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Remote attack

Heart attack?

For the last week or so, the informants in my vicinity who have been on watch, have been using something akin to possibly an ultrasonic, or electromagnetic remote device on me. It feels sort of like a reverse suction. It basically feels like your insides are pulsating on high speed. Now they do things like this consistently to targets, and the shielding that I use, usually stops most of this, but what they are doing right now, is aimed I would guess at my upper body, heart being on of those things. It’s vibrating my upper body to a dangerous degree.

Now I am trying to shield, but my normal forms of shielding have been limited. Since I am in pretty good health, not suicidal, or anything, there should be no reason for me to have any problems. Now because they are stupid they could just be aiming at my heart as a way of monitoring, but what they are doing is vibrating my chest to such a degree that it’s really not ok, and I would say dangerous.

So I just thought I would point this out. Usually when targets write about their targeting, it just encourages the little s*its to do it more, but I thought it would be a good idea to point out what the little creatures are doing. Evil sometimes just has to be stupid to carry out evil, or it can be deliberate.

Either way for those who do not understand the situations that targets face, their first thought might naively be, well why not call the police? Because as every other target has discovered, the police are not our friends, and most times they are in league with what is ongoing. Not every officer is like that, but even the good ones often don’t have ready answers or solutions. Others might think it’s just a harmless game of being followed around, but the monitoring that they do, not only qualifies as human torture, at times, it should qualify as murder.

We have all heard of 23 year olds investigating 9/11 dying of heart attacks and so forth. Not likely, but I can think of such cases and it has always made me wonder, but when you are associated with no one, and no one of any consequence has any attachments to you, it can be quite easy for such things to go unremedied.

Even when high profile people advise us of conspiracies against them, and then they expire, most people are in limited positions to do any kind of investigation what so ever, it’s just the way of the world, and it sucks. It really truly sucks.

I also believe that those in positions of power are so far removed from the suffering of others, that they have no idea what is truly going on. So even if we got the attention of those in positions to help, if they have no empathy, no sympathy to our plights, they may well not be the best ones to help. The best people who are able to help are those who believe targets, those who have compassion for what they are going through.

I know one person who is being electronically harassed, and this person absolutely refuses to acknowledge that it’s going on, and also is of little use to anyone else when it comes to discussing it. Even targets themselves who are like this offer very little help to their own cause, much less the plight of others. Do I blame this person, yes to a degree, but really to discuss it would also put this person at risk of being listed as mentally ill, so it’s hard to say.

I think the best people in any situation who can help, are those who are willing to reach out, lend a hand, an ear, those who understand that this system is not what it’s meant to be. I think those who still believe this in this system might be too far removed to really understand what needs to be done, might also be too attached to this system. That is why nothing was done with the DeCamp case, where Senator DeCamp tried to help the kids that had been victims of a pedophile ring. All the kids were humiliated, sent to jail, killed, or silenced. All to protect the system. Till people at all levels stop protecting this system, then a lot of the wrongs will never be righted.

For me I hope to find people that are empathetic to what I am going through, who can really truly understand what is happening, I think those are the best people who can help, and others well meaning are not, might just be unable to render the proper assistance that is needed, no matter what level they are at in society.

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Leashing the snitch 2

Why we must continue to document our harassment.

See I get bored day in day out writing down everything that has happened and I forget that by documenting my experiences of torture, the day in day out harassment’s it’s the only way other targets and in fact the world will begin to understand what we are doing through. I get tired of it, because how many times can I write that the I have blisters on the back of my head and face because they are electronically torturing me, and it’s making my skin blister and it’s burning me? It’s become such a daily and common event for me, that I don’t even write about it anymore, but that’s not correct, because how are others ever to understand what we are going through if we don’t let them know?

I also think that because I have not been sharing what was happening, it’s caused me to be a bit more hateful, because I am keeping it in and not letting it out, so I am going to work on that. Before this started happening, I have always been a very private person and had things gone according to plan it would have continued that way, but things don’t always go according to plan.

Last week I had the building worker enter my apartment while I was home. He claimed he thought it was an emergency, but he has done this one other time before. The first time I just left it alone and pretty much just gave him unpleasant stares whenever I saw him. This time however I wrote him up. If I as a target keep letting them get away with stuff, they will think it’s ok to keep doing it. You have to snap them back to a sense of reality, and the reality is, this is not ok. I also blame myself however, because for most of the year I had just been giving him unpleasant stares due to the first incident which I mostly let go, but on a personal level I just let him know it was not ok, and then recently I decided to be civil, that was a mistake. Well the moment I decided to be civil, the building worker used that to do the bidding of his informant buddies and enter my apartment while I was home, claiming he thought there was an emergency. There is an emergency, the country has been taken over, by a bunch of informants, but you are too stupid to see why that’s a problem.

