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The Informant System

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The Royal Queen became the rightful owner of The Informant System. She is not an informant herself, and is not of the informant system, but she took over control to revamp the system, because it the incorrect types of situations were happening.

She has been the rightful owner ever since, and has revamped it suitably. The System use to function in a way that made sense to many on the system. The Royal Queen is an outsider, and what she observed was very interesting. The Informant System was not at the time eligible to be in line with the Global Community Planning and Implementation that was planed. Thus a full two years or so was spent reviewing and finding ways that a system that has exited for centuries could be revamped, and still be eligible to be in the correct situations doing the correct things, while not systemically destroying humanity, and it’s best outcomes. It was an enormous task, but it’s one of the first situations that had to be taken care of for the Global Community Planning and Implementation to move forward.

Community Planning and Implementation


Rapes: The Rapes that were so customary and such a constant part of the informant system, became ineligible. They are no longer a part of official or unofficial policy. It was and they were a consummate part of The Informant System, and that is one situation that has been revamped.

Minor Children:

Children under the age of 14 can no longer be added to the informant system. They were not eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things. By the time they turned 14, some had been on the informant system, since they were born. Many were used, and utilized for adult purposed, before they ever had a chance to become the correct person, or do the correct things. This new rule and regulation, affords them the opportunity. It is also in line with the objectives, and mandates of Bill 184. The chance to become the correct person, the chance to do the correct  things.

Being Added without permission

The revamp of the informant system means that some individuals, most can no longer falsely be added to the informant system without permission. The days of passing a person on the street, and adding them to the system, as fun, and humorous at that was, that procedure has been also revamped. They must have just cause to be added to The Informant System. They also now require the persons Unique Identifier. It is now illegal. (It was actually always illegal, but it’s what was gotten away with previously.)


There are many new laws in place with the revamp of The Informant System, there are also pre-existing laws, that are now harmonized, and in sync, that were not eligible to be in sync previously. They are now better aligned with Community Implementation and Planning.

Bill !84

Some of the new laws and procedures were in line with Bill 184, the chance to become the correct person, and do the correct thing. It’s one of the core rules, and regulations. One of the core laws.


Many of the procedures are currently in the process of being revamped. Many of the previous procedures wasted time, energy, resources, and funding. The Informant System has streamlined those mechanisms, and will run, and operate in that mannerism, capacity and regard, in a more efficient manner. Those behind the scenes are becoming familiar or acquainted with those procedures and will eventually be streamlined, or in line with those procedures.

Technology Changes

Much like most of the planet now. They now use the Unique Identifier System. When filing reports, following people around, systemically destroying their lives. (Not an official policy) The Informant System, now uses the Unique Identifier System to confirm who they are assigned to be in contact with. It’s a more accurate and efficient way of functioning.


Uniquely Identified Forms are also used at times to convey information. The information is conveyed in a specific way to the specific person. Less chance for errors, or omissions.


From time to time, those on The Informant System receive feedback. Sometimes it’s feedback that’s internal, sometimes it’s in regards to the individuals they are eligible to be in contact with. The feedback could be for a variety of reasons.


You misrepresent the informant system, carry out an agenda that is all your own, or mess up the current objectives, and you could be subjected to fees, fines, or penalties.


Spiritually, and eventually on the face of the planet, if you have objectives that are outside  of the predescribed  guidelines, you may be ineligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things, then you will have fees, fines, or penalties to contend with.


They very they can include feedback, very light fines, suspension, arrest, or actual time served. It could even include extended stays on The Informant System. The situations ranges. Spiritually your stay would likely be in the the Maximum or minimum holding facilities.

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Informant Dossiers

Informant Dossiers.

I have been doing some research as you co-cognizant into the informant system. I am reviewing it from several angles, the social/psychology angel, because the informants, have a tendency to destroy, disseminate, the social fabric of the society around them, in which they have been placed.

I am also reviewing from the community advisor angel, and how the informant system affects the social environments around it, them.

