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Interacting with Spiritual Based Products

Interacting with spiritual based products

Interacting with Spiritual Based Products. They are there and they work, most times they just have to work for us on a personal level, and our spiritual based products never have to interact with anyone else, but the odd time they do, and I was surprised to come across one 911, operator who was not as familiar with the products, or at least she mentioned that she was not. No not to sound paranoid, but I did do a check afterwards, via the spiritual reporting form, and she is a little bit more familiar with spiritual based products than I thought.

There is or literally was a subplot in the background, where she was clear someone would be calling, and it was just one of those creepy situations, where ‘they’ had knowledge in advance. But on the other hand, she understands spiritual based items, fairly well in advance.

This had more to do with the fact that these items will be playing a role in future. If you can believe people sometimes have information in advance. Now let’s pretend this was a normal call, with a none knowledgeable operator, how would the call have been handled.

Reporting an incident

I need to report a crime or an incident that was reported with a Spiritual Based Product. The crime, or the incident was recorded via a spiritual based product. That’s why I have the details. Or I received an alert, and I need to report an incident. Most times it’s very rare that you will have to, but it might be nice to be clear in advance.

Spiritual Based, similar to virtual Based, but it’s something that you, call, dial into. You remotely and spiritually check your information. How do you do so? ‘What by just thinking about it?’
No it’s a real world product, similar to a firewall. Firewalls are invisible, for the most part but they work. Some may also have a spiritual based component.

These have spiritual based components, you simply request to check the records, or incidents, for the specific product. The products have a verbal component, that you can listen to remotely, and virtually, or spiritually.

You request to access the records, confirm your unique identifier information, and peruse the incidents. If there are any incidents, you can take note of the date and time, and some incidents might have to be recorded, or reported.

The more education about spiritual based products the better. They are increasingly a part of our lives, and they make sense. Subplots aside, conveying what we need to those around us, at times is important and essential. Having a 911 operator who is well educated, and semi familiar with how the products work, priceless.

Thus why I literally requested that they receive free samples in advance, or some of these products, at least for a month or two, if they work with them in their own lives, they can figure out how that works,. I requested it for the emergency workers that make sense. 911, 999, social workers and so forth. So for future when you call in, if you ever have to, cause I don’t expect them to be inundated with calls, about this, but the very rare, odd, occasion, it would be good for them to be clear in advance.

I will follow up in a month or two and see how this is going. Saying take care, take care in advance.

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Reporting Forms

This matches the post from yesterday, Community Planning and Implementation. ^World Of The Royal Queen

Reporting Forms

Reporting Forms For Social Behaviours

The form is sent in when other interactions or feedback has failed. They are given a chance to correct behaviour before an actual threat assessment file is created, penal or other more direct and overt action has to be taken.

The form uses the Unique Identifier System.

Step 1

The person is first given a verbal feedback or warning. Usually via an email

Step 2

The Form takes the initial report if the situation continues. The form also gives vital and crucial feedback.

Step 3

Corrective action is initiated. If the behavoiur continues, additional action is taken

Step 4

The Form links in with other departments and divisions.

Eg. If penal action is required, it will link in with the Maximum or Minimum holding facilities.

The Office is another location the form could link in with

The Form could also link in with The Call Center

The Form could link in with the Standards Bureau

The Form could even link in with Investigations

The Form could link in with Social Psychologists and or Community Advisors

The Form could even link in with Community Planning and Implementation

The Form could link in with Legal Division

The Form could link in with Remote Councillor

The Form can and likely does work in conjunction with The Royal Queen Support Services System.

Step 5

Additional Action is taken and documented. If the behaviour continues.

Step 6

The Form continues to document and take the additional action that is needed, until the situation is resolved in a satisfactory manner.

They can be made billable. If their anti or unsuitable social behaviour, or behavoirs are costing the society quite a bit as a whole or at large, and thus the result. They are participating in unsuitable or lowest common denominator social behaviour.

Reporting Forms Customer Service

The form works with the Unique Identifier System. It records confirms the individual that is calling in, and it keeps track of the situation, and stays or remains open, until a solution is found.

Step 1

The Form is opened when a customer calls in. In some cases. The form is filled out with the person and the nature of the call.

