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Spiritual Home Based Monitoring?

I came across this recently and forgot to post. The location where I am at either does or does not use it, but I thought some others might benefit from it.

The site is called and they offer a Home Based Monitoring Service that makes sense.

The service is spiritual based, but the moment you leave your home, office, or personal space, you are alerted if there is any spiritual or physical access that has  occurred on the premises, or location. The first of it’s kind. A spiritual alert is also activated remotely at the physical location.

The system uses the unique identifier system. You can log in check on incidents, and you are alerted if anyone tries to enter your premises. It can work in conjunction with pre-existing systems. The system can also link in with emergency services such as The Royal Queen Support Services System, if there is an incident, it can record, and report the incident on your behalf.

For those in the Targeted Individual community that are concerned about both types of access, or even those in the none Targeted Individual Community, I just thought I would put it out there, maybe you could assistance from this type of service.

Anyways it’s Home Based Monitoring, and maybe it works.

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