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United we stand. Divided they fall.

The Agencies

What you are up against

To really be clear on the situations that you are dealing with, you really have to look at some people’s motivations.

Recently I discovered that some people act on their own accord, and they do some of this stuff on their own. Melissa if it’s you, that’s great.

Others however are working for other sources, Agencies, Informant System, NWO, what have you. To figure out what is ongoing, you really need to figure out people and their motivations.

Eg. One person who recently married into a situation is basically an Israeli agent from the time she was younger. Even before this girl was born, and I kid you not, they determined she would be placed into the agency, used as a whore, spiritually and on the face of the planet, and since she could not be in the incorrect situations, being used as a male prostitute, don’t ask, she would get into some of the top situations.

The little cheap, plastic mannequin individual, on her mothers side was inducted, via her uncle, and has been into that type of situation ever since then. That is part of the reason, this person despite all reason, was allowed to continue on with some of the worst situations, without being discontinued.

So it’s interesting motivations. It’s also interesting to learn that several additional individuals are in similar type of situations, they are not with Canadian, American, even European agencies, they seem to be with a specific agency, just like the plastic mannequin, they continue with some of the most, and I do mean this, destructive behaviors, they are motivated in a way that does not, and will never makes sense.

See to get some of the crazy stuff in the world to stop happening, you have to be clear it’s happening, then you have to figure out who or what is behind all this, now is it CIA, RCMP, French Agencies, etc, and then find a way to deal, or get them motivated to discontinue specific behaviors.


The Informant System

Rumour has it that has now been reformed, or is in the process of being reformed, cause that little system was not doing anything suitable, but in the last couple of years a new force, has had to revamp that system, take it over, and enable it to discontinue some of what it was doing.

The Agencies

Many of them felt more inclined to revamp some of their practices. Some of their situations actually go through, oddly enough the Informant System, so the reforms to be inline with those objectives. Others are just motivated in general.

Also some of their technology that they use, has likely had to come in line with some other reforms that are getting done, that are required, that are mandatory.

The Military

They have spiritual as well as earth based contracts, oddly enough. Some of their situations have had to fall inline, to match up to current objectives. It’s small changes here and their, but it all makes a difference.


If they exist, they are likely doing something better with their situations.

The Israeli Agencies

Missed those in the reform category, so it’s interesting, If there are motivated individuals out there, individuals that are still acting in a dysfunctional manner, checking their agency affiliations in some cases turned up, well this out put and motivation. One of the last few to be curtailed, with normal objectives and agenda’s.

The agencies across the globe recently became more co-operative, but not in an adverse manner, because that’s not what was needed.

To really reform on a global basis, there had to be some awareness, things had to be done on several levels, spiritually and on the face of the planet. The technology and manipulations had to be examined. People’s spiritual lives do have some affect at times on the none spiritual, and that had to be acknowledged. Humanity has not kept up with the manipulations, or the the technology that is possible, and so here we are.

In doing the research, it’s been interesting. In watching the spiritual revamps, and the newly aligned, or aligning earth reforms, it’s amazing the technology that is out there, that are used at various levels, and the motivations, behind the scenes. The unnecessary destruction, and ofcourse the abuses that did not have to take place, the deaths, and the destruction.

In future it would nice to have reforms and revamps. I love doing research, I basically will research an issue such as Gang Stalking, find out that the above play a role, along with Threat Assessment Teams and then try to see what changes can be done, to enable others, just about everyone to be in better circumstances.

I am not a big fan of agencies, informant systems, or other types of situations, but I am the sort to literally work towards reforming a whole entire system if that’s what it takes to bring about changes that are necessary, or at least bringing awareness to the issues, that is what I can do, and I hope I have done so with this post.

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