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The Set Up’s

In researching Gang Stalking I have had to focus on how Informants are used. What I am finding is that Informants are an integral part of society, they are used at every level, and are an ingrained feature of some societies and have been for some time. The other aspect of the Informant system that I am coming across is one that many would describe as conspirital. This involves the use of Informants to set up average individuals themselves to become Informants.

These set up’s can happen for drugs, illegal materials, sexual assault accusations, pedophilia accusations, getting friends to steal from stores, stolen goods, embarrassing or compromising situations, illegal or immoral situations that are covered up, there are so many different ways the Informant is used for these set up’s. The unsuspecting target or pawn might never suspect that cousin Ed, that old friend, neighbour, co-worker is calling out of the blue not to get reacquainted, but to try to help set you up.

the unethical recruitment of drug informants
Submitted by bobbie (not verified) on September 19, 2008 – 4:34am.

[quote]My son was targeted by local law enforcement simply because they valued him as a potential drug informant.

They were interested in him because he did construction work for someone who had a permit to grow marijuana plants.

He had no drug violations. The detectives targeted his specific vulnerabilities, and played on his sympathy with an older informant who said he was going through a bad divorce, and needed marijuana for his anxiety.

The 4 detectives witnessed and videotaped the sale, but did not arrest him. They waited until he reported for a scheduled jail time for a DUI, and rearrested him without publicity, and without family support.

They told him he was “screwed”, and would he work for them? When he didn’t want to consent without talking with his girlfriend, they went after her at work and threatened to prosecute her. He pleaded guilty and got 2 years prison, leaving his 8 yr old son without a dad. Please take a stand against this unethical activity.[/quote]
These systemic setup’s have been going on for many years unchecked. The above example should be helpful in comprehending how these set up’s are being conducted. If you think there is no such thing as a conspiracy in society you would be wrong.

The local law enforcement wanted this woman’s son as an informant. I am not sure if they asked him first, but most likely they just created a scenario where a set up could happen.

They were not really interested in her son, the true target was his employer, look at the steps they went through to get to this person.

1. They profiled her son, to figure out what his vulnerability would be.

2. They hired an Informant who had access to her son. It’s hard to say if they set up the Informant first or not.

3. They used the Informant to entrap her son, assuming that he would become a snitch.

4. Had they been successful, it would have been a matter of time before this woman’s son would have been asked to either set up his employer, or do something to make him look guilty and set him up in that manner.
That’s the way it’s working, and has been for some time now. This happens in society a lot. It’s systemic. If you don’t think this way, operate this way, you might not know it when you see it, or experience it.

The above scenario is what we call a conspiracy, and that one was initiated by local law enforcement. In my readings and research this is not a one time thing, these setup’s are happening all the time, and at every level and sector of society. Some on the record, many off the record, but the end result is the same, these people are owned by the system and can be used later on as needed.
Here is a made up scenario of a set up. A local politician is the target. There is no access to this person directly. He has a secretary, who after profiling her, she turns up clean, and there is no way to her directly, but Ms. secretary has a son, who’s not that bright. He get’s set up, the mother get’s involved and has a choice of helping her son stay out of jail, or turning Informant. She agrees, thus giving TPTB access to the politician and and opportunity to gain access to this person, or introduce others into his realm, so that he in turn can be set up. Provided all goes as planned, this politician will then be a part of the system. There might not be any official records of this, but each will be owned by the state. That’s a set up.
In a scenario like the one above, this person can then be used, if a policy needs to be voted on a specific way, etc.

In society there are similar scenarios working happening all the time, many less complex that are just person to person, drugs being the most common.
Many in society are not immune to drugs, or getting arrested for drugs, as we saw recently with the arrest of Sarah Palin’s in-law.
Alaska state police have arrested the mother of Bristol Palin’s boyfriend on drug charges. Palin is the daughter of Gov. Sarah Palin.

