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File a report

Spiritual Based Reports

Many may not be aware, but you can file what are called spiritual based reports. You know how incidents occur, and sometimes you can’t prove them, or the official sources here will not file the report or take you seriously?

You can now file a spiritual based report, and that’s just what I will be doing and so many others. They are great, and at least the incidents can be documented.

The Frequency suites, agency suites, handlers mounts, authorization points, and a whack of other garbage I have never come across before, can all have reports filed.

Spiritual Based incidents, as well as earth based incidents can now be filed. In some cases, when you file a report it may be actioned. This  Indigo Ribbon Month there is something more than we can do, and something more that can be done.

The Targeted Individual community, are no longer the only individuals experiencing the odd situations. Reports are now being filed for a variety of situations. Also some of these reports will link in with other pre-existing services.

Eg. The Royal Queen Support Services System, also files reports in a similar mannerism and regard. and some of these reports are forwarded to The Office.

In some cases reports are filed on behalf of the target, or the victim, if they are unable to file one themselves. Reports are likely complied and significant patterns or trends, are likely documented.

How to file a report

Just verbally say, I would like to file a report, or I would like to file a spiritual based report, and you can hear a spiritual form being opened, if not visually view it, and you can hear the details being filed. Also when filing a report, it’s neat to see if there is anyone else involved in the incident, because sometimes there are individuals behind the scenes instigating the incidents, as I am discovering, as if we did not know that.

November 20, 2013 - Posted by | Gang Stalking

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