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Total Recall

There are so many movies out there with the theme of revelation. Where the main character starts off leading a fairly regular, boring, even mundane life, and then the character discovers that things are not quite what they appear to be, or things around them are not what they thought.

Eg. In the movie the Matrix, Mr Anderson discovers that he is not truly an accountant, but that he is infact, not even existing in the Matrix reality, he is someone else existing fully in another reality and the Matrix is just a f aux existence.

The main character till then had lived his life with the false belief of who he was, and who the world around him was. Now I often tie the whole Gang Stalking thing into this movie, because this or the Truman Show are two good examples of this. (No I do not in any way shape or form, believe that targets have the Truman Show Syndrome, I just think that referencing that movie is ok, in some ways for this example that I am trying to make.)

Truman show the main character again has lived his whole life in one reality, but starts to be suspicious of things around him, he then uncovers the truth that his reality is a lie, and the world around him is something quite different.

In the movie the Bourne Identity, Jason Bourne wakes up, not knowing who he is, what is going on, and he discovers that his identity is one of many. He goes searching for the truth of who he is, only to discover many strange twist along the way.

In the movie the terminator Sarah Conner discovers that she is not just a waitress, no she is in fact a target, she is targeted because she is to perform a specific duty in the future and that the terminator has been sent back in time to destroy her and stop the future from happening. She goes overnight, not even overnight, in a split second from a boring life, to one that is quite out of the ordinary. Struggling for survival, in a nightmare that will not quite end, no matter how hard her and the character Kyle try to terminate the terminator.

In the movie Long Kiss goodnight, Charlie discovers that she is not who she thought. Even those she has some idea that the life she is living is not who she was in the past, and that she has a case of amnesia, she does not realize that her past is something quite spectacular. She has an accident and eventually has total recall over who she was, and what she use to do. Quite a good movie for those who have never seen it. We watch as she has flashback, after flashback piecing together the pieces of her life, and incorporating those back into the boring reality that she had come to know and believe.

Then there is the movie total recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Remember when he use to do movies vs politics? Anyways another good movie. He starts off having this boring life, with this wife, etc, etc. Only to discover that who he thought he was is not the truth, and he finds himself in a fight for his life, the wife trying to kill him, and he has to connect with his former self to survive. Only there is also a twist, who he thinks he is, is also not the truth, the truth is something different, and he finds out sometimes you can’t even truth yourself. I won’t spoil it for those who have not seen it, but also a good movie. Lots of language and scenes of violence advance warning for anyone who has not seen an Arnold action movie.

All of the movies above are pretty much good movies and worth watching, but the point that I am trying to make is that sometimes life starts off boring, and you think that you know the truth about everything around you. With an event such as Gang Stalking, you soon discover that the world is nothing like you thought it was. Those around you are controlled. Things around you are controlled, the society is controlled. A co-ordinated symphony and orchestra, that you had no idea existed. Think how many times people meet, marry, mate not on their own accord, but because the system, created the opportunities? Creepy controlled system put someone in their path. This is one of the first things targets have to tune into, and something many of them have complained about. As a target here, that was something that I caught onto right away, putting certain friends in my path, people in my way. All of which were avoided.

Now that is well and good, you can control the factors around you, but what if you had factors you could not control? Well if those factors caused any hurt or embarrassment to those around you, or those that you cared about, you could ofcourse apologize, and an apology would be owed. The only thing that you could do is be aware of those factors, and then try to find ways to lessen any future issues that they might cause.

I think it would be the worst thing to think that you could trust yourself, and those around you, only to find that your actions, or the actions of someone you trusted had hurt another. I would feel horrible, even remorseful in both cases. Being able to have faith and trust in ones self, or knowing that others can as well is very important, it’s been a consistent theme in my life, and in this realm, I have for the most part always been able to control this factor. What I am doing now however realizing is that you can not control ever factor all the time. You can not always be omnipotent, but you can do what you are able, and hope for the best.

For me as mentioned before, this means to put yourself into a state of readiness for anything that might come your way that you were unaware of. Eg. With Gang Stalking, I did not know what was happening, but I put myself in a state of acceptance, for whatever might come. I knew it was going to be strange, did not know, or have a clue, it would be this weird.

