Gang Stalking World

United we stand. Divided they fall.

Ignore them

Ignore them, and hopefully they will just crawl away.

The term bullies suit these creatures very well. They honestly to God want someone to play with, the more attention you give them, the more they love it.

Most of these people have nothing, and never will have anything special or worthwhile in their life outside of this.

Don’t expect remorse or understanding, just like the East German Stasi, most have to convince themselves that what they are doing is good. A kind of Stockholm Syndrome, that allows these people to self identify with what the state is doing to them, and those around them. In a normal functioning society, the citizenry is not held hostage to an informant system. Again many do this as their own free wills, but what I see is some targets who after a time give in and start to go along with this, and that’s why I am suggesting that there might be a form of Stockholm happening, because how else do you explain going along with this, after.
Police Reports.

If you do file a police report, file one report, give brief descriptions, stick to what you can prove, if you have any evidence, make a copy and give the copy to the police.

Write up the report, and hand deliver it. Don’t do it over the phone. Get a number for the report that you filed.

Request your freedom of information act, to make sure that the report was correctly filed, and that it was filed in general.

If you keep calling the police, they have a record of the numbers that call them, and they can record you as being a nuisance caller, or emotionally disturbed. In many cases these officers might well be aware of what is happening. Just make the report, and don’t call them unless you have evidence, and always keep the original, and video what you have or back it up, but don’t just give evidence over, or it might accidentally get lost.



When we blog, we do it to try to wake people up to what is happening to us, but do not give them any clues or ideas. The more we blog about what affects us, the more these idiots try to use it in the programing. You can name the Stimuli that they are trying to use, or briefly describe what they are trying to do, but be brief in how it’s affecting you. These people feed off of this, and so they need to know what is working and what is not. I have tested this for the last over a year. Every time I report an action, I can like trained monkeys get them to start doing more of it, offline.

Everytime I give feedback to something illegal they are doing, they will do more of it, if they can get away with it.


Reporting Crime.

If you are reporting crime that others have to witness, then try to have evidence first. Eg. If you report that you are getting vibrations or heat in your home, and the maintenance person has to come and check it out, you can be sure that is when the vibrations will stop, and after he/she leaves that will be when they will start up again. They like doing this so they can report that you are being paranoid, or just making stuff up, a sort of schizoaffective disorder. They lie, and they are dishonest. Even if you had someone who really wanted to investigate this, the same thing would happen and they would not know that they are being manipulated.



Because they are parasites and bullies, they don’t like witnesses. If it looks like you are video taping them, recording them, or exposing them, they get real quite. The same works if you are with someone or talking to someone. They are like flies buzzing around someones head.


They are parasites and they feed in many cases off of energy. Learn about psychic shielding. Learn how to protect your energy. They love it when they can keep you in that stressed out mood, or in that bad energy mode. When I am happy they are sad. Be happy because you want to be happy, but realise that this does ruin their day.

Ignore them.

Honestly, don’t pretend to ignore them, just ignore them. They are stupid, they are so stupid it must her to be them. Many are as stupid as dirt, but that would be an insult to dirt. The more I am exposed to them, the more I realise that they are just not worth it. I don’t mean to generalize, but most are just not worth your time.

I know it’s hard to ignore them, especially when they take their job so seriously that they can’t even follow the instructions that the conductor is giving them, or they are so F**king stupid, they have to come and sit almost on your lap to watch you. Thank them for the lap dance, but then ask them to bugger off. Mostly try to not engage them.

Read a book, listen to music, talk on a cell phone. They are in their own sick little game. You do have to be mindful of it however, because many of these people are just stupid, and this is the only thing they have going in their lives, many will go outside of the rules of any kind of human common sense to try to get your attention, and to keep you engaged. Remember if they lose the target they lose the game. 

The more they can get you to play the game the better chance they have of getting you to freak out, lose it on them, and get yourself into trouble.

The Conductor.

There is always someone conducting things. If I am in a mood to pay them any attention, I try to find the conductor. It’s fun to mess with their game, but it’s better to ignore them, but if you do record them, and can get away with it, take the picture of the one conducting things on that particular ride. Eg. I had a conductor recently trying to get people to instigate little things, I won’t say what. Once I spotted him, and honed in on him, and it was more interesting. I will leave it at that. They use what we write online for feedback, what we discuss on the phone. Most of the clues that the clueless get are from us, so let’s not give them any.

