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Children and the informant System

Children and The Informant System

Children first of all are not suppose to be on the Criminal Informant System, They are not old enough to have such records in most cases, or to have the correct situations created, but dispute this, they have had parents who have previously tried, and succeeded in having then added to the informant system.

The parents are then clear that this exposes the children in most cases to sexual abuses, also other abusive adult situations, and exploitation. They no longer act like children, they learn to be season informants, who are perfectly capable of performing the worst functions, and being the worst people.

Not only that but resent research is showing that they are a problem for their teachers in school. The children are unofficially getting details from handlers, they are not suppose to have handlers, but they are getting messages form these people. The children are acting out, and acting dysfuntional, it’s costing the teachers extra work, and creating dysfunctional school environments for nothing. Children can no longer be children, cause they are expected to be informants from the time they are younger.

They are now an at risk population, and it does not make sense. It’ upsetting and frustrating, cause you can’t check in some cases. In some cases they are using them as informants, and there is no record. It’s fully illegal, it’s fully wrong, and it’s so out of boundaries.

The rules are clear, under 14, unless they have been evaluated differently, they can’t be on the informant system. When the younger children are in school, they can’t get instructions from the informant system. They are not even meant to be on it this early. They are not meant to be moles, they are meant to be children.

To the teachers experiencing the dysfunctionality, take back your class rooms, these problems are endemic across the board. Even it the children do not have files, the informant system, needs to stay away from them. The dysfunctionality needs to end. In school the teachers need their full attention, they can not have their attention diverted, by the informant system.

The Future is here, the children are a part of that equation. There take care.

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Child Molesters Amongst Us

Child Molesters Amongst Us

Former girlfriend Joanna Majic, 38, warned this week that sex predator Watkins had abused hundreds of young victims during years of secret offending.

Evidently she first filed the report in 2008, and yes the police were not willing to do anything about it. I reported that yesterday, that that is my finding, that the police do not action this stuff, are you surprised? Some do, some forces do, too many don’t depending on who is involved.

The Abuses are far ranging and you would never believe the locations, or the individuals involved.

New sex abuse claims against Jimmy Savile are being made weekly, it emerged today as the number of hospitals under investigation over the scandal more than doubled to 32.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said an extra 19 hospitals had been caught up in the scandal, in addition to 13 already subject to an urgent inquiry.

It suggests the disgraced former BBC presenter’s abuse of children on NHS premises may have been more regular and more serious than those offences committed at the Corporation.

These individuals gain access in ways and in places that do not make sense. It’s one thing when the parents are providing access, and it’s abhorrent, but when they are not, and these pedophiles, these perverts still want to gain access to children.

Savile, who died in 2011 aged 84, is believed to have abused hundreds of children. He had a bedroom at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, an office and living quarters at Broadmoor, and widespread access to Leeds General Infirmary.

In one of the biggest such operations ever seen, investigators uncovered an octopus-like child-porn network centred on a now-shuttered sex-film business in Toronto. Its tentacles extended across Canada, where 108 people have been taken into custody, and to six continents. In the US, 76 people were arrested while others have been rounded up in several European countries.

While the investigation, Project Spade, was led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), it was pursued with the collaboration of the US Postal Inspection Service and law enforcement agencies in Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Australia, South Africa and Hong Kong, officials said.

If I recall the story, that was the story with the teachers, police, and others as child molesters, that’s why some of this stuff literally does not get solved.

The arrests included 40 schoolteachers, nine doctors and nurses, 32 people who volunteered with children, six law-enforcement personnel, nine pastors or priests and three foster parents,” said inspector Joanna Beavan-Desjardins.

The story is not even the tip of the iceburg, but doctors, nurses, police, school teachers, they compromise them in advance, thus when people not into this type of stuff go looking for assistance, they can’t believe that so many people could be into this type of situation. This is exactly what I am finding in my own research, my own investigation.

Recall that for the last while I have been trying to assist a little girl being abused, the information reached my ears, and the person involved is high profile, the individuals have these resources and cover up for each other. The rock star getting his girlfriends to give over their children, is not a surprise.

