what they are, and how they function, or do not function.

Throughout it all, isn’t it amazing that none of Ian Watkins’ fancy friends noticed anything? Anything at all? Their silence so far has been deafening.

It’s not even if they noticed or not, they likely enough did, but what to do about it. Also who else is involved, and even if they do something about it, the people that do supply children, or their own sometimes, are involved, which makes it harder. You literally and I mean this, have to create a separate system on your own to curtail them.

There are some neat ways of recording your children’s activities, and checking for any instances of abuse, and documenting, so that if the system changes, or the circumstances, then you might at least get justice someday, till then be aware, they are out there, on the magazine covers, newspapers magazine, cheap plastic mannequin smiles, the phonies people behind the scenes, and downright dangerous in some cases. Most people will simply not want to believe, and that in part is why things don’t get done. Once they do believe, they find it hard to know what to.

Offices are being set up to deal with such things on a sort term basis, and as I mentioned, situations such as spiritual based items are even more increasingly essential to record what is being done to your children.

There are threat assessment offices out there, and they are working towards fixing the damage that other situations have done in the past, but people have to be aware, there are child molesters amongst us, they are high profile, and they are not shy about their abuse of children. Unlike first refusal where they just wanted your wives, these people want your children, reoccurring and repeatedly.

Take care.

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Aidonia – Bruki Bruki (Official Video)

Aidonia – Bruki Bruki (Official Video) | @GazaPriiinceEnt @AidoniaJ

Rumor has it that this link, video, situation, might go viral, or might be going viral. I can not confirm either way.

The link is there, it has specific rythmic move, melodies or patterns, that might cause it to go viral, and cause the Adonia Effect on specific, individuals.

The symptoms, patterns are hard to explain. If you do come, arrive across the video, watch with caution, cause it could be going, or it could go viral, either way, take proper precausions, best of luck. and have a nice day.

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Spiritual Based Products

Spiritual Based Products

Ok for the last few years now, Targeted Individuals have been getting busy with Spiritual Based Products. I use a variety to assist me in my day to day existence. and the items are suitable for anyone.

About 2-3 years ago now, most of you were introduced to personal identifiers and recently you were introduced to a few other products, so I am just going to go over some of the things that I use.

Personal Identifiers– It’s like a wireless telephone, but it’s great for Targeted Individuals, because it can assist us with figuring out who is in our environments.

Personal Firewall– I use it when I am on the internet, but that’s about it, it just shows any interference.

Home Based Monitoring Service -I either do or do not use this one at the moment, and it is either the most comprehensive service available, at an affordable cost. It’s also fully spiritually based, and you can call in and check incidents. Feel more secure in your environments.

If this crime should be prevented -For the times they try to harm us, this or other stuff is great, also for anyone else stupid enough to attempt to place you into the incorrect situation.

If this order should be fulfilled -I use the from here to their service, you know how we are always concerned about our food, and stuff.

If this accident could be prevented -I am an adult and I also use this at times, it’s suitable for children and adults can also use it.

The Royal Queen Support Services System -Just say help me, and it can file reports on your behalf, and assist you, I use this all the time.

If this crime should be committed -If an actual crime is going to be committed against you, this goes off.

These are just a few of the items that might be useful or suitable, they are spiritual based and they work. Happy Indigo Ribbon Month, we have all come a long way.

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Spiritual Home Based Monitoring?

I came across this recently and forgot to post. The location where I am at either does or does not use it, but I thought some others might benefit from it.

The site is called and they offer a Home Based Monitoring Service that makes sense.

The service is spiritual based, but the moment you leave your home, office, or personal space, you are alerted if there is any spiritual or physical access that has  occurred on the premises, or location. The first of it’s kind. A spiritual alert is also activated remotely at the physical location.

The system uses the unique identifier system. You can log in check on incidents, and you are alerted if anyone tries to enter your premises. It can work in conjunction with pre-existing systems. The system can also link in with emergency services such as The Royal Queen Support Services System, if there is an incident, it can record, and report the incident on your behalf.

For those in the Targeted Individual community that are concerned about both types of access, or even those in the none Targeted Individual Community, I just thought I would put it out there, maybe you could assistance from this type of service.

Anyways it’s Home Based Monitoring, and maybe it works.

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Down with the stupidity

Don’t with the stupidity

Why can’t they just get lost, and leave the internet alone? By the time these greedy, selfish people get through, the internet won’t make sense. Now my browser is suppose to police the internet, are u freaking kidding me? I am tried, in a way that does not make sense. This brilliant idea, plus the one to have the banks, and credit card companies monitor and police everyone just goes too far.