To the best of your ability, find the things in this world that are worthy and that are valuable, and it’s not them. They are not worth it. You are of more value than this, have more worth, and don’t have the time to waste on this.


Do try to explore every legal angel that we can. proof is good. If we can get them caught, or find laws to exploit, or use things like the ACLU’s recent announcement that these types of investigations are ongoing. Remember just like when the police and their controlled snitches get caught with their pants down these people are the same things. Until they are put back in their proper places they will just keep running wild.


It’s the only thing they have in their lives. This program does not use the best or the brightest, in many cases the ones that are doing the stupidest things, are the dregs of society, the ones people would normally spit at, ignore, or bully themselves. They feel empowered with the so called fake power they have been given, and they love it, it makes them feel like somebody, it’s no different than the kid that joins a street gang and who will do anything to fit in, but I have respect for kids who would join gangs, in comparison to these people. I do not advocate joining gangs, I am just saying at least mixed up kids in gangs can be helped, most of these people can not.

Belonging is the other reason they join, they don’t fit in otherwise, and this gives them a sense of community. They don’t care if that sense of community involves, breaking into someones home, poisoning someones child diabetic medicine, driving someone off the road, driving someone to suicide, they have no moral center left in many cases, and this is what they have. They believe that they are on the side of good, and they much like the Nazi’s, or the Stasi, act accordingly.

Again this is a generalization, there will be exceptions to every rule, they obviously don’t all act like this, but enough do, that’s you have to have some way to defend yourself.

They like to portray the target as the problem, when the truth is many of these people have problems themselves, and the government gives them free reign to try to take out their problems on others. Normal functioning people do not show the level of pathology that many of these people exhibit.

There only goal is to try to engage the target, continually trying to find some new hook so that they don’t lose their participant in the game. These people would probably be on twitter begging for followers if they did not have you to follow around. They have menial lives and this in many cases fills avoid.

Many are from countries where this is a normal way of life, and they think nothing of it.


You really do have to be lights in a world that has gone dark.
Try to meditate and pray as you start your day.



A lot of times they do try to look like they are something special. They like us to think they are using very sophisticated weapons. In many cases these creatures are using things like lasers, radar guns, thing below the floors or the dry wall, that can cause vibrations. The more we know about what they are using the better, that way we can give accurate descriptions to others. We will have less chances of those who do watch our online community, accusing us of making things up, or just being crazy.

“And perps can purchase transducers of the type used in industrial sonic baths and mechanically fix them with screws to floor joists or wall studs underneath repaired drywall, completely hidden from view of normal inspection. The transducers will make your floors vibrate and probably create heat. They spend a lot of time hiding their stuff in houses or apartments so it won’t be found under simple visual inspection. If somebody really decides to start looking they *will* start finding these things. These tactics are part of the never ending “smoke and mirrors” routine. Apparently the perps get a “charge” out of inducing false perceptions.”

I like to call it walls vibrating, or dancing, either way it’s the same thing. Thank you so much to the person who posted this so many years ago, it helped me so much.

Smoke and mirrors, is the best way to describe what they do. They do want you to think that they are all powerful, but they are amateurs in many ways. They want to look powerful, so when we write about this that and the other, and the state of the art this that they are using, they feel better about themselves.

Many times they have not even thought of using XY or Z on us, and then we might blog about it, and it gives them an idea. Thinking is not their strong point.

I try to remember to not go off on rants, but I have my good days and bad.
Beyond that if you can go without blogging about them, or anything else, just have them fade into nothing.

I hope this information helps some of you that are out there.

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  1. Unfortunately, terrorism of the sort witnessed at Columbine appears to be the only sort of behavior the bully loving public responds to. Could people be any more stupid?

    Comment by Columbine 101 | July 5, 2009 | Reply

    • Well after seeing them on a daily basis, I believe that they could be more stupid, but thank God for small mercies. I think that many young men have come to this conclusion. The German shooter, who was not being bullied, not a target, also came to the conclusion that violence was the only way. It’s sad, but this is the world that we live in.

      Here is what he wrote.
      I feel so sad that the world could make a young person like this hopeless, I think having a belief in a higher power makes a big difference. I notice that quite a few shooters, believed that this life was all that there was, or that it didn’t count. I wish that kids like him had found a different way. It’s just sad.

      Comment by gangstalking | July 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. I often like to say, “Yes, I am a pleasure to watch!”, and at the end of the day, “So what did you dorks accomplish today? Just as I thought sweet fuck all again!”

