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When I am Ruler OF The World

When I am Ruler OF The World this is what I would like to see accomplished.

At the top of the situation will be a ruler type of situation.

The Family Unit

Below that top tear position will be the Family Unit. F.U. for short. The family unit will function and be a key part of what get’s accomplished. When the family unit is strong and is the key focus of the community, the individual, and the world at large then the correct things will be thus occurring or happening.

So my first and foremost focus will be the family unit, the flow, the function, and functionality of the family unit. I want that to be the heart, mind, soul of any initiatives that I accomplish.

World Ruler Table

The other item that I wish to implement is an informal, formal way of conducting meetings, similar to a confrence call but different, in the sense that individuals are actually invited to the sessions. An agenda can be laid out, but it does not have to be. The individuals will bring questions, answers,
solutions, to the table, and that will formulate, or create the direction in which future agendas, and objectives are laid out, and responded to or accomplished.

The Royalty

After the family unit, and family values, will be a new Royalty, a new Nobility. I have nothing against Royalty, or Nobility, but I don’t like what I see or view on the world stage today. I want a specific ownership, responsibility, true, values. I want Royalty, that is and that are Royal on the outside and not just on the inside, or rather that are royal on the inside, and not just on the outside. I want the faux appearance of Royalty to be abolished.

If I had responsibility for the Royalty, I would ensure, only the correct individuals become Royal individuals, or utilize such titles, and nobility. I have nothing against Royalty, when done the correct way.

I would also work with spiritual situations, this is because we as humans, are mind, body, soul, spirit what have you, and I would incorporate that into our healing, and overall situations.

A Spiritual Place

I would invite citizens to be also citizens of A Spiritual Place, and I would invite them to utilize spiritual situations, in their day to day lives. Instead of shying away from the spiritual aspect of humanity, I would embrace that aspect, and utilize spiritual situations, to accomplish what needed to be done.

Local Community Level

At the local community level, as mentioned previously, the local monitoring units, and the informant system need to be revamped. As they progress now, or rather do not progress, do not function, but dysfunction, they need to be changed.

The moment I either abolish, 🙂 fine or take over the informant system, or at least get it into good standing, I would like to curtail the low level individuals that are in these roles, bring down humanity, and their communities to the lowest common denominator level, and get some real flow and functionality going back into these communities.

The local monitoring units in my opinion, in too many cases, and some council individuals, have too much power in the incorrect ways, and are doing the incorrect things. They need to be curtailed.

My idea or solution, is to have something like, I don’t know, let’s say a community advisor type situation, someone you know who’s there in the community, someone who get’s things done, a fixeruper type, who can accomplish something. I would like to see this person in a role, like let’s say they live in the community, have an apartment unit, or house depending on the neighbourhood. I want this person to be a good person, have the correct credentials, and hopefully be off the informant system for such roles? Is there a reason? The reason is I would like to see the role be free of conflict, and free of controversy, and corruption.

What I have discovered over the years in doing research is that if the informant system is involved, most times if not curtailed, or under the correct guidelines, such situations, only work towards bringing the community down to it’s lowest common denominator. I want to see communities rise, I want to see them become enabled, I want to see them rise to their highest common denominators, and that can be be accomplished by revamping a few roles, and responsibilities here and there.

What I would honestly do, I would still have some individuals be monitored, eg. The local community rapists, and child molesters, who oddly enough, at times have been in some of these local community monitoring roles. I would like to see them be monitored, and not the innocent individuals.


Also to recap, I would like to have a global grid system in place, a global grid system, named something like a Help Me, Grid, and it would be this system where you honestly, no matter where you were located mentioned something akeen to or similar to Help Me, Yes, Help Me, Yes, File a report. The Grid system, would activate, maybe link you in with emergency, or other services, even give directions, and would assist you remotely or rather directly, no matter where you lived on the face of the planet, the galaxy, or even the heavens.

Those are just a few of the ideas I would like to see accomplished in my situation, if I was Ruler Of The World, meaning World Ruler.

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