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The Informant System belongs outside of the workplace

The Informant System belongs outside of the workplace.

The informant system belongs outside of the workplaces, offices, and other locations where individuals are in service to the public. The reason for this is that too often, they are acting as agents of the state, and neglecting their duties to the public, individuals, and creating havoc wherever they go.

Eg. Someone calls into customer service, or to a political office, the informant handler, or operator advises the informant, just do this, give the person a hard time, give them inaccurate information, or just put the person into the incorrect path, waste the persons time and energy.

If they call into a political office, they may be given the incorrect information, or lead into a situation of corruption. If they call the police, fire department, or ambulance, they may garner, or gain the incorrect details, horrible service, or unsuitable, or unsatisfactory customer service.

It’s too important to our society to have the informant system be outside of the workplace, and other such similar environments when the situation is suitable or eligible.

Teachers, daycare workers, office workers, public sector employees, and so forth, need to not be inundated by their requirements for the informant system, when they are in such environments.

The current difficulty is if they are required or called upon by the informant system during their time of employment with those situations, or systems, their loyalty is to the informant system period, and that is causing problems for employers. The new official policy is that the informant system needs to be outside of those environments, daycare workers, school teachers also do not need to be bothered by their requirements to the informant system at those moments.

Therefore effective immediately, the informant system needs to stay outside of the workplaces, cause that would benefit the society at large, or as a whole, and it’s a suitable part of community, planning and implementation.

The future is here, let’s use it wisely.

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