What recommendations can be made, including, fees, fines, penalties. Destruction of the social fabric, and social fiber of society, is a crime, in and of itself, and when they are in these situations now, and they are doing these things, items, I am seriously wondering if a social, councillor, or social/psychologist, could not be sent into the situation, because the informants are disruptive, and deliberately destroying the social fabric, of the society.

The Informant Dossier

Due to the destructive, parasitic nature of the informant force, and how far gone the situation is, many researches, social/psychologists, and others, prosecutors, lawyers, etc, are starting to look into this stuff, and they are determining, that it might be a good idea to take a closer, look at the informants, themselves, by requesting their files.

If you view these documents, which are readily, available online, you will take note of this person, they are a deceased informant, but a researcher has requested the files and placed them online. The researcher, was apparently arrested, and decided to use F.O.I.A. to get details on this informant, my helpful suggestion, is that the Targeted Individual community, review, how the research in the article, did this, how they used F.O.I.A., not clear if the researcher was a male or female, let me double check, irregardless, the information obtained, was brilliant, it would have taken me months of searching, so thanks in advance for having these files online, and sharing your research information.

I am having the most fascinating read about Databases, how information is stored, and so forth.

Now most of the information in these articles, is based on the American system, and one of their databases, specifically, if you wanted information on places or locations, outside, a bit more digging and research would be required.

Still it’s a fascinating read if you want to play along, or read along.

My recommendation is still having the rightful owner of the informant system, be an outsider, someone not on the informant system, also having councillors, social/psychologist, and community advisors, that are not on the informant system, and not affiliated in any way shape or form.

Requesting their files, could be something that could be done, but it might mean, getting some details about them, the ones around you, or maybe even making the files available online, or spiritually.

I would love to see a system, for creating faster, F.O.I.A., requests. Requesting better Freedom, Of, Information, Act, requests. I would, also love to see files, or rather the files on some of their handlers, since the handlers, direct them to create, these disturbances, within communities, families, society, as a whole, does not benefit.

I am tired of them, I have watched them destroy, disseminate communities, nations, and I am tired of it, if their files are out there, their dossiers, it might be more interesting, either way, when they are disrupting, the conspiracies are being logged, their disruptions, files are being created on these sorts in future, because these are the sorts, that require threat assessment file, they create situations, and as a society, community what have you, we must now find the solutions.

The Targeted Individual, Gang Stalking research has not been boring, over the last several year, meaning years, it’s become, ever more increasingly, exciting, seeing what’s suitable or eligible.

Now if you don’t know how to create F.O.I.A. requests, there is a website, that does it for you automatically, let me see if I have the link, if not will get it to you next time.

So keep up with the research, the recommendations, and the implementations, and see how far it can go, in a suitable amount of time.

They destroy society, it a generalization, not everyone on the informant system is bad, but most individuals in society are tired of dealing with it, and paying the price, and more importantly, society shouldn’t have to, I shouldn’t have to, the globe shouldn’t have to.

I want to see a community dossier kept on them, and all the stuff that they pull, all the little incidents they create, and the fact that some are unreliable informants, 4 sure, they really are, and it’s just that type of situation, once these little incidents, and the conspiracy, and indictment are also added to their little files, then maybe the situation, could be a little bit better, for the social, fabric of society, what do you think about that?

So the odd time, if they are causing a social disturbance, that could have an impact, a significant impact, over time, cause it’s not the one or two incidents, no, it’s the death of a thousand paper cuts, over time, who could be better, qualified to document this also to bear witness to, something like this, but a Targeted Individuals, who has experienced some of this Gang Stalking, stuff that has been spoken about, over time.

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Pride and Prejudice, and the Informant System

Pride and Prejudice, and the Informant System

Whenever the informants are around it’s as if they are speaking a different language, and it’s as if I almost need a translator or something. It’s as if they are speaking a different language in the stage, that it doesn’t even make
sense. They or often around doing the most inconsistent things, but then they often seem to think that they are doing the most suitable of things, and that’s why it does even make sense. They do the silliest things at times, again generalizing, because there is good and bad everywhere, and think that they are doing the most cleverest of things.

