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United we stand. Divided they fall.



You are a cursed set in advance. You are a cold set, but most importantly you are a dirty, nasty, workless set of creatures, that don’t even make sense.

Not even dirty, dutty, they are literally the worst sort of individuals on the face of the planet.

Two boys who will never be men, with a legacy they will not defend. They are these sorts eh, they will ineligible this dutty, nasty girl, who could not hold a candle in the wind to their mothers legacy to destroy and lay bear to worlds, and things unknown and unspoken. They will walk into your city, your world, and ask you to come f*ck you child, or your children, they literally did, and do. Or they will send one of their dutty, nasty relatives to do so, or a representative on your behalf, cause these are the sorts of filth that we are dealing with, have been dealing with, and are tired of dealing with.

They are not the correct sorts, did not grow up to be the correct sorts and do not do the correct things, you, are finally, I can say it, a disappointment and a failure, a failure, to her to her legacy, to the rest of us, to the stage, it will never make sense.

Some dirty old man took her out of her existence, and remained you bear, you grew up, and we hoped you would become the men, that the world needed, but I have had the pleasure behind the scenes, of watching you both becoming two of the biggest, child molesters on the face of the planet. You don’t do anything suitable, that’s a truth, you fake it in public, but behind the scenes, you grew up to be worst animals, than those who did the incorrect things to her.

She cursed them, this I am sure of, she cursed them in advance, but that curse is practically no longer even eligible, cause you have made it so ineligible.

Ever report, every situations is this, you are not the correct sort, and you don’t do the correct things.

You have your minions globally trying to get people to turn themselves, their children, and their family into the incorrect sort, into what you are behind the scenes. I don’t need the reports, cause you are brazen as brass, and I will tell you now what I told you virtually to your faces, you can’t come f*ck me, you can’t come f*ck my child. The statement had to be raw, because they are threatening and harassing, these individuals that I am affiliated with with literally that. Spiritually they are harassing this little kid that has more class, and breeding than they will ever have.

I have cursed them, but more than a curse is needed. Their actual situation is this, they have truly enabled this dirty, but it’s dutty girl into their situations, she can do the correct things, say the correct things, isn’t eligible for the correct things spiritually  or on the face of the planet. She isn’t eligible for anythings, and things they want and need access to, she can provide, and worst, she can’t breed up what they want and need. The gatekeeper did not do her job, she let an ineligible in, and for that, they all most pay, but the boy who was task to doing the correct thing failed. Failed to the stage it will never make sense.

Personally I am of the opinion they did the correct thing, the girl is dirty the way that makes sense, on a daily continual basis, she will render them nothing, she will provide for them nothing, and she will destroy and lay bear waste, while the legacy they should have defended they will not defend it, or keep it safe.

The one that should have arrived in their situation they refused, the rejected, the stone that the builder rejected, has not so much become important to them, but has what they need. They can get at it any other way, trying to kill her for the last three years didn’t work, now you are actively trying to wipe their family, and their heritage out of existence, including turning them into the sorts who will enable you to come fuck their children openly, you are a dutty, nasty accursed lot.

This isn’t even braveheart with first refusal, this is where they want to use your wives and your children, you have never seen anything like this, and you never will again.

You can’t and you don’t and you won’t hold a candle in the wind, to anything or anyone. The girl you let in is the incorrect thing, always was, always will be, that’s no ones fault but your own, you don’t have what you want, cause you choose, what you did, she is not the incorrect sort for your situations, she is dirty, and ineligible, she is exactly as she should be, not the correct things, she suits you, and the rest of your lot, to the stage, it will never make sense.

Stay away from me, and mine, cause I am not that sort, and the things that belong do me, and mine are not that sort. You are that sort, and you will lay bear to the rest of the world, to cover it up, so you can do it openly. I don’t want that for myself, or for others.

The chief of Bills, who was a dirty, nasty, ineligible things, that you sent he isn’t doing anything suitable either. He is threatening to take my stuff, gain access to my spiritual stuff, and my earth stuff, things I meant to be one of his little informants or something, yeah he has delusions of grandeur. You have heard, read, known to you my love, fondness for the informant system not. It targeted us, it went after us, you are clear how I feel about it, and my intentions for it. ‘So don’t put your dutty hand in a mi face, and chat to mi back.’ It’s from the lines to a song, but it makes sense. The song is called chat to mi back, and you can do just that, cause your situations they don’t makes sense. You are a dirty ineligible shit, who wakes up on a daily basis to do the stupidest, most cruel things to people, you don’t make sense, you are suppose to be the correct sort, but you don’t do correct by us, by yourself, or other. I don’t’ expect you to.

I had to include you in the post, Matthew, you little hit man wanna be, stay out of it, cause this time, the curse will not even escape you.

Stay out of it. They want to go after people and their children, the reason they got rid of the girl that did make sense, is cause they are those sorts, they don’t make sense. They are cold.

One and one might be a thousand miles away, we are no longer the walking wounded are we. Stay away from us, in spirit, and flesh, stay away from us, I don’t want them, adopting your dutty nasty ways.


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