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World Ruler 101

World Ruler 101

To manage the world everyone thinks you have to be on the world stage,
because that’s the way it’s been traditionally done, but to be on the world stage,
what if you could do it remotely?

GRID System

Create a grid system, that’s eligible to be in the correct situation, a GRID
system that connects with every town, village, hamlet, a GRID system that
everywhere in the world, and that responds to every community. Would that
then be eligible to be in the correct situation, and have the correct situation,
thus occurring, and thus co-happening to it?

The GRID system links in with emergency services, files reports, and enables the population to be in the correct situation. It’s not all seeing, like in Orwellian society, but it is all present and it will keep you safe.

Security Clearances

What if you created security clearances for everyone on the face of the to
address the issues of security, but also issues of fun, social settings and so
forth. Most people would have their clearances for work, school, play,
shopping, clubbing, etc. They would be eligible to be in the correct situation,
and have the correct situation occurring, and happening to them, because it
would be just that sort of situation. They would be adjusted remotely, in a
matter of seconds, or minutes, vs having to have new one issued, the correct
levels, and class, would just be adjusted, right away.

Financial Cash Exchange System

What if you created a financial system, that was eligible to be in the correct
situation, one that was low on fraud if not fraud proof, one that worked in
harmony with the unique identifiers. One that enabled you to be in the correct
situation. Image if you were a useful person in that society, you could
throughout the course of your life, be eligible to have a little bit more in that
society, but by virtue of working for it, you still have to earn your keep mind
you, but  you then have the means you need to survive. a secure system, that’s
fraud proof to an extent, and doesn’t come with the same credit issues as
previous situation, also used in a variety of places.

Unique Identifiers

They are not like passwords or user names, yet they are specific to a specific
individual. They are not eligible to be in the incorrect situation, so they make
sense. Eg. creator of the unique identifiers, can only be one person, so
therefore, that in and of itself could be used as part of the persons, unique
identifier system. With twins, you have even the first and last name, and other
variations that make sense, unique situations about both.

Global Security Force

What if you could create a global security force, but one that was eligible to
be in the correct situation. Citizens from every country would be represented,
they could be on call when you need them, would not have to be there full
time, but could mitigate and manage every situation, and could be there in a
matter of seconds. Citizenship, and global citizenship would come into play,
because they could answer calls on a global basis, they would not necessarily
be limited, but some jurisdictions, may apply, maybe not.

Global population enabling

A way of enabling the population, men and women, to be eligible to be in the
correct situation, and have the correct things thus occurring, and thus
happening to them. Population enabling that would enable the populace to
be parents when they wished to be parents, and would enable them to be
aware very quickly, so they could plan ahead. A little future preparedness.

Pre-crime policing

Enabling the population to have advanced warning, if something is going to
occur, or happen to them. The population could then find out if a crime was
going to be committed, and prevent it in some cases. It would be a great way
to enhance crime fighting abilities.

Proficient Laws

A global rule, or law, that would enable these situations to thus occur, or thus
cahappen, meaning a law that would address, current, ongoing, and future
issues, and enable, or allow room for improvement. That would be the most
suitable things whatsoever.


Create technology that can work, or interact with all the different parts of the
society, and then have it be useful technology, that can answer questions, give
directions, assist with the various aspects of day to day life. some thing that
can be some of the most efficient, suitable technology on the face of the
planet, or it can be as simple as an everyday utilization. Have either the
governments pay for it, or have the private citizens, and the technology is not
enable, or allowed to be abused, because then you can loose the privilege.

Community Planning, and Implementation

I would enable the world to be in the correct situation, community planning,
and implementation, that is geared towards each community, country, city,
hamlet, continent, etc. Pretty much whatever that area needs they will have,
and it will not take years, it will take a matter of months or weeks to see
many of the changes implemented, and when most communities function in a
similar manner, however in a manner that still means the unique needs of
the society, then we will be in the correct situations. We don’t want a world
that is all the same thing, no, no, no, but we do want a world that functions,
that’s eligible to be in the correct situation. A world with community planning,
that works across the globe, but still enables unique, and diversified locations
to hang onto their unique identities. A none homogenized society.

