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Believe It

Believe It

Ever wonder about these stories online, how some members of this prominent family are into this type of situation here, or into that type of situation there?

That some people are into ritual abuse of children and others, such as the Jimmy Seville Scandle, which is so big in the U.K.

Most people don’t want to believe that people in high places or prominent positions could be those types of people, and commit such actions, but I am inclinded to believe it to be the case.

I believe it, because after looking into these stories over the years, these people have generations where they do the same exact things to others, and they grow up to be the monsters in the stories, they don’t grow up to be the Kings, Queens, Princes, or Princesses, Presidents, Executive, that you can look up to, oh no, far from it, they grow up to be the monsters at the end of this book, at the end of this passage, at the end of this chapter.

The stories you hear about time and time again, in my review, in my point of reference end up being all too true, the people that you would never suspect, prominent in some cases, high profile in others, they never make sense, but in my years over time, not only in my research, and investigation into gangstalking, but in other cases, I fully believe some of the situations out there.

These people pass on these siutations, these disfunctionalities to others, they destroy the innocent, and in doing so create monsters, they wait for the innocents in the situations to become the monsters, for the disease, the disfunctionality to pass on, that destructive need to destroy others, and then they pass it on.

They destroy those who would expose them, eg. D notices, in the U.K. the situations have already been investigated, the truth is already out there, but D notices are on the vast majority of those files, that should be investigated, blocked, stopped, and ceased, by those in high places who should be doing better, but don’t because they are not much better themselves.

In being monsters, they keep friends with kin and kind, they hang out for the most part with those likened upto themselves, that is why there are so many leagues of these monsters. Leagues of unextraodianry pedophiles who are doing nothing suitable, yet they flourish, they live, while too many of the good ones cease to exist.

Exposure and awareness was in part the key to exposing the threat assessment teams and how they are used to destroy innocent lives, and enable what we in the gang stalking community have come to call gangstalking, but will exposure and awareness be enough to stop, to discontinue the next generation of monsters from being formed? I am convinced that when we are born we are relatively innocent are we not, we are not monsters, most are innocent,
but in time, when exposed to the incorrect situations, even the most innocent can be monsters. I highly and deeply believe in passing, and enacting laws to protect the children, and others in such situations who need protecting. I believe in enacting measures to stop the current monsters who refuse to heal, or to be brought to heal. I want to see such situations and changes implemented someday.

In the mean time, there be monsters, they are in high places, when these child starts, these child rappers, these child musicians, screen, guild actors, sports players, all rise up and tell you that in the background children are being molested, and usually by people in high places, then maybe, mayhaps it is time that we start to listen, and maybe start to do something about it. Maybe it’s time we start to wake up, and be clear, that this is happening, this does go on, as horrid, frientening, and scary as it can be to think about such things.

Previous to my investigations, I would have prefered to believe such things did not exist in such high numbers, or such high places, but they do, and the league of monsters, they be many. Exposing such people when they are in their elements, their spotlights is almost impossible, because no one wants to believe their shiny, bright ephogent people are such, or could be such, but at times they are, and this needs to be addressed, fully.

Someday if I have the means and mechanisums, I hope to create a real threat assessment team file, ones that won’t be manipulated, stopped, blocked or bullied, I hope someday to create the siutations, fulfill the requests that will put these monsters in their rightful places, but till then, what we can do as the viewing audience is to stop mooning over some of these people, these individuals, see them for what they are, and remove them from their situations, remove them from their outcomes, before they remove innocent children from theirs, or the innocent in advance.

In the mean time, check into those “D” notices, it’s quite interesting to see which files do contain them, and which files do not, and why those files contain them. Will the

Tony Blair, D notices, Princes, Popes, Politicians, “Pop pickers”, MI5, AND PAEDOPHILIA!

To those out there doing the actual investigations, I am cognizant as to what is it like, exposing a truth, a hard truth to swallow, not as it exposing the gangstalking stuff was a breeze, but for all that you do go through, I am right there with you. Until this is exposed, there is at lease awareness, if there be monsters, and “D” notices, then there be us.

The future is worth saving

Is there a more beautiful expression of what is good in our country. . . 

. . .than the innocent voices of our children?

Tony Blair, D notices, Princes, Popes, Politicians, “Pop pickers”, MI5, AND PAEDOPHILIA!

I hope we see less of such headlines in future.

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  1. I saw that you wrote in a blog about rewiring to make electricity bounce off the walls. How do they accomplish that?

    Comment by endgangstalkingnow | March 22, 2013 | Reply

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