Step 2

The reason that it could not be initially resolved, and any further or additional action that is needed for the situation to be resolved.

Step 3

Once the correct action has been taken, then the form can be closed.

Reporting Forms Standards Bureau

The form is opened when there is a conflict of interest, or an irregularity with the standards that are required.

The form works within literally all aspect of society within A New Kingdom. Eg.

The Service Industry
Health Care
Customer Service
Online and Offline Services

Step 1

A form is opened when there is an incident or an irregularity with the standards.

Step 2

A helpful suggestion is made at that point if the situation can be resolved, or deescalated by making the helpful suggestion, or giving, vital, suitable, and relevant feedback.

Step 3

If that is not possible, then the form links in with various other locations, offices, or services. Literally just about every aspect of society. Eg.

Local Police

If penal action is required, it will link in with the Maximum or Minimum holding facilities.

The Office is another location the form could link in with

The Form could also link in with the call center

The Form could link in with the Standards Bureau

The Form could even link in with Investigations

The Form could link in with Social Psychologists and or Community Advisors

The Form could even link in with Community Planning and Implementation

The Form could link in with Legal Division

Social Services

Government Offices


Step 4

Corrective action is taken, and the form continues to be documented, and the various departments are linked in with until the matter is resolved or the issue is properly escalated, and then it can be shown why there either was, or was not a resolution.

Investigation Forms

This form is opened and used for Royal Queen Investigations. (An office belonging to The Royal Queen) The form is opened at the start of Investigations, and remains opened until the situation is resolved to a suitable conclusion, or if it could not be for some reason, then will also document that as well, in advance.

The form also uses the Unique Identifier System, to confirm the identity of the clients, and those involved in the situation.

A live update of the form could be sent to the client during the course of the investigation, or if that is not eligible, a copy of the form could be sent to the client at the conclusion of the investigation. If not in most cases, a summarized copy of the form will be sent out to the client, enabling them to see some of the steps taken, and or just the outcome of the investigation.

The form is Uniquely Identified, and thus only the correct individual, with the specific access that is eligible may review the form.

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Spiritual Based Products

Spiritual Based Products

Ok for the last few years now, Targeted Individuals have been getting busy with Spiritual Based Products. I use a variety to assist me in my day to day existence. and the items are suitable for anyone.

About 2-3 years ago now, most of you were introduced to personal identifiers and recently you were introduced to a few other products, so I am just going to go over some of the things that I use.

Personal Identifiers– It’s like a wireless telephone, but it’s great for Targeted Individuals, because it can assist us with figuring out who is in our environments.

Personal Firewall– I use it when I am on the internet, but that’s about it, it just shows any interference.

Home Based Monitoring Service -I either do or do not use this one at the moment, and it is either the most comprehensive service available, at an affordable cost. It’s also fully spiritually based, and you can call in and check incidents. Feel more secure in your environments.

If this crime should be prevented -For the times they try to harm us, this or other stuff is great, also for anyone else stupid enough to attempt to place you into the incorrect situation.

If this order should be fulfilled -I use the from here to their service, you know how we are always concerned about our food, and stuff.

If this accident could be prevented -I am an adult and I also use this at times, it’s suitable for children and adults can also use it.

The Royal Queen Support Services System -Just say help me, and it can file reports on your behalf, and assist you, I use this all the time.

If this crime should be committed -If an actual crime is going to be committed against you, this goes off.

These are just a few of the items that might be useful or suitable, they are spiritual based and they work. Happy Indigo Ribbon Month, we have all come a long way.

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Royal Queen Security Clearances

The Royal Queen Security Clearances became mandatory recently. Just double checking if you have yours working. They are activated via voice, and they are now required to enter certain spaces.

They work with a class and level id. Several can work simultaneously together.  Some are very specific and can only be handed out to certain specific individuals.

 They are more secure than passwords, and user names. They are more secure than swipe cards, because they are ever present. They are a spiritually based product, and they are revolutionary in the way they do things.

No more need for several different security clearances or passes. No need for fingerprint, eye scans, or other biometric forms of identification. There they are not chip based, or RFID based, they are strictly spiritual based.

They work by assigning a class and level, for the specific sector, or service that the person is working in. Once they are voice activated, they continue to work from there. They are not lost or stolen, can not be duplicated, transfered, shared, or forgotten.


