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Child Molesters Amongst Us

Child Molesters Amongst Us

Former girlfriend Joanna Majic, 38, warned this week that sex predator Watkins had abused hundreds of young victims during years of secret offending.

Evidently she first filed the report in 2008, and yes the police were not willing to do anything about it. I reported that yesterday, that that is my finding, that the police do not action this stuff, are you surprised? Some do, some forces do, too many don’t depending on who is involved.

The Abuses are far ranging and you would never believe the locations, or the individuals involved.

New sex abuse claims against Jimmy Savile are being made weekly, it emerged today as the number of hospitals under investigation over the scandal more than doubled to 32.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said an extra 19 hospitals had been caught up in the scandal, in addition to 13 already subject to an urgent inquiry.

It suggests the disgraced former BBC presenter’s abuse of children on NHS premises may have been more regular and more serious than those offences committed at the Corporation.

These individuals gain access in ways and in places that do not make sense. It’s one thing when the parents are providing access, and it’s abhorrent, but when they are not, and these pedophiles, these perverts still want to gain access to children.

Savile, who died in 2011 aged 84, is believed to have abused hundreds of children. He had a bedroom at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, an office and living quarters at Broadmoor, and widespread access to Leeds General Infirmary.

In one of the biggest such operations ever seen, investigators uncovered an octopus-like child-porn network centred on a now-shuttered sex-film business in Toronto. Its tentacles extended across Canada, where 108 people have been taken into custody, and to six continents. In the US, 76 people were arrested while others have been rounded up in several European countries.

While the investigation, Project Spade, was led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), it was pursued with the collaboration of the US Postal Inspection Service and law enforcement agencies in Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Australia, South Africa and Hong Kong, officials said.

If I recall the story, that was the story with the teachers, police, and others as child molesters, that’s why some of this stuff literally does not get solved.

The arrests included 40 schoolteachers, nine doctors and nurses, 32 people who volunteered with children, six law-enforcement personnel, nine pastors or priests and three foster parents,” said inspector Joanna Beavan-Desjardins.

The story is not even the tip of the iceburg, but doctors, nurses, police, school teachers, they compromise them in advance, thus when people not into this type of stuff go looking for assistance, they can’t believe that so many people could be into this type of situation. This is exactly what I am finding in my own research, my own investigation.

Recall that for the last while I have been trying to assist a little girl being abused, the information reached my ears, and the person involved is high profile, the individuals have these resources and cover up for each other. The rock star getting his girlfriends to give over their children, is not a surprise.

Other high profile individuals, and cheap plastic mannequins, are harder to go after, because of their statuses, but awareness must be there. The same way the Savile story is in the paper on a daily basis, and I am grateful for this, then I must also blog on a regular basis, to keep this awareness fresh. Cause that is how this functions.

They are the sort as mentioned to go after peoples children, with or without permission. They are legion in their capacity and ability, so you must be more. They are well connected, so you must become better connected.

The New Face Of Child Molestation?

Have you seen some of the ways they resemble, the glossy good looks, the public appearances that make sense, and behind the scenes, a bunch of child molesters and they do not make sense. They just don’t.

You need to have a network similar to how you function, raise awareness, or just be the sort, that can revamp, reform, or reconfigure what needs to be reconfigured, these creatures will, see a nice normal person, and try to determine their fate in a micro second. They are not the correct sorts to begin with, and they commit some of the worst atrocities, but then they get away with it.

That’s what they resemble now, and worst, cause they just seem normal, do the public thing, the celebrity thing, then go out and monstrously destroy and harm children, and think nothing of it, and they have the connections for the cover up’s, and think nothing of it.

Spiritually when you do these investigations, you can learn a lot more in one minute, one day, than you would in years of doing this research, thus why spiritual inquiries and investigations turn up some interesting stuff, and the information, tends to be accurate or else half the time, you could not get anything done. things you can use to protect yourself and your family, and document some of the stuff being done, the rest is slightly different, but no less important. Take care.

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The Agencies

What you are up against

To really be clear on the situations that you are dealing with, you really have to look at some people’s motivations.

Recently I discovered that some people act on their own accord, and they do some of this stuff on their own. Melissa if it’s you, that’s great.

