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Interacting with Spiritual Based Products

Interacting with spiritual based products

Interacting with Spiritual Based Products. They are there and they work, most times they just have to work for us on a personal level, and our spiritual based products never have to interact with anyone else, but the odd time they do, and I was surprised to come across one 911, operator who was not as familiar with the products, or at least she mentioned that she was not. No not to sound paranoid, but I did do a check afterwards, via the spiritual reporting form, and she is a little bit more familiar with spiritual based products than I thought.

There is or literally was a subplot in the background, where she was clear someone would be calling, and it was just one of those creepy situations, where ‘they’ had knowledge in advance. But on the other hand, she understands spiritual based items, fairly well in advance.

This had more to do with the fact that these items will be playing a role in future. If you can believe people sometimes have information in advance. Now let’s pretend this was a normal call, with a none knowledgeable operator, how would the call have been handled.

Reporting an incident

I need to report a crime or an incident that was reported with a Spiritual Based Product. The crime, or the incident was recorded via a spiritual based product. That’s why I have the details. Or I received an alert, and I need to report an incident. Most times it’s very rare that you will have to, but it might be nice to be clear in advance.

Spiritual Based, similar to virtual Based, but it’s something that you, call, dial into. You remotely and spiritually check your information. How do you do so? ‘What by just thinking about it?’
No it’s a real world product, similar to a firewall. Firewalls are invisible, for the most part but they work. Some may also have a spiritual based component.

These have spiritual based components, you simply request to check the records, or incidents, for the specific product. The products have a verbal component, that you can listen to remotely, and virtually, or spiritually.

You request to access the records, confirm your unique identifier information, and peruse the incidents. If there are any incidents, you can take note of the date and time, and some incidents might have to be recorded, or reported.

The more education about spiritual based products the better. They are increasingly a part of our lives, and they make sense. Subplots aside, conveying what we need to those around us, at times is important and essential. Having a 911 operator who is well educated, and semi familiar with how the products work, priceless.

Thus why I literally requested that they receive free samples in advance, or some of these products, at least for a month or two, if they work with them in their own lives, they can figure out how that works,. I requested it for the emergency workers that make sense. 911, 999, social workers and so forth. So for future when you call in, if you ever have to, cause I don’t expect them to be inundated with calls, about this, but the very rare, odd, occasion, it would be good for them to be clear in advance.

I will follow up in a month or two and see how this is going. Saying take care, take care in advance.

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If this accident could be prevented

Do you have a small child?

Think I mentioned this recently, but it’s become pretty useful, it works for children and and it works for adults. It’s really useful for preventing accident.

It’s another one of those spiritual based products. I have not seen that many articles about them, but it actually helps prevent accidents, by sending you a little alert right before they happen, so that you have a chance to prevent the accident.

A child run’s into a room, the alert would go off, and advise you that someone in the room has hot tea, and the child could run into the hot tea, thus giving you the chance to remove the hot tea, so an accident could be averted. It’s pretty cool, and it saves on those bumps and bruises, that are so common in childhood. It also works for adults, cause let’s face it, adults, have accidents, also.

If this accident could be prevented. This latest product, provides you with comprehensive analysis, of when an accident could be prevented.

Do you have small children, pets, adults that are prone to accidents, or goofy events? This product enables you to be clear that an accident is about to occur, and it also provides you with helpful suggestions, and measures of how the accident could be prevented.

It’s a wonderful preventative measure for accidents, and other similar occurrences.

Basically to order any of these products, you just make the request outloud, and it’s ordered through something called The Royal Queen Authority Financial System.  Then it’s delivered spiritually to you, similar to how things are delivered to you virtually.

Eg. I would like to order the if this accident could be prevented product. Just say it outloud. or on the website, you can verbally contact about information, or order it that way.

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