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Indigo Ribbon Day, Month

InIndigodHappy Indigo Ribbon Day,

Tomorrow is November 23, Indigo Ribbon Day, and this year targets we have come a long way. Our information is out there. Mentions here and there about Indigo Ribbon Month, our campaigns are going well, and this year there is real reason to celebrate, there is just more support for Targeted Individuals.


The Quilt is a spiritual based quilt, but it’s one source of support that was not previously there before. That is something that can be utilized 24/7, either the Indigo Ribbon Quilt, or the Targeted Individuals Quilt.

The Call Center

Their is a section for Targeted Individuals. It’s a spiritual based service. It’s a as simple as mentioning from your location that you want to call the call center .ca and request the Targeted Individuals section. There is support for Targeted Individuals now. Not just for Indigo Ribbon any longer.

The service is via

Hope I explained that correctly.

Spiritual Based Reports

Whenever these so called incidents use to happen or were instigated, we to have to put up with them. We use to have to put up with them, not any longer, we can at least file a report. As simple as request to file a report, or file a spiritual based report, and the incidents are documented, at least they are if they are legitimate. This way you have a record of what is ongoing.

This service is via

Spiritual Based Products

This year you have access to spiritual based products which hopefully work, and give you the information that you need. I use a variety of them, have blogged about it before. If you have not done so take a moment to look into some of them. Here is a link to some of the one’s that I use.

Most years we don’t have the support, or the point of reference that we need. This year we have a few more of the things we need to survive. So in Thanks, In Appreciation, In Reverence. Saying thanks, and happy Indigo Ribbon Day, Month.


There may be one more quick delivery of balloons for tomorrow on The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. Trying to make the arrangements, for Indigo Ribbon Day, if they are there, great, if not don’t worry about it. But here is hoping they get set. It’s spiritual based so it make sense.

For those who have not checked it out, it’s a new way to send and receive funds, but the system uses it’s own currency, called The Royalty. Someday soon, it’s hoped that this will be in your local stores, and other locations, till then, consider using this as a viable alternative, and unlike other resources, it can not be used to purchase items deemed unsuitable in advance. Saves on the usual snags that other systems or similar type systems have run into.







Oh and for Indigo Ribbon Month, we finally have an Ad over at Thanks to everyone who is assisting.

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The Royalty

The Loyalty, and The Royalty, should be together as one.

The RoyaltyThe Royalty is the official coin of The Royal Queen, and it is also the official coin of The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. These items were created by The Royal Queen, Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey. It’s considered legal tender in some circles, and is based on a gold standard.

This is a repost from and

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Spiritual Based Products 2

The Run Down on Spiritual Based Products


Spiritual Based Products are neat, and they continue to work, even if the lights go out, which is true. Unlike your laptop, computer, or other electronic devices, these continue to work, and enable you to keep in touch with your loved ones, or access specific information.

Also before I go any further, do you all keep a corded telephone on hand, in case the lights go out, and candles, batteries and a flash light, the basics, should be on hand, whenever possible. Wireless home phones, don’t always work if the lights go out.

1. I recently recovered my account password, I have a blog, that I lost my password for, I requested a new service that enables you to recover your passwords, user names, or email addresses, the information is recovered spiritually, and with my Unique Identifier information, I was able, or eligible, to login, or logon, and recover my password. That’s just one of the neat things you can do with spiritual based products and services.

2. Ordering food, a service, or getting a delivery, have it tracked from start to finish, with a spiritual based product service. The service tracks your delivery from start to finish, and you can check the details. Maybe the plumber, or repair guy takes a little too long, pizza late, what was the delay, and so forth. A neat way to keep track of your orders, deliveries, and gifts, being sent.

3. If this song should be sung, a spiritual based product, that enables you to know if a song has been sung, it means if you are trying to have a baby, this will enable you to be aware, the moment you little song has been sung, it’s cute, works spiritually, as well as for earth province conceptions.

4. If this crime should be committed, hopefully you will never need it, but for Targeted Individual and others, it enables you to be clear if a crime should be committed, it’s like an early warning, or a pre-crime type situation, but it works for the individuals. It’s a neat little product, and it alerts you, or attempts to alert you in advance.

5. If this accident should happen, enables you to know, or be cognizant if behaviors are ongoing that could lead to an accident. I have associates, that have a little one, the child is rambunctious, and I sent it to them as a gift, it works, and I really wish I could send this to all parents, on those funniest home video shows, it’s just that if this accident could be prevented. 🙂

There are a few more likely, the items can be ordered remotely via something called The Royal Queen Authority Financial System, and it’s a great way to also send and receive, spiritual goods, and currencies. is the link, and to activate your unique identifier, which you do need to use the system, you just activate it remotely in a quite location so you can hear your unique identifier. You verbally at any location say, ‘I wish to activate my unique identifier,’ then just follow the instructions.

I personally also use a few other spiritual based services, it’s made my life a little bit easier, and I think  it might assist a few others. Cheers till next time.