I honestly think these people don’t co-cognizant how the internet works. I don’t need the stupidity any longer. Why not just remove their content from the internet, equally stupid correct, but I just don’t want to get into the stupidity of it all. My browser in future could be messed up, and refuse to visit a well known website, cause it might, might have content, that they think is in inappropriate. What a neat way to target specific websites, for days, or even weeks. I am tried of the stupidity.

Everytime they do this, the internet just sits there, but when you don’t have it, don’t complain, cause stupid measures such as this get through, and they don’t make sense. Seriously, my browser is now going to police me, just get your stuff out of my way. I am tired of the stupidity. I can live without that, it wouldn’t be as much fun, but I can, I however can not live without a functional internet.

The arrogance of these people, the all encompassing, they, they, they, whoever they are, doesn’t even make sense. The internet is suppose to be screwed up, and reconfigured, to suit one small sector, everyone’s stuff is suppose to get messed up?

Create an internet without the stupidity, and I will be there. I am tired of the stupidity and the big plans that don’t make sense. No doubt minds like this went into the brilliance of the recent shut down that just came about. (Fine, maybe the American Government, shut down was it’s own fault.) All about them, think about no one else but yourself. YOu, YOu, You, no one else, just you. Selfish.

Here’s the bad news: the World Wide Web Consortium is going ahead with its plan to add DRM to HTML5, setting the stage for browsers that are designed to disobey their owners and to keep secrets from them so they can’t be forced to do as they’re told. Here’s the (much) worse news: the decision to go forward with the project of standardizing DRM for the Web came from Tim Berners-Lee himself, who seems to have bought into the lie that Hollywood will abandon the Web and move somewhere else (AOL?) if they don’t get to redesign the open Internet to suit their latest profit-maximization scheme.

I honestly read it, and I am thinking this is just one more stupid thing. For people like me, who actually use the internet to read, to work, play, be happy, write, blog, etc. This is just annoying. I honestly wish I could just create my own internet, and when you are here in this persons world, the world functions this way, then when I am in that persons world, maybe their world functions like this, but I don’t want browsers that control me, or what I am doing. Maybe if I used the internet just for facebook, or something I would not care, but I don’t, I use it for real world stuff, and I care about my internet, obviously the people, the less than robots you intend this measure for don’t, and I for one am personally tired of it. Tried of the stupidity. Down’ with the stupidity.

There I have vented. Just one more stupid measure. Don’t get me started on other stupid measures, to replace passwords, with things that don’t make sense, and so forth. Filters are possible, but I don’t want my browser to be a filter, and the industries that are doing this, are not winning friends, I can only imagine that they are losing big time in advance. (Financially losing even more in advance.)

This reminds me of the time they ruined Napster, no it can’t function such as this, people will just gravitate towards this, this and this, they will pay for this service here, some did, some did not, but it was never the same again. Neat things like the internet, and my browsing experience, should not be ruined for a few, who either don’t get it, don’t care, or are going about it the incorrect way.
I support now having your material, content, protected, but I am clear on this, if it’s not there, I won’t miss it, and will find new ways to do things, cause this whole browser thing is just so annoying. I am totally blocking out such content myself if I would, and If I can find an app, or situation, that I can control, I will likely add a block like that myself, so I don’t have to worry about it, but likely block the whole stupid thing out. There. Wouldn’t that be neat?

Is there an app that does that, a youtube site where I am free of this content, so I don’t accidentally watch a video, or listen to a song I should not? Is there, can you please post the app, so I can download it in advance. I would rather censor myself, than have third parties do it, so that way I might still be eligible to enjoy the internet, before it becomes this bland, undesirable, pile of heap, that does not make sense. Less than internet 1.0, cause that is where this is heading, and I am tired of it. So if you know of a filter, one that I can control, and self govern, send it this way first. Thanks.

I would usually post the song, down with the sickness, artist disturbed, but since i am going to try to self censor in advance, I am not clear if my browser, or financial institution would have allowed this or not.

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Lack of global warming over the last 15 years

Lack of global warming over the last 15 years

Well it’s that time again, well what? You mean climate changes, specifically the global warming aspect of it, might not be as big a threat, as we were first lead to believe? Really?

Well it just so happens, that the following article, addresses that issue, remember a few years back, how we were all being forced to fight for our capacity, right to say that maybe global warming was not as big a concern as first thought. Remember companies going out of business, remember if you even deemed to say anything about it, it was not responsible, you were to be ostracized.

Remember how hard we had to work online, to bring light and reason to the fact that climate change was a reality, but global warming, though we acknowledged that it was happening, we also acknowledged, that global cooling was happening, those were hard days, remember.

We had to stop Wikipedia from cheating, from erasing articles, pertaining to global warming and the cover up, remember? We fought to be eligible to say, sure global warming is there, but so is cooling, and we acknowledge, the reality of both, thus we acknowledge climate change, which is a consistant, and ever present, reality of the earth, and earth changes.