They remind me of Lydia in Pride and Prejudice. (The BBC version) This little twit manages to do the stupidest of things ever, along with her enabling mother.

She puts the family in harms way to the stage where it doesn’t even make sense.

She brings the family down to their lowest denominator possible, and then she  thinks that the correct things just magically happened on it’s own. Sure she went to bath, and sure she went away with Wickem to elope, but she missed the
part where she then enabled an infamous relationship, that threw everyone into the incorrect situations.

Then it was up to everyone around this little twit to fix the situation. Darcy had to step in, and put Elizabeth into the correct situation, it was suppose to be that type of situation, but Lydia, that dizt, made it into one. Thus why 5
sensible minutes was later on instituted for that other dip, Kitty. And this is why I’am saying it this way. The informant system, does not on the surface, or even the foreground, appear to be doing anything suitable for anyone in the

From a Targeted Individual stand point, these are the bains of our existence. They stalk us, they destroy our stuff, they ruin the things around them, then they think it’s the funniest thing ever. Myself and other targets have been at
times made so upset by these people it does even make sense at times, but they keep doing the exact same thing. then they think that they have pulled off something brilliant, which doesn’t even make sense to us. What no, you didn’t,
you pulled off a Wickem, you managed to snare yourself a Wickem, truly, really, how nice for you. Seriously, these bitches at times are seriously tripping. They do the most spiteful things, end of with the worst outcomes, then think that
they are doing something cleaver.

Everytime I see that Elizabeth character having to smile, and make nice with that little dip Lydia that almost destroyed the family, or watching the little twit walk ahead of her and Jane, I just think, what a dip. Then watching the Elizabeth character be nice to Wickem, the guy just needs a drop kick right, but she’s there making nice with him, and that’s what Targeted Individuals are remaining with somethings, we are left with being nice, and smiling with dip relatives, friends, associates, who have been ensnared by this stupid, freaking, system. We have to make nice, smile, fix everything the dip Lydia of a system does, or to a lesser degree Kitty, then there is the enabling mother, Mrs Bennett, who thinks that Lydia did something cleaver. We are left, meaning remaining to deal with the enabling, offices around them or officials around
them, who think these dips are doing something cleaver for the society, when in most cases, the majority of cases, they are bringing society down to it’s lowest common denominator.

So like the knowing characters in the movie, Darcy, your an ok kind of guy, Elizabeth, and the rest of them who survived the informant system, I mean the Lydia of a disaster, and Wickem that was brought into their lives, and into their worlds, then I say or mention, your ok type of people, and if you can survive such a disaster, and make something of it, you might just be ok type of people.

So for those in T.V. land, that’s the kind of situation that we have been dealing with, we have been dealing with the Lydia’s, Kitty’s, and Wickems of the world, throw in a Mary, and God, yes Mrs. Bennett, for good measure, and that is
what we have been dealing with, our camp against their camp, day in, day out.

God how we survived, is a bloody miracle. We deal with this day in day out, and that’s what it’s like to be a Targeted Individual, to survive such disaster day in day out, and to fix the stupidest things, that the Lydia’s, Darcy’s, and
Wickems, or wrothing on the world. Darcy got a mention, cause he understood the situations, it was up to him to remedy it, he understood that Wickem, was a low life scumbag was wasn’t doing anything suitable, and he should have mentioned it sooner, to his listening audience, but then he was an ok guy, cause he didn’t want to embarrass his little sister georgiana, or seem like that type of guy to put everything out there in the open.

That type of disaster is what we deal with, and fix all the time as Targeted Individuals, then we are left, remaining with saying, we survived. We lived to tell the tail.

If Elizabeth and the rest, of them can survive the informant system, ie. Lydia of a disaster that she wroth, then we can survive the Lydia’s, and the Wickems of the world. The hard part is learning to smile, when they roll around in the
brilliance of their actions, thinking that they have done the most brilliant things, knowing full well it’s otherwise.

Maybe a hero will save us. Darcy if you are out there, the world could use a couple of hero’s, if not, Elizabeth, girl, female, you will do ok for yourself.

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