The examples are for example.

Business Class -Would Be for those who are working in the business sector and so forth.

Military Class- Would be for those in the military and so forth. Your level and class would be reflected.  Eg. Military Class, Level 35, and then divisions if you have any.

Executive Class-Would be for Presidential Persons and only they could have or use security clearances with such affiliations.

General Class- These would be the security clearances that most people have, with a level attached to them.

Fandom Affiliation-These are a fun level and class of security clearances. They are for people who are into fandom situations, and are more fun to use and utilize.

Retail Therapy-These security clearances are for those who like to go shopping, and they activate at those moments. They are another set designed for fun.

Clubbing Affiliation-These are designed for club and party goers, and they assist the owners, and patrons of those establishments.

Research-These activate for those in research and other modes, and they are just helpful with protecting your content.

There are likely many more, and these are a few that I have come across, they work in conjunction with each other, meaning, that you can have several working simultaneously in harmony. They are designed to work together, to enable or restrict access to certain places.

They are designed to be none intrusive, and that is the reason that they are so light weight, They are almost impossible to lose, and they are not eligible to be copied, or transferred from person to person, that that way your information is safe, and can not be used by third parties.

They are really a neat idea, and they are now mandatory in some cases, so if you forgot to activate yours, you might just wish to verbally request to activate your royal queen security clearances.

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Spiritual Home Based Monitoring?

I came across this recently and forgot to post. The location where I am at either does or does not use it, but I thought some others might benefit from it.

The site is called and they offer a Home Based Monitoring Service that makes sense.

The service is spiritual based, but the moment you leave your home, office, or personal space, you are alerted if there is any spiritual or physical access that has  occurred on the premises, or location. The first of it’s kind. A spiritual alert is also activated remotely at the physical location.

The system uses the unique identifier system. You can log in check on incidents, and you are alerted if anyone tries to enter your premises. It can work in conjunction with pre-existing systems. The system can also link in with emergency services such as The Royal Queen Support Services System, if there is an incident, it can record, and report the incident on your behalf.

For those in the Targeted Individual community that are concerned about both types of access, or even those in the none Targeted Individual Community, I just thought I would put it out there, maybe you could assistance from this type of service.

Anyways it’s Home Based Monitoring, and maybe it works.

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If this accident could be prevented

Do you have a small child?

Think I mentioned this recently, but it’s become pretty useful, it works for children and and it works for adults. It’s really useful for preventing accident.

It’s another one of those spiritual based products. I have not seen that many articles about them, but it actually helps prevent accidents, by sending you a little alert right before they happen, so that you have a chance to prevent the accident.

A child run’s into a room, the alert would go off, and advise you that someone in the room has hot tea, and the child could run into the hot tea, thus giving you the chance to remove the hot tea, so an accident could be averted. It’s pretty cool, and it saves on those bumps and bruises, that are so common in childhood. It also works for adults, cause let’s face it, adults, have accidents, also.

If this accident could be prevented. This latest product, provides you with comprehensive analysis, of when an accident could be prevented.

Do you have small children, pets, adults that are prone to accidents, or goofy events? This product enables you to be clear that an accident is about to occur, and it also provides you with helpful suggestions, and measures of how the accident could be prevented.

It’s a wonderful preventative measure for accidents, and other similar occurrences.

Basically to order any of these products, you just make the request outloud, and it’s ordered through something called The Royal Queen Authority Financial System.  Then it’s delivered spiritually to you, similar to how things are delivered to you virtually.

Eg. I would like to order the if this accident could be prevented product. Just say it outloud. or on the website, you can verbally contact about information, or order it that way.

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Where do you file a request for the threat assessment file?

Where do you file a request for the threat assessment file? Thanks.

This was a question sent in from, endgangstalking.

Thank you for writing in. To request your files, follow the instructions, below.

Spiritual Files

If you have one, and are eligible to have your information or details, you can remotely request your spiritual files, and they can be sent.

There is a spiritual based, threat assessment office, the request is made remotely, and is voice activated. If you have a file, and are eligible, then you can request to have the file sent. Eg. You will verbally say, my name is such as such, (You do not have to say, your real name out loud.) you do need to have a unique identifier. Request your file, eg. I am making a verbal request, to see my threat assessment file.