Others however are working for other sources, Agencies, Informant System, NWO, what have you. To figure out what is ongoing, you really need to figure out people and their motivations.

Eg. One person who recently married into a situation is basically an Israeli agent from the time she was younger. Even before this girl was born, and I kid you not, they determined she would be placed into the agency, used as a whore, spiritually and on the face of the planet, and since she could not be in the incorrect situations, being used as a male prostitute, don’t ask, she would get into some of the top situations.

The little cheap, plastic mannequin individual, on her mothers side was inducted, via her uncle, and has been into that type of situation ever since then. That is part of the reason, this person despite all reason, was allowed to continue on with some of the worst situations, without being discontinued.

So it’s interesting motivations. It’s also interesting to learn that several additional individuals are in similar type of situations, they are not with Canadian, American, even European agencies, they seem to be with a specific agency, just like the plastic mannequin, they continue with some of the most, and I do mean this, destructive behaviors, they are motivated in a way that does not, and will never makes sense.

See to get some of the crazy stuff in the world to stop happening, you have to be clear it’s happening, then you have to figure out who or what is behind all this, now is it CIA, RCMP, French Agencies, etc, and then find a way to deal, or get them motivated to discontinue specific behaviors.


The Informant System

Rumour has it that has now been reformed, or is in the process of being reformed, cause that little system was not doing anything suitable, but in the last couple of years a new force, has had to revamp that system, take it over, and enable it to discontinue some of what it was doing.

The Agencies

Many of them felt more inclined to revamp some of their practices. Some of their situations actually go through, oddly enough the Informant System, so the reforms to be inline with those objectives. Others are just motivated in general.

Also some of their technology that they use, has likely had to come in line with some other reforms that are getting done, that are required, that are mandatory.

The Military

They have spiritual as well as earth based contracts, oddly enough. Some of their situations have had to fall inline, to match up to current objectives. It’s small changes here and their, but it all makes a difference.


If they exist, they are likely doing something better with their situations.

The Israeli Agencies

Missed those in the reform category, so it’s interesting, If there are motivated individuals out there, individuals that are still acting in a dysfunctional manner, checking their agency affiliations in some cases turned up, well this out put and motivation. One of the last few to be curtailed, with normal objectives and agenda’s.

The agencies across the globe recently became more co-operative, but not in an adverse manner, because that’s not what was needed.

To really reform on a global basis, there had to be some awareness, things had to be done on several levels, spiritually and on the face of the planet. The technology and manipulations had to be examined. People’s spiritual lives do have some affect at times on the none spiritual, and that had to be acknowledged. Humanity has not kept up with the manipulations, or the the technology that is possible, and so here we are.

In doing the research, it’s been interesting. In watching the spiritual revamps, and the newly aligned, or aligning earth reforms, it’s amazing the technology that is out there, that are used at various levels, and the motivations, behind the scenes. The unnecessary destruction, and ofcourse the abuses that did not have to take place, the deaths, and the destruction.

In future it would nice to have reforms and revamps. I love doing research, I basically will research an issue such as Gang Stalking, find out that the above play a role, along with Threat Assessment Teams and then try to see what changes can be done, to enable others, just about everyone to be in better circumstances.

I am not a big fan of agencies, informant systems, or other types of situations, but I am the sort to literally work towards reforming a whole entire system if that’s what it takes to bring about changes that are necessary, or at least bringing awareness to the issues, that is what I can do, and I hope I have done so with this post.

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Child Molesters amongst us

Child Molesters amongst us

I was just reading this story and it is fully apropos.

The person is famous, people in the persons circle are clear or at least a little bit clear that the person is a child molester, and they either do nothing, or they find it hard to gain assistance, because of the persons celebrity. They actually encounter police and others that do not want to get involved.

Like Savile, Ian Watkins is another fiend protected by the sugar coating of celebrity

By Jan Moir

PUBLISHED: 22:54 GMT, 28 November 2013

For many years, the identikit image of a predatory paedophile, the cartoonish exemplar of someone with an unhealthy interest in children, was that of a dirty old man in a stained mac, a loner hanging around the school-gates or the canal towpath.