See what they normally do when my heartrate is not detectable is they will call my phone. I solved that problem. The other thing they use to do is have a stranger knock at the door and make up some dumb excuse as to why they were knocking, well I stopped checking and this stopped working, so he is the only resource left to stupid informants. They used a resource stupider than themselves.

What happens is that the losers who are monitoring me, lose track of my heart rate and can’t detect where I am in my apartment. I have spent months learning how to find ways to make it hard for me to be detected. Most times if they can’t detect where I am in my apartment or if I am there, it’s harder for them to figure out where to burn my skin. Eg. Whatever they are using is mobile and I believe some have hand held items, but at other times I have distinctly heard something mechanical being wheeled from room to room. I suspect at those times, they could well be using a portable X-ray machine or something similar. I suspect at other time they are using a radar flashlight, someone told me once that it might be a radar gun, but I think it could be this a radar flashlight. They are cheap, portable and the informants could have access to them.


A prototype device called the RADAR Flashlight, developed at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), can detect a humans presence through doors and walls up to 8 inches thick. The device uses a narrow 16-degree radar beam and specialized signal processor to discern respiration and/or movement up to three meters behind a wall. The device can penetrate even heavy clothing to detect respiration and movements of as little as a few millimeters.

What they use detects movement and pulse or heartrates. The little idiots or whoever is on shift in the apartment below me, (including the creepy neighbour) using whatever they are using to detect movement, heatrate, etc. It let’s them know where I am in my apartment. The more movement there is, the better reading they can get. I had a video from Youtube showing something similar, but the video is no longer on Youtube, just like many other good videos. If I lie perfectly still or avoid my pulse points touching any surfaces, they don’t get a reading, and then you notice that they start to bang on the walls, or other items below, to cause vibrations above, eg. Some time the noise might cause an accellerated heart or pulse rate so that they can get a reading. If this fails, they often use something else that causes vibrations in my apartment, again designed to do what their idiotic banging and kicking on the walls can not do. For the banging and kicking on the walls, record and complain, that stops this problem. I have learnt how to overcome much of this, not 100% but enough to annoy the more stupid ones. It’s funny, when I think of learning how to overcome this stuff, I always remember that scene in terminator 1, where kyle is like, [quote]
                      The H-K’s use infra-red so you
                      still have to watch out.
                      But they’re not too bright.
                      John taught us ways to dust them
                      them. [/quote]

In every period of turmoil, people have to find interesting ways to survive. Everytime I hear one of those dumb creatures banging on the walls cause they can’t get a heart rate, pulse or movement, I think of this scene. They are not too bright.

I go through this day in day out. Whenever I am employed and working at a job, just to be spiteful, they use whatever it is that causes vibrations at full blast. It’s like being on a construction site, or being shaken all night by a jack hammer. If you don’t find ways to limit the effects you get no sleep, or body aches, which makes it harder and harder to get up and function for the eight hours that a job requires, and gives you a good chance of getting fired if you don’t show up, because you got no sleep. I have found ways to limit the effects, but when it’s on full blast not completely. I have tested it out when it’s on full blast and I go into the hallway, the vibrations can be felt outside of my apartment, so I am sure if I had normal neighbours and not informants around me, they would also be complaining about it. People are just willing to go along with just about anything as long as they convince themselves that it’s for the greater good. How many times in history have we heard that before? Or how many times have we heard, I was just following orders? The Nazi’s used that one a lot. Anyways after reading the other targeted individual blogs recently, I realise that we have to keep sharing our stories and letting the world know what is happening to us. I try not to share the trivial incidents, but with Gang Stalking, it is the trivial day in and day out incidents that make the difference. It’s the accumulation of those incidents that help to paint the bigger picture.

What I realised about other events in history such as what they were doing in Russia with dissidents is that they lied about it, and life in the Soviet Union continued just the same, it was the story after story of the same thing that finally brought the truth to light, so I guess we have to keep bothering the ACLU, or whatever organization in your country that handles these complaints. We need to keep filing reports.

I don’t know if I should waste the time with a police report, but whet if this neighbour is someone who has a history of this, and by doing nothing I put someone else in danger, again keep in mind since they are twisted, he might have been just trying to vandalize my signs again, but there is no way to know for sure. Seriously what would spiderman do? Yes I know he is a comic book character, but don’t we learn from these characters in our darkest moments, and other things around us? Anyways I was thinking of the time he got ripped off for the wrestling match and he decided to not stop the crook who eventually shot his uncle Ben. I always want to do the right thing. Like I said I believe in being a good neighbour, look out for each other, and if it does mean getting others involved I am not against doing that if it’s truly required. At the same time, I deeply believe that you never have to be a part of an informant program to do so.