Provided you are in an eligible situation, the files are sent to you, similar to making a virtual request, except you can see, and hear your files, in some cases, it’s interactive.

So just choose a comfortable place, and verbally request to see your files, if you have any, you might have to say it more than once, and the files get sent, usually within 24 hours.

Earth Files

The files can be requested in some cases by sending in a Freedom Of Information Act request, just to see if there are any threat assessment team files, that you are eligible to have access to. If there are, great, if not, then it’s something slightly different.

You can use the online program to request FOIA request files.


The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives you the right to access information from federal agencies. FOIAonline allows you to submit FOIA requests to all participating agencies from this website, track the status of requests, search for requests submitted by others, and generate up-to-the-minute reports on FOIA processing.

The files could be started via a former employer, through a local agency, etc even if it was an accidental run in, eg. Jane Clift and the local council that created a file on her.

Legal options, can also be reviewed, as was the case in Jane Clifts case.‎

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Virtual and Spiritual Based Coins

In recent we have heard a vast deal about virtual coins, and also spiritual coins. I recall reading a few years back about some virtual worlds, and how they functioned, that people were even selling items to purchase property, or other items in virtual worlds. I really did try to comprehend the trend a bit, but at the time, it just was not as feasible as it could have been,

A few years later, the coins are doing as well as predicted, in fact better, in some cases, they are now openly traded as real world currency, situations such as the bitcoin, Lindens, Toricredits, Frenzoo, and other currencies, even currency exchanges for virtual coins, they have arrived a long way, and they even have gift cards that you can now purchase, pretty cool.

Future of Money: Classifying Virtual Currency Systems
by Parag and Ayesha Khanna
March 22, 2012,

it’s important to understand that money is merely an agreement to use something as a medium of exchange.  The function and purpose of cash is therefore assigned by our cultural and social systems, not any intrinsic value. So as our society evolves, and our physical and digital economies converge, how does our monetary system evolve along with us? Whether exchanged via virtual worlds, social games, or mobile apps, virtual currencies hold real implications for our global economy, fundamentally altering how we conduct transactions with one another.

Is it too late to get into the virtual cash exchange system? Unknown at this moment, I think a few years back, you could still get into the virtual cash exchange situation fairly easy, and still make some money. However to pick up on the vibe,

Recent guidance made it clear certain virtual currency firms have to comply with Bank Secrecy Act regulations. But it’s less clear how these companies, which are often smaller start-ups, will actually go about doing this.

Bitcoin’s big mystery: who created the virtual currency system?

By Shawn Knight

On May 20, 2013,

It’s no secret that Bitcoin comes with its fair share of controversy but what most people don’t realize is, it’s also shrouded in a veil of mystery. That’s because, even five years after its launch, nobody knows who came up with the original idea for the virtual currency system.

N.Y. regulator considers issuing virtual currency guidelines

By Karen Freifeld

Mon Aug 12, 2013

They are trying to ruin the virtual currency industry in advance, lovely, the virtual currency industry as it is now, is ok, I would hate to see them regulate it out of existence, cause that is how the situation functions. You got a good thing, and they will attempt to regulate it to the stage it does not make sense.

It’s better to be virtual, than to be regulated. You have a good thing.

Virtual currencies are worth real cash.
What’s your virtual net worth?

This is a great question, and please visit the sites, and articles to learn more about virtual coins, how they function, and the recent proposed guidelines to change all that and ruin it. 🙂

Spiritual Based Cash Exchange System

The Royalty is the coin of The Royal Queen Authority Financial System, and it is a spiritual based, cash exchange system. It’s a universal cash exchange system, that’s been in place for the last few years, and it’s now eligible to be in the correct situations, and have the correct situations thus occurring and happening.

Individuals use the system, and The Royalty which is a spiritual gold based standard, to purchase spiritual based items, and in some cases, they will likely use this system, at locations such as night clubs, and other places, some locations are likely quietly testing out the system in the foreground, meaning the background.

This system delivers spiritual based items, and does it remotely, it’s hard to see it now, but someday, you might walk into a store, use the Royal Queen Authority Financial System to purchase an item, and then have that be your primary way of purchasing goods and services.