Not any longer. Now we have to recalibrate that thought. Adjust the view. Somehow force ourselves to take in the case of Ian Watkins, a popular rock star, a man with millions of fans, someone who ultimately used the power of his celebrity for the darkest of deeds.

The trend is these celebrity types and others in this circle of perversity, and they are so well connected, and there are so many of them, they feel, or are starting to feel they can just be out there, do anything, and say anything. Even when you don’t want to give them access to your children, some literally want to come into your home, or circumstances and access them.

He appeared at Cardiff Crown Court alongside two female fans, who cannot be named, who offered up their babies to be abused.

He did not plead guilty out of any sense of remorse — films of him abusing the children were simply undeniable.

People in this time period have to be more savvy, they are perverts period, child molesters, they don’t care, and the elite really are many in this type of situation.

It is bad enough, it couldn’t be worse, that Watkins was a persistent and committed paedophile.

It is sickening that he delved among his fanbase to recruit ‘superfans’ —  single mothers who were willing for their children to be abused by Watkins, to be given to him as sex sacrifices.

I am glad they included this in the article. The world likes these types, the cheap plastic mannequins, and there social circles, they give them invitations to be around children, without even being clear about the types of people they are, or even if they are the correct sorts. Sometimes even if they are clear, they are still doing the same thing.

Can the influence of fame get any more pernicious? I doubt it. Watkins was even selected to tour children’s hospital wards as part of a kidney donation recruitment drive.

I don’t even think they care about being safe, cause eventually they have high profile friends like themselves who do the exact same thing as them in high profile circles. They are problematic, and the abuses are horrific, cause they don’t care, and they have access. Even when these people don’t have the access, are not given the access, they try to find other ways:

  • Robot Sentient Research Project
  • Opening Threat Assessment Team Files on your children
  • Access to day care, teachers, police and others

What I can personally say is that in my current capacity, part of looking into these situations, I have personally now come across the monsters, my contact with them is remote, thank God, but that does not mean that we have escaped unscathed, these people do not care, and are dangerous, and will go to lengths to gain access to people’s children.

For paedophiles to succeed, they must have access to children and the security of knowing that the likelihood of being caught is remote. Watkins, like Savile, was cloaked in the protective power of fame. Like Savile, he thought he was invincible.

One of his girlfriends went to the local police four years ago, but they could not, or would not, do anything.

Watkins was a hero in the Valleys, a local boy made good. They dismissed her fantastical story — a turn of events which Watkins thought was hilarious and affirming.

Just like in this article, they won’t help, the police won’t help, the ones that want to, are hard pressed to cause they come up against some walls depending on who they are going after. In other cases, if they have D notices, or other high profile connections, or not normal circles, outside of normal circles, there are procedures that have to be followed for how they are dealt with. These people set up systems, and I do mean systems, that ensure they don’t serve time. Some going far enough to have mechanisms in place to create files on those going after them, thus they destroy those going after them, you literally have to hope that you are the bigger parasite, cause they will go after you and yours, they are not the correct sorts, and they don’t do the correct things.

There are in fact pedophiles amongst us, some in the highest circles, when I open the papers or go online on a daily basis, I am now clear, some of the biggest ones, smile, appear on our magazines, and then go home, and rape whoever they want to rape, abuse the children, then if they start to act out, or mention it, they abuse them into submission, or even drug them, so that no one will believe the children.

There are a number of ways that people are fighting back. Ways that are now being used to record the abuses. Because that is what you need proof, but even when there is proof, the people that have to prosecute them are scared, sometimes because of their fame, but all too often cause they do not want to be targeted. So they do nothing, or ignore it.

He carried on abusing children and his openness about it — in emails and elsewhere — is truly shocking.

To a wide circle of people he made no secret of his growing perversions. For their part, South Wales police have serious questions to answer about their failure to act sooner.

There openness is so shocking and out there, cause they are too often converting individuals into what is hated, they literally hang out with types such as themselves in some cases, cause they introduce individuals around them to this type of situations, that is another way they gain access to children. They are too often a little too open about who and what they are, and how they function, or do not function.

Throughout it all, isn’t it amazing that none of Ian Watkins’ fancy friends noticed anything? Anything at all? Their silence so far has been deafening.