Sherry L. Johnston was arrested Thursday after officers served a search warrant on a Wasilla home. The 42-year-old Johnston has been charged with six felony drug counts.
In this review of the book Snitch Culture, Jim Redden focuses on the use of Informants, and how pervasive the practise has become. The book was written almost a decade ago, but has become even more relevant then ever, in today’s modern society.
[quote]As American enters the New Millennium, this country is in the grip of a government-created surveillance system which permeates every aspect of our lives. The economy is booming and things couldn¹t be better for the vast majority of citizens. Serious crime is at a 30-year low, with murder and other violent felonies dropping in every region of the nation. Minorities are earning more than ever before, and the schools have never been safer. And yet, despite this good news, large segments of the population live in fear – a fear created and exploited by opportunistic politicians and power-hungry law enforcement officials to justify the most sophisticated police state ever created.

And at the heart of this nightmare is the snitch, the government’s weapon of choice against criminals and law-abiding citizens alike. [/quote]
This is the true evil of this system. Many people in society assume that if you follow the law, if you are law abiding, then this does not apply to you, after reading through many stories I see that this is not the case. You can be affected and are more likely at some point to be affected by this system if you are not aware of how it’s working.

Such tips can trigger a broad range of responses by federal, state and local authorities, from home visits by child care and mental health specialists to deadly raids by heavily-armed SWAT units. Governments have spent billions of dollars in recent years militarizing local police departments across the country, and creating special federal units with overwhelming firepower. They are all ready and waiting for an informant to send them on their next mission. The result of all this snitching has been boiled down to a simple bumpersticker that can be seen on cars and trucks in all 50 state: “I love my country, but fear my government.”

The Snitch Culture did not come about by accident. It was deliberately created by Democrats and Republicans alike, working with federal, state and local law enforcement officials to build a nationwide intelligence-gathering network which is impossible to escape. This surveillance system did not spring to life overnight. It was assembled in pieces over the past century in reaction to one manufactured threat to the American way of life after another, each requiring new laws, new law enforcement agencies, and new informants to enforce. Our political and law enforcement leaders repeatedly seize on bizarre but isolated incidents to create the image of a country under attack from all sides. The threats have ranged over the years from anarchists to marijuana to Communists to heroin to Muslims to methamphetamine to white supremacists, but in each case the government¹s response has been the same – a new domestic war. The War on Crime. The War on Drugs. The War on Terrorism. The War on Youth Violence.[/quote]
Many in society myself included believe that wars on drugs, gangs were for the betterment of society, but in reality there seems to have been a different and separate agenda working. Something far more sinister that many are not willing to believe or accept. 
[quote]The result is a society driven by manufactured mass paranoia, where personal betrayal is seen as a virtue instead of the lowest form of human behavior. And as the 21st Century begins to unfold, this perverse version of reality is being exported around the world. Seamless global surveillance is the ultimate goal. All it takes is a tip from a snitch to make you a target.[/quote]
Before my research into Gang Stalking, I really believed that if you called in a tip to the police it would be quickly and properly investigated and the person if innocent would be cleared, but as we have seen with the war on terror, this is not the case, many innocent people are having their lives ruined. Most people never see the end result of what is set in motion after a tip is made. Many others are all too aware of the events that will be set in motion and are all too happy to partake in the ruin of an innocent persons life.
What can be done to correct what is happening? Exposure and awareness are key, but also societies mentality has changed. Many in society glorify snitching, many people think that it’s ok to set someone up, too many are unaware, or unwilling to believe how prevalent the Informant system is.

These are some of the key changes that would be required to correct a system that has become corrupt in too many societies.

Laws that require all Informants no matter who they are to be registered as such, at every level in society.

Record all Informant deals. It’s the only way to get a true record of who is an Informant and how wide spread the Informant Infection has become in society.

Do I expect the above changes to be implemented? Not really, but these are the scenarios that would help stop much of the corruption that we see, and are experiencing at many levels of society today.