If I do file a report, I know to type it up and not do it over the phone. As I explained a couple of years ago after two attempts to get my Gang Stalking report filed in person failed, I decided to make my report over the phone. I had researched all about the informant force, and spoken to other officers who even told me some information about how the program worked etc. I gave them some details they gave me details etc. Either way I was well versed and when I filed my report I was very clear about what was ongoing with the harassment. I got a copy of the report via Freedom of Information Act, she had twisted just about everything I said and in the report, she wrote community services might need to get involved. Some of these cops are corrupt. So I immediately tried to get this fixed over the phone, no can do. So I wrote up my own report and requested they change the parts where she had deliberately twisted what I said, or flat out lied. I dropped off report after report. All were lost. I walked into a station and requested the officer change it on the computer, he said he could not do that, but would note that I was not emotionally disturbed or anything like that. Great what good does that do? I finally found out what the process was for disputing incorrect information in a police report was, I went through the process of opening a complaint, and sending in my report to get the correction made, and in the long run they did not change the report. It’s still the same as it was. During the course of this, I found out the officer that had filed the report had taken some time off, etc. See some cops are still good, but there are enough that are corrupt, so that you have to be careful. It’s a balance.

Either way, it’s renewed my belief that we have to keep up what we have been doing, getting our stories told and heard. I don’t mean some of the fake stuff that informants are putting onto Youtube to make us look crazy, but testimony of real targets. The sad part is many real targets do get turned into informants. Either way, I guess the lesson is, keep sharing as best as we can, keep annoying the ACLU, Amnesty, keep posting in the forums, getting the blogs up, and getting our stories told. I still think for the most part, keep some information private. One target who use to post her information online posted her address, and as I pointed out, some people in one forum were discussing her in a very unflattering manner. She also stopped posting to Youtube about a year ago, and I don’t know what happened to her. There are a lot of crazy people in the world, and even outside of the informants that would not hesitate to harm targets, so be aware. Do what makes you comfortable, but I guess we have to keep trying no matter what we decide.

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Laptop Seismographs.

For those getting the vibrations in their homes, I might have just found way to save some money and turn out some of our laptops into seismographs. You know those cut things that detect earthquakes, but that would also detect vibrations in our homes, and let some of us get some sleep and stuff.

Anyways, I was up early this morning, I was having another look at the DT Stockton document. I think I dismissed it too soon. I have been really careful about trying to only use credible material, so I don’t unwittingly present people with any David Lawson type documents, 95% truth, 5% fiction, but it’s hard to know for sure with this document, so I reposted it.

Anyways I was rereading it and it said that a seismograph should be able to pick up vibrations, something I already knew, but I also realise that a seismograph might not be in many people’s budgets. Anyways, i still contacted a few company’s to get some ideas, and on my way to doing this, I came across an article that said you can turn your macbook into a seismograph, I don’t know how well this will work.

The second article also says you can turn other computers, including maybe desktop computers into seismographs. I am sure this is good news for some TI’s.
Here are the links, you can read over the information and see if you want to give it a try. The more we can prove about what they are doing the better.

For those with a macbook, the sesimac download is free. So this could be good for targets, who have these cute vibrations happening in the home.


The Quake Catcher Network. They use home laptops to track earthquakes, so technically your laptop could be used to track other vibrations. If this works like it should, we might be able to pick up those fun construction projects, and whatever it is they use to shake the home with, then we would have the graphs for proof that something was up in our homes. We could take it to experts, cause they always pretend to want proof right, while trying to keep it just out of our reach. Anyways this might help some TI’s, so feel free to give it a try if you have the time, or patience.
USB sensors. These would in theory attach to a desktop, and the sensors would pick up the vibrations with the appropriate software.
Ok that’s enough brain power for one day.

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Small ways to unplug.

So what can we really do to unplug from the system?

We can all start in small ways. Here are some suggestions that I have come across, or figured out on my own.

If you can cut down on how often you watch t.v. it really is programing for the masses. Try to slowly take yourself off the tube. Maybe a day here, a week there, some people have reported going a month cold turkey. The feedback is that they think more, and function better.

Try to get your news from additional sources. Try to avoid the usual doom and gloom of the nightly news and check out other news sources that might provide more balanced coverage of the news, but sites that might also give you additional news that you are not getting right now.

Cut back on radio as well, or switch channels to something that helps you tune in to what is really happening around you.

Change from the big telecommunications company to smaller ones. Use online services for some of your entertainment need. Try to unplug from the bigger giants over time.

Put your money in some of the smaller banks. Does not have to be all your money, but if people had their assets in various places, it could help prevent these monopolies, and the financial meltdowns of the future. Try to avoid putting the eggs into the same baskets.

Change your vibrational energy. What we think really does have a big impact on what we feel, see, experience. We do pull specific experiences into our realms, so change the frequency.

Take a moment to breath. Go outside of yourself, and tune into your higher self. Believe that you have a higher self to tune into.

You can do this by willing it, and by thinking it. It all begins in the mind. That is where we can start to affect change.

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