Eg. If you visit Africa the GRID system is there, you are familiar with it, you
have your security clearance on hand, which can assist you with entry into the
correct locations, even while on vacation. The GRID system can assist with
directions, or the Hi-technology, which functions slightly differently depending on which society you might be in, but you can still ask all the same questions, such as where is the best location for this, or that, or how do I do this, but it still respect the local populace, and the natual inhabitants.

A form of community planning and implementation, that’s unified, and yet
unique enough to satisfy the various populouses from around the globe.
Community planning, that does think local, but enables the world, the globe
to function.

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Socially Sophisticated Society

Creating a super sophisticated society.

What would your ultimate society look like or, resemble, and how would it function?

I would create a futuristic like society, not too futuristic, but services would be available where you need it, when you need it.

As mentioned before, I would create a society with this HELP ME GRID, so that people could access help or aid whenever they need it.

I would create a gird for assisstance, but instead of a grid, I would create a quilt like service, first of it’s kind. Various quilts could or would be created, to enable individuals to access specific products or sercices offered by my futuristic society, I want to create these fully functioning fuoundling homes, sort of like these mini condos, but sort of sophisticated, and rent them out to people that are in the correct situations. They are not exactly like gated communities or anything like that, cause some people hate those thing, but they do offer a level of luxury, convience and security not offered in other locations.

I also want to create or have a new cash exchange system, that secure and accurate, because that way individuals can actually be clear where we are as a society, and where they are as individuals. The system would be based on individual worth, but also contributions to the society, the more you contribute, the more funding you have access to. Nothing against being wealthy, but as least those who contribute, would have more stake and capacity in the society.

As mentioned before, I also want to have security cleaance that give access on an ongoing basis, that means if you suddenly decide to go postal, the security cleances in some cases could react to that, in other cases it might enable access you might not normally have, or access that you are entitled to.

The security clearances would also be fun and youthful, business like, executive class, a wide range to satisfy, and secure a global audience. That just a brief introduction to some of the items, and situations that I would like to introduce if I was world ruler, and if I was creating a futuristic, or rather a society that was socially sophisticated.

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When I am Ruler OF The World

When I am Ruler OF The World this is what I would like to see accomplished.

At the top of the situation will be a ruler type of situation.

The Family Unit

Below that top tear position will be the Family Unit. F.U. for short. The family unit will function and be a key part of what get’s accomplished. When the family unit is strong and is the key focus of the community, the individual, and the world at large then the correct things will be thus occurring or happening.

So my first and foremost focus will be the family unit, the flow, the function, and functionality of the family unit. I want that to be the heart, mind, soul of any initiatives that I accomplish.

World Ruler Table

The other item that I wish to implement is an informal, formal way of conducting meetings, similar to a confrence call but different, in the sense that individuals are actually invited to the sessions. An agenda can be laid out, but it does not have to be. The individuals will bring questions, answers,
solutions, to the table, and that will formulate, or create the direction in which future agendas, and objectives are laid out, and responded to or accomplished.

The Royalty

After the family unit, and family values, will be a new Royalty, a new Nobility. I have nothing against Royalty, or Nobility, but I don’t like what I see or view on the world stage today. I want a specific ownership, responsibility, true, values. I want Royalty, that is and that are Royal on the outside and not just on the inside, or rather that are royal on the inside, and not just on the outside. I want the faux appearance of Royalty to be abolished.

If I had responsibility for the Royalty, I would ensure, only the correct individuals become Royal individuals, or utilize such titles, and nobility. I have nothing against Royalty, when done the correct way.

I would also work with spiritual situations, this is because we as humans, are mind, body, soul, spirit what have you, and I would incorporate that into our healing, and overall situations.

A Spiritual Place

I would invite citizens to be also citizens of A Spiritual Place, and I would invite them to utilize spiritual situations, in their day to day lives. Instead of shying away from the spiritual aspect of humanity, I would embrace that aspect, and utilize spiritual situations, to accomplish what needed to be done.

