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When I was a kid like most others superheros were a big deal. Most people had their favorites. Many had their own reasons for why they liked their heroes. Some could fly, some could spin webs, some could stop bullets, some were green and hulking, but no matter how different these heroes were most had one thing in common. They had a secret identity. Often the secret identity was in contrast to who they were in real life. Spiderman, Superman these nerdy looking guys, in their spare time were hero’s who their cities would have been lost without, yet at the same time, they might have been lost had their cities that they protected know their identities.

The secret identity of the superhero had been a well guarded secret until two summers ago when Tony Stark revealed that he was Ironman. My jaw at the end of the movie almost dropped. Here was a superhero breaking the cardinal rule, you do your best not to share your secret identity. For you citizen informants out there, it’s like how you have to keep secret about the occupational health and safety laws, and the super duper secret club that binds you all.

Secret identities are not only protective, but it gives the superhero a bit of mystique. A second identity, a secret and mysterious life. A life which might be secret from friends, family and those close to the superhero. It’s something that friends, family and those in the know often have to help the superhero to protect. Not only for their safety at times, but those shows would have been a lot more boring without the secret identities.

From cartoons to real official shows we all have hero who we loved, and we have all watched with baited breath to see how our hero would protect their secrets. From Batman/Bruce Wayne, Spiderman/Peter Parker, Superman/Clark Kent, Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, The Incredible Hulk/David Banner, many of us grew up watching them, and protecting their secrets. The same is true for hero like the Greatest American Hero, and the suit that could never quite be figured out. Some watched Jem and the Holograms protect their identities, Sailor Moon and her crew, then ofcourse there were the X-Men lead by professor Charles Xavier and their need for secrecy. Not only to protect their powers from society at large, but at times to protect them from themselves.

Heroes have come and gone over the years, but one rule had always been sacred, and that was to protect the secret identity. Now when Tony Stark pulled a look at me, look at me, I am an attention whore, it fit in well with the character, and I did get past the shock of it all, but I think he is just the superhero for this generation. A generation who like to share what they are doing on twitter, Myspace, Facebook. A generation that are less concerned with privacy, secret identities, and things of that nature. Tony Stark is arrogant, he wants people to know who he is. Even as cool as being a superhero is, he need that extra accolade from the people around him, and they do not disappoint.

Did it take away from the character? In the case of Tony Stark not really, but it was so contrasting to the dark knight that had come out only a couple of summers before. A true hero for the people who gives them what they need. If that means being the villain then that’s what he is, if it means being the hero than it means being the hero, if it means sacrifice then that’s what a true hero does, and just like in real life, don’t expect any gratitude in return, and yes just like the end of the movie, know that they can and often are capable of turning on you in a moments notice. Thus why Jesus kept his identity as secret for as long as he could. I always found that strange as a child, reading the bible stories, but I understand it much better now.

Batman and Ironman, two very different kind of hero’s. One outlandish and outgoing, who wants to be seen and heard, a hero reflective of this time period, and this generation. That’s how I interpret the Tony Stark character. The dark knight was old school, in that he kept his identity a secret, but he would have revealed it and come forward to protect the innocent, and he gave them what they needed, cause he understands the nature of the people, and their need for people and things to believe in be it false or not. Thus one that should be a villain is hailed a hero, and batman the true hero becomes the villain.

They are both two very strong characters that stand out in my mind, amongst the many that have come and gone over the years, many that I have loved and grown up with. So the question remains, did Tony Stark break a cardinal rule in revealing that he is indeed Iron Man, or was he just a hero for this time period and this generation?

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Now someone on one of my blogs recently posted about her partner who had her committed to an institution for her Gang Stalking Activism?

I said I would create a post to address such an issue. If you are a Targeted Individual, as many know it can be hard to hold down a relationship at the best of times. It can be even harder when you face the issues that we do, it can be triple times as hard when we finally decide to do something about it and start your activism.

Now anyone who would threaten or try to have you committed for Gang Stalking Activism might not be a good person to have in your life, that’s the first thing that I wanted to say, and in my opinion you would be better off without such a person, a person who will not support you, respect you, or appreciate you in the long run can only serve to bring you down, and probably bring you a lot of unnecessary issues.

I think many of us realise that we are going to spend long chunks of time alone. In some ways I prefer to be alone. I really do. I don’t have to worry about who to trust, catering to childish tantrums, needy, clingy, individuals. I can be by myself and responsible for myself and for the most part I really like that. Like anyone else I would like to have someone in my life, but how many people can realistically deal with my situation?
I have not in the last two years found anyone who can truly do that, and right now I don’t think I am looking.
It’s taken two years for me to deal or come to terms with everything. I mean it’s only been a week or so since I stopped going, I can’t believe the world is like this. How many people could handle what Jeremy and Theresa went through? How many people could support and truly be there for someone in that situation? I personally have not met anyone like that. Keep in mind that
“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”   – Martin Luther King, Jr.

However how many of us are really going to met people that fit this bill?

If you are a guy you need someone like a Buffy, Zena, or Wonder Woman type. Someone who can take care of themselves to a degree. Who has a good head on their shoulders. If you plan to do any activism, you don’t want to deal with fits and temper tantrums. You don’t want to deal with someone who is going to hold you back. No Delilah’s.
You need someone who can support you. Sure it might be nice to have Nancy home maker, but for a long term relationship, you will have to find someone who can roll with the punches and hold the fort down while you are out doing what you need to be doing. Maybe even someone who can be out there doing it with you.

If you don’t plan to go at it alone, then it’s important that you find someone who is not an intimate infiltration, and someone who has some idea of what is going on, who believes you. Someone who you can trust. Trust can be betrayed, don’t get me wrong, but try to find someone that you are not constantly wondering about.

You will also need someone that can take care of your kids if something should happen to you. A bit of loyalty would not hurt.

If you are female stay away from people who threaten to put you in mental institutions for your Gang Stalking Activism.

Now if you are female, might I suggest a Kyle type or Spike from BTVS. The same is true for the ladies in the TI community as it is for the guys.

You need someone who understands you, someone who respects and appreciates your efforts, someone who’s ego is not going to get in the way of your activism. Stay away from guys who are children themselves and have to be taken care of.

You need someone with a certain strength of character, who can stay at home if that is what you need. Someone who can uplift and who will not bring you down, or hold you down. Someone who does not expect you to play second fiddle, to their base. Find someone who does not expect you to be second best to anything or to anyone.

Just do the best you can. Being a target makes it harder to find someone, but easier in other ways. Your pool of potential candidates is going to be smaller, because of intimate infiltrations and the like. Yet if you do find someone that fits the bill, your changes of some moments of happiness should be better.

Many families were destroyed because of Cointelpro and infiltrations. I am not saying that if you are lucky enough to find someone that that is the end of the struggle, it can make it harder in many ways, because you then have someone else to be responsible for. Strong happy committed relationships are hard to come by, and if you find one then you are lucky, and that is just what this program of persecution does not want you to do.

I have a lot more to say on the subject, but mostly I wanted to say, don’t give up hope, and if the path does leave you alone, broken, bloodied, remember you are not alone, we all face the same struggles to one degree or another. We must never stop hoping or being true to ourselves, it’s our best chance of finding true happiness.

Videos courtesy of YouTube and their perspective owners.

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