    Comment by T.I. Joe | July 16, 2009 | Reply

    • Ignoring them, but watching your back just like you would do with any other cult that you were escaping or avoiding seems to do the trick. Honestly having nothing to do with them has been the happiest time of my life in the last few years. You can’t watch them and know what they are about and not be creeped out by them.

      They are a cult and most of society will be brought into this cult, just like that analogy of the 5 monkey’s who get sprayed everytime they reach for the banana, then they prevent others from doing so without knowing why, it’s a cult, it’s one big informant cult and has been for some time now. Generations have been inducted into this, and the ones who are not they try to force our induction the same way they have others.

      If McCarthyism could happen and most of society took part, what makes you think people have changed? If anything it would only have gotten worst.

      What we have here is a system that has been in place since Roman time period or before them. This system was active throughout the British empire, go to the innocent project and read about the informant system. It moved to the colonies with the pilgrims and all the others, and it’s stayed ever since. Each wave of immagrant is brought into this, many who come here were informants in their own countries. With practices such as Red Squad, etc they have ensured that each new immagrant population is brought in one way or another. It will never be everybody, because some people just lean clean cut, boring lives. They can’t be bullied, bribed, set up, forced etc, into this, but the rest get inducted at some point, and then the next generation, the next wave of immagrants are brought into this, and thus it goes. It’s a cult, and now that I know what to look for this, was happening when I was a kid, (not so much the gang stalking) but the informants asking questions, prying into your life, it’s the same, and looking back it just seems natural if you don’t realise what you are looking at, but once you don’t, you can’t see these people the same again.

      It’s a cult, a big societal cult, which I want nothing to do with. Religion, School, Work, all designed to get you socialized to join said cult, and all those organizations are just arms of the cult, all set up to keep the masses in line. Each person does their own little thing, then each community etc. Call it community policing, gang stalking, it’s a cult and it functions with one mind set. For some reason LOTR (Lord of the Rings and Saurons forces come to mind.)

      Anyways it’s a cult and I want nothing to do with this cult.

      Comment by gangstalking | July 18, 2009 | Reply

    • Just like any other cult, ignore them, but watch your back, the thing that they feed on the most is you, and your reactions to them. For the most part just ignore them, but don’t let them punk you off.

      Comment by gangstalking | July 18, 2009 | Reply

  3. It is interesting how they need us like some sort of addictive drug, whereas we really don’t need them for much of anything. I believe this is because they are pretty much useless, and talentless,(not all just the majority, and the majority rules) and have nothing positive to add. Because they feel inferior,(because they are) they have a need to belittle, and try to get inside our heads to focus us inwards(hence the isolation). Attempting to slowly chip away at our self esteem, so that we no longer believe in ourselves. This is why I use those 2 phases, because I know what they pull is bs, and they should know that I know that.

    Comment by T.I. Joe | July 20, 2009 | Reply

    • They are a cult, and once people become inducted into this, they become mindless zoombies. They do have to chip away at our self esteem, make us believe that we are less than, why else would anybody with any self respect want to join them? They have to break down targets so that we have no self left, and only then can they induct the targets. They have nothing to offer, just like any other cult, it’s all based on control.

      There are those who willingly join this, just like those who willingly join cults, many like the power, but they really are worthless, you can’t see their stupidity day in and day out and not just want to be away from them. I wish I could afford an Island, just be away from them. They honestly to God have nothing that I would want, and the more I see them, the more I want nothing to do with them.

      We don’t need them, but they do need fresh meat, I am shocked that they don’t go around saying, brains, brains, they don’t feed on our flesh, but they do feed on life energy and essence, you have to learn to put up a block, ignoring them is one way, but there are others.

      You have to see this stuff to believe it. The other thing is, they have so little to offer they can’t get inside our heads, (well the mind readers can get inside heads, but not souls) that’s where they fail, and that’s where the devil fails. All those movies make a bit more sense. They are not us, they do not have what we have, they like to believe that we are all the same, but we are not. They just don’t understand that there are some of us, that will never want anything to do with them.

      Live in the world, but be not of the world. The bible had some very good advice. I think as long as we follow this, we should be good. It won’t stop poverty, betrayal, trauma, but it might save out souls, and that’s what counts, nothing else that this world has to offer counts.

      Comment by gangstalking | July 21, 2009 | Reply

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