I think it is always a good idea for individual in general to try to be in a state of preparedness for anything that might come their way. I don’t even believe that you can truly be fully ready, but I think you can try to be in a state of awareness, and acceptance, that the world is not one dimensional, and strange things might happen from time to time. The more prepared and open you are, the more likely you are to encounter those things along the path. What I have now done in short order is put myself in a state of readiness, acceptance, thus if weird factors do come my way, they will not be such a shock to the system, and if no strange factors come my way, it never hurts to prepare.

Quick recommendations. Check out the movies, most of them are really good. Know that as much as we might want to control all factors in life, even with the best intentions, we might have factors in our lives that we were unaware of, or are not fully in control of. If those factors hurt those around you, cause people to feel that they can not trust you, all you can do is apologize in short order, and hope for the best in the future. For future events be in a state of readiness as best as possible, and try not to let things shock or overwhelm you too much, if weirdness does come.

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Become the hero

I read a post by a person today who is having trouble adjusting to change. I really felt for this person, they really felt that the world was changing and that there was nothing left, it was heartbreaking to read the post, because I believe the person genuinely felt this way.

Change can be hard, it can be life changing, but it can be what we make it. The person wanted to know where the hero was, who was coming to save the day. What I have learnt from my Gang Stalking experience is that when there is no hero, you become the hero, you can’t control everything, God I wish we could, but you take control of what you can, and you encourage others to do the same.

The first and normal reaction to change is to hate it with a passion, to want to fight against it, to rail against it, to cry out and to mourn for what was. That is a natural and very human reaction to have, but once we have that reaction we can and must start to make what we can of our new circumstances. I can be very hard, it can almost be heartbreaking.

My life was really good, I live a boring but on track life. I had played life carefully, I had kept good credit and had a great relationship with my cc company. Platinum card while still very young, good jobs, etc. All the stupid material things they teach you to work and strive for. Then this crazy Gang Stalking stuff happened and my life changed. My expectations have not changed, but I had to adapt, I am still adapting. The things that so easily should have been, currently are not. Life is not the way that I want it to be, but I can’t afford to give up. I can’t let it get me down and I can’t afford to grow hateful, resentful, or give up on the life that I still have. I can’t afford to let it make me stop living.

Change for many others can happen in other ways, the death of a loved one, divorce, moving, changes in society, change in what’s happening with the country, etc. Change can make you feel scared, depressed, and many don’t know what to do about it, and it can overcome you if you let it, but you can’t let it do that. You have to fight back. You first have to get a grip on yourself, the world is not ending just yet. It might feel like it, but it’s not.

Then come to terms, mourn, get angry, cry if you have to, take the time you need to deal, but you also still have to find a way to function. I went through a lot of this with the Gang Stalking stuff, and it was horrible, because while I see this as horrible, many are just going right along with it, many like this, but I don’t want the world to be like this, I don’t want to live in a society of informants, but I do. Most days I would love to be just off on an Island, just me, no crazy Informants burning, tracking me, no crazy society, but that is not happening right now, so I have to find ways to make of it what I can. I have to find ways to survive. It can be very heartbreaking, but it can also be very character building.

Change in part is what you make of it, and how you react to it. The other thing is if you are feeling this way change that is happening in your life, the changes are good others feel the same way, and it might be good even healthy to converse or socialize with others who feel the same way. It can be cathartic, and it can also help you find ways to cope together. Chance can be heartbreaking, but never lose site of your goals, and your dreams, never lose site of hope. It’s one of the most important things that I have learnt from my experience.

Kyle Reese might not show up to save you in your hour of need, but then you just become the hero in part two and save others. Once you get a hold of yourself, become the hero for others. By helping others and doing something for others, and taking an active stance, that is one good way to start to heal and make the best of what you can.

( user Offspring1014 Video Hero.)
When there is no hero, you become the hero. Sword in hand, you pick yourself right up off the ground, and you rise from the ashes of oppression, whatever that may be, and you become the hero.

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Leashing the snitch 2

Why we must continue to document our harassment.

