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Bing. Working It.

That background image is working it.

Bing is looking good these days, those background images are working it.
I still use alternative search engines mind you, but lately Bing as been looking good and working it.

The background images don’t just stand still, they actually move, but they have some nature ones, that just look so good. Those 3D gifs,t hat move, like the nature waterfalls or something, today was not a great morning, I had to have my agenda arrive at my door, wither I wanted it or not, but then it was like going to be all stressful and stuff, and then I opened the computer, and there was Bing, in the background, and that image was just working it. It was just there, where I needed it to be, and for the first time, I am really thinking of switching search engines, the other search engines, some still seems to give better searches, but when I see there background images, I am a little bit captured, or captivated by Bing. You are doing some nice stuff with the background images, keep it up.

Bing keep working it, but keep working it behind the scenes, and up front, cause the internet does not want to be disappointed again.

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