It’s not even if they noticed or not, they likely enough did, but what to do about it. Also who else is involved, and even if they do something about it, the people that do supply children, or their own sometimes, are involved, which makes it harder. You literally and I mean this, have to create a separate system on your own to curtail them.

There are some neat ways of recording your children’s activities, and checking for any instances of abuse, and documenting, so that if the system changes, or the circumstances, then you might at least get justice someday, till then be aware, they are out there, on the magazine covers, newspapers magazine, cheap plastic mannequin smiles, the phonies people behind the scenes, and downright dangerous in some cases. Most people will simply not want to believe, and that in part is why things don’t get done. Once they do believe, they find it hard to know what to.

Offices are being set up to deal with such things on a sort term basis, and as I mentioned, situations such as spiritual based items are even more increasingly essential to record what is being done to your children.

There are threat assessment offices out there, and they are working towards fixing the damage that other situations have done in the past, but people have to be aware, there are child molesters amongst us, they are high profile, and they are not shy about their abuse of children. Unlike first refusal where they just wanted your wives, these people want your children, reoccurring and repeatedly.

Take care.

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Aidonia – Bruki Bruki (Official Video)

Aidonia – Bruki Bruki (Official Video) | @GazaPriiinceEnt @AidoniaJ

Rumor has it that this link, video, situation, might go viral, or might be going viral. I can not confirm either way.

The link is there, it has specific rythmic move, melodies or patterns, that might cause it to go viral, and cause the Adonia Effect on specific, individuals.

The symptoms, patterns are hard to explain. If you do come, arrive across the video, watch with caution, cause it could be going, or it could go viral, either way, take proper precausions, best of luck. and have a nice day.

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You are a cursed set in advance. You are a cold set, but most importantly you are a dirty, nasty, workless set of creatures, that don’t even make sense.

Not even dirty, dutty, they are literally the worst sort of individuals on the face of the planet.

Two boys who will never be men, with a legacy they will not defend. They are these sorts eh, they will ineligible this dutty, nasty girl, who could not hold a candle in the wind to their mothers legacy to destroy and lay bear to worlds, and things unknown and unspoken. They will walk into your city, your world, and ask you to come f*ck you child, or your children, they literally did, and do. Or they will send one of their dutty, nasty relatives to do so, or a representative on your behalf, cause these are the sorts of filth that we are dealing with, have been dealing with, and are tired of dealing with.

They are not the correct sorts, did not grow up to be the correct sorts and do not do the correct things, you, are finally, I can say it, a disappointment and a failure, a failure, to her to her legacy, to the rest of us, to the stage, it will never make sense.

Some dirty old man took her out of her existence, and remained you bear, you grew up, and we hoped you would become the men, that the world needed, but I have had the pleasure behind the scenes, of watching you both becoming two of the biggest, child molesters on the face of the planet. You don’t do anything suitable, that’s a truth, you fake it in public, but behind the scenes, you grew up to be worst animals, than those who did the incorrect things to her.

She cursed them, this I am sure of, she cursed them in advance, but that curse is practically no longer even eligible, cause you have made it so ineligible.

Ever report, every situations is this, you are not the correct sort, and you don’t do the correct things.

You have your minions globally trying to get people to turn themselves, their children, and their family into the incorrect sort, into what you are behind the scenes. I don’t need the reports, cause you are brazen as brass, and I will tell you now what I told you virtually to your faces, you can’t come f*ck me, you can’t come f*ck my child. The statement had to be raw, because they are threatening and harassing, these individuals that I am affiliated with with literally that. Spiritually they are harassing this little kid that has more class, and breeding than they will ever have.

I have cursed them, but more than a curse is needed. Their actual situation is this, they have truly enabled this dirty, but it’s dutty girl into their situations, she can do the correct things, say the correct things, isn’t eligible for the correct things spiritually  or on the face of the planet. She isn’t eligible for anythings, and things they want and need access to, she can provide, and worst, she can’t breed up what they want and need. The gatekeeper did not do her job, she let an ineligible in, and for that, they all most pay, but the boy who was task to doing the correct thing failed. Failed to the stage it will never make sense.

Personally I am of the opinion they did the correct thing, the girl is dirty the way that makes sense, on a daily continual basis, she will render them nothing, she will provide for them nothing, and she will destroy and lay bear waste, while the legacy they should have defended they will not defend it, or keep it safe.