World’s top climate scientists told to ‘cover up’ the fact that the Earth’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years

    Leaked United Nations report reveals the world’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years    Politicians have raised concerns about the final draft    Fears that the findings will encourage deniers of man-made climate change
I was trying to find the article about how Wikipedia removed articles with proof that global warming was not as imminent a threat as predicted, but I would not find the article, I almost found an article similar however, but it was on Wikipedia, and that would have defeated the purpose. So I left it. 🙂

Gosh the mental (manual stimulation) that would be required to use that does not make sense. I do not want to jerk off your intelligence with it, or have you stimulate yourselves into forgetting the great swindle, and scandal, so I won’t bring it up anymore.

The point is, they put us through hell, and for what, for nothing, but if we give them an inch, they will take a yard. This is what I am clear on now, also the truth is coming out now? It’s arriving now, so either they got their objectives thorugh, in the background, or we made some deference. I am clear that we made some difference, but in the last three or so years, who knows what they might have done. What we need to do is to the best and brightest, of our abilities, is to remain, ever vigilant. That is the only way, it means not always having fun, living a little low key, maybe even a little understated, but it’s the way we can best survive and get through.

So global warming though a reality, in some areas, may not have been as great a threat as you presented, our kids did not have to be blown up in commercials, to get your objectives through, or across? It didn’t have to be that type of situation? But it was however, because you made it so, and the world will make it so if we enable them.

When I see the above video, I have to wonder if this was where our incandescent light bulbs went? There way or the highway.

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Bing. Working It.

That background image is working it.

Bing is looking good these days, those background images are working it.
I still use alternative search engines mind you, but lately Bing as been looking good and working it.

The background images don’t just stand still, they actually move, but they have some nature ones, that just look so good. Those 3D gifs,t hat move, like the nature waterfalls or something, today was not a great morning, I had to have my agenda arrive at my door, wither I wanted it or not, but then it was like going to be all stressful and stuff, and then I opened the computer, and there was Bing, in the background, and that image was just working it. It was just there, where I needed it to be, and for the first time, I am really thinking of switching search engines, the other search engines, some still seems to give better searches, but when I see there background images, I am a little bit captured, or captivated by Bing. You are doing some nice stuff with the background images, keep it up.

Bing keep working it, but keep working it behind the scenes, and up front, cause the internet does not want to be disappointed again.

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We will have been wrong

The ties that bind,, the ties that hold us together.
Our uniqueness, our individuality, That’s what they are trying to get rid of, and when they do that, they will have truly succeeded.

I was sitting there, and I am hearing it on the news, in Canada or something like that, they want to get rid of the religious head gear, crosses, and something like that, and I am thinking, Canada, Canada, why would you want to do that?

I was thinking A) It could never happen in Canada, much less some of the major Canadian cities, it would never make sense. The major Canadian cities are so very multicultural, and tolerant, it does not even make sense, to do that in something, someplace like Canada, it would have to make sense, or you would have to be really creative, or crafty. So I am thinking to myself, why do this in the first place.

The reason for that is to remove the individuality, from the individual. A vast majority of what makes us individual and unique are those external affiliations, that suitably make sense. Remove those, or rather, enable us to remove those, enable us, as individuals, or rather as a society, to be in agreement, with removing those, and what do you have remaining? Not much, and after we as a society, after we as a people decide to do that, do such, what will be remaining? The hurts and the wounds that you can’t fix in this world, are not the hurts and the wounds that they do to us, but the one’s that we do to ourselves. If we eneligible, them to remove us from our situations, us from our outcomes, we will truly have lost indeed.

I am as law abiding, as the next person, but for once I am thinking of picking up headgear, or cross, or some religious artifact, and walking around with it, and seeing if the laws really are going to eneligible me, or if the society will, to remove me from my situations, from my outcomes. Cause I am clear now, they will be coming for them, they will be arriving them, but not in the way that you think, it won’t be with FEMA, or Nazi death camps this time, it will be with something else, something completely different, our happy smiling social faces. Our social pressure this time will be what will make the difference, and if they refuse, well we will just think them, or label them, UnAmerican, UnCanadain, un whathave you in the situation.  T

The situation is there, the future is ours if we wake up, and discontinue it, discontinue this. We will always think we were correct, and did the correct thing, meaning item for a more homogenous society, but will be the incorrect thing, meaning item this time. We will have been incorrect, meaning wrong as a people, and as a society. Wrong.

We will not be reproved from our situations, we will not be removed from our outcomes.

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Kate! A Portrait of Dorian Gray.

Kate! A Portrait of Dorian Gray.

I think the artist got the picture correct. I should also add that in the other pictures, Catherine looks really great.

I think all in all very well done. 🙂

This portrait, the only truthful reflection the world will ever likely see, and even then they will never truly comprehend it.



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