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Down with the stupidity

Don’t with the stupidity

Why can’t they just get lost, and leave the internet alone? By the time these greedy, selfish people get through, the internet won’t make sense. Now my browser is suppose to police the internet, are u freaking kidding me? I am tried, in a way that does not make sense. This brilliant idea, plus the one to have the banks, and credit card companies monitor and police everyone just goes too far.

I honestly think these people don’t co-cognizant how the internet works. I don’t need the stupidity any longer. Why not just remove their content from the internet, equally stupid correct, but I just don’t want to get into the stupidity of it all. My browser in future could be messed up, and refuse to visit a well known website, cause it might, might have content, that they think is in inappropriate. What a neat way to target specific websites, for days, or even weeks. I am tried of the stupidity.

Everytime they do this, the internet just sits there, but when you don’t have it, don’t complain, cause stupid measures such as this get through, and they don’t make sense. Seriously, my browser is now going to police me, just get your stuff out of my way. I am tired of the stupidity. I can live without that, it wouldn’t be as much fun, but I can, I however can not live without a functional internet.

The arrogance of these people, the all encompassing, they, they, they, whoever they are, doesn’t even make sense. The internet is suppose to be screwed up, and reconfigured, to suit one small sector, everyone’s stuff is suppose to get messed up?

Create an internet without the stupidity, and I will be there. I am tired of the stupidity and the big plans that don’t make sense. No doubt minds like this went into the brilliance of the recent shut down that just came about. (Fine, maybe the American Government, shut down was it’s own fault.) All about them, think about no one else but yourself. YOu, YOu, You, no one else, just you. Selfish.

Here’s the bad news: the World Wide Web Consortium is going ahead with its plan to add DRM to HTML5, setting the stage for browsers that are designed to disobey their owners and to keep secrets from them so they can’t be forced to do as they’re told. Here’s the (much) worse news: the decision to go forward with the project of standardizing DRM for the Web came from Tim Berners-Lee himself, who seems to have bought into the lie that Hollywood will abandon the Web and move somewhere else (AOL?) if they don’t get to redesign the open Internet to suit their latest profit-maximization scheme.

I honestly read it, and I am thinking this is just one more stupid thing. For people like me, who actually use the internet to read, to work, play, be happy, write, blog, etc. This is just annoying. I honestly wish I could just create my own internet, and when you are here in this persons world, the world functions this way, then when I am in that persons world, maybe their world functions like this, but I don’t want browsers that control me, or what I am doing. Maybe if I used the internet just for facebook, or something I would not care, but I don’t, I use it for real world stuff, and I care about my internet, obviously the people, the less than robots you intend this measure for don’t, and I for one am personally tired of it. Tried of the stupidity. Down’ with the stupidity.

There I have vented. Just one more stupid measure. Don’t get me started on other stupid measures, to replace passwords, with things that don’t make sense, and so forth. Filters are possible, but I don’t want my browser to be a filter, and the industries that are doing this, are not winning friends, I can only imagine that they are losing big time in advance. (Financially losing even more in advance.)

This reminds me of the time they ruined Napster, no it can’t function such as this, people will just gravitate towards this, this and this, they will pay for this service here, some did, some did not, but it was never the same again. Neat things like the internet, and my browsing experience, should not be ruined for a few, who either don’t get it, don’t care, or are going about it the incorrect way.
I support now having your material, content, protected, but I am clear on this, if it’s not there, I won’t miss it, and will find new ways to do things, cause this whole browser thing is just so annoying. I am totally blocking out such content myself if I would, and If I can find an app, or situation, that I can control, I will likely add a block like that myself, so I don’t have to worry about it, but likely block the whole stupid thing out. There. Wouldn’t that be neat?

Is there an app that does that, a youtube site where I am free of this content, so I don’t accidentally watch a video, or listen to a song I should not? Is there, can you please post the app, so I can download it in advance. I would rather censor myself, than have third parties do it, so that way I might still be eligible to enjoy the internet, before it becomes this bland, undesirable, pile of heap, that does not make sense. Less than internet 1.0, cause that is where this is heading, and I am tired of it. So if you know of a filter, one that I can control, and self govern, send it this way first. Thanks.

I would usually post the song, down with the sickness, artist disturbed, but since i am going to try to self censor in advance, I am not clear if my browser, or financial institution would have allowed this or not.

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