Local Community Level

At the local community level, as mentioned previously, the local monitoring units, and the informant system need to be revamped. As they progress now, or rather do not progress, do not function, but dysfunction, they need to be changed.

The moment I either abolish, 🙂 fine or take over the informant system, or at least get it into good standing, I would like to curtail the low level individuals that are in these roles, bring down humanity, and their communities to the lowest common denominator level, and get some real flow and functionality going back into these communities.

The local monitoring units in my opinion, in too many cases, and some council individuals, have too much power in the incorrect ways, and are doing the incorrect things. They need to be curtailed.

My idea or solution, is to have something like, I don’t know, let’s say a community advisor type situation, someone you know who’s there in the community, someone who get’s things done, a fixeruper type, who can accomplish something. I would like to see this person in a role, like let’s say they live in the community, have an apartment unit, or house depending on the neighbourhood. I want this person to be a good person, have the correct credentials, and hopefully be off the informant system for such roles? Is there a reason? The reason is I would like to see the role be free of conflict, and free of controversy, and corruption.

What I have discovered over the years in doing research is that if the informant system is involved, most times if not curtailed, or under the correct guidelines, such situations, only work towards bringing the community down to it’s lowest common denominator. I want to see communities rise, I want to see them become enabled, I want to see them rise to their highest common denominators, and that can be be accomplished by revamping a few roles, and responsibilities here and there.

What I would honestly do, I would still have some individuals be monitored, eg. The local community rapists, and child molesters, who oddly enough, at times have been in some of these local community monitoring roles. I would like to see them be monitored, and not the innocent individuals.


Also to recap, I would like to have a global grid system in place, a global grid system, named something like a Help Me, Grid, and it would be this system where you honestly, no matter where you were located mentioned something akeen to or similar to Help Me, Yes, Help Me, Yes, File a report. The Grid system, would activate, maybe link you in with emergency, or other services, even give directions, and would assist you remotely or rather directly, no matter where you lived on the face of the planet, the galaxy, or even the heavens.

Those are just a few of the ideas I would like to see accomplished in my situation, if I was Ruler Of The World, meaning World Ruler.

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When I am World Ruler 4

When I am World Ruler 4

My plans for global dominance, or how to make the world a better place. 🙂

Security Clearances

I want to see Security Clearance introduced galaxy/planet wide, I think if each
person has their own security clearances, then they will act in a more suitable
manner. Thus each person is responsible for their own levels. The security
clearances would have various classes, and levels.
Pre Crime

I would have a system in place that assists with pre crime. You can’t always
stop things, and I am not thinking crazy pre-crime, as seen in some movies, but
if someone hires a hit man, or make plans to commit acts of violence in advance,
firm plans, I would like to have a system that enables individuals to know if
this crime will be committed.
Help  Grid

I would also like to have as mentioned before a help me grid, this grid would
enable those in various communities to keep track of crimes being committed. Eg.
If a purse snatching is happening, an alert would go out, and those nearby would
be alerted, thus assisting the person in the situation, and those around.
Frequency Suits

I am not fond of how some of the frequency suits are functioning now, so if I am
World Ruler, I am going to have my own brand, which will function. People will
be using them responsibly, and the unsuitable actions that are occurring in
these suits at the moment would be discontinued. I would own them, and manage
them, in a suitable manner, with effective rules and regulations.
Cash Exchange System

I would create a spiritual cash exchange system. Something that enables everyone
to do their banking, and other deliveries, but in an effective manner. The
system would be smooth, everyone would have their own unique identifiers to
prevent fraud, and everyone would gradually use or utilize this system.

It would mean more secure banking, finances, and peace of mind.
Unique identifiers

A system that uniquely identifies the individual, so that identity theft would
almost be a thing of the past, no one could fake being anyone else, because each
person would be uniquely identified. Anonymous could still be used for those
black ops however. Just Joking, but anonymous would be an option, but each
person would still be uniquely identified, if that makes sense.

