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Lack of global warming over the last 15 years

Lack of global warming over the last 15 years

Well it’s that time again, well what? You mean climate changes, specifically the global warming aspect of it, might not be as big a threat, as we were first lead to believe? Really?

Well it just so happens, that the following article, addresses that issue, remember a few years back, how we were all being forced to fight for our capacity, right to say that maybe global warming was not as big a concern as first thought. Remember companies going out of business, remember if you even deemed to say anything about it, it was not responsible, you were to be ostracized.

Remember how hard we had to work online, to bring light and reason to the fact that climate change was a reality, but global warming, though we acknowledged that it was happening, we also acknowledged, that global cooling was happening, those were hard days, remember.

We had to stop Wikipedia from cheating, from erasing articles, pertaining to global warming and the cover up, remember? We fought to be eligible to say, sure global warming is there, but so is cooling, and we acknowledge, the reality of both, thus we acknowledge climate change, which is a consistant, and ever present, reality of the earth, and earth changes.

World’s top climate scientists told to ‘cover up’ the fact that the Earth’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years

    Leaked United Nations report reveals the world’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years    Politicians have raised concerns about the final draft    Fears that the findings will encourage deniers of man-made climate change
I was trying to find the article about how Wikipedia removed articles with proof that global warming was not as imminent a threat as predicted, but I would not find the article, I almost found an article similar however, but it was on Wikipedia, and that would have defeated the purpose. So I left it. 🙂

Gosh the mental (manual stimulation) that would be required to use that does not make sense. I do not want to jerk off your intelligence with it, or have you stimulate yourselves into forgetting the great swindle, and scandal, so I won’t bring it up anymore.

The point is, they put us through hell, and for what, for nothing, but if we give them an inch, they will take a yard. This is what I am clear on now, also the truth is coming out now? It’s arriving now, so either they got their objectives thorugh, in the background, or we made some deference. I am clear that we made some difference, but in the last three or so years, who knows what they might have done. What we need to do is to the best and brightest, of our abilities, is to remain, ever vigilant. That is the only way, it means not always having fun, living a little low key, maybe even a little understated, but it’s the way we can best survive and get through.

So global warming though a reality, in some areas, may not have been as great a threat as you presented, our kids did not have to be blown up in commercials, to get your objectives through, or across? It didn’t have to be that type of situation? But it was however, because you made it so, and the world will make it so if we enable them.

When I see the above video, I have to wonder if this was where our incandescent light bulbs went? There way or the highway.

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Man Made Global Warming A Myth?,2933,468084,00.html

some scientists are thinking of suing Al Gore.  These scientist are saying that man made global warming is not accurate. They have been saying it for a very long time but apparently they have not been heard.

Wow can you believe that, the people of the world might have been deceived about man made global warming without questioning it? If this is true, could there be other things out there that the population should be questioning?

Now this issue is far from over, much like trying to prove the earth was round, the people saying that man made global warming is a myth are going to have a fight on their hands.

They have been trying to get a debate going for some time with the scientific community that say global warming is a danger to the planet, with very limited success.

[quote]Scientists skeptical of the assertion that climate change is the result of man’s activities are criticizing a recent Associated Press report on global warming, calling it “irrational hysteria,” “horrifically bad” and “incredibly biased.”

They say the report, which was published on Monday, contained sweeping scientific errors and was a one-sided portrayal of a complicated issue.

“If the issues weren’t so serious and the ramifications so profound, I would have to laugh at it,” said David Deming, a geology professor at the University of Oklahoma who has been critical of media reporting on the climate change issue.

In the article, Obama Left with Little Time to Curb Global Warming, AP Science Writer Seth Borenstein wrote that global warming is “a ticking time bomb that President-elect Barack Obama can’t avoid,” and that “global warming is accelerating.”

Deming, in an interview, took issue with Borenstein’s characterization of a problem he says doesn’t exist.

“He says global warming is accelerating. Not only is it continuing, it’s accelerating, and whether it’s continuing that was completely beyond the evidence,” Deming told

“The mean global temperature, at least as measured by satellite, is now the same as it was in the year 1980. In the last couple of years sea level has stopped rising. Hurricane and cyclone activity in the northern hemisphere is at a 24-year low and sea ice globally is also the same as it was in 1980.”

Deming said the article is further evidence of the media’s decision to talk about global warming as fact, despite what he says is a lack of evidence.

This is a serious issue because many governments want to start charging enviro taxes based on the belief of man made global warming, which if false will have serious ramifications for many people for years to come.

This might cause many to re-evaluate recycling programs, and other environmental initiatives. The Kyoto protocol might also have to be re-examined.


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