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Refuting the text of Judas and the de vinci code, as false.

Does anyone actually still read the bible? I woke up today with the surest conviction, that the de vinci code and the Judas text were false and should be refuted as such. I have never given either any credence previously, to require refuting, but today I felt it was required. Apparently some may have been confused or deceived by one or both.

1. The Judas text, let’s just think it through. If he was so asked by Jesus to betray him as the text apparently claims, then why would he still need 30 pieces of silver to do it? I mean if he was fulfilling a divine request, then much like other that had gone before, he probably would not need 30 pieces of silver to do this.

Also at the end of this, if Jesus was asking him to betray him, then Judas would have known the exact outcome of his actions, he would have known his betrayal would lead to the ultimate death of Jesus. It seems when he realised they were going to kill Jesus is when he went back and tried to return the pieces of silver. Being unable to live with the consequences of his actions he killed himself.

So just think about it logically. If you knew your purpose was to betray a man, unto his death, would you need the 30 pieces of silver to inspire your divine mission? Then let’s say your divine mission is to get someone killed, you accomplish the mission, why then do an about face? Cause you feel guilty? Then Judas tries to return the blood money, and then goes and kills himself, cause he felt bad? If this is what he was asked to do why would you then go back and question it? Or even try to return the silver that he had accepted to betray Jesus in the first place?

2. A work of fiction. With claims that Jesus was married, survived crucifixion, and had a child and was in no way divine?

The goal being to eventually tie in Jesus with some modern day bloodline.

I have come across nothing in the reading of the word that gives any credence to any of these assertions, therefore I do refute them as false.

What I have come across is a resurrected Jesus who visits the disciples and others, who attest to the crucifixion wounds in his hands and feet. I think a resurrection seems a pretty divine event.

The rest though it would change very little, is never mentioned or asserted to. Mary M. does seem to follow him around, and after his death she is one of the first to see him, and addresses him as teacher, but nothing more and nothing less.

Seems like this is one more disinfo. The goal seems to be to remove Jesus from the picture. His works, life, history and his eventual existence if they have the chance to. Once that is done, what will be left? It will be a free passage to over take humanity.

In every time period when people have gone through adverse times they have had their faith, belief in God, a higher power, and hope in things to come. If you attack the source, the foundation of that, and strip that from people’s minds, and their belief systems, then they will have no weapon, no power against evil, and is that not the eventual goal?

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