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10:10 A day of protest the day we say no.

10:10 A day of protest the day we say no.

I invite you to join me on 10:10 to just say no to eco-fascists and the eco-terrorist messages that are being sent out and shoved down our throats.

Recently an environmental group decided to create a video that depicted the offensive blowing up of innocent school children and others. Now for some reason they thought the the video would be funny, light hearted, many were not amused by the video and it’s made the news.

Now I am not anti-environmental in the least. I believe humans have a sacred duty to protect their environment, but I am fully against eco-fascism and eco-terrorism, and that video and it’s depiction was just shy of that.

The message was loud and clear, do as we do, think as we think, or else. No pressure. Well no pressure is right, on 10:10 make it a day of protest. Tell the climate change people who have been throwing this irritating message of man made global warming at us left right an center with very little proof to step back.

I do not deny climate change, I fully respect and believe that it is happening, but it happens as part of a natural process. It has happened, and will happen again, and again, throughout our lifetimes and each successive generation should not have to live in fear, and terror, because of the junk science thrown at them.

So please consider joining me in a day of protest so that they get the message. It’s not ok. Stop shoving down your claims down our throats. The debate is far from over. Stop using these crazy eco-terrorist or eco-fascist video, messages, and pressure tactics. You are actually turning people off of the environment, and not on.

We are not your sheeple. We do not have to do, feel, or think as you do. It’s not ok, it’s not alright, and 10:10 is the day that we say no to your pressure tactics. I would only ask that those who do use 10:10 as a day of protest, please do consider a day or conservation either right before, or right after that day, but let 10:10 be the day that we said no. Enough is enough, and we will not be moved by your pressure tactics.

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  1. Yes I know it’s not Gang Stalking related, yes I know I have more pressing issues to worry about, but I really feel that this is an issue that needs to be dealt with for a lot of people.

    Comment by gangstalking | October 6, 2010 | Reply

  2. Wow it’s like 10:10:10 when is that going to ever happen again? Anyways I have to be off doing my personal protest against eco-terror videos, so that means using more resources than I normally would. Just cause I don’t think it’s ok to scare people into that point of view. On the upside, I conserved more yesterday than usual, so it will eventually balance.

    Comment by gangstalking | October 10, 2010 | Reply

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