Night Clubs and other places are testing out the spiritual cash exchange system, and in future, additional locations, may well start to accept this spiritual based coin, which can be converted to most currencies, on the face of the planet and beyond.

1. Q: How can I use the Royal Queen Authority Financial System?

A: To use the Royal Queen Authority Financial System, is very simple and straight forward.

a) First remotely activate your unique identifier. You can do this from the comfort of your home, by saying outloud, I wish to activate my unique identifier information.

It’s all done spiritually (virtually) and remotely from the comfort of your home, and it’s voice activated, so you don’t even have to lift a finger.

utilize your unique identifier with The Royal Queen Authority Financial System, which is a cash exchange system. Send and receive money, purchase spiritual goods and services, gold, silver, food, flowers and other items.

The future is open wide, be it virtual cash exchange systems, or spiritual cash exchange systems, we have more options than we ever did before.

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Spiritual Based Products 2

The Run Down on Spiritual Based Products


Spiritual Based Products are neat, and they continue to work, even if the lights go out, which is true. Unlike your laptop, computer, or other electronic devices, these continue to work, and enable you to keep in touch with your loved ones, or access specific information.

Also before I go any further, do you all keep a corded telephone on hand, in case the lights go out, and candles, batteries and a flash light, the basics, should be on hand, whenever possible. Wireless home phones, don’t always work if the lights go out.

1. I recently recovered my account password, I have a blog, that I lost my password for, I requested a new service that enables you to recover your passwords, user names, or email addresses, the information is recovered spiritually, and with my Unique Identifier information, I was able, or eligible, to login, or logon, and recover my password. That’s just one of the neat things you can do with spiritual based products and services.

2. Ordering food, a service, or getting a delivery, have it tracked from start to finish, with a spiritual based product service. The service tracks your delivery from start to finish, and you can check the details. Maybe the plumber, or repair guy takes a little too long, pizza late, what was the delay, and so forth. A neat way to keep track of your orders, deliveries, and gifts, being sent.

3. If this song should be sung, a spiritual based product, that enables you to know if a song has been sung, it means if you are trying to have a baby, this will enable you to be aware, the moment you little song has been sung, it’s cute, works spiritually, as well as for earth province conceptions.

4. If this crime should be committed, hopefully you will never need it, but for Targeted Individual and others, it enables you to be clear if a crime should be committed, it’s like an early warning, or a pre-crime type situation, but it works for the individuals. It’s a neat little product, and it alerts you, or attempts to alert you in advance.

5. If this accident should happen, enables you to know, or be cognizant if behaviors are ongoing that could lead to an accident. I have associates, that have a little one, the child is rambunctious, and I sent it to them as a gift, it works, and I really wish I could send this to all parents, on those funniest home video shows, it’s just that if this accident could be prevented. 🙂

There are a few more likely, the items can be ordered remotely via something called The Royal Queen Authority Financial System, and it’s a great way to also send and receive, spiritual goods, and currencies. is the link, and to activate your unique identifier, which you do need to use the system, you just activate it remotely in a quite location so you can hear your unique identifier. You verbally at any location say, ‘I wish to activate my unique identifier,’ then just follow the instructions.

I personally also use a few other spiritual based services, it’s made my life a little bit easier, and I think  it might assist a few others. Cheers till next time.

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Spiritual Based Products

Why Spiritual Based Product Work.

Unlike virtual products, spiritual based products work in a slightly different mannerism. They recently assisted me in doing some of the research that I was doing, and they can assist you in a variety of other ways.

Part of the stalking the community goes through is spiritual or at least remote based, meaning some of the monitoring, what I have found is that spiritual products can sometimes assist with identifying those in the situation, that are not as they appear. I had one spiritual based product that asked those around me to identify themselves before entering my spiritual space, it’s interesting, because then I could identify and confirm some of the things, I could only previously have dreamed of, eg. That they do use satalight monitoring, that there are government agents, as well as informants, and a variety of other situations, they just enable you to be more aware.

Spiritual based technology can be and has been beneficial for the Targeted Individual in other ways, by enabling the community to be up to date, with some of the latest technology that is out there.

To learn more about spiritual based products you can visit The best way to see them in action is to test them out. I use my unique identifiers, personal identifiers, and security clearances all the time.

Take care

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