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Gang Stalking Myths and Disinformation

There are two trends starting up, and both need to be killed.

The first is that some people are going around trying to convince targets that it’s a good idea to engage Citizen Informants. Eg. Punch them out etc. Now the temptation is there, these people harass us, and are destroying our lives, we would have every right to want to take out our frustrations. It’s a great idea in theory, but it’s a bad idea in practice. They are not good enough for us to waste the time energy or whatever else it is. They are parasitic and like any parasite you want them off you, removed from you, I get that, but please don’t let anyone talk you into doing anything stupid, and yes we must daily try to not lose our tempers out in public. Otherwise what I do in the no longer privacy of my own home, is still my business as far as I am concerned.

The David Lawson book is a great example of this. I was reading a post from and here is a great part. This book is so misleading.

Many of them will give the impression that they are police without showing a badge or stating that they are police officers, but others will claim to be police officers. Group members may also wear the uniforms of city and county workers, and telephone, cable or utility company employees, in order to get into the residence of a target, or some other place of interest to them.

They will walk around a mall, following a target, with jackets which say “Security”, with their scanners, pagers and cell phones and they believe the illusion. Some targets have said that an excellent way to antagonize groups is to “disrespect” them, by “accidentally” stepping on the feet of “police” officers, laughing in their faces, “accidentally” spilling drinks on them, etc. it seems to upset their sense of reality and causes the group members to doubt themselves.Groups take revenge when a group member has been assaulted or “disrespected”. That revenge can take the form of an assault on the target or damage to his property.

They will wear the uniforms of these places because they work for these places. They will walk around the mall with a jacket that says security, because they may well be security. (This is not always the case, some bone heads just like the look, but otherwise, they are likely security.)

Listen to this, he is trying to incite targets to step on the foot of someone in a police officers uniform, are you kidding me? Laugh in their face, oh yeah they love that, or spill a drink on them. This is a good way to wind up in jail or the psycho ward.

It doesn’t upset their sense of reality if they are a real cop, all it does is give them a reason to do what they were trying to do, and then justify it. It will also give them the impression that the target was really crazy, because what sane person does that? Ok well some sane people would do this, because they don’t like officers, but it’s not a good idea.

That book will give you truth, and then it will give you little tips like the above, to get you in trouble. Imagine how many people read that book, then go file a police report about terrorist stalking them? Mental ward. How many take the advise to report cable workers, and other people in uniform as not really working for the cable company, and just imposter’s? (Yeah the cable company will really appreciate that.) Just one more thing to prove that you are not mentally stable. If you follow the advise in this book, it’s a good way in some cases to get locked away. It has a lot of good information, mixed in with disinformation and they know.

Second the latest trend, Gang Stalking is a myth, or you are just not that special. Why would anyone want to follow you around? Beats the heck out of me, but they are. I have been law abiding, never into drugs, or anything illegal, my entire life, but this is the mentality of a good person. We think people only do things to bad people, but Workplace Mobbing, Cointelpro, Stasi Germany, the current surveillance that’s happening shows us that average decent people are capable of being targeted for harassment.

The family in this story that were targeted for intrusive government surveillance because the state thought they were faking where they lived. To a normal person like myself and others, we would just ask them for a letter, or show up at their house one day to see how little Johnny was doing, not these people. Their mentally was to follow these people around 24/7. They paid and hired Informants AKA Human Intelligence Sources. These people were spied on 24/7, had their every move action written down and recorded, do you think that they were that special? Did you think that the state would waste that much money on people that they thought lived in the wrong area of town?

Then you realise they are now routinely using these investigations for anit-social behaviour, dog fouling, putting the garbage out on the wrong day, oh these people must be special indeed to warrant such attention, well they are not, but they are getting such attentions wither they ask for it or not. 

Now imagine us, in many cases where they are trying to spread rumours that we are mentally ill, paranoid, schizophrenic, EDP, Terrorist, danger to society, pedophile, person of interest, drug dealer, user, etc

If they would do that for dog fouling, antisocial behaviour, imagine what they are doing to targets of Gang Stalking? So when someone says you are not that special, that state won’t waste that much money on you, they are stating a myth, because the state is routinely doing this. What you might want to do, is waste two seconds or your precious time and educate these people, if not, just leave them to wallow in their own ignorance till it happens to them or someone they know.

Gang Stalking as a myth is the next trend they are trying to perpetrate. We have ample proof of Cointelrpo, East Germany, and current surveillance and even the tactics that are employed. If they don’t like the word gang stalking, they can use the term unjust surveillance and harassment of innocent citizens by the state, call it what you will, it’s the same thing, it’s happening, and yes we are all apparently that special.

Lastly if you do get in a situation where you do something silly, and you are in a mental ward, or jail, and they offer to let you become one of them, because you would be doing the country a favor to keep an eye on dangerous people, don’t believe the hype or the bs. What they are doing to us is illegal and wrong, the little things they would ask you to do would steal your soul, and leave you less of a person then if you stayed in jail. Targets and others who get entrapped some report that it’s like whoring for the state.  So it’s something to keep in mind. Let’s kill the myths and work towards exposing this, we have  all the same old dirty bags of tricks being used plus some new ones, they think they know us, but let’s know ourselves better, and above all pray.

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  1. Hello !
    Thank you for this article. It is very good advice.

    I find it important for us targets to stay calm and reasonable in public and ignore the stalkers, no matter how they are dressed and what they say or do.

    I do not look at them, to not talk to them or answer their questions, and if I can I even change the sidewalks when they come along. I have never had a “real” police officer talking to me yet because they have had no reason to. I am a law-abiding citizen. So what can the police do? Nothing!

    It is not a good idea to end up in jail or in a mental ward, we do not need that, let’s stay out of it.

    Those citizen informants running around as stalkers are narrow-minded and self-righteous people, usually not very intelligent either. They need scapegoats and choose to harass their fellow human beings instead of doing something useful with their own lives. They are a piece of dirt, really, and they know it. That’s why they get so mad at people who have a life of their own.

    Wishing you a peaceful day,

    Comment by Eva | December 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. That’s the problem though, not all of them are scum, not all of them have a full understanding or culpability of what they are a part of. Some thing this is just a new McCarthyism again. Some do admit that they are being asked to do this by the governement, but have no idea they are doing anything wrong, others want to help, but are afraid and advise that they can’t really say anything about it.

    It’s a wide range that are being used. Not everyone is parasitic, many again are just trying to help the country, they have no idea they are sending others to their deaths, some are more aware of where this is going and who is behind it, eg. I get a lot of illuminati mentions here and there.

    It’s a range. I really try to not judge. I know I come off harsh at times but citizen informant or target, we are all in this together, it’s the same fate at the end of the day if we don’t find a way.

    Comment by gangstalking | December 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. Not having a full understanding or culpability when stalking other persons shows that these people have deficits in intelligence and/or morality.

    Here in Germany stalking (as a single person) is a criminal offence against the law, there is a penalty on it.

    Anyone stalking as part of a group should have enough sense and IQ to know that stalking is not different whether doing it on your own or in a group.

    That people do not see this shows us that society is getting more stupid every day. Somehow the genes of intelligence are getting lost.

    The group stalkers appear to me like a huge herd of lemmings. This mass phenomenon occured under the Nazi regime and other totalitarian regimes. As a mass, human beings cease to exist as individuals. They have no individual intelligence or conscience any more – a very dangerous and destructive phenomenon.

    Take care

    Comment by Eva | December 4, 2008 | Reply

  4. you will get better someday.

    Comment by julie numar | April 26, 2009 | Reply

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