See I get bored day in day out writing down everything that has happened and I forget that by documenting my experiences of torture, the day in day out harassment’s it’s the only way other targets and in fact the world will begin to understand what we are doing through. I get tired of it, because how many times can I write that the I have blisters on the back of my head and face because they are electronically torturing me, and it’s making my skin blister and it’s burning me? It’s become such a daily and common event for me, that I don’t even write about it anymore, but that’s not correct, because how are others ever to understand what we are going through if we don’t let them know?

I also think that because I have not been sharing what was happening, it’s caused me to be a bit more hateful, because I am keeping it in and not letting it out, so I am going to work on that. Before this started happening, I have always been a very private person and had things gone according to plan it would have continued that way, but things don’t always go according to plan.

Last week I had the building worker enter my apartment while I was home. He claimed he thought it was an emergency, but he has done this one other time before. The first time I just left it alone and pretty much just gave him unpleasant stares whenever I saw him. This time however I wrote him up. If I as a target keep letting them get away with stuff, they will think it’s ok to keep doing it. You have to snap them back to a sense of reality, and the reality is, this is not ok. I also blame myself however, because for most of the year I had just been giving him unpleasant stares due to the first incident which I mostly let go, but on a personal level I just let him know it was not ok, and then recently I decided to be civil, that was a mistake. Well the moment I decided to be civil, the building worker used that to do the bidding of his informant buddies and enter my apartment while I was home, claiming he thought there was an emergency. There is an emergency, the country has been taken over, by a bunch of informants, but you are too stupid to see why that’s a problem.

See what they normally do when my heartrate is not detectable is they will call my phone. I solved that problem. The other thing they use to do is have a stranger knock at the door and make up some dumb excuse as to why they were knocking, well I stopped checking and this stopped working, so he is the only resource left to stupid informants. They used a resource stupider than themselves.

What happens is that the losers who are monitoring me, lose track of my heart rate and can’t detect where I am in my apartment. I have spent months learning how to find ways to make it hard for me to be detected. Most times if they can’t detect where I am in my apartment or if I am there, it’s harder for them to figure out where to burn my skin. Eg. Whatever they are using is mobile and I believe some have hand held items, but at other times I have distinctly heard something mechanical being wheeled from room to room. I suspect at those times, they could well be using a portable X-ray machine or something similar. I suspect at other time they are using a radar flashlight, someone told me once that it might be a radar gun, but I think it could be this a radar flashlight. They are cheap, portable and the informants could have access to them.


A prototype device called the RADAR Flashlight, developed at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), can detect a humans presence through doors and walls up to 8 inches thick. The device uses a narrow 16-degree radar beam and specialized signal processor to discern respiration and/or movement up to three meters behind a wall. The device can penetrate even heavy clothing to detect respiration and movements of as little as a few millimeters.

What they use detects movement and pulse or heartrates. The little idiots or whoever is on shift in the apartment below me, (including the creepy neighbour) using whatever they are using to detect movement, heatrate, etc. It let’s them know where I am in my apartment. The more movement there is, the better reading they can get. I had a video from Youtube showing something similar, but the video is no longer on Youtube, just like many other good videos. If I lie perfectly still or avoid my pulse points touching any surfaces, they don’t get a reading, and then you notice that they start to bang on the walls, or other items below, to cause vibrations above, eg. Some time the noise might cause an accellerated heart or pulse rate so that they can get a reading. If this fails, they often use something else that causes vibrations in my apartment, again designed to do what their idiotic banging and kicking on the walls can not do. For the banging and kicking on the walls, record and complain, that stops this problem. I have learnt how to overcome much of this, not 100% but enough to annoy the more stupid ones. It’s funny, when I think of learning how to overcome this stuff, I always remember that scene in terminator 1, where kyle is like, [quote]
                      The H-K’s use infra-red so you
                      still have to watch out.
                      But they’re not too bright.
                      John taught us ways to dust them
                      them. [/quote]

In every period of turmoil, people have to find interesting ways to survive. Everytime I hear one of those dumb creatures banging on the walls cause they can’t get a heart rate, pulse or movement, I think of this scene. They are not too bright.