Other high profile individuals, and cheap plastic mannequins, are harder to go after, because of their statuses, but awareness must be there. The same way the Savile story is in the paper on a daily basis, and I am grateful for this, then I must also blog on a regular basis, to keep this awareness fresh. Cause that is how this functions.

They are the sort as mentioned to go after peoples children, with or without permission. They are legion in their capacity and ability, so you must be more. They are well connected, so you must become better connected.

The New Face Of Child Molestation?

Have you seen some of the ways they resemble, the glossy good looks, the public appearances that make sense, and behind the scenes, a bunch of child molesters and they do not make sense. They just don’t.

You need to have a network similar to how you function, raise awareness, or just be the sort, that can revamp, reform, or reconfigure what needs to be reconfigured, these creatures will, see a nice normal person, and try to determine their fate in a micro second. They are not the correct sorts to begin with, and they commit some of the worst atrocities, but then they get away with it.

That’s what they resemble now, and worst, cause they just seem normal, do the public thing, the celebrity thing, then go out and monstrously destroy and harm children, and think nothing of it, and they have the connections for the cover up’s, and think nothing of it.

Spiritually when you do these investigations, you can learn a lot more in one minute, one day, than you would in years of doing this research, thus why spiritual inquiries and investigations turn up some interesting stuff, and the information, tends to be accurate or else half the time, you could not get anything done. things you can use to protect yourself and your family, and document some of the stuff being done, the rest is slightly different, but no less important. Take care.

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Follow up on the child abuse

I am currently remotely intersecting and interacting without intention with two of the most dysfunctional individuals I have ever arrived across. It’s not something that I wish to be doing, but the information is remotely arriving across my details, or channels.

It’s a situation that does not make sense. It’s the same one that I wrote about the other day, one of child molestation, and devastation. Cheap plastic mannequin is basically a child molester that does not make sense. The male she married into the situation with is the exact same thing, the children they are abusing have been given to them by friends, family, relatives, they have access. Because of their social standing, to formally arrest them at this time is not possible.

Proof is there, because it’s because there are recordings that can prove that they are child molesters. D notices, and other blocks, prevent investigations from going further, the traditional methods use to prevent people from speaking out, meaning, you could investigate, discover the truth, and not do much else. Could not talk about it, could not do anything. Things are different, because the truth does get out, but people do not want to do anything about it because of the social standing.

This is honestly what use to occur, and is still occurring, individuals in high prominent positions get to be some of the worst sorts of people, and get away with it. People are aware, but those that try to do something can not always do something. Those that report it, they see as a problem, they don’t see their child molestation as a problem, they see reporting on it as a problem, if you can cogognizant how they function.

Now they are trying to enable the children to become child molesters themselves, with molestations. Basically the dysfunctional Betties think that it’s the correct thing, well here is news, the rest of us, the rest of the world, do not want to have to deal with this. Socially the situation needs to change.

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If this accident could be prevented

Do you have a small child?

Think I mentioned this recently, but it’s become pretty useful, it works for children and and it works for adults. It’s really useful for preventing accident.

It’s another one of those spiritual based products. I have not seen that many articles about them, but it actually helps prevent accidents, by sending you a little alert right before they happen, so that you have a chance to prevent the accident.

A child run’s into a room, the alert would go off, and advise you that someone in the room has hot tea, and the child could run into the hot tea, thus giving you the chance to remove the hot tea, so an accident could be averted. It’s pretty cool, and it saves on those bumps and bruises, that are so common in childhood. It also works for adults, cause let’s face it, adults, have accidents, also.

If this accident could be prevented. This latest product, provides you with comprehensive analysis, of when an accident could be prevented.

Do you have small children, pets, adults that are prone to accidents, or goofy events? This product enables you to be clear that an accident is about to occur, and it also provides you with helpful suggestions, and measures of how the accident could be prevented.

It’s a wonderful preventative measure for accidents, and other similar occurrences.

Basically to order any of these products, you just make the request outloud, and it’s ordered through something called The Royal Queen Authority Financial System.  Then it’s delivered spiritually to you, similar to how things are delivered to you virtually.