The one that should have arrived in their situation they refused, the rejected, the stone that the builder rejected, has not so much become important to them, but has what they need. They can get at it any other way, trying to kill her for the last three years didn’t work, now you are actively trying to wipe their family, and their heritage out of existence, including turning them into the sorts who will enable you to come fuck their children openly, you are a dutty, nasty accursed lot.

This isn’t even braveheart with first refusal, this is where they want to use your wives and your children, you have never seen anything like this, and you never will again.

You can’t and you don’t and you won’t hold a candle in the wind, to anything or anyone. The girl you let in is the incorrect thing, always was, always will be, that’s no ones fault but your own, you don’t have what you want, cause you choose, what you did, she is not the incorrect sort for your situations, she is dirty, and ineligible, she is exactly as she should be, not the correct things, she suits you, and the rest of your lot, to the stage, it will never make sense.

Stay away from me, and mine, cause I am not that sort, and the things that belong do me, and mine are not that sort. You are that sort, and you will lay bear to the rest of the world, to cover it up, so you can do it openly. I don’t want that for myself, or for others.

The chief of Bills, who was a dirty, nasty, ineligible things, that you sent he isn’t doing anything suitable either. He is threatening to take my stuff, gain access to my spiritual stuff, and my earth stuff, things I meant to be one of his little informants or something, yeah he has delusions of grandeur. You have heard, read, known to you my love, fondness for the informant system not. It targeted us, it went after us, you are clear how I feel about it, and my intentions for it. ‘So don’t put your dutty hand in a mi face, and chat to mi back.’ It’s from the lines to a song, but it makes sense. The song is called chat to mi back, and you can do just that, cause your situations they don’t makes sense. You are a dirty ineligible shit, who wakes up on a daily basis to do the stupidest, most cruel things to people, you don’t make sense, you are suppose to be the correct sort, but you don’t do correct by us, by yourself, or other. I don’t’ expect you to.

I had to include you in the post, Matthew, you little hit man wanna be, stay out of it, cause this time, the curse will not even escape you.

Stay out of it. They want to go after people and their children, the reason they got rid of the girl that did make sense, is cause they are those sorts, they don’t make sense. They are cold.

One and one might be a thousand miles away, we are no longer the walking wounded are we. Stay away from us, in spirit, and flesh, stay away from us, I don’t want them, adopting your dutty nasty ways.


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Indigo Ribbon Day, Month

InIndigodHappy Indigo Ribbon Day,

Tomorrow is November 23, Indigo Ribbon Day, and this year targets we have come a long way. Our information is out there. Mentions here and there about Indigo Ribbon Month, our campaigns are going well, and this year there is real reason to celebrate, there is just more support for Targeted Individuals.


The Quilt is a spiritual based quilt, but it’s one source of support that was not previously there before. That is something that can be utilized 24/7, either the Indigo Ribbon Quilt, or the Targeted Individuals Quilt.

The Call Center

Their is a section for Targeted Individuals. It’s a spiritual based service. It’s a as simple as mentioning from your location that you want to call the call center .ca and request the Targeted Individuals section. There is support for Targeted Individuals now. Not just for Indigo Ribbon any longer.

The service is via

Hope I explained that correctly.

Spiritual Based Reports

Whenever these so called incidents use to happen or were instigated, we to have to put up with them. We use to have to put up with them, not any longer, we can at least file a report. As simple as request to file a report, or file a spiritual based report, and the incidents are documented, at least they are if they are legitimate. This way you have a record of what is ongoing.

This service is via

Spiritual Based Products

This year you have access to spiritual based products which hopefully work, and give you the information that you need. I use a variety of them, have blogged about it before. If you have not done so take a moment to look into some of them. Here is a link to some of the one’s that I use.

Most years we don’t have the support, or the point of reference that we need. This year we have a few more of the things we need to survive. So in Thanks, In Appreciation, In Reverence. Saying thanks, and happy Indigo Ribbon Day, Month.


There may be one more quick delivery of balloons for tomorrow on The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. Trying to make the arrangements, for Indigo Ribbon Day, if they are there, great, if not don’t worry about it. But here is hoping they get set. It’s spiritual based so it make sense.