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The Royalty


Yesterday was one of the most exciting days for me, I went to make a
purchase online, and in addition to paypal, bitcoin was a currency that was
being offered. I could actually purchase the item that I was going to be
purchasing using bitcoin. Let say it was something similar to website hosting
or something, that was the coolest moment, because I am clear that the
virtual stuff is finally crossing over, that means someday soon, spiritual based
products will cross over the exact same way.

The Royalty

Items that are sold via a spiritual based system, and items that use a spiritual
based coin such as The Royalty, will be eligible to do the exact same thing
someday, image purchasing items with something like The Royalty.

It was just neat to see that virtual has finally come of age, and to think that
someday other situations will also come of age, such as spiritual based items.
The Royalty is the official coin of something called The Royal Queen
Authority Financial System, it’s a pretty cool situation, and someday you never
know what will cross over.


Where spirit and sky meet are finally crossing over in a big way, and it’s nice
to know that the HELP ME GRID, has been globally implemented, now
wherever you are, across the face of the planet, you can literally say HELP
ME, and or HELP ME YES, HELP ME YE, File a report, and you have a
spiritual based GRID system that will actually render assistance wherever you
are located.

It just goes to show, the situations that are spiritual based are finally coming of age, little by
little. Someday soon, you just might be purchasing items using The Royalty, keep those Royal Queen Security Clearance, and those Unique Identifiers handy, you just might need them.

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Comments and banned


Comments are manually approved, sorry that’s just how this works, it’s been a long New Year, with a longer previous year. I do love it when you comment in, I am grateful, and I apologize in advance if it takes a little bit of time to get to all your comments, but I do appreciate them.



If you have an upgraded account you are immune to bans while logged in. Please log in now to browse the site.

If you have a free account you may also log in now and upgrade your account to get immunity from bans.
If you still don’t have an account you may create an account now and then upgrade it to get past bans (and get access to other exclusive features).

Thank you for not stalking!

WARNING: Obsessive Compulsive IP resetting with the intention of avoiding bans on this website
and harass our users will result in your ISP being contacted and loss of your Internet service for abuse.

We sometimes have to ban entire ISPs because of attacks on this website…

If you have been inadvertently caught up in one of these bans please accept our apologies.
Please fill out the form below and we will look into it as soon as possible.

If you need help you can email but filling out the form is likely to get your request looked at faster.)

I love Godlike Productions, have been there for years, I think the site is great, cause it enables annon posting, so you can post in a hurry. The ban is easy enough to fix with a simple submission of email address, or create an account, but would that take away from the enjoyment of the website, and will this lower the quality of the posters if everyone now has to confirm their identity?

Don’t get me wrong, nothing is actually anon online, but it’s that feeling that I had so wanted to have preserved.

I think there website could benefit from the Unique Identifier system, it’s a remote system, but if sites like Godlike Productions used the Unique Identifier system, they could go a long way with figuring out who needs a ban, and who does not.

If you have not already done so, I highly recommend that you request to activate your Unique Identification Information, or just request to activate your Royal Queen Security Clearances, and both can get activated at once, saves, time, energy, and it just works. Eg. I want to activate my unique identifier, or I want to activate my Royal Queen Security Clearance.

Also thanks again to all those who participated in using The Royal Queen Authority Financial System for Indigo Ribbon Month, that was a great look, and a great campaign.

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The Royal Queen Authority Financial System and Indigo Ribbon Month

In celebration of Indigo Ribbon Day, and Indigo Ribbon Month, we are collaborating with The Royal Queen Authority Financial system, and you can request a free spiritual sample of one of the following items.

Every year as you know, the original website of Indigo Ribbon Month, sponsors the initiatives and endeavours for Indigo Ribbon Month. This year just like previous years, there are a few ways for Targeted Individuals to celebrate,  support, and to enable awareness.

Indigo Ribbon– Every year in November Targeted Individuals put on Indigo Ribbons. They utilize them to show their unity and support.

Quilt -The Indigo Quilt is the other item that Targeted Individuals reference.  It’s a great way to tell your story, and update others on what is happening.

Candles -Indigo Candles. A great way to pay tribute and memorial to the Targets, past, present, and future.
Ribbon Month and day, and for all those that struggle.

Ballons -This month we will be using ballons to celebrate Indigo Ribbon Day. They are a bright, beautiful, and colourful way to celebrate.

This year you can also request these items using something called, The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. It’s a spiritual cash exchange system, and in collaboration for Indigo Ribbon Day, you can request a free sample of any one of these items. It’s a great way to get geared up for Indigo Ribbon Month.

To order  something on The Royal Queen Authority Financial System, please ensure that you have your unique identifier activated. You can often simply verbally request that your unique identifier be activated, and the item will active.

Eg. At home, or another location that you can hear, please request to activate your unique identifier.

1. I wish to activate my Unique Identifier.

2. You will get three Unique Identifiers that identifier you.

3. Once activated. You can then request a free sample of the Indigo Ballon, from The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. Compliments of,, and The Royal Queen Authority Financial System.

Then simply utilize to use your account to order a spiritual sample of one of the above items, as a special part of the collaboration for Indigo Ribbon Day.

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