Eg. I would like to order the if this accident could be prevented product. Just say it outloud. or on the website, you can verbally contact about information, or order it that way.

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Unique Internet Solutions

Unique Internet Solutions

Websites allowing children to access pornography will have payments blocked by banks   

Banks and credit companies will punish sites who do not co-operate with child protection measures    They already monitor illegal porn websites but this is the first time they can punish sites who fail to keep explicit images away from under-age children    This is the latest development of the opt-in system Cameron announced earlier this year which blocks porn from homes unless they ask for it

Instead of having our financial institutions policing the internet, then maybe they could just use the unique identifer system, then we could use the internet in piece, instead of instituting something like that, they are annoying everyone, by trying to get our banks, to police us, are they serious.

Websites allowing children to access pornography will have payments blocked by banks

Banks and credit companies will punish sites who do not co-operate with child protection measures    They already monitor illegal porn websites but this is the first time they can punish sites who fail to keep explicit images away from under-age children    This is the latest development of the opt-in system Cameron announced earlier this year which blocks porn from homes unless they ask for it

If people use their unique identifiers, you could just have it on specific websites, that only people of this age can be on the website, therefore you unique identifier, though anonymous if you choose it to be, could advise and direct, or could ensure websites only enable unique identifiers that have access. Anonymity could still be ensured.

Safety and security could still be ensured, and we would not have to be policed by our financial institutions, am I the only one the finds this a little bit creepy, and uncomfortable, having the banks, also play police? I am not saying it’s all 1984, or something, but it’s creepier than it needs to be.

Also we need long term solutions, what if the websites, find other ways to get paid. If the financial institutions, can’t police in some cases, then what?

I hope there could be a more long term sustainable solutions, than having financial institutions, police the internet.

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Their way or the highway

Websites allowing children to access pornography will have payments blocked by banks

    Banks and credit companies will punish sites who do not co-operate with child protection measures    They already monitor illegal porn websites but this is the first time they can punish sites who fail to keep explicit images away from under-age children    This is the latest development of the opt-in system Cameron announced earlier this year which blocks porn from homes unless they ask for it
Do things their way or the highway, are hearing this, are you seriously hearing this? If you were you would be shocked, shocked and horrified, if you want to have an online business, and it’s deemed you did not go along with these laws, you eventually won’t get paid?

It’s not phrased this way, nothing ever is, but this is what it comes down to, most of us online, are not into the kiddy porn crap, or I hope porn stuff in general, but I can only speak for myself, even if you were if would be this type of situation, they would likely view for themselves, and not to incite children, what these people are saying is,

    Banks and credit companies will punish sites who do not co-operate with child protection measures

They are basically saying, be compliant or else. In other words if they want to pass, inane laws, that destroy the internet, if you are an online business, we could be punished, or funds withheld, at this stage it does reference sites that collect subscription payments, but it says sites, that do not co-operate, that are none compliant, I am sounding the alarm now, so if you react now, then maybe you can have something. Down with this measure in advance, down with this bill, it’s not for us. Saving children, the absolutly correct thing to do, a bill or a measure that is going to stop sites getting paid, if we don’t go along with the stupid things they want from us, it’s not for us, it’s not correct, and if we hit out against it now, we might have a chance to servive. Otherwise, a few of us do survive online with businesses, websites, that collect payments, subscriptions, and they want us to be bound, to go along with whatever, and I do mean whatever measures, they see fit, or else we won’t get paid.

The moment thy get the business onboard, this is all they are going to do, this goes for websites, such as Alex Jones and the stuff he does as well, and other conspiracy sites, anyone who wants to make any kind of living online, and once they get them on-board, well, are you an independent website owner? You are not going along with crazy measures that others are, boom, you are now required to, cause if they get the business on board they will get the rest, and I do not, I repeat, I do not want these measures for the internet. I am all for protecting children, or having a porn free site for them, or protecting them, but I hate the filters they want to establish, they don’t make sense to me. The measure are likely to be equally abhorrent, and you know how they do it, don’t you, just like the witch trials, it’s for the good of the many, they are only hunting down this sort, they will get this through under the guise of protecting children, but they will implement gashly measures that we hate. We love the internet, we love our families, nobody, in their right minds, wants to sponsor filth, but the average guy, should not have to suffer, or agree to archain measures just to survive, or agree, to things this that are going to ruin something they love, especially when it won’t save the children.