For those who have not checked it out, it’s a new way to send and receive funds, but the system uses it’s own currency, called The Royalty. Someday soon, it’s hoped that this will be in your local stores, and other locations, till then, consider using this as a viable alternative, and unlike other resources, it can not be used to purchase items deemed unsuitable in advance. Saves on the usual snags that other systems or similar type systems have run into.







Oh and for Indigo Ribbon Month, we finally have an Ad over at Thanks to everyone who is assisting.

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File a report

Spiritual Based Reports

Many may not be aware, but you can file what are called spiritual based reports. You know how incidents occur, and sometimes you can’t prove them, or the official sources here will not file the report or take you seriously?

You can now file a spiritual based report, and that’s just what I will be doing and so many others. They are great, and at least the incidents can be documented.

The Frequency suites, agency suites, handlers mounts, authorization points, and a whack of other garbage I have never come across before, can all have reports filed.

Spiritual Based incidents, as well as earth based incidents can now be filed. In some cases, when you file a report it may be actioned. This  Indigo Ribbon Month there is something more than we can do, and something more that can be done.

The Targeted Individual community, are no longer the only individuals experiencing the odd situations. Reports are now being filed for a variety of situations. Also some of these reports will link in with other pre-existing services.

Eg. The Royal Queen Support Services System, also files reports in a similar mannerism and regard. and some of these reports are forwarded to The Office.

In some cases reports are filed on behalf of the target, or the victim, if they are unable to file one themselves. Reports are likely complied and significant patterns or trends, are likely documented.

How to file a report

Just verbally say, I would like to file a report, or I would like to file a spiritual based report, and you can hear a spiritual form being opened, if not visually view it, and you can hear the details being filed. Also when filing a report, it’s neat to see if there is anyone else involved in the incident, because sometimes there are individuals behind the scenes instigating the incidents, as I am discovering, as if we did not know that.

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Bitch your being raped.

Ok it’s that time again. I am getting the stories of people openly raping people on the subways and other public locations, now public locations are suppose to be off limits correct, so I went outside to see if I could verify any of this stuff.

I can verify it, bitch your being raped. Dude it’s like this, these freaking people on the informant system are being given permission by our New World Order, or whatever you want to call them, brute squad police force, to be up in people’s faces and in their lower anatomies, I kid you not. Proving it isn’t even that difficult, it’s not rocket science. The thing I can’t understand is just them sitting pacively and taking it.

Sure most of the world has been kidnapped to facilities behind the scenes and are being raped, and systemically destroyed, but when you are using the frequency suits, to openly rape people on the subway, there is just something wrong about that.

So I dealt with a few people. I kid you not. I have no patience, time, or energy for this. I had not been outside in some time. I recall that the suits were attempting this stuff, it was illegal, and then I thought it had stopped, the freaking thing has become their standard operating practice.

The police force in this location, and in various global locations are being used for this stuff.

Ways to protect.

A Spiritual Place.

It’s a spiritual based kingdom, but it actually provides protect against these frequency suits. The suits look like little almost invisible shadows of the person, and they can activate these suits, and you can feel then in real life flesh and blood. They are nicknamed mini teleportation devices. It’s truly interesting, but the situation needs to end, and discontinue. This is how you teach the world to go along with this stuff. It’s been documented several times in this location, but this is the first time, I have had to write about them in this serious a manner or mannerism.

Amnesty might bring up A Spiritual Place, but it’s a spiritual location, that can at time be pulled up, and if you can enter, these frequency suits that the United States, Military Special Operations Branch are banned from entering. These frequency suits that should have been archived from when?

I am A Citizen Of A Spiritual Place.
I am in Accordance with doing the
correct thing. I am in accordance
with The Royal Will and Governance
of The Royal Queen,
Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey.
I am aware that she is the one in the
situation, she is the one in charge, and
she is the one that can seriously remove
people from their outcomes.

That’s the pledge to be a citizen of A Spiritual Place
but it’s also a situation that provides some protection,
when it comes up. The suites these ones should not be
openly raping people, should not be up in people’s
situations. They have been there for some time, I actively
blogged about them some time ago, and now they are
openly doing this stuff.