The only real way then that an individual can affect change is to just say no. When they get into a situation where they are asked to snitch for unjust reasons, or for unethical set up’s, the best way to change what is happening in society is to just say no.

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  1. 1. They profiled the target.

    2. They realised that his vulnerability was his employee.

    3. They profiled this woman’s son to figure out what his vulnerability would be.

    4. They either hired or set up his friend, who is was the older person that he trusted.

    [If they did not set up the informant, think about how many snitches are in someones world that they can call upon. If his friend was not a snitch first, then that’s two people they profiled and set up, to get to the real target.] That’s a conspiracy.

    5. They used the Informant to entrap her son, assuming that he would become a snitch.

    6. Had they been successful, it would have been a matter of time before this woman’s son would have been asked to either set up his employer, or do something to make him look guilty and set him up in that manner.

    Comment by gangstalking | December 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. Dear Sirs:

    My name is Leopoldo Ridruejo Miranda, Madrid 1965, Spanish civil engineer. I live as a refugee in Portugal since the beginning of this year, because I was suffering gangstalking harassment and death threatens, since June 2004, by Spanish secret services ( CNI), with the cooperation of the Spanish police.
    In June 2003, just after the Casablanca bombings, I witnessed casually a meeting of 6 arabs in a cafeteria of Madrid, in AZCA finantial district. Eight months later, just after the 11-M-2004 Madrid bombings, I called the police in Madrid to inform that I could recognise some of the arabs deteined ( Zougham, Bekkali and Ghalyoun) as being present in the meeting I witnessed in June 2003. I called in case it could help, but I didnt think this information could have much value.
    Just after my phonecall to the police, starting in June 2004, I am selected as target individual for gangstalking harassment. This is a black practice used, among other reasons, to neutralise unwanted witnesses by sinking their credibility.
    I had 24/7 vigilance with street theatre provocations, continuous house break-ins leaving signs, covert threatens, slander campaing to isolate me from my family, personal and professional contacts (character assassination) and leave me with no support. I was forced to become unemployed, declared mentally insane throught a bogus psichiatric report,etc… I placed three repports in the Spanish Courts but the police denied everything.
    This type of covert, subtle harassment is very hard to report and to obtain legal protection. Its the same method used in East Germany years ago, and by the FBI in USA during Nixon presidency. Its totally against human rights and considered a torture through psicological warfare. Many victims end up commiting suicide or as destitutes or end up in psiquiatric institutions. Their life is destroyed completelly while nobody seems to do any thing to help them. There is not a single law that refers to this type of crime.

    Gangstalking is a terrible crime against human rights. Its incredible that a country like Spain that is continually giving lessons of human rights to Cuba and Venezuela, uses these type of black arts through its secret services and police against its defenseless citizens.

    My family members and friends, through manipulation and threatens, ended up working for the perpetrators.
    Victims of Gangstalking usually dont receive support from NGOs, everyone turns their back on them

    I called the Strasbourg Court for Human Rights and they told me there are also reports of gangstalking harassments here in Europe. But no one seems to rise the voice about this covert crime.
    I spoke a few days ago with a spanish lawyer who has contacts in the Spanish secret services and he told me that this black practice is used regulary in Spain by CNI/police.
    I have sent a claim to de EU Parlament requesting as soon as possible that a legal decret is issued forbidding totally this crime.
    I have also spoken with several spanish newspapers. But they have received pressures not to publish this information

    Comment by Leopoldo Ridruejo Miranad | December 27, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hello Leopoldo,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with this website. I am really sorry to hear about what has happened to you, many others have also had to flee their countires and go to other countries, only t realise that their is some International corporation happening and there is no real safe place for many of us to be.

    By sharing your story you are helping others to understand what is happening, and it’s appriciated. I wish you all the best for the New Year, and here is hoping that we can somehow roll back the tide of oppression that is harming so many people.

    All the best.