Bill 184

This would be a universal bill, enabling every citizen to have the chance to
become the correct person, and to do the correct thing. A chance to become the right
person, and to do the right thing. It would also be a bill that would enable
retrobution to the full extent of the law.

Those are some of the things that I would do, or items that I would enact if I am World Ruler.

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When I am world ruler 2

When I am world ruler 2.

Ok my last post was fun, about when I am world ruler and the things that I wish to implement in the society. I want all these changes that will help humanity, one of the first things that I would do is ensure that the family unit was the first and foremost thing. I would ensure that it was the heart and soul of my futurist society, that I wish to see created.

First and foremost I want to create a knowledgeable society, where people are well educated. I want to create a knowledgebase that will last beyond this plain of existence, I want something that will exist past space, time,
distance. I would like to create a knowledgebase similar to or something that could surpass the Akashic records.

I want to also create a Teleporting, time travelling society. When I am world ruler technology will be a huge focus, and will be well funded. My fantasy in part is to own a really cool R & D department/division. I want to have something that would create one of the most technologically advanced society, on the face of the planet and beyond.

I would seriously create an alternative cash exchange system, one that would be a little more stable, and one that actually felt good to use. Something like an intergalactic, interplanetary, multidimensional cash exchange system.
It could happen.

I want to find the cure for cancer and other incurable diseases, and distribute the cure to those who are eligible for a reasonable fee, or for free. It’s a dream, but it could happen. In my spare time, over the last several years, I have done nothing but independently research a variety of such items, yeah it’s a fun hobby on the side, and who knows, when it will pay off for humanity.

I want to create these amazing buildings, that are some of the most secure, they will have the most secure login’s, and they will be able to understand who is in the building at all times. They will be some of the safest, most self contained, environmentally friendly places to live.

I will also create this force, this league of extraordinary individuals. A Royal league of some sort. Really cool wardrobes, and unlike the informant system, which has brought down humanity to it’s lowest common denominator,
the force will work towards elevating humanity, and doing something good for the planet and beyond. Their roar would be heard, that’s one of the things that I would like to do when I am world ruler.

I would like to locate the missing and exploited children across the face of the planet, and bring them home safe. When I am world ruler, I will find a way to reunite families, and keep children safe.

Finally when people are truly doing the evil in the world, you know those lowest common denominators like I’ve previously described, I would have them showing up as evil, no matter where they went on the face of the planet or
beyond, so that innocent people could know who and what they were dealing with.

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The World Stage

                                                                                               The World Stage

Is there a lack of originality in the world? Is there a lack of original ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc?

This is what I am thinking, when and if I am ever on the world, or let’s say intergalactic, interplanetary, multi-dimensional stage, this is what I am thinking and hoping.  I hoping that I won’t have to deal with the world leeches, who aren’t doing anything suitable using my items, ideals, and creations.

I don’t wish to go through all the trouble of creating something unique and different like a help grid, only to have someone unoriginal stealing my ideas, it’s not only not a good look, but it’s loathsome, and parasitic.

There are too many people already in the world, doing the outward appearances of goodness, and doing nothing suitable behind the scenes, in fact behind the scenes they are not only not living up to expectations, but they are failing humanity.

So if and when I get to the world stage, I am not going to want the Tom, Dicks, Harry, or I dare say Prince Harry, Williams, Catherine Middleton’s, Obama’s, Clintons, etc begging, borrowing, or stealing my ideas. When you create something original in this world, or do something unique, it’s too easy for others to take credit for something that does not belong to them, if they are already in the stoplight, and you are not. If something is an idea that I have created, then it is an idea that I expect to get credit for, that’s just how the world works, in advance.