If the children are using the internet, then put a filter on at home, not on the whole internet, and don’t make it mandatory, but make it readily available, and see if parents want the filters. As for us, the internet, we do monitor ourselves, we always have, and we likely will continue to, now having said that, watch all these little, staged incidents pop up, cause that’s how they function. But we do not have to function this way, the internet has been good to us, has it not for the most part, then let’s not ruin it. This measure will do just that under the guise of saving children, and what it really is, is just compliance that we would normally never agree to.

For those that use online payment system, it would be similar to when paypal questions a transaction, and then they hold your account, until you are compliant, imagine if other payment systems did the same, because you were not compliant to measure that you may or may not be in agreement with?

I refuse to live in fear, these sites if they do exist that are leading children astray can be tracked in a legitimate fashion, the internet is fairly good at doing this, I did say legitimate fashion. We can do this, but we don’t need to be beholden, to measure that we may or may not be in agreement with to be paid at first, but then eventually, just to run a website, cause they will start with the business, and then go after the rest of us. Let’s stop them now, before we have the watered down internet that none of us want, or need.

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The Potential That Is Inside

The Potential That Is Inside

I love this video, it’s a kind of paying it forward type of video. It’s about this little kid, and he’s stealing pain killers or something to help out his mom, he get’s caught, it causes a scene, and a man assists him, by paying for what he was stealing, and gives him some vegetable soup.

Years later, the man has an accident, his daughter who was there the day the boy was stealing, is all grown up she can not pay the bill is worried and stressed, the doctor at the hospital, ends up paying the bill, and she is not clear as to why, the bill is something like 795,000 or something like that, and he says in the note, that shows a 0 balance, that the price was paid, it was paid for in advance, or something to that effect.

Also in the commercial, it seems as if the man, or gentleman, her father, has been providing free vegetable soup to strangers who need it, throughout the years. It is one of the best commercials, that I have seen, in years, and I thoroughly and deeply, enjoyed it.

The video is skater boy, and it reminds me of the potential, often seen, or rather not seen, the potential that is inside. I know some kids, and there potential was always there, but now it’s showing up more and more, to the kids in The Family Unit, here is to you, and your potential, it’s finally shining, through, but I knew it was there all along.

To the family unit, paying it forward, and potential, that is finally realized.

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Abuse Of The Minor Part 2

Level Of Functionality

The situation has to make sense, it has to function or not function. It either does or does not function. In addition to the key points addressed in the first part of the paper, there is also one additional determinate factor, the level of functionality, it must either function or it does not.

When the fault is yours, when the situation occurs, and it’s your fault, or you are the cause of it, then you have a tendency to blame yourself, you internalize the situation, internalize the hurt, you have a tendency to lay blame, and think that it was your  fault, but it wasn’t, even if what you did caused the original error, you do not hare to live with the fault. The hurt, that you feel, felt, or found in your existence does not have to occur, and thus happen.

The individual in the situation, has a tendency to think that they committed the hurt, the error, the fault, and if they committed the fault, then they have to live with it, but that simply isn’t the situation. You do however internalize, the situation and you do either function, or dysfunction, depending on how you view, strive, or choose to live with it.

The hurt is similar to the following scenario. Falling into a table and having the table saw fall unto your arm, and then have it keep rotating. You learn to function, or rather dysfunction with the hurt, you think, I am the one that was  in the situation, I was the one in charge, the table saw fell into my arm, therefore it was my fault, so I must live with this. It’s an inhuman way to live, and no one should, or would enable, or ineligible, you to live like that. The situation or hurt, may have been your fault, but does that mean you have to continue to live that way?  The hurt does not have to be there, no one should ask you, or expect you to live with a rotating chain, or table saw in your arm. That level of functionality, or rather, lack of functionality does not have to be there.

