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Aidonia – Bruki Bruki (Official Video)

Aidonia – Bruki Bruki (Official Video) | @GazaPriiinceEnt @AidoniaJ

Rumor has it that this link, video, situation, might go viral, or might be going viral. I can not confirm either way.

The link is there, it has specific rythmic move, melodies or patterns, that might cause it to go viral, and cause the Adonia Effect on specific, individuals.

The symptoms, patterns are hard to explain. If you do come, arrive across the video, watch with caution, cause it could be going, or it could go viral, either way, take proper precausions, best of luck. and have a nice day.

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  1. It has been said many times Monarch Programming (the technology of the mind in my opinion that makes gang-stalking free of cost)
    was strong in this or that but not so long ago rap and this modern black music was being sought out..presumably not just as poster girls or boys but as transmitters of monarch motifs, cues, reinforcers and triggers svn in a random sir tot way. Think Homeland with each person in CCTV shot available for some prompting..maybe? My stuff is at beachhutman on twitter..loads of links…I did study the career of ASA shadow warrior John (Mad Jack ) Klawitter who became a Disney VP and Warners insider, still a Hollywood outsider though who produced strange jerky children’s cartoons., just about findable amongst connoisseurs. Derren Brown a Brit mentalist used a jerky sort of Ministry film that was introduced as subliminal and ..yeah…it does not seem to be SEAMLESS yet, but no….Will Filer, NSA, Psyops, even my bleeding edge exposure has missed out on what he can transmit. I think. Er Er Er….

    Comment by Tim Baber (@beachhutman) | December 6, 2013 | Reply

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