Being a citizen of A Spiritual Place is one way to get protected,
there are possibly other ways, but honestly, the spiritual authority
is to The Royal Queen, and the frequency suites do not have the
authority to activate and rape people.

Yeah it sounds like a trip, but bitch you’re being raped .com look into
it, the situation need to be documented, and the reports that I am hearing
back about this are the real thing, so the other situations that I am hearing back about, are also likely the real thing, but I refuse to blog about those things at the moment. Either way, take care, the situation is weirder than it has to be.


Basically the spiritual authority and rule is if you are using the frequency suites to rape, or harass, you could be subject to fees, fines, penalties, and you could potentially be spiritually arrested. The permission to use these spiritually should be with one person, but the military has taken it upon themselves to enable these. They are officially illegal. The person with the spiritual authority, has not given these frequency suits permission. There is another Brand of frequency suites and those ones have permission, because they have a feature, that prevents raped, and harassment. Those belong to The Royal Queen, and those ones are the one’s that should have been there, not these military ones, cause they have a feature that enables this, also they should also be declassified by now, but that didn’t happen either, did it?

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Who shot JFK

Who Killed JFK

Someone who likely got tired of the situations that were ongoing behind the scene. He was likely standing on the grassy knoll, and he was just tired of it.

There was JFK, Camelot and the person who was suppose to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things, and yet people were still in the incorrect situations. I am not saying it was not someone that he knew, or was maybe not familiar with, or not someone who has not been mentioned several times before, but it’s a very simple answer, to a complex question, that has haunted, haunted the nation, The American nation for half a century.

He likely saw him, had the access and shot it. People in those situations are all too often of the situations, public situations, vs private, and there is so much more to this. It’s literally the story of the century. It tore apart a family, a nation, and for 50 years, held the world in sway. To summarize that someone became tired, and fired at JFK, does not do it justice and never will. He was a legacy, it was a legacy. We want it to be complex, they waited, plotted for months, had a grudge.

The horror of the event is that it happened at a time in human history, when we thought it was going to be the correct situation, and doing the correct thing, at a time, when we though things would finally be the correct thing, but then for 20, 30, 40, 50 years, it’s held the world in it’s grip, in it’s grasp, in it’s Camelot, the situation, the fairytale that should have been there, that was so longed for, the psyche of the American public, and others have been so held sway.

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Toronto’s Mayor

Liking the Toronto vibe
Mayor Rob Ford

Has anyone been following the Toronto situation. The Mayor Rob Ford recently admitted to taking using crack, but that’s not the story. The story is that Toronto is on the map like it was never on the map before.

I am not speaking towards the actions themselves, cause drugs are not my thing, but this Rob Ford thing is working for me. The guy is coming off as cool, not for using drugs, that’s not what I am saying. I am mentioning he is coming off as cool, for his outspokenness about the whole entire situation.

It’s a freedom in politicians those types of situations usually do not have, but he has been pretty open and honest and battling it out, and battling it back.

This scandal could have and in most cases would have brought most people down, but he eventually admitted to what he did, admittedly, we want the politicians to follow the line to a degree, we don’t want some of the situations of the past, but if situations do happen, he has finally owned up to some of the situations, and it’s refreshing.

What really caught my eye today was this quote:

That’s why I warned you guys yesterday: Be careful what you wrote, okay. So that’s all I have to say for now and the next thing I want to call Mayor Bratina in Hamilton and tell him we’re going to have to spank the little Tiger Cats.

Oh, and the last thing was Olivia Gondek. It says I wanted to eat her p*ssy and I have never said that in my life to her. I would never do that.

The quote caught reporters off guard, but it’s pretty candid, and it’s the kind of outspokenness that is very rare in today’s society, It’s a little bit outlandish, but for once it’s refreshing.

Again not blogging towards the behavior, but liking the outspokenness, having the freedom, to just say it outloud. I should point out he later offered the city an apology if he used unfortunate language.

The video is worth watching. It’s put his city and country on the map, and certainly livened things up.

I am not sure if I will always feel that way about some being that outspoken, but at this moment, at this time, the Rob Ford thing is refreshing.

*Now is only one of them would speak outloud about The Robot Sentient Research Project.

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