    Comment by gangstalking | December 29, 2008 | Reply

  4. Hello Leopoldo:

    It very much sounds as if all of the governments of the world are working a big spoof to make the public at-large believe that what the various government(s) are doing is actually the work terrorists. It sounds very much as if this is done expressly to gain an iron-fisted control of the planet. Hmmmm, I wonder why else a witness to some such act(s) as what you describe would need to be silenced.

    Each of us (targeted individuals) must be strong like Solomon, even to keep breathing in the face of this.

    In addition to the political silencing, individuals around the world are being put under the same sort of circumstance as that which Leopoldo describes. These people are being added to a rather poorly vetted database of those considered “undesirable”.

    Societally undesirable means whomever the sadistic mob wants to abuse at any given moment. A target’s name was likely put into the database for “spitting on the street”, (in some cases, literal meaning) or for no bloody real reason at all. It is mob lynching gone wild, and is spiraling out of control.

    From my position at the bottom of the fish spear barrel, it is sometimes difficult to see what’s happening down the street. (This, of course, is true of all targeted individuals). However; it’s becoming clear by means of repetitive inductions, deductions and similar conclusions, that what is happening involves several tiers of operation.

    There exists a core group of people, including a number of technocrats, who “run” the mobs, community groups, etc. They supply the technical device and service requirements, run the databases and other software, manage things, and make sure that the “lynching system” is always up to par.

    Members of the public are solicited to participate with the “program”. Everyone has a little sadists hidden away in the recesses of the darker part of their being, but it is stronger in some people than others, and the program directors seek out the people most willing to inflict pain on others without remorse, so as to minimize any witness against them in the future (by those who would show remorse, regret, etc)

    Unfortunately, the directors find a lot of recruits. In my opinion, up to twenty percent of the population is currently engaged in the program, although some of them may not yet see the sadistic program for what it really is.

    The whole thing is controlled by gps-located cellphones, and the automotive equivalent of same (That nifty little device that warns you of upcoming road hazards, if you are willing to allow your vehicle to be tracked in order to have the applicable service)

    People in the “program”, have one of these little devices, or just a cell phone (also outfitted with real-time tracking), so the that lynching system’s database (on the back end) has real-time location entries for every cellphone and automotive device in the “program”.

    On the targeted individuals end, he is being tracked, and is probably aware of this, but does not know how it is being accomplished. A bug is placed on a persons automobile if such a person has ever been placed in the system’s database. The bug can be made to look like a chunk of rust, or a legitimate automotive component, and contains a battery that can last up to ten years (my speculation). It cannot be found by electronic means because the pulse it emits is too short. In the blind, no spectrum analyzer will ever find it for this reason.

    As the target moves around the streets, the system’s database has location entries for both the targeted individual and for all of the “program members” who might be in close proximity.

    That, of course, is the beauty of their system, in that it is not necessary for them to “send cars” to harass and to chase targets around town … there are so many “program members”, that one or more is always within striking distance. This is why targets sometimes feel like they are being “swarmed”. It’s likely not even planned to create a swarm, but just happens that many “program members” happen to be in the area at that particular time. A little beep goes off on their little dashboard mounted gps-located device, and a little red dot shows the location (relative to the program member(s) of the target, along with suggestions relating to how best to handle (read harass) the target, and a little photograph of same. It’s all automatic … immediate … dastardly.

    It is this aspect of mobile computing power that makes this author curse the day the computer was born. It was inevitable that computing technology would ultimately be uses by mankind to destroy mankind. Think about what Hitler could have accomplished with this technology. Sprechen sie Deutch, mine freunden?

    An international company, of sorts, is making very big profits running the database(s), providing the equipment, etc. What is needed is a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers who actively support these various operations (by knowing to what use the products are put, and by whom) and the operators of the computer-backed cell network infrastructure for the same reason.

    Comment by Will2BFree | January 29, 2009 | Reply

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