In the Targeted Individual community, I have come across a lot of people who honestly don’t come up with the ideas, but are all too willing to steal from others, take what’s not theirs and it’s seriously not a good look. As many of you are aware, the Targeted Individual community is an international community, and we are all too familiar with a variety of  parasites within our community, and the parasites that stalked many of us in the Targeted Individual community.  Many of us  grew to hate and despise these parasitic types, and with good reason. I am hoping that someday, if I ever get to any of those esteemed stages, that I would find those that are original, creative, unique, but I am also all too aware, that I will likely still have to deal with the world leeches, who aren’t doing anything suitable, so this is my wish in advance, I am deeply hoping, they will not be in my spear, and that I will have very limited dealings with them.

Imagine all the fun lawsuits we the little people would have to file in advance to confirm our ideas, creations were our own vs other people’s if those already in situations decided to steal from the little people. My hope and wish again in advance is that I won’t have to deal with too many of these types, but if I do, my fondest and sincere with is to have them out of my way in advance.

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When I am World Ruler

When I am world ruler

Have you ever wanted to change the world? To ensure that children in the world are looked after, cared about and protected?

I was trying to imagine why such a cute child would have such a sad look on her face. There are too many children in the world that are sad, unhappy, that need to be cared about and looked after, and it made me realize, that when I am world ruler this is what I would do.

Right after I alleviate the pain and suffering of Targeted Individuals by confirming that threat assessment teams are responsible for all their pain and horror, the next thing that I would do is look after the children of the world. I would do whatever it takes to alleviate their pain and suffering.

Eg. I would seriously look to have every child predator be branded with the label ‘The Bastard’, and this is why, so that people in society could identify the animals that are hurting innocent children, and actually do something to remove them from the society, cause I think that would be the right, correct and accurate thing to do. Anytime someone yelled or said “The Bastard”, it would give a list of all their crimes, that had been committed against child. I would also use the tag to ban them from specific places.

The next thing I would like to do is list all the stupid people in society that are wasting everyone time and energy. I would like to brand them, and those agents or informants in society as whores who are doing anything suitable, and anytime you asked if they were whores who weren’t doing anything suitable, you would get a warning message.

I would also allow everyone to request a new feature that allows them to check if anyone was doing anything suitable. This way idiocracy wouldn’t have to be an every day reality, or an eventuality.

If anyone has ever seen this movie, this is a fate that humanity needs to avoid.

I would set up a defense, slash protection grid. The grid would monitor what was happening in society, and whenever anyone yelled help, or help me, the grid would come to their assistance. Anywhere in the world where you were located, this grid could file a report, and work with local services.

I would over haul the prisons, by reviewing every prisoner that’s in jail. I would decriminalize drug, because I think a lot of innocent people are in jail because of this. If you have read the blog, you have likely visited the website, and it’s really opened my eyes about people in the American prison system.

I would also have everyone in the mental institutions reviewed, because after my work here, understanding threat assessment teams, this is what would happen, I am aware, that a lot of people being listed as mentally ill in society, or a danger to themselves, are the ones that should be in our society, and a lot of other people being listed as suitable are the

psychopaths of society, the ones that appear suitable on the outside, but are true monsters on the inside.

I would like to know that the correct people could get into the correct situations, and I would love to see that happen. I would also look at issues of homelessness and poverty. I hope some would use this list of things to further their own agenda’s. I would remove shallow things from society, and focus on the things that count.

I would create safer structures, structures that use unique or personal identifiers to access buildings, because that way everyone’s personal safety could be ensured.

I would also revamp the financial systems of the world. I would like to see a different system used. Eg. The Royal Queen Authority Financial System is a system, that I would love to see used. You would just request to activate your earth accounts, and then voila, you would be ready to go with your banking, safely and securely.

Health care, I would also love to have health care reformed, I want each citizen to have proper comprehensive evaluations, and I want them to do it in an affordable manner. You would honestly just request a health evaluation, the help system in conjunction with your personal identifiers would provide a health evaluation.

I would lastly provide remote councilling, to each person who requested it. They would honestly be abel to request remote councilling, and then remote coucilling would begin. You would simply say, I want to have remote councilling and then it would be there.

These are some of the dreams and goals that I would have, and instill if I was world ruler, because then maybe humanity would actually stand a chance.

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