This is the release, I am advising you, and making a friendly mention that hurt, that situation, does not have to be there. That table saw, does not have to keep resolving. In your arm, the original situation was your, hurt, you felt that you had created the situation, or the hurt. That hurt does not have to continue. You are now released. I have released you from this captivity from, whence you are being held.

~GmB Bailey

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Running towards Freedom

The Cutest Story, picking up a neighbors kid

So there is a political figure and I won’t say who, he is a Montreal style politician, even though, he’s recently in Ottawa. He’s recently in office, so he does the cutest thing, he has his neighbours kids staying over, and the kids are so excited to stay over, he goes to pick up the little girl, and they live within a heir’s breath from each other, and so she is like at home, and she’s about to have a bath, and she thinks she can have a bath next door, so she streaks, and I do mean streaks, to the next door neighbours, house in her birthday suit, and she shrieks, running, runing, towards, freedom, it’s the cutest thing ever, it’s like back to a previous time, you know, when things were more innocent, Oh I wish I could live in such times, and in such moments. Anyways it was the cutest thing.

So then he recalls the whole situation, and he thinking hope the young lady wasn’t caught on the CCTV cameras, cause what must they be thinking, and he’s like at least next time, use a bath robe or something, but he’s got this cute french accent, and it was just one of those moments, the cutest thing, where innocence can survive, I think the young girl is about 10 or so about now,

So it’s just a cute moment, and I remember it cause, let’s just say a little frequency told me, it’s cute, and then all the other children, were calling in a way to tell tales of their best streaking stories, and I think it must have been nations streaking day, but I don’t want to be boring, but should streaking still be eligible.

Back in the day you could, but in today society, a young man called in, and they honestly wanted to put him into social services for his streaking, but he explained you know, his mom’s not there, and the one thing he could do for her is the streaking, the one thing he could do to show he was going to have fun, to live, even if she could not, was the streaking, he did it, and it was funny, but then they thought he was odd, I think it would have been odd to not be streaking, so what do you think/

Anyways, it’s nice to see that innocence, innocence is what we are working towards, and it can still exist, or that it can still exist.


*The child either said running towards hope, or freedom, I think the child was using the line from the movie the village.

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Abuse Of The Minor

Abuse of the minor

Affects males and females of the society

Throws them off their life courses

Leaves physical scars and emotional scars at a cellular level

Loss of Power and control are a part of what happens

-Some become further victims, acting out and reaping the experiences over and over again. Experiences of victimization become ever present in these outcomes. Some go on to become abusers themselves, seeking to exploit and abuse others around them, specifically those they see as vulnerable or more powerless.

-The same is true in some cases of rape.

Acting out becomes a part of the victimized persons outlook. Acting out is true for both men and women. Some act out by going inside of themselves, but what seems or appears to be prevalent in society is that most act out in extremely sexualized manners.

To understand how to start to fix the problems, one has to understand the physiological aspects as well as the psychological aspects.

Dealing with issues of exploitation

When you are raped, sexually molested, or exploited a variety of things happen. You become off balance, you lose your power and control. You emotionally suffer, but that suffering often shows up externally in acting out behaviours, and is therefore masked and hidden. The individual unknown to them, might also deal with the abuse, by gravitating towards other abusive situations or experiences.

Acting Out

The individual starts to seek out acting out situations, situation that allow them to continue to be in the incorrect situations, and have the incorrect things happen. If left unchecked, or unaware, the individual will continue to see out such situations and conditions. This often results in what society views as self destructive and abusive behaviours. (Eg. Calling the person a slut, whore, etc. If they are acting out. If they turn to drugs to mask issues of loss of power and control, the same thing can happen. It’s even worst when these situations happen to underage, or minor children, because society is not currently set up or geared, to deal with adult like acting out behaviours in underage or minor children.)
The other part of acting out that is hard to understand is that the victim at times might form an intimate bond with the abuser, this is the hardest part to understand, and this in and of itself might be one of the hardest things to understand, until the person is truly free, there might be an unexplainable connection that stays between victim, and abuser.