I go through this day in day out. Whenever I am employed and working at a job, just to be spiteful, they use whatever it is that causes vibrations at full blast. It’s like being on a construction site, or being shaken all night by a jack hammer. If you don’t find ways to limit the effects you get no sleep, or body aches, which makes it harder and harder to get up and function for the eight hours that a job requires, and gives you a good chance of getting fired if you don’t show up, because you got no sleep. I have found ways to limit the effects, but when it’s on full blast not completely. I have tested it out when it’s on full blast and I go into the hallway, the vibrations can be felt outside of my apartment, so I am sure if I had normal neighbours and not informants around me, they would also be complaining about it. People are just willing to go along with just about anything as long as they convince themselves that it’s for the greater good. How many times in history have we heard that before? Or how many times have we heard, I was just following orders? The Nazi’s used that one a lot. Anyways after reading the other targeted individual blogs recently, I realise that we have to keep sharing our stories and letting the world know what is happening to us. I try not to share the trivial incidents, but with Gang Stalking, it is the trivial day in and day out incidents that make the difference. It’s the accumulation of those incidents that help to paint the bigger picture.

What I realised about other events in history such as what they were doing in Russia with dissidents is that they lied about it, and life in the Soviet Union continued just the same, it was the story after story of the same thing that finally brought the truth to light, so I guess we have to keep bothering the ACLU, or whatever organization in your country that handles these complaints. We need to keep filing reports.

I don’t know if I should waste the time with a police report, but whet if this neighbour is someone who has a history of this, and by doing nothing I put someone else in danger, again keep in mind since they are twisted, he might have been just trying to vandalize my signs again, but there is no way to know for sure. Seriously what would spiderman do? Yes I know he is a comic book character, but don’t we learn from these characters in our darkest moments, and other things around us? Anyways I was thinking of the time he got ripped off for the wrestling match and he decided to not stop the crook who eventually shot his uncle Ben. I always want to do the right thing. Like I said I believe in being a good neighbour, look out for each other, and if it does mean getting others involved I am not against doing that if it’s truly required. At the same time, I deeply believe that you never have to be a part of an informant program to do so.

If I do file a report, I know to type it up and not do it over the phone. As I explained a couple of years ago after two attempts to get my Gang Stalking report filed in person failed, I decided to make my report over the phone. I had researched all about the informant force, and spoken to other officers who even told me some information about how the program worked etc. I gave them some details they gave me details etc. Either way I was well versed and when I filed my report I was very clear about what was ongoing with the harassment. I got a copy of the report via Freedom of Information Act, she had twisted just about everything I said and in the report, she wrote community services might need to get involved. Some of these cops are corrupt. So I immediately tried to get this fixed over the phone, no can do. So I wrote up my own report and requested they change the parts where she had deliberately twisted what I said, or flat out lied. I dropped off report after report. All were lost. I walked into a station and requested the officer change it on the computer, he said he could not do that, but would note that I was not emotionally disturbed or anything like that. Great what good does that do? I finally found out what the process was for disputing incorrect information in a police report was, I went through the process of opening a complaint, and sending in my report to get the correction made, and in the long run they did not change the report. It’s still the same as it was. During the course of this, I found out the officer that had filed the report had taken some time off, etc. See some cops are still good, but there are enough that are corrupt, so that you have to be careful. It’s a balance.

Either way, it’s renewed my belief that we have to keep up what we have been doing, getting our stories told and heard. I don’t mean some of the fake stuff that informants are putting onto Youtube to make us look crazy, but testimony of real targets. The sad part is many real targets do get turned into informants. Either way, I guess the lesson is, keep sharing as best as we can, keep annoying the ACLU, Amnesty, keep posting in the forums, getting the blogs up, and getting our stories told. I still think for the most part, keep some information private. One target who use to post her information online posted her address, and as I pointed out, some people in one forum were discussing her in a very unflattering manner. She also stopped posting to Youtube about a year ago, and I don’t know what happened to her. There are a lot of crazy people in the world, and even outside of the informants that would not hesitate to harm targets, so be aware. Do what makes you comfortable, but I guess we have to keep trying no matter what we decide.

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