Once acting out behaviours begin to happen, society might start to view the victimized as the problem, and not really be abel to appreciate or understand, what the victimized person is going through, or experiencing. When a person is abused, sexually molested, raped, etc, we would prefer to not see the individuals in such conditions again, that is why it often does not make sense to society, that a person would go on to see out such conditions, again, and again and again, and we are thus more geared to blame the victim, than to understand them, or what they are experiencing and going through.

The other part of the acting out behaviours that is barely if ever understood is the part where the person then goes on to become an abuser, child molester, or even rapist themselves. This part of acting out is also not understood, and can be very difficult for most people in society to come to terms with. Most times when someone is exploited or abused, we would rather not see them take on the characteristic of their abusers, or rapists, but if left unchecked, that is what can too often happen.

Reclaiming the situation

Once a person becomes aware of what’s happened to them, they need a safe format, a forum where they can discuss what’s happened to them in peace and security. Too often you have been in the incorrect situation for such a long time, it can be hard or difficult to recognize or appreciate when the correct situation happens. Recognizing that you are in fact acting out, that you have lost power & control of your situations is one of the first stages of recovery necessary for the healing process to begin.

This is what then needs to happen, the person needs to be in the correct situation long enough, to feel safe and comfortable for the healing process to begin. Once this is achieved, you can then express or address what’s happened to you. You can delve into your acting out behaviours and start to understand why they came about.

Connecting with the abuse

Connecting with the abuse will happen on a multifaceted level. It will happen, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and even psychologically.
What needs to happen once you make a connection with this awareness, with these situations, or events that have happened in your life is that you then need to say this is what happened to me, this is honestly what was done to me, and this is honestly what I needed to do to survive. I didn’t want this to happen to me, when I was in the situation and this is what was happening to me, this is what I wanted, this is what I needed to happen. An emotional connection should be made with the past, or with the situation that still ongoing. Try to reconnect to the moment where the power and control was lost, and then a reclaiming of the moment or moments can happen or occur.

Acting Out In Safety

The person needs a chance to act out in safety. They need to act out in a non judgmental manner. This can be hard for those around the abused person to understand, especially if the abused is a child. The person needs safe conditions where they can experience their acting behaviours.

The person will first seek out conditions that give them a chance to become the wrong sort of person and do the wrong sort of thing, or conditions that allow them to become the incorrect sort of person, and do the incorrect sort of thing. They actually appear to be hungering for more of the same abusive, or exploitation experience. After a time if the person is able to act out successfully they might eventually seek out correct situations, and the chance to become the correct person, or a chance to become the right person and to the correct thing. What should be acknowledge is that while the person is acting out and allowing themselves to be exploited, they are also in many cases crying out for help, and a desire to be in control again, a desire to find balance. To be released from the captivity from whence they are being help.
Once a person is able to act out in the correct way, they might be abel to learn to take back the control, power, and balance that was lost. Recovery might actually be abel to happen. The hunger for being exploited, the pain can then be reincorporated back into the person. The pain and suffering is actualized, and the experience of what happened during the rape, sexual molestation, is understood.

Power and Control

Power and control can then be regained because the person is back in control of the situation or experience that eventually removed them from their outcomes, that made them lose power, control, and balance in the first place.


After this stage, if power and control can come back into the persons life, then a form of recovery happens. A regaining of person and self. The person comes back into their being, and they are abel to recover. The hurt, pain, and suffering is reintegrated back into the soul. Crying of the soul can be heard at this stage as well.


Healing also happens at this stage and then the person is released from the captivity from whence they are being held. They are then truly free at this stage, and then finally further healing can finally happen.


The balance that was lost as you though that the world was a safe place, a fair place, or that someone would be trying to come and help you can then be restored. Often times our balance is lost, because we think that the world is a safe place, a fair place and if we were going to be raped, molested, exploited, or abused, someone would come to our aid, to our rescue, when this does not happen your balance is lost, in some cases, for others it’s a type or form of dying that happens, and for some it is never recovered. Once the balance is restored the person can then try to take back control of their lives, that’s part of the healing that can happen.

Part of the recovery might also include removal of some or all of the abusers from the persons life. The person is also less likely to be acting out of control, and is less likely to become an abuser, or intimate or initiate future situations of abuse.

~GmB Bailey

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